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The Bull Fucks Me While Hubby Submits

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As we meet a dom for the weekend , he takes us to his basement where he has a large room with ropes hanging down , he tells me to sit as he tells hubby to remove his shirt , he then ties his hands over his head then helpless he then pulls his pants down to his ankles , and orders him to step out of jeans and underware then a spreader bar is then used , to keep his legs open , he then ties a cord around his cock and balls , gives them a good jank to make sure he has control , he then ties my hands over my head , he rubs his hands over my breast and butt then opens my blouse pinches my nipples threw my bra , and ask what size i was , not saying a word he says thats fine , as he unhooks my bra , now cuping and playing with my breast , he unhooks one hand at a time then retieing it as he removes my blouse and bra , he checks my bra out and reads 38D very good my little slut , he sucks and twist my nipples untell they stand out , he picks up a big wooden spoon and then smacks hubbys cock hard, I hear it from 12 feet away , then he grabs his balls , and says , smokeing body your wife has , as he gives his balls a yank again , he then ask , are you going to let me fuck that little slut wife of yours , he grabs his balls as hubby mutterd something , i hear him say as he smacks his cock again is she all mine to use and play with , 2 more smacks , as hubby says yes , he grabs his balls this time with his thumb and fingers , he said i can put a lot of pain on here, so tell me , I can do what ever i want to your wife , I see how much pain he is in as he says yes what , say I can do what ever I want to your wife , he then made him say use her like the fuck toy slut she is , he then walks back over to me , starts sucking and twisting my nipples again , he starts rubbing my ass , and then pulls my jeans down to my ankles he says I love the thongs women ware now and pulls them off too , he grabs my trimed pubic hair and says are you my slut toy he pulls harder , as I say yes , he bits my nipple hard , I yelp he says tell me I can fuck you and use you as I wish , then he pinches my nipples hard , for a min I forgot what he wanted me to say , then starts to pinch even harder and tells me to say it , I blert out something about fucking me as he said what the hell is that , he pulls my pubic hair hard as he bits my nipple , I say im a fucking slut and you can fuck me ok , he puts nipple clamps on my already tender nipples , he fingers my pussy then bends me over and fucks me right infront of hubby , and then unhooks me and cuffs my hands behind me , hooks a dog leash to the nipple clamps and pulls me upstairs where he cuffs me spread eagle to the bed , then he takes some photos of me and sets up a video cam and starts tapeing me , he pulls on my nipple clamps and stick's his cock in my mouth , I pull away he walks over grabs the biggest rubber cock I have ever seen , it had to be 24'' long and thick like a pop can he says you want this or my cock , I said your cock , he said don't make me use this , about that time my cell phone goes off it was in my over nite bag next to the bed he picks it up , he puts it up next to me so I can talk , it was my mom , i cut her short and say i will call her back , he said why didn't you tell her you where sucking my cock and getting fucked by a dom , he starts takeing photos of my pussy and tits , and one of me sucking him , he says your mom have a camera on her phone too , she has the same phone I do , he said great she can recive photos too then , I said my god no , he scans my phone he says looks like i can send this to a lot of people , I say please no , you can realy screw up my life , so please don't do that , they wouldn't understand , please no ! almost in tears begging him not to send any photos , so heres the deal , if you can be the perfect slut , you get the phone back when you leave sunday if you don't do every thing that I want , and I meen everything i send them some great photos to your mom , sis and every one else , i say thats not fare I said please no , he unhooks me and tells me to fuck , and we fuck hard every way you can think of , for two hours , we shower then he sets me down naked in a chair infront of his computer , where he is chating with a friend and turns on the cam and tells me what to type as he plays with me , and tell his friend he can use me , I beg again no , he says I want to watch you get fucked realy good , he said you will do as i want .we then head over to his friends house about 2 miles away im told there may be guys stoping in , and thought to myself what am I getting into when we get there , there was a few cars in the driveway I say please no , he then flashes my phone and says oh should I send a few naked photos of you sucking my cock , I say ok , what ever you want , he then walks me in the house then pulls my hair and pinches my nipples , smacks me on the ass and says your my little fuck toy right , I say yes , there was 3 guys in the house he gropes and strips me in front of them walks me in the bath room and tells me to do as im told and tells them to play with me and spreads my legs and lets them fuck me I looked up and seen him take a few more photos of the strangers fucking me ,he just wispers in my ear got you , I tell him I have to pee he walks me in the bath room leaveing to door open as im peeing , for all to watch I wash up then we head back to check on hubby , he said does your mom know you fuck strangers I cry no ,he has me standing naked feet apart , hands behind my back , as he smacks hubbys cock again , he puts his cock in hubbys mouth , and says you like the taste of your wifes pussy on my cock ? he then grabs my pussy hair and orders me to open my legs wider , im so humilated in front of my hubby , he then fucks me in front of him he pulls me back upstairs , and fucks me again , then we shower again he says I know the perfect bar to show you off , he took my jean skirt out of my bag and says to cut it super short , I start to cut about 2'' off it when he barks back and says shorter , as he goes threw some slutty clothes for me to ware , then putting the skirt on I said I can't go out like that , he then said your are and you will , and if you question me again , i will cut it shorter , now bend over as I take a few more photos , he said your mom would be so prowd of your ass showing in public , he then cuts the center out of my bra cups and ties my nipples with fish line so they poke out he gives me a ribbed t shirt and heels , his friends call and says we are headed to the bar and to meet us there , we spot them and move to the back of the bar playing pool I was so humilated , im sure they thought that I was a hooker , I had a few shots and was feeling a lot better ,but still felt so naked as i felt air every time I moved , he started talking with one of the guys, shooting pool , and knew my ass was showing when i bent over and knew he was up to something , then told me we were going to a party , one of the guys drove his car as we where in the back seat , in about 5 min we where back at this house , i think the two of them shared it , I said I will just say the phone was stolen , he laughs and says yeah but your still naked and getting fucked and sucking cock , explain the photos i can drop you off in a parking lot in just your boots and then send your mom , sister and friends some photos of you , I said you made your point ,ok ok I will do it I walk in the house as told , they start to grope me and as I look over at him he just makes a sign as if he is snaping a photo , the same two guys took turns fucking me what seems like two hours , and we head back home , where he fucks me hard in his bed and we fall off to sleep , I wake up to him fucking me , then we shower again together , and told to look good as he heads down to check on hubby , i get down there just in time to see hubby dressed and packed ready to head out , come to find out im staying and hubby was headed home , in just a towel I kiss him good bye , and will see him sunday , the phone rings and we head over to his friends house again , where he lets him fuck me , about this time im thinking if he will give me the phone back or not , on the way back home we stop have a drink and a bite to eat , I crash on the sofa , woke up at about 7pm didn't think i slept that long , was told to look good , he took me over to his friends house again only there was a few more cars in the drive , this time I begged him no , and he said you will enjoy it , I walked in met a few guys had a beer , then out come the toys , I was so embarrised , he pinned me to the floor and undid my blouse , and unhooking my bra , then sucked on my tits , as every one watched , then pulling my jeans off that realy got every one going , about that time his friend started playing with me and then fucked me as it shocked a few guys , then one after and another took turns , was there 5 or 6 maybe I don't even know as I just layed there , and let them fuck me , some come back for 2nds , they were makeing me suck them and playing with me , every time I would get up and look for my clothes some one would grab me for more sex , I got back to his house just crashed , woke up about 1;30 to more sex from my dom , sunday I said gess I should be headed home , he ties my hands over my head again calls hubby on the cell and we where going to meet half way , his friend come over and the two of them play with me tied up , useing toys on me , then told to shower and clean up , they packed my bag and we where headed out , he tells me to undress , and he puts my clothes in the bag too , then tells me to get in the car as his friend drives haveing sex in the back seat , we go to the casino and spots hubbys car , im naked in the back seat the driver wants a blow job so makes hubby wait , as im told to suck him off he tells hubby to open the door I jump in he hands me my bag as we drive off i dress and tell hubby to shut up , and drive , we get just about home and hubbys phone rings he still had my phone , he had been behind us all the time , he told us keep driveing as he pulls in behind us , the 4 of us walk in the house , he tell hubby to run up and make a extra set of keys for the house and get some more snacks , i told him you better do it , when he was gone they picked out clothes all my bras and underware and pack a bag for me , the 3 of us headed out just as hubby came back , they took me back to the citys to use for a week ,

you guys ask for more , it starts out about the same as we meet up with a Dom , at the maga mall I wore a t shirt from mexico and he spoted us right away , he said he was parked right out side the door , and are car ended up being only about 4 cars away so we followed him to his place , pull it right in the garage as he drops the door after and said how he enjoyed the letter/form I had in are profile , and that he was new to this , he bought this house and been remodeling it the past few years , he gave hubby a beer , and I took a wine cooler , and asked if we should go to the basement where he had rope , spreader bars , clamps and cuffs , a fogger and some toys he had I bolts from the cieling , old carpet from rooms he had redone a big wooden chair screwed to a big pice of plywood , a swing hanging down , he said should we get started , I said sure , again removeing hubbys shirt and was tied hands over his head , then I was tied hands over my head about 12' apart from hubby , I watch as he slips hubbys jeans and underwar off , tieing his balls and cock with cord , janking makeing them jump and dance , tieing his legs wide with a spreader bar , he starts janking and smacking his cock and put 3 or 4 rubber bands around his balls , he says you know how they castorate pigs don't you , then a few more rubber bands , im watching woundering if he is realy going castorate him , he then sticks his cock in hubbys mouth and says suck it , he then says you can do better than that , and puts more rubber bands around his balls , by this time they where looking like they would explode, he smacked them with a leather strap ,he then starts jacking off hubby , then stops , he said now , can I have your wife as my slut , then starts jacking him off again , he then comes over to me lifts my shirt and opens my bra , and starts playing with my tits , and sucking my nipples , he looks over at hubby and he was hard as can be , he then starts jacking him off again and asks if he can fuck me , he said yes you can , now please take the bands off my balls , he said it takes a day for them to fall off we have time , he then unsnaps and unzipps my jeans and pulls them down to my ankles , plays with me threw my panties before pulling them off too , he lowers the rope and bends me over spreads my legs and fucks me from behind as I try to hold myself up by the rope , he then walks me back up stairs and to the car naked in his garage , as he gets my over nite bag , then we head to his bedroom where he fucks me again , he then said the plan is to keep you and send him home , I said like he will realy go for that , he then said or he can wait and watch his balls fall off , he hands me another wine cooler and says the boys and i have lots of plans for you , we shower and clean up , dress up and stop by hubby , and tell him where going out , we stop at the bar had a long island tea , when i head out the door I feel lite headed , he then grabs one of my nipples hard and it about drops me to my knees , he said i can pinch so hard they will explode now lets get in the car , we are going to a party , we get to this house , and walk up to the door this time he has both nipples , i try to say something , but he pinches my nipples hard , he said the boys and I are going to fuck you all nite , [right] , he then starts bitting my right nipple hard , and grabs my pussy hair , he spits my nipple out long enough to say you will be a good little fuck toy for us . then I said yes , I don't want one complant from any guy there , can do anything they like , fuck you like the slut you are , I said yes as we walk in the house , they already know what im there for , he pins my hands over my head and strips me and pinches my nipples hard again , then takes me around the room to let each of then grope me , he lays me on a table with my legs open and tells them have at her , as he stick his cock in my mouth , I was sucking and fucking and not sure how meny guys , was it two or three hours I don't even know , my knees where weak trying to stand , I walk to the bathroom and someone asks if im ok , I have to pee , he helps me then i say i need to shower clean up , and he helps me I just hold on to soap bar , as he washes me , i sit down and soak in the tub , and he gets me a cold water , then do my hair and try to put my self back together , and work my way back to the front room to find my clothes , and stick my head out side to get some air we then head back to check on hubby and i head to bed a few min later i feel his cock inside me as we drift off to sleep , I wake up to him fucking me in the morning , then we drift off to sleep again , then we jump in the shower im told look good as he checks with hubby , he was tied laying in bed with his balls still tied , he smacks his cock hard , and yanks his balls , he tells him that he is keeping me untell wed and sending him home , as he puts another rubber band around his balls , then he starts jacking him off again , he said i can let you cum , and take the rubber bands off , or see what your balls look like tomarrow , if they don't fall off then smacks his cock again and shows him more rubber bands , hubbys says ok , he lets him cum and tells him to to meet him at the casino , monday at 7pm and sends him on his way , he then fucks me again , and says the boys want to you come over tonite so they can fuck you again , I said they wore me out , he said i will let you rest up , so I took a nap must have dosed off 3 hours , he had a bubble bath ready for me , as he picked out my clothes to ware , did my hair and makeup , had a few wine coolers and we took off , we get there and i have another drink , I was thinking it was nice only master jack and the home owner matt , there they where out of ice and wine coolers so jacks heads out leaveing me there , matt started kissing me and gropeing me , going by last nite and what jack said , I let him pull my panties off and fuck me , and feel him cum inside me , jump up and head to the bath room to clean up , only to to see jack watching , he walks in after me and hands me a wine cooler , when i head back, matt was fixing me a long island tea , they order a pizza we just relaxed and the guys called and said there headed over , and by this time I had a buzz on , and drinking another long island tea as they went over the rules , and that he would give me a break and let me clean up every hour or so , once there they flipped a coin to see who got to take me in to the bedroom 1st , after about 40 min he gets up and another guys comes in and takes over , and then a 3rd before i got a break , by then I was drinking water like crazy , then more sex , untell about 9pm when I just layed down and droped off to sleep , and woke up about 1am and every one was gone , i peed and washed my face , stuck my head out the door to see jacks car gone , about that time I must have woke matt up , he took me to his bed room where he fucked me again , he said jack will pick you up about noon tomarrow your my whore now , and my friends should be here anytime , and there all horney from being at the bar all nite , the word got out there was 6 guys and Matt they worked me over pretty good , takeing turns fucking me sometimes oral and vaganal , matt would grab my tits and pinch my nipples as this was going on , I don't rember how i got to bed just wakeing up and cleaning up in time for jack to pick me up , jack takes me back to his place and asks me about the nite , as he checks for marks and bruises , and told me that I will stay with matt when he is at work tomarrow and he is alowed to use as he likes , I was naked except for a nipple chain that he used to pull me from room to room , he asked how I liked the gangbang last nite , I said being married it isn't right , was then told , married yes but that pussy is mine and I say who fucks it , and he grabs the phone pulls on my clamps as he talks to matt , and says joni wants another gangbang I start to say and feel him pull hard and says we will be there in two hours , they had the football game going and guys all over the place some from last nite , that didn't take long and they where undressing me and playing with me , they layed me down and started fucking me the new guys just looked and couldn't belive what they where seeing , then they turned my head and made me give oral and couldn't see who was fucking me next thing you know it was after 8 and every one was leaveing , I was getting realy sore by this time , it felt good to fall asleep in a bed , next morning on his way to work he drops me off at matt's where he pulls me into the bedroom and starts fucking me , I fall off to sleep must have been noon wakeing up , I shower and put myself together doing my hair and makeup , then we went to subway and had lunch , then once we got back home he wanted a blow job so after that just waited for jack to pick me up , I called hubby asked him about his balls he said there sore , about that time jack takes the phone and tells him im staying untell sunday , the rest of the week i just stayed at jacks mostly rested , friday matt picked me up he showed me what he had bult , it was a table with tie downs he had me try it I couldn't move at all so he was pleased , he pulled my jeans off and fucked me jack shows up and told me that there was going to be another party tonite , i have another long island tea and was getting buzzed , and sure enough two of the guys show up , I was striped and jack put his cock in my mouth as one of the started fucking me , i felt him cum then the other guy fucked me all this time im sucking on jacks cock , i feel the other guy cum inside me about the same time jack cum in my mouth , i get up clean up put my self back together , only to find out some more guys showed up , we had slopy joes and another long island tea , the guys started gropeing me again I said why do I even get dressed , one guy goy undressed and stuck his cock im my face , didn't like the look I got so I knew I better start sucking him , as he told the other guy to fuck me , the guy cum in my mouth in just a few min , then another guy , they where cumming fast not like jack he had cum so meny times he could hardly cum , after about two hours one of the guys took me to shower and joined me i give him a blow job and we cleaned up and every thing was cool , I just layed in a chair and rested , a few of then decided to go out for a drink told them im shot and they let me sit i the chair , every one left but one guy , he wanted sex I said im tired , he pulled my jeans down and eat my pussy , it felt good , so i let him fuck me , and we just layed there untell every one showed up , we all crashed , about 7am woke up to some one fucking me , he then got dressed and went home , I found the bedroom jack was in and jumped in bed with him , he was hard as could be , so I jumped on top of him put him inside of me and fucked him , and told him this has been a asome week , he said he didn't do half he wanted to do to me , I asked him like what , he just said next time hunny , I said ok ,

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