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The Effort Was Worth It

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After years of fantasizing about my wife, Lynn, having sex with another man, I finally got what I wished for. It took some doing and manipulation, but with the help of Ben, who I met on an internet swinger’s site, I made it happen. I don’t know long it is going to last, but so far, Lynn and Ben have been going at it regularly since this began three weeks ago, and I have been pacing the sidelines in a lusting trance and a hard cock all the while, playing the role of a husband who is unaware of his wife’s philandering.

Lynn and I have been married for 7 years. She is 26 and I am 42. I admit she is a trophy wife. We have no children so Lynn and I have much free time to do as we please. We both work and have our routines. She is an interior decorator and I am a tax consultant to big investment companies. Lynn takes the time to keep in shape. She works out regularly, and keeps her petite, 5’2” frame looking good. She is perfectly proportioned with a child-like body. She is keeps her sandy blonde hair mid-length, just long enough to put up in a pony-tail, which really makes her look like a teen-ager. She has bright blue eyes, upturned nose with a thin ridge, and naturally full lips that is fixed with a slight, mischievous smile. She has smooth, flawless skin, especially her back and butt. Her facial complexion reflects a natural glow. Her legs are thin, but shapely and appear long for her frame. As a teenager she danced ballet and she still has that lithe body. Her tits are well shaped, full 35C cup with very sensitive nipples that grow huge when stimulated. She likes it when I spend a long time on them and I have made her cum on occasion just by doing that, usually when she is juiced up on wine. She once confided to me that her nipples are an extension of her clit, and I believe her, because she cannot say no once I get my mouth on them. The mound of her pussy is covered with a thin patch of soft brown pubic hair, but her pussy is bare, smooth and shiny pink. I have taken note of the bruises around her pussy and other parts of her body, which is the price that is being paid for Ben’s hard screwing of her once pristine body. I have seen the bruises on her inner thighs, and his finger marks on the back of her thighs, behind her knees and on her calves. Ben’s reports to me of what he has been doing to her and my visual confirmation of his bruises on her beautiful body, excites me to no end. It doesn’t take me long to get off with Lynn , but I have found that my lust is insatiable, and the thought of her having sex with Ben keeps me in constant state of arousal.. I seemed to be in a hardened state all day long, and often find my briefs wet with my own pre-cum. Ben has told me that he has her pretty much under his control now, and that he is taking advantage of the situation as often as he can.

I had always fantasized about having Lynn screw another man. She has known this for many years since this is my favorite aphrodisiac while we are having sex. This gets me hard instantly and quickens my orgasms. Lynn has never objected and on many occasions, she has admitted that she too, has fantasized about having sex with another man, just before cumming in a huge orgasm. However, as far as I know, she had never fooled around. Now, knowing what I do, I am not so sure. Not that it would matter. But based on the fact that she has not told me that Ben is screwing her makes me wonder if she has strayed before.

I found the swingers site while surfing the net about a year ago. I put in my profile and a very direct statement about my fantasy. I had several responses. But everyone did not want to invest the time to set up Lynn. Once I told them that Lynn did not have a clue of what I was doing, they lost interest. I, too didn’t know how she would react, and I did tell the prospects that I did not want to tell her because knowing her, she would not do it. You see, Lynn, despite her sexy attractiveness, is very religious. She had always gone to church every Sunday. But, one day I got a message, from Ben. He wrote he was interested and that he and I should meet to discuss my fantasy further. His profile wasn’t special, but what caught my eye was his statement that he was “well endowed”. Although I am tall, 6’2”, 165 lbs, I am not large or long. I am 5” fully erect, so it intrigued me how long Ben was. When I saw him in person, it was quite obvious that we were very different from each other. Ben said he was 30, but he looked older. He wasn’t tall, around 5’8”, but he had massive arms with tattoos. He was fair, tanned, and had thick, long dark hair. He talked and acted like he could handle himself in a fight. He was sort of scary to look at too. Next to him, I looked like a male librarian.

I told him that I did not think that this would work because Lynn is always so proper. I told him that I thought the attraction would not be there. He asked me why I agreed to meet him and I confessed that I wanted to find out about the size of his penis. He laughed and asked me if I was “queer”. I flushed red and told him “No”, to which he laughed and said, “Right”. He asked me if I had a picture of Lynn with me. I told him I did. It was a facial shot of her sticking out her tongue at me with those smiling bright blue eyes. He called the waitress over and paid for the coffee. Then he ordered me to go with him to the restroom and I followed. There was no one in there and he told me, “I will show you my dick and you will show me her picture.” With that he went to the urinal and pulled out a huge thick cock and began to pee. I was mesmerized. Even though it was flaccid, it was long. He stood there stroking the shaft as he let loose with a powerful loud stream of urine. When he was done, he flicked the large plumb-like head a few times then tucked his cock back into his pants. He walked over to the sink and washed his hands and said, “Where’s the picture”. I nervously pulled out my wallet and fumbled out Lynn’s picture. Ben snatched it away, looked at it and smiled, and put it in his pocket. He then said, “This is mine. “ As we left he said, let me know if you want to try something. I have some ideas. He then walked out of the restaurant and left in his car.

That night as we lay in bed, I spooned Lynn and began to stroke her smooth thighs. She knew that I wanted to get off with my fantasy because this is the only way I have done it all these years. I could tell that she was not in the mood, but I knew that if I persisted that I could get lucky. I kept on stroking her thighs and would occasionally move my hands up to her breasts. She tried blocking me from going there and she was successful for a while. I would alternate from her thighs, to her stomach, then her thighs, then her mound, then her breasts, then her nipples, then back again and again. Like always, it was her nipples that did the trick. They had become aroused and had grown abnormally large and hard, like the nipple on a baby bottle. She rolled over onto her back when she couldn’t handle it anymore and I lavished more attention on her nipples with my mouth, teeth and tongue, licking, biting, sucking and nibbling. Soon I had her moaning and spreading her legs, undulating her hips as I continued to orally stimulate her nipples while rubbing her pussy with my hand.

I then told her to take off her panties which she did so immediately. I got between her thighs and began to kiss and suck her clit. I told her to imagine a stranger doing what I was doing to her. She grabbed my head and pressed me onto her clit. She then pulled me up and grabbed my hard cock. I knew she was ripe and ready because she lifted her knees all the way back and gave me unobstructed and full access to her pussy. She grabbed my cock and vigorously rubbed the head of my cock against her clit, as if she was using my cockhead like an eraser to erase a spot on her clit. She teased herself, bringing herself close to an orgasm, then she stopped for a few seconds, then she did it again. I kept whispering, mantra-like into her ear, “ I wish you would screw another man, someone who could make you cum big-time, someone who gave you the hots that you wanted to screw him all the time. If the opportunity was right, would you take it?” After the third or fourth time, she couldn’t take it any longer and she began to cum. As she moaned I slipped my cock into her very wet pussy and stroked and stroked until I came. Lynn began to pull on both of her nipples as she thrust upwards in rhythm to my downward stroke. I thought of Ben’s long cock in Lynn and the vision triggered a huge orgasm. This caused Lynn to cum again and she wrapped her legs around me and squeezed them to hold me tight against her pussy, taking all of my cum inside of her. After a few moments, I rolled off of her completely exhausted. We said nothing and she drifted off to sleep. I got up to use the bathroom. When I came back out, the bathroom light shone on her, and she was a beautiful sight to behold. Her head was tilted back, with her mouth slightly parted. One of her breasts was exposed, and I could see that the nipple had returned to its normal size. She was still spread-eagled, with one knee angled. The lips of her pussy were open, revealing the moist slit that had just given me so much pleasure. I realized how lucky I was to have a beautiful wife like Lynn.

By the next day, I was already fantasizing about Lynn screwing Ben. Even though I knew that he was different than the people in our circle of friends, Ben was an attractive physical specimen. He was powerfully built with a rugged face, and I could see his street-like manner being attractive to some women. But my memory was on his cock. It was beautiful. It was long and thick and I wondered how big it was. Finally, I couldn’t stand it , so I messaged Ben on-line and I asked him, “How big are you anyway?” The next morning, he had left this message, “My cock is 9” long, the shaft is 6 ½ inches long and its thickest point is 8” in circumference. You should see my balls. I would love to fuck your wife’s cunt and have her feel my swollen sack pushing up against her ass. If you’re still looking for someone to fuck the shit out of her, let me know. I’ll put in the time for this baby. I’ve already jerked off on her picture. Ha!” I messaged him back and we arranged to meet again at the restaurant that evening.

As I walked to the door of the restaurant, Ben approached me from the back and told me to go with him. We entered a large pick-up truck. He smelled like sweat and he had on heavy boots, jeans and a tattered opened denim jacket. I could see his bare chest, which was very muscular and covered with thick curly hairs. We got in and he offered me a beer from a cooler. I declined. He twisted the cap off his beer took a long swig and said, “So, you liked what you saw?” I didn’t say anything. He looked at me and lifted himself off the car seat and slowly unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly. He stretched out and pulled out his cock. He was not wearing any underwear. He stroked his cock a couple of ties and I could see it springing to life. I watched as his cock began to stretch and rise up until it was almost erect, leaning slightly towards him. It was beautifully sculpted. He looked at me and smiled. He then told me this is what we are going to do. He told me that there was a concert the next night, Friday, at the old refurbished theater, which would feature some popular local entertainers. He told me to buy three reserved tickets for assigned seats. He said to leave one of the tickets for him at the will-call window and that he would be there. He said Lynn would think that he was just a stranger seated next to her. He told me to make sure that Lynn sat next to him and that I should excuse myself to use the bathroom during the intermission and to leave her alone with him. He said he would take it from there. He brought out Lynn’s picture and kissed it. He put it on the dash board facing us and he began to stroke himself again. He told me Lynn was cute and that he really wanted her bad.. I watched as his cock began to grow longer and thicker. The head began to expand and glisten. I saw pre cum leaking out and my cock began to harden. Ben closed his eyes and leaned his head back and began to stroke his cock faster, but he suddenly stopped and shoved his huge hardened cock back into his jeans and zipped it up. His pants looked like a tent. He told me that he would save it for Lynn. He told me he would see me the next night and to put the tickets under the name of Ben Bee. He then laughed. We exchanged cell phone numbers and Ben drove off. As soon as I got in my car I called Lynn. I told her that a client had given me some tickets to the concert. She said great. She hadn’t heard anything about a concert at the theater but since the tickets were free, why not.

When we got to the theatre, I told Lynn to wait at the entrance while I got the tickets from will call. As I stood in line, I looked back at her and was amazed at her beauty. She was indeed stunning. She was wearing heels and a silk dress that showed off her well shaped body. She had on her thongs and no stockings. She wore earrings which framed her cute face nicely. She had on her custom fitted bra which enhanced her already perfectly formed breasts. She stood there looking at the posters in the entry way. I looked past her and saw Ben watching her. He was dressed very sharply. He had on a blue casual dinner jacket with an open collared shirt. He was wearing clean snug Levis which showed the bulge in his crotch and he had on black, casual shoes. His tattoos were hidden. His wavy dark hair was combed back and he had a drink in his hand. He looked towards me, nodded and went inside. I got the tickets and gave one to Lynn and told her I needed to go to the restroom she told me she would wait for me. I didn’t need to go but went inside anyway. I came out a few minutes later and we went to our seats. The concert was still a few minutes away from starting and when we got to our seats, Ben was not there. Our seats were on the aisle, and I took the aisle seat. Lynn sat between me and the vacant seat. We were looking at the program when Ben came and excused himself as he passed us. He sat next to Lynn and said “hello”. Lynn said “hello” and went back to her program. Lynn was telling me about the information on the entertainers in the program, when Ben commented about how good one of the bands were. Lynn asked him about the band and Ben took the opportunity to tell her more. Ben was quite knowledgeable and I could tell that Lynn felt comfortable talking to him. Soon the lights dimmed and the concert began. Occasionally, Ben would lean over to Lynn or to me and tell us some obscure fact about the entertainer who was performing. A couple of times he whispered something to Lynn and she would giggle. During the intermission, I told her that I needed to go to the restroom. She told me she needed to go too. So both of us got up and left. I told her that I would meet her back at our seats and she said OK. When I came back to our seat, both she and Ben were gone. Soon the intermission ended and still neither Ben nor Lynn returned. I was about to go looking for them when they both scooted in and took their seats. They had drinks in their hands, and Ben had one for me. He whispered something to Lynn and again she giggled. This went on for the entire second half of the concert. The two of them whispering. After the concert, we left the theatre and headed out the door. Ben stopped to look at some programs of future concerts so Lynn and I walked out alone. Lynn appeared to be dallying, like she was waiting for Ben to catch up. I tried to act like I didn’t notice. When we turned the corner, Lynn and I were bustled by three men around Lynn’s age. They had been drinking. One of them walked right up to Lynn and stuck his face inches from her and asked her if she wanted to have some fun. Before I could say anything the three pushed her into an entryway of a closed store, and began to grab at her. They were grabbing at her breasts and reaching up under her dress. In the next instant, Ben had appeared and was on them. He grabbed two of the men by their necks and tossed them aside like they were nothing. They immediately ran. The third backed away with his hands outstretched in front of him, before turning and running. Ben asked Lynn if she was OK. She said yes, and managed a smile. Ben took her hand and pulled her out of the entryway. He asked us where we were parked and said he would walk with us. On the way, Lynn found out that he had come in a cab so she offered that we could drop him off. He accepted and asked if we could take him to a night club in the city. On the way over, no one said anything. Lynn was quiet and so was Ben. When we got there, Ben got out and asked if we wanted to go inside with him and have a drink. Before I could answer, Lynn answered “Yes”. Ben got back in the car and showed us where to park. He then took us into the club and he seemed to know everyone there: the doorman , the bouncer, the waitress, the bartender, the DJ, and some of the patrons. The club was crowded with a lot of rowdy looking types. Ben managed to get us a booth in the back of the club. Lynn sat between both of us. The booth was small so we were seated pretty close to each other. I noticed that Lynn did not move when Ben slid in real close to her. I suspected that their thighs were touching, while there was spacing between hers and mine. Ben raised his hands and a waitress came to the table. Ben had been drinking scotch at the concert and he continued to do so. Lynn and I continued with our wine. Ben and Lynn soon were engaged in a conversation and Lynn told him about her interior decorating. Soon they were exchanging business cards. When a slow song came on, Ben asked her if she wanted to dance, but Lynn declined. After a few seconds, Ben left to go somewhere in the club and we soon saw him on the dance floor dancing with a girl. Lynn looked like she regretted not accepting his offer to dance. Lynn watched as Ben held the girl close. She was resting her head on his chest and Ben had both his hands on her butt. It looked like Ben was grinding his pelvis against her and she was grinding back. After the dance, Ben came back to the booth. I asked Lynn if she was ready to go and she asked if we could stay just a little while more. A fast song came on and Ben asked her if she would dance with him. She smiled and got up. Ben took her to the far side of the dance floor. I could not see them clearly because of the crowd. A second fast song immediately followed and Lynn and Ben did not return, then a third fast song and they still did not return. I looked through the crowd and could see that Lynn was really enjoying herself. She was gyrating to the beat of the music and swaying her hips. Ben had a smile on his face as he stared at her. When the third song ended, a slow song immediately began. Some of the dancers began leaving the floor, including Lynn. Suddenly, Frank reached out and pulled her towards the center of the floor where the other dancers were already locked together in a slow dance. As the dance floor lights got dimmer, I could barely make out what looked like Lynn protesting as Frank pulled her in tight and up against him. I watched as she strained herself away from Frank as he leaned towards her. He was trying to kiss her. When she turned her mouth away from his and leaned sideways away from him, she exposed her neck, and Frank quickly ran his open mouth and lips down its long nape. Lynn immediately tried to slap his face but Frank caught her hand. He pulled her hand down, grabbed it with his other hand from around her back, and twisted it behind her, at the same time pulling her close. No one seemed to notice as Lynn stared defiantly up at him. Then Frank took his free left hand and began to grab and maul Lynn’s breasts. I watched as Lynn struggled for a few second before her body went limp. Frank released her hand but continued massaging her breast. Slowly Lynn relaxed and allowed Frank to pull her close. He still had his hand between them but his other hand began to roam her body, moving from the small of her back, down to her butt, then to the bottom curve of her rump, which he cupped and squeezed. I watched as he pressed his crotch against her’s in rhythm to the song. When the song ended, they remained standing with Frank still holding her close. Lynn did not attempt to move. The dance floor lites flashed, which indicated that the next song was the last dance. It was another slow song. Frank whispered something to him and Lynn shook her head. Then I saw her raise both of her arms and encircle them around Frank’s neck. Lynn’s neck was now exposed to Frank and he took full advantage by kissing and sucking it. I watched as Lynn went completely limp in Frank’s strong arms, which easily held her up. Throughout the whole song, Frank feasted on Lynn’s neck. When the song finally ended and they parted, Lynn almost stumbled, but Frank caught her and they worked their way back to the booth.

I acted like I didn’t see what had happened on the dance floor. They scooted into the booth. They both looked like they were in a trance. Both were glistening with sweat. Lynn began fanning herself and said she was hot. Ben laughed. The waitress came and we all declined a last call for drinks. When Ben asked if we wanted to go elsewhere, I told him that we had to leave because Lynn and I had appointments the next day. Lynn said that was true that she had an early meeting with a client, but added that she would be free by lunch. Ben told her his number was on the card he gave her. He told her to call her when she was free because he wanted her to decorate his apartment. He looked at her, smiled, and said he needed some help with his bedroom. Lynn smiled and said she’d check her schedule. Ben told her he was definitely free the next day and they could hook up after her appointment if she wanted. Lynn said she would think about it . We offered to drive Ben home and he accepted. He sat in the back and said nothing, except for his directions to his apartment. It was on our way to our home. We were only 5 minutes away by car. When we dropped Ben off, he pointed out his apartment to Lynn and told her he wished she would come by soon. Lynn smiled and said she would think about it. On the way home, Lynn played with my cock. It was hard and ready to burst. As soon as we got home, she pulled me into the bedroom. We were both extremely horny. I was going to go down on her but she told me “No, just fuck me. I need you to fuck me now.” I slipped my cock in and it went in easily. She was very wet. When I started to whisper my fantasy about her screwing another man, she put her finger up to my lips and told me, “shush, I don’t want to hear that tonight.” She then kissed me and wrapped her legs around me and we fucked until we were spent.

The next morning at breakfast, Lynn called her client to cancel her appointment. I asked her why, and she said she was tired. I looked at her and asked her if she was going over to Ben’s, she said she didn’t know. I told her that if she did that he would try to fuck her. She laughed and said she could handle him. I said, “really?” She responded, “really”. Lynn was standing in the kitchen in just her panties and she looked as flawless as ever. I could feel my cock getting hard again. She saw what was happening, and asked me, “Would you want me to screw Ben?” I looked at her. I could see her nipples hardening. I leaned over and gently took one into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it, while gently pinching the other. When they were completely aroused, I stopped, looked at her and said, “No”. I then turned and walked out the door to my car and headed to my appointment. I hadn’t driven 50 yards down the street when my fantasy kicked in. I called Lynn on the cell and told her it was up to her. She giggled and said, “I know. I know you, very well.” I asked her what she would wear if she went. She didn’t know. I suggested that she wear short shorts, a smooth, knit sleeveless blouse, no bra, and thongs. She laughed, and added, “and my fuck-me casual heels.” I said, “Yeah”. She said, she didn’t know what she would do. I asked her why, and she said that the men she had in her life usually wanted more of her after having her once. She was concerned about complications in our lives. I agreed, but added, that she probably could figure out a way to handle it discretely. After I hung up, I called Ben. He was still in bed. He sounded groggy. I told him that Lynn was thinking about calling him. He said he would bet that she would. He also said that if they weren’t on the dance floor he would have fucked her last night. Just then, he told me to hold because he had a call waiting. I waited for over 5 minutes and was about to hang up when Ben came back on and said that Lynn asked if she could check out his apartment now because her appointment had cancelled. I didn’t tell him what really happened. He told me he would call me later and let me know the details. I called my office to cancel my appointment and headed over to Ben’s. I figured I could park in the lot across from his apartment and have a clear view of the landing leading to his front door without being seen. No sooner had I parked, when I saw Lynn’s red Acura pull into his parking lot. She found a visitor’s stall and quickly got out and walked across the lot to the elevators. She had taken my advice. She had on her short shorts with the smooth sleeveless blouse. Even from my distance, I could see her breasts jiggling which meant she was not wearing a bra. She had on her white “fuck-me” heels. Her hair was up in a ponytail and she wore her large sunglasses. She looked beautiful. I watched her as she exited the elevator and walked down the landing to Ben’s apartment. She stood outside for a few seconds before pushing the bottom. She then took a step back and stood next to the railing, giving Frank a good view of her when he opened the door. When he did, he stood there looking at her with a smile on his face. His hair was all mussed. He had on flannel boxer underwear. His tattooed arms and hairy chest were bare to Lynn’s eyes. She stepped into his apartment and I saw Frank closed the door behind her. I looked at my watch and it was 10:45 a.m.

I sat for an hour then decided to go and get me some coffee. I returned at 1:30 p.m., and Lynn’s car was still parked there. I waited for another hour then went to get me something to eat. I returned at 4:00 and Lynn’s car was still parked there. I knew what they were doing and my cock was raging hard. I stroked it and had to stop because I was on the verge of cumming again. My reservoir was practically empty. Finally, around 6 pm, I saw Lynn hurrying out of the apartment. Her hair was not in a pony tail and she seemed to be slipping out of her shoes as she hurried down the walkway. I watched her as she entered her car. She sat there for a few minutes. She was just sitting there. She then drove off.

I called Ben’s cell after watching Lynn hurrying to her car. I asked him what happened because she looked distressed. He said things didn’t go exactly as planned in the beginning, but in the end it turned out like he expected. I asked him what he meant by that. He told me that he had to be a little physical with her at first, but she soon got into the mood and enjoyed it. When I asked her what exactly happened, he said that “ don’t worry, she had a good time, I know for a fact that she came at least three times.” He then hung up the phone. I called him right back. He told me to call him tomorrow and he would give me all of the horny details, but he was very tired and wanted to enjoy the day he just had with Lynn.

As soon as I hung up my cell phone rang. It was Lynn. She told she was running late and that she would pick us up Chinese take-out dinner. I told her fine and that I had to work late and would be home in a couple of hours. I asked her how her day went and if she went to Ben’s. She only said that she had a busy hectic day and that she was exhausted. She told me she would be home when I got there. I went back to the office and hung out for the next two hours. I was hyped. Ben told me just enough for me to know that he had screwed her with that huge cock of his. Lynn sounded OK on the phone, even though she had looked sort of distressed when I saw her leaving Ben’s apartment. I could hardly wait to see her when I got home.

I tried not to look excited when I walked into the house. I saw our dinner on the table but no Lynn. I went into our bedroom and she was fast asleep. She had showered and her hair was still wet, but toweled dry. She was fully clothed from head to toe. She had her long pajamas on and was lying with her back facing my side of the bed. This was a sign that she did not want fun and games. I went into the bathroom and looked in her hamper. Her sleeveless blouse, panties and skirt was rolled up and tucked inside. I unfolded them and looked at her panties. The material was partially torn from the elastic borders. I looked at the crotch area and it was partially torn too, stretched and stained. I sniffed at the crotch area and could smell Ben’s cum. I felt my cock hardened. I took off my clothes and crawled into bed next to Lynn. I cuddled up next to her. She stirred and told me she was very tired. She told me she would make it up to me during the weekend. I rolled over and went into the kitchen. I took a few shots of tequila and lay down on the couch and played the scenes over and over in my mind of what might have happened. I was so restless and horny that I ended up masturbating until I came, thinking all the while about Ben’s huge cock inside of Lynn.

I still couldn’t sleep. The thought of Ben and Lynn continued to agitate me. I couldn’t resist the urge to screw Lynn, knowing she laid just a few steps away. I got up from the couch and went to the bedroom. I turned on the lights. It was near midnight. Lynn was fast asleep. I got on top of her and began pulling off her pajamas. She awoke and started protesting. I ignored her and pulled it completely off with her panties. She tried squirming away but I got between her legs and planted my mouth squarely on her pussy, thrusting my tongue inside. Her normally closed slit was gaping wide open. Instead of pink, it was red and swollen. The inside of her thighs were covered with deep purple bruises. I was shocked. I asked her, “What happened?” She looked at me and said, “I don’t know.” She pulled me up and grabbed my hard cock and guided it inside of her, whispering, “Please, no more questions.” It went in very easily. She was very loose. She wrapped her legs around my back and began to thrust upwards. Within three strokes I came. She released me and gently pushed me off of her and then she turned away from me on her side and went to sleep. I lay there finally relieved of the tension in my cock and mind, and soon fell asleep too.

The next morning I awoke to Lynn in the shower. She walked out in her panties and stood in front of the full-length mirror surveying herself. Besides her bruised thighs, she had hicky marks all over her breasts, neck and stomach. “You poor baby I told her”. She said nothing. She got a bottle of moisturizing cream and began massaging it on her bruises. She asked me if I could do her back. The smooth flawless skin on her back was defaced with bite marks on her shoulders and hicky marks on her sides. Her butt cheeks were purple and looked like she had been spanked. I asked her if she was OK, and she smiled and said, “Yes”. She seemed like she was in a trance. Then she said, “ Just know that I enjoyed it.” She went to her dresser and pulled out a pair of lacey panties, and then she took out her short pink mini-skirt, which she had not worn in a while and put it on. She selected a white long-sleeve see-through blouse and put it on. Her dark nipples were obvious. I asked her if she was going to church like that. And she told me that she had to do some shopping for a birthday present for one of the girls at work. I asked her if she wanted company and she told me no, that she enjoyed shopping alone. She walked into the bathroom and powdered herself and put on her makeup, covering the hickeys on her neck. She asked me to help her with the back of her neck, which had a huge one. When she was done, she looked at herself in the mirror again and seemed satisfied. She looked very nice. I knew where she was going and my cock began to twitch. She grabbed her keys off the counter and came up to me and kissed me on the lips gently. She told me that she loved me and that she was extremely happy to be my wife. She said she would be home with our dinner.

As soon as Lynn left I called Ben. He said he thought it was Lynn. I told him that she had left to go shopping. He laughed and said that he had told her to be back at his apartment by 10 a.m. and that she was going to be on time. He then told me what had happened in the apartment. He told me that as soon as he closed the door, he pushed her up against the back of the door and began kissing and grabbing her all over. Lynn got scared and nervous and tried pushing him away. When he persisted, Lynn slapped him and tried to push him away. He said he grabbed her by the wrist and twisted her arm behind her back and pushed her into the bedroom and onto the bed. He said he quickly mounted her and she kicked and struggled until he lifted up her blouse and began sucking on her nipples. He said she struggled less and less after that and he noticed that her nipples quickly got big and hard. It was all downhill after that he said. He said that within a minute after he planted his mouth over one of her nipples and began sucking and biting it, she came. He said as soon as she came, he got up and began pulling off her panties. He said they tore a little, but that she lifted her butt off the bed and he pulled them off without further tearing them. He said his cock was so hard by then he thought it was going to burst. He said Lynn’s eyes got really wide when she saw his erect penis poking out of his drawers. He said he quickly got out of them and stroked his cock a few times in full view of Lynn who was captivated by its size. He said he immediately got between her legs and began tonguing deep inside her pussy. He could not believe how wet she was. He said he did this for the longest time, tonguing her deep then, circling her clit with his tongue, then licking her pussy lips with long flat tongue strokes that covered her whole pussy with his thick tongue, then kissing her pussy mound, then down to her butt hole, where he felt her relax and allow his tongue to easily penetrate her there. He said he ate her like this for over an hour and that she came repeatedly. He then lay next to her and kissed her mouth and face and neck. She acted like she didn’t want him to kiss her on her lips and kept moving her head from side to side to avoid his mouth on her’s, but this only excited him, so he grabbed her by her hair, tearing her ponytail loosed, and yanked her head back, before forcing his tongue deep into her mouth. He then went back to her hardened nipples and he was surprised that she began to cum again. He then lay between her legs, missionary style, with his hard cock poised at the entrance of her pussy. He said as soon as she felt the head of his cock against the entrance of her pussy she began to arch her back to avoid his penetration. He said he began sucking on her neck and pushed slowly forward. He said she was so wet that his huge cock head pierced the opening very easily. He said he had never felt an entrance as good as that before and he had to stop to avoid cumming. He said it must have been good for Lynn too, because as soon as he entered, she let out a long guttural moan, and hips began to spasm. He said Lynn then thrust her hips upwards towards him. He said she stopped pumping as soon as he slipped half of his cock into her on the next stroke, then slowly inched deeper with each additional stroke. He said by the fifth stroke he had entered her completely and held it his cock hard and erect in place, without motion for a few seconds. Lynn was whimpering and moaning and he could feel her juices seeping out of her pussy and her pussy lips quivering around his shaft. He then started his regimen of hard relentless pounding, alternating several long strokes, with half-strokes, then long-strokes, then head strokes. Doing this repeatedly as she laid there with her legs spread moaning in pleasure the whole time. He said the first time he fucked it lasted three hours. He was amazed by her conditioning and stamina. He said they were covered with sweat. He said he tried not to cum, but he couldn’t hold himself back when after one of her orgasms, Lynn wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him fully, opened mouth, with her tongue darting inside of his mouth. He said he had the biggest orgasm in his life. Just then he told me he couldn’t talk, because someone, probably Lynn was at the door. He then hung up.

That was three weeks ago. But every day the routine has been the same. Lynn is on the pill so I am not worried about pregnancy. What is bothering me now is my reduced time with her. She goes over to Ben’s apartment every day. The only thing that keeps me going is Ben’s account of what he has been doing to her. He told me that Lynn loves rough sex. That she is cock-starved and that she can’t get enough of his cock. When his huge cock is not snuggled deep inside of her pussy, she is pulling and sucking on it. He said that he loves her cum and she loves his and that they both swallow and lick every drop of each other’s cum. She said that she loves his rough sex. He says they have this routine where he tears off her clothes and tries to have sex with her while she resists and tries to fight him off. He says he has scratches and bite marks to prove it. He said she is very athletic and puts up a gallant fight but always, in the end, he just overpowers her and takes her forcefully. She has huge orgasms when he fingers her asshole while he eats her. He said his cock is too big for her ass hole, but he has her wearing butt plug throughout the time that she is at his apartment. He says the butt plugs will get bigger with each passing week. He wants to take her to a swing club, but he has not brought up the topic with her. He says he knows one, but there are hardly any women. Usually 5 men to each girl. He said Lynn would be dynamite and could handle it. He wants one of his friends with a long thin penis to fuck Lynn in her ass while he fucks her pussy. But right now, he wants her to himself. Lynn always lets me screw her when I want. Which is everyday and as soon as she gets home after being with Ben. So I have nothing to complain.

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