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The Inquisitor (Chapter 2)

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After the Inquisitor had left, she dressed in a sumptuous silk robe, and immediately set about searching for any possible escape. But soon, she discovered she was quite imprisoned. The walls were thick stone, and only two doors exited from it. One led back into the Inquisitor's chamber of delights, the other she knew not where, only that it was locked fast.

On an ornate sideboard was spread a wonderful feast. Fruits and breads and cheeses, delightful gr*pes in thick fat bunches; wines and spirits and liquors in jeweled bottles awaited her. Soft light filtered down from some unseen window high above her, so it was not dark, but not bright either. Abundant candles danced their light round the soft fabrics and textures, and glittered among many beautiful bottles of exotic perfumes.

As she waited, a new perfume touched her senses, a bouquet she had never known before. As she breathed it in deep, her head swam a bit, and her vision took on a strange clarity. Most surprising of all, was that her skin was flushed, and her nipples had grown exceedingly hard. In fact, mixed with the lovely scent, she could detect her own warm fragrance, as she felt herself become warm and wet all over again. She had never before experienced such excitement coming so soon after such pleasure. But nevertheless, there it was, hot and hungry, just as before, when she'd succumbed to the Inquisitor's machine.

Shaking her head, she cleared away the perfume's heady effects, and found herself hungry, and sampled all of the wondrous delights before her. The gr*pes were bursting with flavors. She sampled cheeses, and then selected adram of brilliant green liquor.

After eating, she continued her search of her new prison. In a beautifully carved wardrobe, she found the most beautiful clothes, from fancy gowns, to the sheerest of cloth, which she was sure would barely cover any part of her body. As she discovered more and more beautiful clothes, she began to wonder about her captor. Why had he not condemned her to death, as the law decreed? Why had he instead brought her here to this prison of carnal delights? Why had he laid aside such wonderful things for her? Surely this did not match the tales of his evil she had heard.

As she made her way round her chamber, she came at last to the massive bed. She had never seen a bed so large before. She was certain it could hold six or seven people easily. Testing it, she found it the softest she'd ever felt, like sinking into a cloud of pillows and silk. It was indeed a far cry from her straw mattress in her home in the forest.

Just as the Inquisitor had said, around the room were several bookshelves. As she looked closer, she could make out titles she'd only heard whispers of. Tales of darkest Arabia, intrigues of court, novels and drawings, all filled with images of wanton lust and desire. She placed a finger on the spine of a beautifully gilded volume, but just as she was reaching for it, a low chime began to sound. Confused she searched round her chambers, trying to find its source. All the while the chime continued, low but insistent. At last, she remembered the command of the Inquisitor.

"I am finished giving in to his commands." She thought bitterly. Still the chiming continued, and she began to fear what the Inquisitor might do if she refused. Lay waste to her village, drag her to the executioner, her mind jumped wildly from horror to horror. Slowly, as she stood in her chambers, the chimes died away, leaving only profound silence once again.

"Now, I have done it." she thought. "Surely he will come and drag me to the block. Or send his guards to finally destroy my people." As tears welled up, she straightened her back. "I shall be no one's slave. If I am to be killed, so be it." She ceased her nervous pacing, and sat calmly on the bed.

Time passed slowly, and soon she decided he must not have been watching, that her little defiance had gone unnoticed, or perhaps that wasn't the chime he had spoken of. Whatever the case, she soon began to relax and doze upon the sumptuous bed.

She awoke with a start, the sound of heavy boots and the clank of keys still echoing about her. She clutched the covers up close as the heavy door was unlatched, and swung inward. With a swirl of rustling crimson, the Inquisitor stood in, followed by a smaller, hooded figure.

They entered her chamber and stood silent for a time. She could feel the tension in the air, and stayed still in her bed, awaiting her fate. Finally he spoke very softly.

"You have disobeyed me, princess. Did I not instruct you as to what you are to do when the chime sounds?" His voice was low, but did not radiate menace as before.

"I shall be no one's slave!" she cried, determined to be brave in the face of death.

"Ah, my dear princess, I have enough slaves already. No, I have a different plan for you." he replied. "Nevertheless, you have disobeyed me, and now you will be punished,"

With this, she stood from her bed, and held her head high. "What will you do to me, my Lord. What will you do, subject me to another of your machines. I have already withstood your first. I'll..."

A wave off his hand cut her off.

In the silence that followed, she once again noticed the other figure who had entered behind the Inquisitor. Now with a small movement, he motioned toward a chair in the room, and the figure removed their cloak and sat down.

Instead of another brute guard, the princess found the hooded figure was indeed a woman. She wore a soft green gown, laced up at the front with golden ribbon, and drawn back with a lovely golden sash. Her large breasts strained at the lacings, and her nipples shone through the gossamer fabric, hard and dark.

Her hair was golden, and brocaded with a fine golden string. Her skin was soft and pale like porcelain. She had a pixie face with very full lips, and a hint of blush at the cheeks. She sat demurely in her chair, and then gazed at the princess. Her eyes were kind, but with a look of determination.

The Inquisitor continued, his face still shrouded 'neath his cloak and hood. "This is Chrysanthemum. She will be your maid. She will attend to you here."

"You spoke earlier of my machines, he continued. "No, my dear, That will not be your punishment for disobeying me. In time, you will come to think on my machines as reward. Should I reward you now for your disobedience?"

While he spoke, she realized she had not yet seen his face. With each meeting, he had always been cloaked or shrouded in shadow. Though she feared him, a strange curiosity took hold. She wondered what such a man looked like. He surely cast an impressive shadow, and from what she could see from his cloaked form, did not seem fat or oafish, nor did he seem the malevolent beast she had heard so often.

"No, my dear princess," he spoke again. "You will not receive reward. You are to be punished, and your servant will be the one to mete it out. Your robe, princess. Remove it now, and place it neatly on the bed."

Silence once again reigned as the Princess and the Inquisitor stared each other down. She stood in her silk robe, fists and jaw clenched. After what seemed an eternity, he spoke again.

"Have you forgotten your oath in the Great Hall? Do you recall the punishment the others all clamoured for? I understand among your people, honor is cherished above all else? Will you bring dishonor to your own oath?"

With that, her defenses broke, and slowly she loosed the sash, and let her robe slip from her shoulders, and fall to the floor. She did not however pick it up and place it neatly on the bed, as commanded. There she stood in the candlelight, feeling his eyes, as well as the maids, look her up and down; taking in the curves of her body, her large, dark areolas and hardened nipples, the soft triangle of hairs.

The Inquisitor took note of her willfulness, but said nothing. Instead he motioned her toward the maid Chrysanthemum.

"For your disobedience," he began, "you will be punished by your own servant. Lie across her lap, on your stomach please."

At first, she was confused by his command, and stood still. He nodded to the maid who rose, took the princess by the hand and led her before the chair. There, the maid sat again, and guided the princess down, and across her lap, her naked skin bright against the soft green folds of the maid's dress, her round cheeks bare.

"Let her punishment commence, Chrysanthemum." he decreed, and shrank back into the shadows to a large chair and sat down, watching the two of them. From somewhere within the castle, the chimes began again

There in the chambers, her body naked to the world, she lay across the maid's legs. For a moment, nothing happened. Another moment, and another, so the princess began to believe she was merely to lie here, her backside exposed, for the Inquisitor to see. Perhaps he liked the look of her with the maid, or perhaps wanted her to be humiliated before him. But in her own mind, instead of humiliation, she felt proud and defiant. That was until the first strike came.

She gasped as the maid's hand smacked her bare bottom. Hard. And then another, and another. She was being spanked! The maid sat calmly with the princess 'cross her lap, and she was spanking her.

Very soon, her bottom began to smart. Her cheeks burned with each spank, and grew warmer and hotter. Her flesh blushed with shame, and tears burned in her eyes, but she would not let them fall. All the while, the maid's hand spanked her bottom, till her cheeks glowed red and hot. And all the while, the chimes tolled.

To her surprise, in addition to shame and anger, she began to become accustomed to the maid's spanking. Her smacks were indeed hard, and stung a bit, but were not filled with malice. Slowly, as her spanking continued, she began to anticipant the smacks, and began not to flinch when they came.

As her bottom burned, the felt herself growing aroused by the maids hand on her, almost yearning or the moment when the next spank came. Every so often, her hand, or fingers or palm, would find a spot previously untouched, or perhaps brush against her lush opening. Only for the flicker of a moment, but long enough to send a spark of electric desire running through her.

At last, the Inquisitor spoke again. "Enough!" and at once the spanking ceased and the chimes died away. The princess once again stood, her poor ass smarting and red. Her cheeks flamed with humiliation, but she managed to hold her head high once again, and regard the maid, and then the Inquisitor, who still sat in his darkened chair.

He rose and spoke. "Now, must I instruct you once again as to what you are to do when the chime sounds? Your punishment this evening from your maid is merely a taste. Do I need to imagine new trials for you, or will you uphold your oath?"

"I will, my lord... As you command." Her voice quavered, and though still defiant, the thought of dishonoring her word rang hollow in her mind.

"Very good." said the Inquisitor. Addressing the maid, he instructed her to bathe and clean the princess, and dress her once again, before seeing her to bed. With a rustle of his cloak, he left the chambers. Behind him, the princess could hear the heavy click set the lock on her prison's door.

- - -

Once the Inquisitor had gone, all that remained was the princess and the maid. At last she spoke. "The master wants you cleaned and bathed, and cleaned you shall be. Follow me, m'lady"

And with that, the maid rose and went to a far wall, and turned a iron lamp-stand set into the stone, From below the floor, a clank of machinery could be heard, and with a heavy grating noise, a portion of the wall slid inward onto a new room.

Inside, the new room was bathed in orange afternoon glow. On one wall was a large polished gold mirror, housed within a curled gilt frame. The floor was soft white marble, streaked with pinks and greens, and into the floor was sunk a huge deep pool, filled with water. Steam rose in little puffs from its surface and all around the room were more bottles of perfumes and scented oils. Light streamed in from a lovely stained glass window above, bearing an image of a forest glade. To one side was a low partition, and behind it what appeared to be a sort of stone chair. Rushing water could be heard gurgling under it.

"No more chamberpots, m'lady," said the maid, noticing the princess' gaze. "The water rushing underneath takes it away."

"Now, my princess, you must be bathed. Surely your poor behind is still stinging. I'm sorry I had to strike you, but I must do as my master bids. Please, enter the pool, and I shall make it better."

The maid surveyed the oils and selected a few as the princess sank down into the very warm water. The maid poured scents of orange blossoms and strawberries into the water, and soon, the pool was surrounded by a warm, beautiful aroma. Then the maid began to loose her hair from its brocade, and all at once it spilled down golden across her back. Her small fingers slowly undid the lacings of her gown, and she let it slip down behind her, as the princess had done earlier.

She stood before the princess in the pool, her breasts rising and falling with her breath, and 'tween her legs was no dark triangle of hair, but instead was bare and smooth as silk.

"Do I please you, my princess?" purred the maid. "If I am not becoming, another can be chosen."

The princess breathed deep the fragrance, and slowly shook her head, and held out her hand for the maid. She watched her long legs as the maid slipped down into the pool with her. The princess was surprised to find herself looking down through the warm waters at the maid's round breasts. Deep within her, she felt a hunger rising for the maid's touch, not a spank as before, but a more tender caress.

As the maid prepared the soaps and oils, she allowed the princess to look on her body without shame or inhibition. In truth, she enjoyed the princess's eyes on her, could hear the princess' breath quicken. Slowly, she took a large sponge, and sank it deep into the water, filling and softening it. Then, just as slowly, she slid to the princess, and began to softly bathe her. The soapy sponge slid over the princess' shoulders, and down her back. Up her arms, and along her legs, Over her breasts, and soft on her ass, still tender from her recent lesson.

After a while, the sponge was abandoned for fingers and lips. The maid had the princess move up upon a step, her breasts coming clear of the water, and up to the maid's hungry mouth. The maid suckled the princess, soft at first, her tongue flicking over the nipple, then curling around it to suck it once again.

The princess gasped as her arousal began to mount, arching her back so the maid's mouth could find better purchase. Often the maid's lips left the princess's hardened nipples, to find her mouth, open and waiting, their tongues flicking out to slide against the other's. Beneath the water, the maid's hand slid down to find the princess' legs spread, and her sex ready to receive her.

Slowly the maid's fingers began to rub gently on her. Her soft touch gliding along, up and down, around in small circles, as the princess began to softly moan. Her hips bucked against the maid's touches. Gently, a finger slid into her, and slipped about, finding the princess' sex eager for more. Another finger, now two together as a rod, and then, oh, a third, her pussy stretching deliciously around the maid's fingers. The maid's fingers began to slide in and out of the princess, who's moans began to deepen, as she ground herself harder onto the maid's caressing hand.

Soon, her juices and the water mixing so smoothly, another finger slid in, nearly causing the princess to cry out in passion. The maid's fingers, now very thick inside her, slid in and out, and all at once, it was too much to contain, as climaxed rolled over the princess like a stormcloud. But the maid's fingers would not relent. She pulled the princess closer to her, as her fingers slid in and out, deeper and deeper into the princess, her own breasts coming free from the water, hard nipples bobbing gently near the princess' eager mouth.

The princess seized the maid's breast, and suckled her nipple hard. Much to her surprise, warm, sweet milk streamed into her mouth, accompanied by a low moan from the maid, Chrysanthemum. Surprised by herself, the princess continued to nurse, drinking the maid's milk greedily, her tongue flicking amidst the hot streams.

"That's it, my princess... come for me!" she cried. The maid's fingers continued to drive into her as the princess sucked and sucked on the maid's breast. A new flood of orgasm gripped them both, and once subsided, the maid slowly removed her slick fingers.

After their breath returned, the maid continued her soft bathing of the princess, making sure to gently scrub each and every inch. The princess' face burned with embarrassment, but the maid soothed her saying, "All is well, m'lady. Do not furrow your brow, nor be ashamed of the pleasure I gave you. In truth, I am to be one of your instructors."

"The master has great plans for you, m'lady. I have much to teach you; how to give pleasure, and receive it; how to hold on to the crest of a wave of pleasure, and then allow it to crash into you. I will instruct you on how to please a woman, in ways you've never dreamed of."

"But not tonight... you have had a very full day." With these last words, a sly smile crossed her face, as she gently stroked one of the princess' nipples,

"For now it is time for bed."

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