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The Harley

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It?s a warm summer evening, as I ride my Harley down the street, I notice this beautiful woman walking down the street she seems to be slightly intoxicated. As I pass by I notice its you my goddess, but you didn?t seem to see it was me, so I go around the next corner and pull my bike over. I peek around the corner watching for you as you get nearer my heart is pounding faster and faster, knowing I?m going to surprise, scare, and as well, have you. As you go by the corner I reach out from behind you my hand covering your mouth, my other arm holding your arms behind you resist and attempt to get away, but I am far to strong for you to do so. I drag you into a small alleyway down the street, you still resisting.

Once there I whisper in your ear if you don?t resist and you won?t be hurt, holding your arms still I pin you up against some crates in the alley then I take off my leather belt and tie your hands together above your head with it. Reaching into my back pocket I take out my bandana and proceed to blind fold you with it. You try to fight but can?t break free from the belt. I tell you it?s not a smart move to fight, and slap you on the ass. Then grabbing you by the hair, I pull it, pulling your head reward. I place my mouth a few inches from your neck on your shoulder sucking then biting you. You squeal I tell you to keep it quit or you?re going to get it. You say ?you don?t scare me at all you pig? This time I rip down your shorts and panties exposing your ass to me, and slap you on the ass creating a loud slapping sound and leaving a red make of my hand imprint, I slap your other cheek leaving another mark and making the same sound. I move up behind you groping your breasts you move around trying to get away and discourage me from touching you. My pelvis pressing against your ass my breath on your neck I begin to suck and bite around your neck and on your shoulders. Moving my hand down try to slip it between your legs but you hold them tight together. I reach up pulling your hair and head reward causing you to have to react to this at the same time I place my leg between your legs pushing your feet apart. I reach down sliding my hand between your legs finding you hot wet pussy sliding one finger then two fingers into it. I slide them in and out rubbing your clit hard and at the same time sucking on that sweet spot just below your neck Sucking and biting here you try to fight me but it is useless. I turn you around place my lips on yours kissing you real hard you turn your head from side to side I reach up grabbing your hair keeping your head still while my lips cover yours my tongue enters your mouth touching yours. I tell you now your going to get my cock whether you want it or not. I undo my pants lifting your legs up leaving your pussy vulnerable with one stroke I bury my cock into your pussy you try to scream but I cover your mouth with my hand my other hand finds your breast squeezing your breast as I slide my cock in and out of your wet pussy fucking you harder and harder. I feel my cum beginning to build in my balls then seconds later I release my load into your pussy. I untie your hands from above your head. You think I?ve done what I?m going to do but, I turn you around bending you over the creates I slide a finger into your pussy getting it wet from my cum and your juices I then slide it into your ass, you squirm around trying to keep from doing this. I tell you to knock it off and give your ass another hard whack with my hand spanking 4-5 times getting your ass ready. I again slide a finger into your pussy getting more juices and slide it in to your ass getting ready for my entry. I spread your ass cheeks taking my cock as it gets hard again sliding first into your pussy getting nice and wet taking it out and sliding first the head of my cock into your ass taking it out, sliding it into your pussy again and returning it to your ass, this time entering even further in. I feel you tense up so I ease back out again getting more juices on my cock , sliding it back in nice and slow and easy until my cock is almost all the way in your hot tight ass sliding it back out a little then burying it slowly but deeply into your ass. I begin to pump in and out reaching below rubbing your clit as I fuck your tight ass. I reach up pulling your hair with the other hand fucking you faster now wanting to feel you cum with my cock in your ass. As I begin to feel you cum I feel my cum gathering in my balls running up my cock my cock swells and I begin to fill your ass with my cum. Taking it out I tell ok I?m done with you now, but I?m not going to remove the blindfold and not to move for at least 10 minutes or I will hurt you, and you say in return ?I already know who you are I?ve known all along, now take me home and fuck me more?.

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