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The Inquisitor (Chapter 7)

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And so the days went on. One melted into another, each filled up with delight after delight, pleasures on top of maddening pleasures. Some days she would remain all alone in her chambers, spending her hours consumed in some novel of lust or scroll of erotic drawings. Other days the Inquisitor would collect her, and introduce her to another machine. Each she would attempt to resist, and each time she would succumb to desire again and again. Most evenings, the Inquisitor would come to her chambers and have her pleasure herself before him, or watch the maid instruct the princess in some new and exotic way.

After their sessions, the princess would watch as the maid pleasured the master. Some times she was allowed to join in, but only to a limited degree. She was never allowed to have her master's cock, neither in her mouth, nor her warm sex down below. On a few occasions, he might cram himself into the princess' rear, but in her sex she was denied. Though she relished it not, she began to grow accustomed to his member inside her rear, so that it did not pain her anymore. In fact, though she dared not admit it even to her own self, the princess grew to where she enjoyed the feeling of it, the extra stimulation.

She was allowed to leave her chambers on occasion, but most times was accompanied by the maid. On these excursions, they often encountered the Inquisitor. Outside of their sanctum, he was a very strict master.

If he passed them and the princess' lips did not glisten to his satisfaction, or if her lips were closed tight, he would punish her in some small way. He would direct them to some darkened corner, and would watch as the princess suckled the maid to his satisfaction. He would have her raise her skirts and be spanked.

On one such occasion, they passed the Inquisitor in a narrow passageway as he walked with a lieutenant of the Queen's guards. The princess did not bow to his liking, and he stopped short, immediately commanding her to place her hands against the wall of the passage. He had the maid spank her bare-assed, right there, in front of both their master and the guard. The princess' cheeks flamed with embarrassment, and so she was denied her morning chimes for nearly a week. As the days ticked by, her loins burned to be satisfied, so accustomed had they grown to their daily stimulations.

At last he would relent, and the princess would be allowed back into his good graces. So quickly she would climax after such a lengthy period of denial. Often after such chastisement, he would bring her to some new machine, and pleasure her until she could take no more.

And so the princess' days passed. She became quite accustomed to her life in the castle, and no longer felt as a prisoner. She devoured her lessons with growing intensity, often shocking both the maid and their master with new tricks and talents.

- - -

One evening, just as the sun's light drifting down from the windows above had failed, the door to the princess's chamber swung inward to reveal the Inquisitor. He was cloaked as before, but his hood was down. The princess was surprised to find flowing chestnut locks atop. Several unruly curls slipped down over his masked face. His hair was shot through with streaks of silver-grey, and his beard seemed a little greyer than she'd noticed before. On his neck, 'neath his ear, the princess could see a ragged scratch.

"I have reconsidered your rules regarding your run of the castle. If you will not attempt escape, I will not bar your door. You may come and go as you wish, but only during the day. Do you hear, princess? You shall not leave these chambers after dark."

"Yes, my lord." replied the princess.

"In addition, you will disregard my instructions about feigning ignorance of our language. You may speak when spoken to. But hear me, princess... tell no one of your chambers here, nor of your lessons. Speak not of your past, saying only you are newly arrived to this realm, visiting from another kingdom."

"Also," he continued. "The Queen. She will want you now. She will want to claim you for her own. You will obey all of her commands but always remember, you belong to me! The band you wear binds you to me. Your maid spoke of dark magick, and these walls are alive with it. But fear not. I have claimed you for my prize, and in time, you shall know its purpose."

As he finished speaking, the princess's chimes began to sound. At once, her loins flamed, and she could feel herself growing wet. Her mind again swam with the heady fragrance she had noticed before, its tendrils arousing her even more.

"It is time for your lessons, my princess," intoned the Inquisitor, as she crossed to the bed, and began unlacing her gown. As it slipped from her shoulders, it caught for a moment on her very erect nipples, before falling to the floor. For a few moment's she stood breathing fast, feeling their eyes on her. The chimes continued to sound as climbed onto her soft bed, settling down onto her back; spreading her legs wide so they could see her wet opening.

"You are learning your lessons well, princess." spoke the Inquisitor, eyeing her hungrily.

"My lord, " she asked. "Why do you not call me by my name, but only princess?"

"Because you have no name, my princess. Your old life among the forest people is done. When I saved you from the executioner, your life became my possession. Your old name is meaningless here. You have no name, because I have not given you one. You are merely princess, until I bestow a name upon you, when you have been thoroughly trained. Do you understand?"

The princess was shocked to find herself nearly gushing with wetness. The Inquisitor's words drilled into her like his machines had before. Her mind perceived her true circumstances; that he indeed commanded her totally, and to her surprise, she willingly surrendered to it.

"You may begin your lessons... princess." As he spoke this last, the name strung out into a hiss. Her fingertips found her nipples, and she began to touch them as the chimes died away. As she'd been taught, she brought her nipples to her mouth and sucked them, while the maid and the Inquisitor looked on.

"Your nurse has been teaching you well, my dear." He spoke as her fingers slid down to find her sopping pussy hungry for them. All at once, understanding dawned on her. Her Nurse! He knew! He knew how she longed for the maid's sweet milk, how she had licked and played in it. Somehow, he had seen! The thought of him watching as she drank from the maid's heavy breasts further soaked her playing fingers.

As the princess touched herself on her pillowed bed, the Inquisitor motioned for the maid, who approached the bed. The princess grew more excited as she thought Chrysanthemum would join her in her lesson. But instead, the maid took a small, but fat, pillow, from the bed, and laid it in front of him at his feet.

Silently, she dropped to her knelt before him, knees on the pillow she'd retrieved. As he watched the princess playing, the maid opened his robes, to reveal his massive cock. It stood straight and long and thick. As the maid had described, unlike the uncircumcised ones the princess had seen before, his was crowned a large swollen head. It bobbed before the maid's face. As the princess stared, it throbbed with the Inquisitor's heartbeat. The maid eyed it hungrily, and turning slightly so she could see the princess at play, she took the cock in her hand, and slowly began to stroke it.

As the princess began to slide her fingers deep into herself, the maid in turn took his cock deep into her mouth. The princess could feel herself growing wetter as she watched the maid's pouty lips slide along its shaft, till her face was buried within his dark hairs, and no cock could be seen. She had taken his entire length deep into her mouth and down her throat.

The maid began to bob her head, sliding his big cock in and out of her mouth. At times she would extend her long tongue to lick at his swollen head, before suckling it back into her mouth. Her hands wrapped round its shaft, stroking it towards her mouth, soft moans and slurps escaping around its girth.

The princess watched the maid's mouth on his cock, as another finger slid in. Soon her breasts were abandoned as one of her hands fiercely rubbed at her secret button, while the other fingered her wet slit. She watched the maid's sucking, and could hear sloppy wet sounds coming from her mouth on his cock.

He began to make low moans, and to the princess's astonishment, his hand slid 'neath his robes to fondle his own nipples. His sounds excited the princess even more, and soon she found she had fingers from both hands sliding to and fro.

His moans had turned more urgent, and the maid withdrew its length and held it before her hungrily awaiting mouth. Her hands stroked faster, her tongue flicking out to slide along his small opening. She slathered his cock with her hot saliva as her hand worked it.

The princess began slid four fingers from her right hand into herself, and began to grind down on them, while her other slowly worked its was down, and her index began to tickle her other opening. As his groans increased, she knew he was close, and as the maid had done before, her finger slid into her tight ass.

The sight of the princess working both her secret spots, accompanied by the maid's urgent tuggings, and all at once a small cry escaped him. The princess's labors reached their peak as hot white fluid shot forth from his cock into the maid's hungry mouth. She swallowed his length again and again as his essence blasted into the maid's mouth and down her throat. At length, he stepped back from the maid, unsteady on his feet, his huge cock glistening from the maid's mouth.

As he covered himself, the princess felt her tremors subside and withdrew her fingers. In the light they too shone with wetness. The maid slowly stood, her fingertips wiping daintily the corners of her mouth. The princess now understood what she had meant before, and wondered at Chrysanthemum's boldness. For a moment all was silent.

At last the Inquisitor praised them both, smiling at the maid who had just pleasured him so well, and remarking in the princess's eager progress, He seemed very pleased with her quick improvement.

"Very good my princess. Very good." he purred, "Did you enjoy your servant pleasing me as you watched. It is good to have something for your eyes to feast on, as your fingers find their secret desires, is it not."

"Yes, my lord!" the princess cried, her breathing still fast; skin flushed with the pleasure that had just passed.

"Very well, my dears. The hour grows late, and I shall take my leave of you." he said as he turned on his heel and walked to the door. Just before leaving, he turned and regarded the maid. "Chrysanthemum, my dear. See that the princess is bathed, and has fed.... before seeing her to sleep," he said with a knowing look toward the princess.

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