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The Inquisitor (chapter 1) (Many more chapters if you like this one)

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She could hear the 'clok' of the guard's boot-heels on the stone floor as he approached her cell. With a squeal of metal, her cell door swung open and a hooded man entered carried large manacles.

"It is time, Princess." He said as he clasped her hands in front and shackled them, leading her out into the corridor. As they climbed further and further from the dungeon, she could here raucous noises from the court chambers. Though she could make out no words, she could hear shouts and accusations. The hooded guard brought her to a halt before the massive doors. No sooner had they arrived, than the heavy doors swung open, and a hush fell upon the crowd inside.

"Bring forth the prisoner!" boomed a voice from within.

Her guard took her by the arm and led her into the center of the room, where she stood with all eyes upon her. She could feel their leers as she became aware that with the light streaming through the stained glass windows above, her gauzy robes were virtually transparent. They could see every curve of her flesh, her nipples, her breasts barely contained by her bodice, areolas almost showing over the scalloped bust, the sweet crescent between her thighs... and frightened as she was, her flesh betrayed her true desire and she began to feel the familiar warmth on her. In fact, as the silence hung and she remained still before the court's eyes, she felt herself growing wet.

"Druid Princess... you have been found guilty of heresy and treason against Her Majesty." rang out the verdict from the herald. Her hopes of escape dashed as the Lord High Inquisitor stood from his place above the court. A breeze swept in through the arrowlets, catching his crimson robes, making him look larger and more powerful.

The silence thundered in the great hall, as he descended the stairs and approached the prisoner. He stepped very near, and began to whisper to her. Though she held her head high, she trembled, awaiting her fate.

"My dear, you have been found guilty. If I choose, I can have you led to the place of execution, and all will be finished. Is that what you wish?" he whispered.

"No my lord!" she cried, with fear on her tongue, but defiance in her voice.

"As I had hoped. I have another alternative. The axe need not claim you. You are strong and beautiful, and being an Inquisitor, it is my right to determine the circumstance of your torture and if I choose, your death... But I would not mar such beauty for all the world." said He.

"You see my dear, I am somewhat a student of the sciences myself. And many of the devices we use in the dungeons to extract confessions sprang from my pen. But in secret, I have invented new devices, not for torture, but for pleasure!" With this last, he leaned very close, and she could smell hints of musk and jasmine and orange. Involuntarily, shudders rippled through her frame with the mention of the Inquisitor's machines.

"Will you, my dear, consent to your punishment? Freely and without reserve? You must accept all commands I give you. You will obey. Do you accept? You know the consequences if you do not." With this he stepped away, leaving her to be gazed upon once again by the hungry eyes of the court.

"I will, my lord. Whatever is my punishment, I will accept." she called after him. As he turned, instead of a shrinking groveler, his eyes met a proud princess, hair flowing, her wonderful breasts heaving 'neath her tight fitting bodice. He noticed a sly smile peeking from behind her tresses.

With a flourish, he faced the court and proclaimed. "My Lords! She has accepted the will of this court, and she will be enfolded into our bosom once again." With that, he took her chains and began to lead her away. The court, still hungry for blood, began to rant and howl, but he silenced them with a hand, and led the princess through a small arched doorway, into the darkness.

Down and down they climbed, round and round the stone staircase, deeper and deeper into the dungeons, until at last they came to a great iron door, bearing a massive iron lock. Her chains clinked against the stone floor as she and the Inquisitor stood before the opening. He turned to face her.

"Inside this chamber, lie contrivances of my own design. They create such overwhelming pleasure, If I chose, I will bring you to climax again and again, or I can tease you until you are frenzied. Should you resist my machines, or deny me my pleasure... should you try to escape or inflict harm on me... you know the consequences, do you not?"

"I will not try to escape. If you will leave my people alone, I will be your willing participant, though I fear your machines."

"You may fear them at first, but when I unleash them upon you, waves of lust will wash over you. They may awaken deep desire in you. You will not hold it back. You will take all." And with that he led her into the chamber, and sealed the door behind them. Once inside, he loosed her bonds, and hung them on a hook near the door. Dark as it was, she could make out great machines in the blackness... Great wheels and bellows, and gears and clockwork; great shapes of metal and wood.

"Remove your clothes, and prepare yourself." Said the Inquisitor, releasing a lever, as the wheels and gears began to move. Though she flamed with rage, her hands began to undress her, and as her breasts escaped their confinement, she began to feel warmth 'tween her legs once again. The thought of him watching her strangely aroused her, and as her hand ran across her body, her fingertips found her nipples hard and tender.

He guided her to a soft couch, and bade her lie down, all the while whispering low commands, telling her she must get herself ready.

"I know it is nearing the time of the High Moon among your people, as it is here. And during your festivals, you slake your incredible lust with all who would come... You will do the same for me. If you learn all I have to teach you, I may send you back to your people a proper high priestess."

"Touch yourself." he commanded. "Make yourself wet. Use your fingers and your mouth on your nipples." And has he demanded, she raised her large nipple to her mouth and began to lick and suckle it. Harder, stronger she pulled her nipple into her mouth, and soon her other hand slid down to play between her legs. As her fingers became slick with her juices, they slid deeper and deeper into herself, as her mouth sucked and licked.

She could see the Inquisitor growing harder and harder beneath his robes. Quite suddenly, her finger found purchase upon her secret spot, and a massive and entirely unexpected orgasm coursed through her body.

"Good, very good!" he cried as her quivers subsided. "That will only be one of many, my dear. Come, let me show you some things."

He guided her to a rack on a far wall. Lining the rack were several items of all sizes, most shaped like long metal rods with rounded ends. Some however, had been sculpted to exact replicas of huge phalluses. All were metal, some short, some long, some thick, some thin, and all of them shaped for but one purpose. At the other end of each device, was a large forked attachment. She touched one of the devices, and cast a questioning look at the Inquisitor.

"Tuning forks." was the reply as he selected a large one, and struck its end on the table, producing a clear crisp tone, which rang loud before slowly, ever so slowly dying away. Her eyes became large as she discerned what the device would do, and a quick though crossed her mind of how it might feel, ringing like that while inside of her.

He led her to a new machine, and bound her hand and feet to the restraints at the four winds. Soon, her legs and arms spread akimbo, her now very wet pussy lay open and glistening.

As she lay there, she heard the Inquisitor selecting devices from the rack, striking each and listening to its clear vibrations. As the size of the devices increased, their note struck lower and lower. After he had sounded all of his selections, he slowly inserted them into some sort of machine between her now spread legs. With a turn of wheels, and a large puff from the bellows, the great machine came to life.

From between her legs rose one of the cylindrical devices. Slowly, ever so slowly, she could see it begin to piston back and forth, and slowly gyrate, and all the while, a hidden hammer somewhere within the machine struck it's note again and again. Closer and closer it crept, and before it even touched her slippery crescent, she could feel its vibration. Then slowly, it began to slide into her, back and forth, plunging its vibrating harness deeper into her.

She nearly came with its first insertion, but then it began to swell and thrum, and soon she was bucking against the vibrating machine cock, After a time, the device withdrew, a gear turned and a new device crept closer... its note lower, its thrum bigger. Into her it plunged, and again came the humming waves of pleasure as bigger and bigger cocks cycled through, as she began to moan as the biggest, a note she recognized as a very low A, finally slid into her pussy and began to fuck her with the huge device. As it drove in, she drove down upon it, swallowing its girth into her. Then a smaller device began to rise from under her, till she could feel its vibrations against her puckered ass.

"No!" she cried, as its vibrating tip, slippery with her own juices, began to slide against her tight hole. As the big A continued to slide in and out of her, the smaller device ever so slowly began to enter her ass. She tried to hold tight, and keep it out, but soon she could not resist, and it slipped inside her tight ass. Almost at once, the vibrations increased, as she was fucked before and behind by the Inquisitor's machine. Soon, she could feel herself growing more and more excited, she could not contain it, as a massive orgasm rocked her, waves crashing upon her again, and again, as the machine fucked her hard. At last her release subsided, and the machine at last withdrew it's cocks and let go their restraints.

For a time, she lay there panting, trying to catch her breath after two massive climaxes. The machine, which had fucked her so well, wound down and stopped, and she breathed a sign of relief. From the darkness, the Inquisitor told her that her punishment was not finished, but had merely just begun.

A torch was lit and he led her to an adjoining chamber, furnished in luxurious fabrics and soft couches and pillows. "These will be your chambers during your punishment. Lining the walls are volumes of erotica that I saved from Savonarola's bonfire. While you are alone here, you will read and absorb these stories of lust. I will come to you often. Sometimes we will use my machines, perhaps my own cock will take its place, and you will show me what you have learned."

"At certain times, you shall hear a large chime. At any time, the chime may sound. When it does, you will touch yourself as you did before. I may be watching, and I may not. But you will pleasure yourself at its sound, and soon you will come to yearn to hear it, if only to release yourself, after reading these forbidden texts."

"On some occasions, you may pull this bell rope, and I will come and attend to your pleasure myself. I am always devising new machines, and I also know many positions with which to sate you. When your desire for my touches reaches a boiling point, you may ring for me, but only when you desire to be pleasured. Willingly, my dear. Your will, your desire for pleasure, is the key."

"There are rules, however, dear princess. Rules you must follow, and if you do not, you will be punished. "

"The first rule is that you must always be ready to give or receive pleasure. I must make this absolutely clear. If I so choose, I will pleasure you in front of the whole court."

"The second is you shall raise your skirts any time you are ordered. If I order you to take the cocks of a company of soldiers, you shall do it without complaint or reserve. Do you understand?"

"Yes, my Lord." She said with some hesitation.

"Very good. You shall wet your lips with your tongue so that they always glisten, any time you are in my presence. Do you understand? Your mouth shall always be at the ready to receive my cock."

"Yes, my Lord." she said.

"The fourth and final rule is: You shall never deny me. This rule above all else. You will obey... Do you agree?"

The princess was silent for a long while, and then at last whispered, "Yes, my Lord."

With that, he turned, and left her to her new chambers, and her new assignments.

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