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The Gas well

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The Gas Well

My wife and I live out in the country and have a thing about going out in the middle of the night to the gas wells for a quick fuck now and then especially when the weather is cool and the wind is just right. My wife and I have talked on many occasions about having several single guys or a few other couples come with us for a little X-rated fun. So, one day I decided to setup a surprise gangbang for her. The day of the gangbang I went to our favorite gas well and dropped off an old mattress we had laying around in the garage because the ground at the gas well is gravel and for the kind of abuse we were fixing to put on her, I figured I better set up something a little more comfortable for us. I called a couple of the guys we see on a regular basis, Chris and Blake to see if they were available. Chris is 6?2 blue eyed completely shaven from head to toe and works out on a regular basis he is one of my wife?s favorites, good looking and well hung with a thick 8 inch cock. I call him the marathon man because he is one of those guys that can go and go for hours. Blake is younger, 5?11, green eyes and clean cut, also well hung with a thick 7 inch cock and knows how to drive it in the way she likes it...hard and fast. I told them what I was planning, where to meet us, how I wanted her taken and gave them an approximate time to look for my text that would tell them when to get on their way and into position. The evening went as planned. It started as an evening out with a few of our vanilla friends at one of our favorite hang outs having drinks and playing pool, that always seems to get her in the mood to be naughty for some reason?I think it?s because she would like to convert some of our vanilla friends to playing friends. She was getting buzzed, flirting and having a good time. A couple of single guys were picking up on her?she loves being flirtatious, I could not have asked for a better night. I knew she would be wet and horny by the end of the evening. I sent my text to Chris and Blake telling them we were on our way and to get ready. I told my wife it was time to go and on the way home I asked if she would like to stop by the gas well for a little fun. Her eyes lit up and she gave a wicked little smile as she laid her seat back so she could watch her reflection in the sun roof and preceded to rub her inner thighs, fingering herself, telling me how she wanted me to cuff her to the chain link fence and how she wanted me to fuck her good and hard. I hadn?t seen her this horny in a long time. I was thinking to myself this was going to be one hell of a night as I looked over at her in that little black dress and black thong. I reached over and slid a couple of fingers in her pulling them in and out gently rubbing on her clit, just about gave her an orgasm but I pulled my hand away just in time with a smile telling her not yet. We pulled up to our usual spot and stopped in front of the mattress. She knew something was up when she saw the mattress and two cars parked on the other side. I opened the car door, grabbed her arm and escorted her to the mattress. I grabbed her by the neck and Chris and Blake got out of their cars and walked toward us. ?Here you go guy?s?looks like we have us a horny little fuck toy tonight, she likes it hard and rough! Her favorite safe word is mercy in case she can?t handle what we are about to dish out!? ?You know I hate that word!? she said. ?I can take all of you, you boys better fuck me good and hard because I?m already wet!? ?Come take what you want? she says. We all looked at each other nodding our heads. Blake says ?girl I think you?re about to get the fucking of your life!? ?Yes you are? Chris says with a grin in agreement. I grabbed her hands and pulled her down, holding them behind her back, I asked her if she is ready and she replied with a wicked smile and a groan. Blake started to rub and squeeze her breast while Chris slowly rubbed her inner thighs pushing them apart while slowly moving farther up barely touching her lips. I leaned her back a little, still restraining her to give them more access. Blake pulled her breast out of her dress nibbling and squeezing them as Chris moved in between her legs and began to run his tongue gently up and down her lips just barely touching her clit each time. ?MMMMM?.yes? she moaned ?Oh yes?I?m so close!? Her legs started to quiver and we could tell she was getting ready to cum. Chris got to his feet and started to lift her dress as we all rubbed and caressed her entire body each taking turns fingering her wet pussy and squeezing her ass, getting rougher with her as she got more and more turned on. She loves it rough, hard and fast, and that was exactly how she was about to get it. I then grabbed her by the hair and forced her to her knees. I released her hands and Blake put his cock in her mouth while I pushed her on to it until she started to choke. I held her there for few seconds before pulling her off slowly and forcing her back on. We lined up in front of her?three hard cocks ready, I pulled her face to my cock where I forced her on deep making her choke with every stroke. Chris reached over grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled her to his forcing it in deep. Chris was thick and she had told me she always had trouble sucking his cock. She put her hands up to push herself off only to have each arm restrained again by us. The three of us took turns face fucking her by force, grabbing her breast, pinching her nipples, and slapping her ass. All you could hear was choking and slobbering as we fought over who was getting her mouth next. She thought to herself as she fought for a breath in between cocks, that this was the roughest she had ever been handled and she wondered if she could last through the rest of this night of abuse while also realizing that she was more turned on than she had ever been before. I positioned myself behind her, pushing her down to her elbows as Chris held her down by the neck. I spit on my cock and slapped her hard on the ass a couple times before thrusting into her as hard and as deep as I could?O shit?O shit?she yelped?and with every thrust she groaned. I grabbed her by the hair, pulled her head up and told Chris to cram that cock of his down her throat. Blake reached under her and started fingering her clit; she started choking and moaning loudly. I continued fucking her hard and fast as Chris started to cum filling her mouth while shoving his cock deeper in. As cum drooled out of her mouth I hammered away from behind. She tried to spit it out and muttered the words ?fucking bastards!? But before she could say anything else Blake had forced his cock deep into her mouth. She then felt her ass cheeks being spread apart as I fingered a glob of cold lube into her ass?she knew what was coming next but all she could do was grunt and moan as Blake forcefully fucked her mouth. Chris held her cheeks apart as I slid my cock deep into her ass thrusting in and out. Blake pushed her up and I grabbed her hair and held her up as Chris positioned himself between her legs from underneath and guided his cock into her. We continued to fuck both her holes while Blake stuffed her mouth full of cock. Blake grabbed her by the neck holding her head down on his cock and let out a yelp as she bit down on his cock. He pulled her off by the back of her hair and told us to fuck her even harder and then roughly thrust his cock back into her mouth. The three of us simultaneously fucked her as hard and fast as we could. She started to squirm and scream as I reached around and rubbed her clit, finally bringing her to orgasm. In that instant, all four of us exploded into a mad hard thrusting ball of orgasm, each of us trying to squeeze out every last second of pleasure we could. In the end, it was like an orchestra of sex as I listened with a smile. The END

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