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The Journey Begins?

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The Journey Begins?

The loud knock on the door startled Jewel out of her slumber. Glancing at the clock she realized it was late in the afternoon. "Damn I didn't realize it was so late" she thought. She remembered what Des had said the night before and Jewel knew she was to be ready by 8:00 sharp. The knocking on the door again got her attention, and she slowly climbed off the bed and slipped into a house coat. Opening the door, a delivery man stood there with a package. It was a large rectangle box with an address label. "Jewel" was the only word written on the box. Jewel could feel her face begin to blush deeply, the thought of what this man might think. As she reached for the package, the housecoat fell partially open, exposing her breasts and nipples. Stammering a thank you, she quickly retreated behind the closed door again. Jewel could feel the eyes of the deliveryman enjoying the sight of her naked breasts as the door swung closed, and a rush of forbidden lust went through her veins. A thought of what might happen if she had invited the deliveryman in rushed through her mind until she noticed the time. Three hours till Des would arrive, and Jewel knew that being tardy would not be accepted by him tonight. Returning to the bedroom, she placed the box on the bed and opened it. Folding back the tissue paper, several articles of clothing and shoes were unveiled. On top was an envelope addressed to her. Inside was a note from Des, which read "For the start of the journey". Jewel dropped the note on the bed and started to see what Des had chosen for the evening. The aroma of leather began to fill the room as she picked up a soft black skirt. She noticed how the short leather skirt flared at the bottom. Lifting the skirt to her face, she inhaled deeply the fresh scent of leather. Jewel loved the smell and a smile came to her lips. Setting it next to the box, she continued to see what was sent. A pair of black seamed stockings, 5" black stiletto heels with a strap for an ankle, and a black leather and lace strapless corset. Jewel took out the corset and held it up against her chest. She could feel the boning sewn into it and knew how it would narrow her waist. Her eyes widened as she realized Des had chosen a corset that was a size smaller than Jewel normally wore. How tight would it be once on, she thought. Looking back into the box, another smaller box was under the corset. Putting the corset next to the skirt, she reached to open it. Inside, she found a leather collar that buckled in the back with a large metal ring hanging from the front. The only other item were a pair of dangling earrings, which Jewel could see would fall from her ears to her shoulders. Taking a deep breath, Jewel took in all the items in front of her. She would be dressed fittingly for her adventure with Des.

With so little time, the next couple of hours were like a whirlwind. Dressed, Jewel rushed to make her appointment for a manicure and pedicure. She took a moment to see her long nails being coated in bright red, Des's favorite. After completing her various stops, she finally arrived back in her condo, undressing to shower and finish preparing his arrival. The razor in hand deftly trimmed any trace of hair from her pussy lips, leaving only a small patch above her cunt. With a quick towel dry and soothing coat of oil, Jewel returned to her bed to dress. The first item chosen were the black seamed stockings, which she slowly slid over her smooth bare legs. A look in the mirror confirmed that the seams were straight. Standing, Jewel picked up the corset, and a sigh again left her lips. Hook and eye clasps were in the front, with a lace-up back. Wrapping it around, she began the slow task of connecting each clasp. One after another closed and drew tight around her waist. The last few at her breasts were trying, and Jewel had to exhale deeply in order to finish the task. How tight it fit, pushing up her breasts as if squeezed by two hands. The boning pushed deeply into the sides to dramatically shape from breasts to waist. The leather cups barely covered Jewel's nipples and the dark aureoles surrounding them were clearly visible. Leaning down, she was able to attach the stockings to the corset's garter straps with little difficulty. Next came the black leather skirt, which snapped down the side. A simple wrap around, a few snaps, and the skirt was in place. Jewel realized that the skirt had been sized to fit the narrower waist the corset caused. The shoes, though, were another matter. After a few tries's, she was able to slip into each one and buckle the leather strap around her ankle. The earrings were picked up next and slipped into each ear, falling to graze her bare shoulders. Finally, Jewel grabbed the leather collar, slid it around her throat, and buckled it in place. She was now ready to stop and look at what Des had created. What Jewel saw caused her to gasp and she could feel hot lust begin to travel throughout her flesh. The corset dramatically reshaped her whole appearance, pushing her breasts up and reducing the size of her waist. The black leather flair skirt barely covered the tops of the stockings, and Jewel knew that her ass might be exposed with each step she took. And the stiletto heels, causing her legs to appear longer, would only make matters worse as she walked. The sight of the collar around her neck made her tremble about what lie in store for her tonight. Taking a complete look at herself in the mirror, Jewel knew Des would be extremely pleased. A few sprays of perfume on her neck and exposed breasts finally finished her preparation. Suddenly, Jewel realized that he had not provided her with any panties or thong to cover her cunt. It would be exposed everytime the skirt flew up. This sent a shiver of concern throughout her body when she realized that any stranger might see her almost bare pussy. Shaking the thought from her head, and with only a few minutes to spare, Jewel let out a sigh of relief that she would be ready on time. Her heart was pounding with anticipation while her body trembled with uncertainty as she waited those last few minutes. The knock at the door made her jump and she weakly walked over to it. Opening it wide, Jewel saw Des standing before her in a black tuxedo. The sight sent a rush of heat throughout her body, and she could feel moisture begin to grow between her thighs. "Exquisite", Des exclaimed. Reaching into his coat pocket, he removed a set of nipple clamps. Jewel could see they were different then what she had experienced at his hands in the past. Larger, with a heavier chain, she noticed that the clamps had a screw on each one. She trembled as she realized this was a special set that would intensify the pain once attached to her nipples. Just the sight of them in the Des's hand caused her to pull back a bit as he reached out his hand. Expecting him to expose her already hard nipples and attach the new clamps, he instead grabbed the large ring on the collar, and looped the clamps a couple times through it. Now they would be visible for all to see. "It's time to explore" stated Des as he led her down the hallway and into the night.

Following in silence, the only sound Jewel heard was the clicking of her stilettos on the marble floor and the sound of metal as the ends of the nipple clamps met as she walked. The hallway echoed with each step taken, and the she could feel new warmth start to move through her body as she thought about how she looked. The doorman was there as usual, and the look of astonishment could be seen in his eyes as they both reached the door. Des slowed to allow Jewel to go first, and as she did, she could feel his hand slide under her short leather skirt and caress her ass. The heat that came across her face was unmistakable as she blushed deeply knowing her doorman witnessed everything. The hand she felt was not removed until both had left the building. A slight moan left Jewel's lips as the hand withdrew, for the caressing had started the heat to rise and she wanted more.

At the curb waited a limousine and the driver had already opened the rear door. Jewel stepped in, separating her thighs in order to slide into the back seat, and the short black leather skirt rose all the way up allowing the driver to see naked thighs and a trimmed pussy. Jewel stopped but for a moment and looked up at the driver as she entered. He had a smile on his face and she knew it was due to the exposed flesh he saw. She realized what Des had said the night before when he had told her that tonight she would be on display. Jewel could feel a burn between her thighs start to grow, now understanding what he had meant. The clothes Des had chosen would make it easy to expose any part of her flesh for anyone to see, and he knew it would only excite Jewel more with anticipation. And the night was only beginning. Once in the back seat, Des entered and sat beside her. The limo started up and rode off to an unknown destination. Jewel was now at his total mercy.

Sitting next to Des, Jewel could feel how she wanted even more what he had to offer, and knew that the slightest touch would make her flesh crawl. Des picked up a pair of leather wrist restraints with a metal ring similar to the one on the collar and told her to raise her wrists. First the right, then the left, and both were securely attached. Then he took a double snap hook, connected the two loops together, and raised Jewel's arms, locking them to a loop above her head. Pulling, she realized she was helpless to stop anything. Her breathing was starting to get heavy, and she could see her barely covered breasts heave with each breath. Moving from beside her, Des positioned himself in front. The moisture between her thighs was now unmistakable. He held a pair of ankle cuffs, and attached one to each leg. Jewel's eyes widened as it dawned on her that the rings on the ankle straps were not for decoration. Attaching a hook to each ankle ring, Des pulled her thighs wide open and connected the snaps to loops on each side of the limo. It was now impossible to close her thighs. What a sight it must have been, sitting there bound in the back seat of the limo. Looking up, Jewel could see the driver's eyes in the rearview mirror watching her. A shudder came over her knowing someone else saw her helplessly bound and open. Her attention quickly returned to Des as she felt his hands caress the naked insides of her thighs. A moan left her lips, and she automatically raised her hips. But he stopped before they reached her pussy. Leaning forward, Des grabbed hold of the leather corset cups and slowly slid them down, exposing both of her bare breasts. Without even looking, she knew the driver kept a watch. Jewel could feel his fingers tease her nipples, which hardened immediately. Des concentrated on making them even harder as he squeezed and pulled both of them. This caused her to moan even louder as her juices increased between her thighs. Reaching for the collar, Des unlooped the nipple clamps, but left the chain still through the metal ring. Grabbing the left aching nipple, he attached the new clamp. It bit harder than before. Just as quickly, the right nipple was clamped. The sensations rushed through Jewel's body, and she could feel her pussy juices beginning to flow. Now Des returned to the clamps and slowly loosened the screw on each one. Jewel almost howled at the increased pain as the clamps griped each nipple harder and harder. Grabbing the back of her head, Des pulled it back, and as he did, she could feel her nipples being pulled also since the chain was looped through the metal ring on the collar. Sliding back between her exposed and open thighs, Des moved the leather skirt to the waist. He began to stroke the wet, hot pussy, sending Jewel into delirious desire. She didn't care about the driver watching any longer as lust took complete control. Her hips moved with every stroke of the Des's fingers on that hot cunt. And it didn't stop. Beads of sweat dripped from her breasts as the assault on her pussy continued. Finally, unable to take anymore, Jewel screamed as she came on Des's hand, convulsing as each new wave of desire exploded from between her thighs. Spent, she could only moan with pleasure. Hoping she would be released, Jewel only wanted to please Des for the intense pleasure she received. Instead, he returned to her soaking love hole, and slowly slid in a large vibrator. She gasped as she felt her pussy being invaded, and began to moan as it sprung to life deep inside. The heat and ache returned as the toy did its work, and Jewel could only move her hips hoping to feel it deeper. She forgot about the pain in her nipples from the still attached clamps as a rush of heat sent her whole body trembling. Looking at Des, Jewel saw that he had moved to the seat across from her. Now he just watched as Jewel, exposed, bound, and shaking, remained helpless to his desires. Opening a bottle of champagne, Des sat and drank while Jewel continued to moan and tremble. How long would this go on?

By the time the limo came to a stop, Jewel was covered in sweat, with juices dripping down her thighs and ass from the assault of the vibrator still buried in her cunt. Her breathing was heavy as her breasts rose and fell with each gasp of air. "It's time", Des stated as he removed the vibrator and unhooked her arms and ankles. The door opened, and he led Jewel out. Walking weak, breasts still exposed, she noticed the surroundings. Dark and secluded, it must have been a warehouse district. The thought of such a barren area caused Jewel to tremble in fear. No one would know where she was, and all she could do was resign herself to her fate at the hands of Des.

Using a secure card, Des unlocked a large steel door and led Jewel inside. A sole light was on in the center of the vast room. A single chair was all she could see sitting directly in the middle of the room. "Now Jewel, it's time for you to prove your worth to me". Jewel jumped at the sound of Des's words. Grabbing hold of collar, he led her across the room to the chair. The only sound to be heard was click of her stiletto heels on the concrete floor. "Assume the position, NOW Jewel," bellowed Des, and she quickly fell to her knees, which she placed wide apart as she have been taught, and clasped her hands behind her neck. This position gave Des complete access to any part of the Jewel's flesh. Her breasts lifted high on their own, nipples sticking out, and she could feel her pussy lips separating. But tonight, Jewel's nipples were throbbing even more as the chain to the clamps pulled on her nipples in this position. Des slowly walked around her and let his hands trail across the exposed flesh. Just the touch caused a wave of heat to rush through her, and she trembled and moaned as Des began teasing her aching nipples. She could feel the juices begin to drip again between her thighs as he squeezed those sensitive trapped tips. Finally, she felt Des's hands move down lower, finding that hot, wet cunt. Jewel let out a loud moan as his fingers started to slide inside. Anything would set her off again, and Jewel tried to grind her crotch against the fingers invading her pussy. Des continued to tease, and she could feel the burn rising quickly, ready to explode again. But he could sense she was ready to cum, and withdrew his fingers, leaving Jewel at the edge. "Nooooo," she inadvertently blerted out before she realized what she had done. The response was swift and hard as Jewel felt her ass burn from the hand of Des. "Stand, bitch. You need to be taught a lesson in obedience", he barked. Slowly Jewel stood, fearing being disciplined by Des, but also noticing the lust that was growing inside. He sat down in the chair and motioned for her to stand in front of him. Reaching up, Des grabbed the side of the leather skirt, and ripped open the snaps. Just like that, Jewel was now naked from her waist down. Grabbing her arm, he positioned her across his lap. "Hold the legs of the chair Jewel", he ordered, and then began to spank her ass. Slowly at first, placing each stroke carefully and purposely, Des began to teach this lady the penalty for disobedience. Jewel's ass began to glow red as the moans and yelps grew louder from her lips. Every so often, he would stop and let his hand slide between the thighs and play with her clit and causing her to moan and near another climax. But Des would not let her, and would return to spanking that sore ass. This went on for what seemed an eternity, spanking followed by teasing, and back again. Tears ran down Jewel's face as the heat and burn rose from her ass, but the moans never stopped as the ache and pleasure continued to rise. Finally, Des pushed her to the floor and told her to suck his cock. As her ass burned, Jewel quickly opened his pants to get at his cock. She loved the feel of it in her mouth, and the pain she received moments before was all but forgotten as the thought of tasting Des's cock renewed lust in her veins.

Already hard, Jewel allowed her tongue to run up and down, feeling the heat, wanting to feel it explode in her mouth. Sliding it in her mouth, she started to suck it as deep as she could take it. She continued sucking and licking that hard hot cock. Occasionally she would let her tongue caress Des's balls, then suck them into her mouth. But she would always return to that cock she loved so much. She moaned as she let it slide in and out of her mouth. As it went deep down her throat, she felt Des grab the back of her head and force it even deeper. Almost gagging, he kept it there and she could only breath through her nostrils. His other hand reached for Jewel's nipples and started to pull and squeeze them as he held firmly. The trembling in Jewel's body increased as the pain mixed with the pleasure of being taken so hard. Releasing her head, she quickly let the fat cock slide to her lips and Des could hear her gasp for air. Returning to suck in earnest, Des stopped her. He wasn't finished yet with the training.

Rising, Des lifted Jewel to her feet and told her to place her hands once again behind her head. Obeying, Des then began to unhook the garter from her stockings, and then unclasped each hook of the corset. When finished, he tossed it to the side as Jewel was able to take a deep breath for the first time in hours. Leaning forward, Des began to lick and suck the hard aching nipples. Jewel wanted to lift up her breasts to his mouth, but knew she had to remain in the position he had commanded. A yelp left her lips as Des's teeth sank deep into the throbbing nipple, his hands rubbing her red ass. Finally stopping and turning her around, Des told her to bend over the chair. Leaning down, Jewel could feel rope being tied to the ankle cuffs, pulling her legs wide apart. Once done, more rope was attached to the wrist cuffs, and tied off to the chair as well. Now completely helpless and vulnerable, she could only wait for whatever Des had planned next for her. It came quickly as he returned to spanking her ass, bringing the heat and pain back. Jewel could only imagine what it must look like with all the spanking her ass had endured. Jewel gasped as she felt Des's cock at her dripping pussy, and screamed in pleasure as he slammed it deep inside. Fucking it hard and quick, he held her hips to ensure it went deeper with each thrust. Jewel was beside herself with ecstasy as the lust rose again from deep inside. Almost ready to cum, she felt his cock slide out, and back again. But this time it went into her tight ass. Moaning even louder, Jewel groaned as the fat cock filled her, stretching her ass. Then Des began to fuck her ass in earnest, and everytime he sank his cock in deep, Jewel could feel his balls slap against her burning ass. This pain and pleasure sent her to a new level of erotic desire, and she started to push back her hips to meet each thrust. Finally, she heard a low deep groan, and he slammed his cock deep into Jewel's ass and screamed as he came. This sent her over the edge, and she exploded once again down her open thighs. Jewel's whole body shook and trembled as waves of her own juices gushed over her swollen pussy lips. Sweat poured off both as more and more cum filled her ass. Withdrawing a spent cock, Des reached between her thighs and caressed her soaking pussy lips. Even as spent as she was, Jewel moaned at the touch and began to rotate her hips. "Time to tip the driver, Jewel", Des said. Not being in a position to argue, Jewel waited for what he meant. It wasn't long in coming as she felt a hard cock at her pussy lips, and start to slide inside. It began to fill her wet cunt and she was ashamed of moaning at the feeling of renewed pleasure. Faster and harder the invading cock went until Jewel could feel it explode deep inside of her already burning pussy. Both screams combined as cum mixed deep inside. As it slid out, Jewel could feel a hand grab her head and the cock that just fucked her was brought to her lips. "Suck and clean it now", she was told. Obediently, Jewel opened her mouth and started to clean it, tasting the sticky hot cum with her tongue as she licked up and down, taking care not to miss one drop.

When finished, the driver untied Jewel and helped her stand up. His eyes took in every inch of her naked body. Reaching up, he unhooked one clamp. A rush of blood filled her nipple and sent an incredible sensation of pain and pleasure through her body. The next was remove with the same result. Then the driver leaned down and sucked each nipple. The lust ran in every vein as the sensitive nipples responded to the touch. "Time to go", she heard Des say as he reached for her hand and led her to the door. Stopping a moment, he took Jewel into his arms and let his tongue explore her mouth deeply. Jewel mewed as she felt strong arms surround her body. "I think you'll do Jewel", Des whispered as he broke away from the kiss and walked out the door. Jewel didn't care that she was still naked as she left with Des. She knew she was now ready to follow him anyway he chose.

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