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The Exploration of Limits

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Having spent a number of erotic and extremely sexual encounters with our new friends Sara & Clint, our comfort level with them allowed us to expand our boundaries. From same room play to now allowing our spouses to wander off in their own little worlds to relax any inhibitions one may have and let the feelings of desire take control.

It was after our first “date” out alone between Sara and me that I discovered her true love of exhibitionism along with a curiosity of exploring a safe yet submissive side to her personality. My own desires of exploring and expanding a sexy lady’s sexual buttons which take her to new levels were the driving force behind me making the phone call. A phone call to test Sara’s commitment of letting herself be directed in her actions, to allow me to control each and everyone of her actions in the evening’s adventure. As she listened to my voice telling her of the planned event, I could hear her breath quickening and could detect her own voice slipping into a near whisper. I imagined her face as I spoke to her, seeing her eyes close as her beautiful face flushed with excitement. When I finished I asked her “Sara, are you ready for this? This is your last chance to say no before you are committed to tonight’s events.” I detected a momentary hesitation before Sara responded with a soft “Yes, Yes I am ready”. “Good girl”, I responded “I will see you promptly at 9 PM.”

I pulled into the parking lot of the club I had selected for our rendezvous at 8:30 PM. A somewhat upscale club that had a very elegant décor yet was lit in such a way that it allowed intimate moments between consenting adults. I was dressed accordingly in nice slacks and a dress shirt. I stopped at the bar and spoke briefly with the bartender who happened to be a fit, well dressed and well spoken young man. After tipping him appropriately he put a reserved sign in front of a corner bar stool. I in turn seated myself at a table about 20 feet from the stool to await Sara’s arrival.

As I sipped my drink I first noticed the heads of a number of men looking towards the door before I actually saw her. When she rounded the far end of the bar I understood why the heads had turned and the conversations had stopped in mid-sentence. As instructed in the phone call Sara was dressed in an elegant yet sexually provocative outfit that set my own heart racing. My instructions had been simple, the top had to be silk so that the thin material would not hide her nipples in any fashion, the skirt had to be of a length long enough to be acceptable in this club yet short enough to reveal her tanned and silky thighs. No panties or bra were permitted and the heels had to have that “fuck me” look to them. Not only had she followed my instruction she had added a few touches of her own, her silver necklace dangled elegantly in the cleavage of her breasts, her make up while tastefully done was also was a bit on the heavy side, her hair fresh from the stylist looked fantastic along with her red painted nails and as she lifted her foot to step into the bar stool reserved just for her, I noted the sparkle of her ankle bracelet against her skin.

No sooner had she sat down that the bartender set a double Crown & Coke before her. As I looked her over from head to toe I could not help but feel my own manhood stir inside my slacks. Not only was she sexy and beautiful I knew that she was mine for the night, to tease and play with as I desired. After a deep gulp of her drink Sara allowed herself to look around the club, she could sense the eyes of the men drinking in her beauty which set her heart to racing. When her eyes found me sitting at the table our eyes locked and a small smile crept across both of our faces. I quickly pulled my phone out and began what was the 1st of many texted instructions to my slave for the night. As her phone chirped and she read the message I could see her face redden and her nipples harden against the silk of her top. She first looked at me, and then complied by turning in her stool, crossing and uncrossing her legs as she faced me. The movement exposed the bare lips of her pussy to me, the lips already glistening with moisture. While I was the intended recipient of the dazzling view of her pussy I was not alone, those seated around me, both male and female also had the pleasure of taking in the view being offered. I watched her trembling fingers as she lifted her drink to her lips, her arousal obvious. It did not take long before she was approached numerous times by the men in the club. Sara responded as instructed, by being gracious in her responses to their advances, engaging in small talk, allowing them to buy her new drinks as needed along with allowing her top to fall open to reveal her braless breasts to them. However she was not allowed to let their attention go beyond the appreciative glances and small talk and would eventually let them know she was waiting for someone.

After about 45 minutes I handed my waitress a small plastic bag and asked her to give it to Sara. I also sent my next text message advising Sara to go to the ladies room and to put the items on which were being brought to her. As the waitress handed the bag to her, I saw her eyes widen as she saw the nipple clamps, she quickly tried to hide them but once again there were others at the bar that saw what was in the bag. I watched as she slipped from the stool, her legs shaking as she walked past me on the way to the ladies room. When she returned not only were Sara’s nipples hard and protruding against the silk of her top the nipple clamps were also quite visible, drawing appreciative glances from all who were lucky enough to see. When she was seated I texted her again, first asking her to turn in the stool so I could get a full frontal view of her clamped nipples and then to lay her breasts on the bar top while ordering a new drink and giving the bartender a view down her top to see the silver clamps tightly pinching the flesh of breasts. He took his time in mixing her drink as he looked down her top, enjoying the view being offered to him.

Again I waited some time to allow her to sit and ponder what my next instruction would be. When I felt the time was I right the next message was sent. She jumped when she heard the chirp of her phone again. By now others around her knew that when ever her phone chirped she would evolve into an even sexier lady, so they watched along with myself to see what her reaction would be, her facial expressions so telling even in the dimly lit bar. We watched as she set down her phone and slipped a hand inside of her purse. When she withdrew her hand only I knew what was clenched inside of her fist. As discreetly as she could under the circumstances she dropped her hand between her bare thighs, parted her legs, deftly rubbing the rounded tip of the remote control egg, she coated it with her pussy juices before closing her eyes and pushing it inside of her. Bringing her lips back to her face she looked over at me, licking her own juices from her fingers as she did so. Then she reached back into her purse, withdrawing the remote control she handed it to the bartender, who in turn handed it to my waitress. With a knowing smile the cute waitress (Kim) brought the remote to my table, as she handed it to me our fingers touched and she leaned down to whisper in my ear saying she was loving our little game and would love to play along anyway she could. That was an unexpected turn of events, yet the sound of her voice and her soft breath on my skin sent chills down my spine. Hesitating only a moment I turned her head to whisper back to Kim telling her I think Sara needed to shown to the ladies room and have her make up freshened. With a nasty smile Kim stood and walked directly to Sara, grabbing her hand she pulled her from the barstool and led her towards the ladies room, as she passed by I hit the remote button sending a buzzing vibration into Sara’s pussy.

As they walked away the others in the bar now knew where Sara’s instructions were coming from since I had been handed the remote. Looks of jealousy were written on the faces of the men as they understood she was mine. A few nods of appreciating and acknowledgement were exchanged as well as we all wondered just what Kim & Sara may be doing in the ladies room. Our imagination of the two ladies touching each other were enough to send any sane man insane. Before long the ladies returned, Sara to her barstool and Kim to my table where she proceeded to place her fingers at my lips, letting me slide my tongue over them tasting the familiar taste of sweet Sara’s pussy juices. She then went back to Sara’s side, grabbed her cell phone and while kissing Sara deeply but quickly on the lips took a picture. I texted Sara telling her to send the pic to myself, as well as to Clint and my wife so they could see she was having a good time. When she looked at me hesitantly I turned off the remote indicating that if she didn’t comply the evening would end. She quickly sent the photo message of herself locked in a passionate kiss with Kim.

By now I can no longer contain myself and decide the teasing has gone on long enough. I stand and walk towards Sara; placing my hand on her stool I spin her to face me. Slipping between her legs I press my now hard cock against her bare pussy as I take her chin I my hand and lift it, holding it I kiss her hard, letting her feel my tongue probe into her mouth as I press my manhood against her vibrating wet pussy. When I break the kiss I look into her eyes and ask “are you ready to be fucked,” knowing those close by can hear my hushed words. She gulps and responds “yes.” I ask “Yes what?, Say it.”. Her face red she whispers “ I am ready to be fucked”. I smile, “say it louder, Sara”. She shakes her head no, and once again I turn off the egg, letting her reconsider. She looks up into my eyes and in a husky voice, loud enough to be heard by those around us says “Yes I am ready, I am ready to fuck you”. I turn the remote back on, grab Sara’s hand and lead her from the bar. I wrap my arm around her waist and let my hand slip down to cup her ass, squeezing her cheek as we leave.

As soon as we are outside the bar I spin her around and press her against the wall of the club. Our lips lock in a hot and passionate kiss, the teasing for the last two hours has driven our senses wild. While Sara has enjoyed a number of mini-orgasms sitting at the bar along with a full blown orgasm in the bathroom with Kim my own release has been held in check. As I press my body tight against hers, my hands explore what only my eyes have been able to enjoy all night. The softness of the silky top so erotic as my fingers find her clamped nipples and I tug on them gently. Each tug sends a moan to her throat as she feels the metal bite into the tender flesh of her nipple. When both of us are to the point of no return I stop and grabbing her I lead her to the back of the parking lot where I had purposely parked. Unlocking the door to my truck, I turn and tell her to take down my pants. She doesn’t resist and quickly rips open my pants to reveal my rock hard cock. I firmly yet with care wrap my fingers in her hair and guide her head down to my cock where I soon feel her lips wrap around the head. I moan, encouraging her to enjoy the feel of my hard cock in her mouth as I push her deeper down onto my shaft, feeling the head penetrate her throat as she opens to accept it. As I reach down to once again toy with her nipples her red painted nails cup and fondle my cum filled balls. Now that we are alone in the dark parking lot we are holding nothing back. As Sara sucks madly on my cock I ask her if she liked being a naughty little slut in the bar to which she responds by moaning and shaking her head yes. I replay the night’s events to her, each one eliciting a moaned response from Sara as my hard cock never leaves her mouth. When she can take it no longer she stands up looks at me and says “FUCK ME, FUCK ME NOW!” She bends over, resting her arms on the seat I move behind her and flip her skirt up over her hips exposing her ass to the cool night air. Rubbing my wet cock along her wet pussy lips I tease her momentarily before slamming it home, filling her pussy with my shaft. She screams out as she cums, her juices flowing from her pussy as her orgasm rips thru her. I feel her wetness coating my cock and my balls as it also runs down her thigh. The head of my cock presses against the still vibrating egg pushing it deeper inside of her wanton pussy. As I rock my hips fucking Sara I reach around to again toy with her clamped nipples the mix of pain and pleasure sending her to the brink of orgasm again and again. I slap a hand on her exposed ass cheek, the sound loud in the night air which is coupled with her scream of delight. I continue the firm yet calculated combination of spanking her sexy ass, tugging on her sensitive nipples and the thrusting of my cock into her soaked pussy. It doesn’t take long before we both begin to thrust madly and erupt in a wild release of pleasure, my cum flooding her pussy as her juices once again rush between us. As we collapse against the seat of the truck, my pants around my ankles her skirt flipped up over her hips we struggle to catch our breath. I move her hair and kiss her neck softly telling her how sexy and hot she was tonight. It was then that we hear the clapping behind us, we both turn and look at the huge smile on our respective spouses faces as they clap. I had told them about tonight and they had discreetly watched the whole night from a dark corner of the bar. Sara quivered under me as she knew that with their arrival the night activities were far from over……………

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