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The Chair and the Rope

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As they were driving, the silence was deafening. She was uncharacteristically quiet, just sitting there staring at her hands in her lap. He knew she was nervous, even though they had been together quite a few times. But tonight was special - tonight was the night that they had planned to take their relationship to the proverbial next level. She trusted him enough to let him do some of the things that they had talked about, and her husband had finally given her his permission. It was the first time that they had been alone, just another first for two people who were closer than some married couples.

"Are you OK?" he asked, knowing that she would tell him yes no matter how she felt. "Talk to me."

"You know I'm nervous," she replied, not looking up. "We've talked about this for a long time, and I can't believe that we're finally able to do it."

He reached over and took her hand in hers, trying to reassure her that everything was going to be OK. He tried to will her into feeling this, and could tell that he was successful as she looked over at him and smiled. That smile held so much emotion, so much trust. He could tell that she knew that he'd never hurt her, no matter what happened.

So much had led up to this - from their initial meeting when he was unsure if she even noticed him to their first time in bed together to the time that he mentioned "it" in passing and could see the reaction it caused in her. It had been a long journey, but tonight he could finally prove to her that the trust she had in him was well founded.

He glanced over and appraised her as he drove, still holding her hand tightly. She was wearing the pants that he had asked her to wear - the pants that accentuated her hips and waist, yet were becoming loose due to her recent diet. He loved those hips, and could hold onto them for days. She was also wearing the shirt that he had requested - the low cut shirt, the one that showed off her ample chest while drawing attention to her delicate neck. He also noticed that she had paid special attention to his desires, because she had worn her hair up, knowing that he liked looking at her neck. She also had his bracelet around her ankle, knowing that it held special meaning for him.

She glanced at him and smiled shyly. Everything about how she had dressed was done with him in mind. She knew what he liked and wanted, and wanted to do nothing but make him happy. She knew that she held the power to make him happy.

When they pulled up into his drive and stopped, she hesitated getting out of the car. She knew that afterwards, things may not be the same. She thought about it, long enough for him to get around to her side of the car and open the door.

He reached in the car to help her out. As she stood up, he held her around her waist and leaned into her, whispering into her ear. "Are you sure? You can tell me to take you back home at any time and I won't think any less of you."

She looked up at him, staring into his eyes. In those eyes, she found both the answer to his question and the power to tell him. "Of course I'm sure. Let's go in."

He kissed her and held her tightly for a moment before letting her go. He could feel a barely imperceptible shake, and knew that it was now or never. He took her hand and led her. Instead of leading her into the main part of the house, he led her to his office. She had guessed that it would play a big part in tonight, but had no idea what he had planned. He looked over and saw the desire flash in her eyes, remembering some of their previous conversations about that room. He remembered their first night there, the night when they both realized what they had. He remembered how she looked that night, how she felt. He knew that she remembered, and that was the reason for bringing her there first. He knew that she would realize that the circle had been completed, that this was a new phase for both of them.

As he led her in, he dropped her hand, leaving her looking at what he had prepared. He went over and turned on some soft music, and she stiffened, recognizing the music. It was the station that had played on their first night there together! A sexy blend of blues that she had introduced him to, it provided the perfect backdrop for the night. As she started to feel the music, her attention was drawn to the corner and what he had placed there. She wasn't sure where he had found it, but he had a chair just like the chair she had at home - an old office chair with wooden arms. It was smooth from years of use, and looked so warm and inviting. But her main attention was drawn to what was on the chair - loosely dr*ped new cotton rope. He had bought it especially for her, soft so that it didn't chafe her. She started breathing harder, realizing that this was real and about to happen.

He looked over at her, and noticed that her full attention was on the chair, and smiled. It was having the desired effect on her. He noticed her heaving chest, and walked over to her and held her from behind. She calmed noticeably as he gently stroked her neck, bending down to lightly kiss it. She moaned, knowing that she was in for the night of her life. She pushed back into him, feeling his hardness against her, and realized that it was beginning.

As he caressed her, she relaxed even more. She began to grind into him, wanting him inside her. He left her neck and ran his hands under her shirt, cupping her full breasts. He rubbed them through her lace bra, feeling the nipples getting harder and harder. He smiled at her response and began to unbutton her shirt. He looked down at her, and saw her looking back and up into his eyes, her lips parted just slightly and her eyes unfocused. He knew that she was easily aroused, but was nowhere nearly ready for her to be that excited. He gently brushed the shirt from her shoulders, letting it fall to her elbows as he kissed and gently bit her shoulders. He remembered her rule, and wouldn't leave any marks on her skin that could be seen in her office on Monday morning. Her friends were oblivious to her alternate lifestyle, and she didn't want them finding out.

He turned her around for just a second, holding her tightly and kissing her. He placed his knee between her legs to steady her, and she started grinding on it. As he held her, he let his hands stray to her back and unclasped her bra. He then broke the kiss, and turned her back around, going back to her neck. He knew that was the place that made her shudder with desire when touched, and played with it gently, alternating between kissing and gentle bites. His hands on her stomach, he let them rise up to cup her breasts, feeling the tight, hard nipples as he took them between his thumb and forefinger, squeezing them. She gasped and tensed up, thinking that he was about to hurt her, but he relaxed the pressure and continued to knead them. She relaxed, leaning further back onto him, then gasped again as he pinched them again, harder this time. The pain was quick and intense, and caused her to breathe harder. She moaned softly as his hands left her breasts and moved down her stomach and into the waist of her pants. He had selected these pants for a reason, knowing how loose they were on her and loving how they showed off her ankles. His hands snaked down into her waistband and touched her just outside her panties. He felt the heat and wetness through the lace, and knew that she was ready for him. She whimpered, and moved so that he could get his hands under her panties, but he pulled back and gently released the snap holding them together. Without that snap holding them together, they fell to the floor in a whisper. He helped her to step out of them, and then stepped back to look at her.

He looked at her standing there, with nothing on but the panties, in that beautiful shade of green that brought out the color in her eyes and complemented her hair so well. Her skin a stark white against the pale green, she was staring shyly at the floor. He took her hand and moved over into the corner, next to the chair with the rope. To her surprise, he sat down in the chair. She looked at him with disappointment in her eyes until he pulled her down to her and placed her on the floor in front of the chair. She leaned against his knee, one of her legs crossed over the other and a knee up. She looked up at him with heavily lidded eyes as he stroked her hair. She was a bit surprised at this, since she had expected something much different. She wasn't sure what her expectations were, but this wasn't it.

She became so relaxed that she almost fell asleep with him stroking her hair. He felt her leaning more and more heavily into his legs and her breathing get more and more regular. He stopped stroking her hair and she raised up as he stood up, pulling her with him. He reached down and picked up two lengths of rope with one hand and grabbed her hand with his other hand. She looked and saw that the rope was attached to the arms of the chair, and was really surprised at how long it was. She looked up at him with puzzled eyes as he led her across the room to her desk, the rope trailing behind him. He placed her behind the desk, where she stood, looking very confused. He then walked around to the front of the desk with the rope.

"Bend over the desk with your arms above your head," he said. She did, and he wrapped the rope around each of her wrists, tying them tightly. Her breath caught in her throat as she looked back at the chair in the corner. She wasn't sure exactly how, but she could see that the chair was fastened to the floor. Not only that, but the rope was the exact length to tie her with. She smiled at his handiwork, and tugged on the rope, only to find that he had done an exceptional job securing the chair, because she couldn't budge it. She realized that she was held firmly in place and would have no way to move, and her breath quickened. This was what they had been talking about, and now it was so real, and she didn't feel as if she could stop it if she tried. Thinking about this, she started pulling more firmly on the rope, trying to get away.

He walked back around the desk and put his hand on the small of her back, calming her. "You can tell me to stop at any time with no questions asked" he said softly. She gradually calmed down, and he removed his hand from her back. He picked up a hairbrush from the bookshelf, keeping it from her line of sight. With one hand, he pulled down her green lace panties and helped her step out of them. He reached over and turned the music up a bit, then started slow dancing behind her, rubbing against her bare ass as he did, letting her feel his hardness. She responded, pushing back into him. He held on to her hips as he danced, then started rubbing her lower back. His hands glided down to her ass, cupping the cheeks and squeezing gently. She moaned softly as he caressed her, lifting her hips hoping that he'd have access to her. As she did, he backed up from her, leaving her arched for him. He brought the hairbrush up and gave her a firm swat on her bare ass, causing her to gasp deeply. He brought it up and then back down again in the same spot, causing her to gasp again. She tried to lean away, but was held firmly in place by the desk and the ropes. He repeated this again and again, until her ass was bright red, the color of a ripe tomato. She could hardly catch her breath, and was trying to lean back into him, arching her back with need. He put the brush on the desk next to her and gently rubbed the red marks on her ass. Her skin was hot to the touch, almost burning his fingertips as he gently caressed it.

"Did you like that?" he asked softly.

"Yes, Sir - I did" she replied breathlessly.

As he rubbed, he slid his hands lower and lower, pulling her hips up. He reached down and stuck one finger, then two into her moist folds, finding her almost dripping with desire. She moaned loudly and pushed back onto his hand, wanting him deep inside her. He pulled his fingers out and ran them along her lips and up to touch her clit. It stuck up like the tip of a thumb, and she shuddered when he ran his fingers over it. He brought his hand back down and put his fingers inside her, careful to find the spot that he knew drover her over the edge every single time. As he stroked her, her gasps became deeper and louder, and she tensed up, ready for the release that she was needing. He waited until he knew she couldn't last a second longer, then pulled away from her. She pulled at the rope to try and back up into him, longing for his touch again. He let his hands run all over her body as she tried to catch her breath.

Once she calmed down, he ran his fingers back down and into her, finding that most sensitive spot swollen with desire. She moaned loudly, trying to ride his hand, but he wouldn't let her. She looked back at him with wanting and need in her eyes, and he heard her whimper softly. Her eyes almost shut, her mouth slack, she strained to take his fingers as deep into her as they could go. She tightened around his fingers as the pleasure threatened to overtake her, and he pulled back away from her, making her grunt with frustration.

"Please take me, Sir" she said, with clenched teeth.

"Is it time for that? Do you deserve your release?" he asked, softly.

"Please Sir, I need it so badly" she whimpered.

He stood back and appraised her - her neck a deep scarlet, the flush extended onto her face. He knew that she was ready. He unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his slacks, pulling them down in one fluid motion. She smiled and moaned over her shoulder as she saw how hard he was. He stepped out of his slacks and up to her, and entered her with one hard thrust. As he stroked in and out, she started shuddering and gasping for breath. As he took her harder and faster, she cried out, barely able to take the intense waves of pleasure that washed over her. As she started shaking, he could feel her getting tighter and tighter. Her wetness made it easy for him, and he pumped into her faster and faster. Finally, he could take it no more and cried out, feeling her muscles milk him from within as he released into her. She continued to rock against him as he held on to her hips, until she slowed to a stop.

As he pulled out, she whimpered again, feeling the emptiness where he was. He walked around to the front of the desk and pulled the ropes free with one tug, releasing her. As she started to stand up, her legs were shaking so much that they wouldn't hold her up. He came back around and supported her, and took a blanket from the bookcase to lay on the floor. He gently laid her down on the floor, wrapping her gently in the blanket, and held her tightly. He rocked with her, calming her down, stroking her hair, until she fell asleep in his arms. As he gazed down at her, he started planning their next session.

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