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The Anniversary Gift

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Bondage, voyeurism, gang bang, male dominant, exhibitionism, female dominant

Carly awoke early in the morning, eager to get up and begin fixing a special anniversary breakfast for Davis, her wonderful and amazing husband of 15 years today. Davis had taken the children to his parents house the night before to stay for the entire weekend, so Carly knew he had special plans in store for her.

As she stretched that first groggy stretch of the morning, her mind raced, wondering what those plans were since Davis had refused to give her even one clue.... he said it was a surprise and that she would just have to wait until this morning to find out. Carly finished her stretch and started to sit up when she realized that she was unable to move.

Some how, without waking her, Davis had managed to tie her wrists and ankles to the head and foot boards and replaced the blanket over her. As she struggled against her bindings, she began to feel a few other sensations. Her nipples felt numb under the blanket, and something was wrapped around her hips and through her legs holding something very large around, and vibrating, inside her very tight little love box.

As she began to fully grasp the reality of her vulnerable situation, her husband walked back into the room carrying a tray. On it were a full plate of bacon, eggs, and buttered toast, with a glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee. It smelled divine and her stomach began to rumble.

Davis, smiling at Carly, asked her if she were hungry. "Yes, I am," she answered. Davis sat down on the side of the bed and offered Carly a small bite of egg and bacon and she accepted it graciously. Then asked if he would untie her so she would be able to sit up and feed herself. Davis just grinned and told her, "NO." He then stood up and walked away from the bed and placed the tray down on the dresser.

As he returned to her side he reached up and placed a blindfold over her eyes and gave her a long, hot, sweet, passionate kiss, that left her giddy inside and her body shaking. Deep inside she could feel herself tightening up against the large dildo as she began to moan contentedly and welcome the oncoming orgasm. Suddenly, Davis told her commandingly "STOP! Stop right NOW! Don't.... you..... DARE..... cum....."

The sudden change in his tone of voice startled Carly and she found herself fighting down the quickly building climax. Carly knew that tone all too well. She had heard it many times in their fifteen years together, and suddenly she realized that today was not going to be a "simple play day", oh no...... today..... Today she would be Davis' servant, his slave. Today, Davis would require of her, absolute and unquestioning obedience.

Carly had come to both dread.... and crave, at the same time...... days such as this. They were difficult, emotional, and humiliating, but, she always learned something new about herself.... and the rewards she always received in the end for perfect obedience, had always made the day of servitude very well worth it.

She felt Davis sitting again on the side of the bed, the scent of the food on the tray again directly under her nose and her mouth watered, but she knew not to speak. She knew not to respond at all or she would suffer punishment immediately. He teased her by gently rubbing a slice of bacon across her lips, leaving the fragrance and flavor of it lingering and watched to see if Carly would even so much as lick her lips.... He knew she wouldn't. She had learned a long time ago that on days such as this, she didn't so much as blink an eye without him first telling her to do so.

Davis sat there and ate every last bite of the breakfast and drank every last drop of the coffee and OJ without so much as offering her a nibble. He knew she hated that, and he knew how hungry she must be since he had cleverly managed to guide her thoughts away from food all day long the day before. He had been planning the events of this day for well over a month now and knew he would relish every moment of it. When he had finished his breakfast, he sat down and lit a cigarette and he could see her fighting the desire to ask for one as well. He reached down and placed the cigarette against her lips and told her, "One small puff, and no more." Just like the small bite of the bacon and eggs, he knew this was nothing more than a tease that would leave her wishing for more.

Davis finished the cigarette and put it out. He reached up and pulled the blindfold up to her forehead, warning her to keep her eyes closed until he told her to open them, and not to move a single muscle, not ONE, that she was to remain completely relaxed. Then he reached under the blanked and slowly squeezed the small clamps that he had stealthily placed on her nipples while she slept. They had been in place now for nearly three hours already and he could see that her nipples were completely drained of all their rosy pink color. As he squeezed them he could see tears forming in Carly's eyes, but, perfect slave that she was, she never gave any other response.

He knew he had trained her well, but today he would push her beyond every single boundary she had ever set forth. He knew that only on days such as this, would he be allowed to cross her absolute hard limits, and be forgiven later, and today he had determined to cross her hardest limits, her greatest boundary..... her will.

Today would be the greatest test of his will versus her's that she had ever experienced in their many years together.

He reached up to wipe away the single tear that fell from her eye and licked and tenderly kissed the place where it had been, telling Carly he understood that the tear was beyond her control and there would be no consequence for allowing it to drop.

He then untied Carly and ordered her to get up and get dressed. She did as she was told, yet wondered if Davis would remove the dildo from her very wet pussy before she pulled her pair of jeans on or the clamps from her nipples, but she didn't dare ask or attempt to remove either of her own volition, as that would return very serious and immediate consequences. As she reached for her jeans, Davis grabbed her from behind and told her... "No, no jeans today. Today, I want you to wear the new clothes I bought for you just this morning..... they are in the bag over on my nightstand.

Carly trembled with excitement as she walked over and opened the bag. When she did, she first pulled out an envelope that said "Open NOW" so she did and she read the note inside, catching her breath as she read.

"Today, my beautiful little slut, is MY day. Today, some of my greatest fantasies will be fulfilled.

Today, is also YOUR day. Today you will experience heights of humiliation that you never would have believed I would reign down upon you.

You have but 5 simple rules today.

* Do NOT speak a single word or utter a single vocal sound under ANY circumstance today. If I ask you a question you may nod your answer.

Break this rule and you will find yourself ball gagged the rest of the day.....

* Do NOT under any circumstance look ANY person directly in the eyes, not even me!

Break this rule and you will find yourself crawling on all fours and attached to a leash the rest of the weekend.

* Do NOT cum until I give you permission to do so.

Break this rule and you will find yourself wearing a chastity belt for a full month, while you suck me completely dry at least twice a day.

* Do NOT beg for my permission.

Break this rule and you will find yourself waiting until at least tomorrow night

* Do PRECISELY as you are told to do, when you are told to do it and do NOT question my orders under any circumstance.

Break any part of this rule and you will find yourself being suspended and flogged..... 15 lashes...... per offense.

Now, look at me and nod your understanding....."

Carly looked at Davis careful to keep her eyes aimed below his chin so as to avoid the temptation to meet his eyes. Those beautiful eyes that she craved to look into every day. Today, just as she had been forbidden her breakfast, her coffee, and her smoke, those eyes, too, would be forbidden to her. She nodded her understanding and proceeded to turn back around and remove her new "clothes" from the bag.

On top of the clothes was a new piece of jewelry, unlike any she had ever seen. It reminded her of the "vertical hood/dildo" jewelry they had seen on-line one night. It worked by placing it through a vertical hood piercing and then it curved down and inward where it was meant to be inserted into the vagina. Being literally attached to her clit as a piercing as well, the dildo provided continuous stimulation to the clit and inside as well. Well, that was the general idea, but this jewelery was a bit smaller, not large enough to serve as a dildo. As she picked it up, Davis came behind her and told her to lay down on the bed and open her legs. She did as she was told, and Davis reached between her swollen pussy lips to remove her vertical clit ring and replace it with this new piece of jewelry, quickly teasing her clit with his tongue as he did. Once the piercing stem was in place, Carly was met with a tremendous shock. The jewelery was placed, not in her vagina as she had anticipated, but rather in her pee hole, instead, leaving the large vibrator dildo planted deep inside her pussy.

This piece of jewelery, Davis called it a "Princess Wand" , he had special ordered, and as he slowly inserted it, he explained that she would not be allowed to remove it for any reason whatsoever, including urination. He told her he had ordered it with an open "Through tunnel" with a screw-in seal specifically designed for the purpose of removing the seal to allow pissing but not ejaculation. Suddenly it became all too clear how difficult and challenging Davis truly meant for this day to be. If all she did was lie in bed all day perfectly still, she would end up breaking at least 2 if not 3 of his rules before noon. And it was clear Davis had no intention of allowing her to lie still in bed all day. Today, Carly now knew, Davis would test her resolve far beyond anything she had ever experienced before.

Carly knew how sensitive her urethra was, and she knew it would keep her quite literally at the verge of ejaculation all day long and she knew it would not be long at all before she would be fighting against every fiber of her being to keep from begging for that release. Davis could see in her eyes how strongly she was already fighting back the building orgasm, and he KNEW that today he would force her to break perhaps every rule he had set forth and he felt a familiar twitch in his loins in response to that very thought. He knew that this day would be as difficult for him as he intended to make it for her.

After teasing and playing with the wand a few more minutes, just to be certain her orgasm had truly been brought to the edge, he again ordered her to get up and get dressed. With legs shaking and knees weak, Carly reached for the bag containing her new clothes Davis had purchased for her. The first thing she removed was a corset. Carly had never worn a corset, though Davis had asked her to try one many times. Today, BY GOD, she was going to wear one! Davis walked up behind her and told her to put it on NOW, and that he would tie it for her in the back. She wrapped it around herself and waited while Davis tightened it to the point where she believed her eyes would pop out of her head. There was no "bra" attached to the corset, just a small, she described it as a ledge, upon which the underside of her breasts were supported.

Once Davis finished tightening and tying the corset, Carly again reached into the bag and pulled out a strapless and nearly see through dress. The torso was an opaque hunter green material with a small slit in it just above each nipple, allowing her numb colorless nipples to protrude through along with the clamps and her nipple rings to which he then attached vibrating weights, yet left the clamps in place as well, and the skirt of the dress was a deep purple almost sheer material and when she looked in the mirror, she could almost see her wet throbbing pussy through the material. Carly actually blushed when she saw the woman in the mirror staring back at her. Perhaps in the evening, she thought, it won't appear as revealing as it does right now. As she turned away from the mirror and began to walk she realized that the skirt portion of the dress split open with each step she took, again almost revealing her freshly shaved, rosy pink, swollen mound of musk scented flesh.

Davis watched her from across the room walking toward him and smiled approvingly at her as he handed her a pair of thigh high black vinyl boots with 3 inch spiked heels and ordered her to put them on as well. She put them on and again admired her appearance in the mirror. Walking in the heels only served to intensify the sensation caused by her princess wand and subsequently the need to fight off the waves of orgasm threatening to overwhelm her.

Davis then blindfolded her and walked her to the car. Helping her climb inside, he buckled her in and then tied her wrists to the handle above the door to prevent her from using her hands to ease the sensations caused by her wand and then he placed a spreader bar between her knees and hung the bar on a special set of locking hooks he placed on the dashboard this morning to prevent her from fighting against his desire to play while driving. It also had the effect of pulling her ass out from the back of the seat and opening it up to a little play as well. Davis climbed into the car and realized he had a free pass and complete access to play with any part of her that he so desired, and began to take full advantage of that access. He began by tugging on her nipple rings again reminding her of how numb they truly were and of how much she dreaded the moment the clamps were to be removed.

At that moment, she felt Davis spreading her pussy lips and roughly pulling on her little love nub. She realized that he was placing a clamp over her swollen and throbbing clit and jumped when he quickly let go allowing the clamp to snap down on her hard and fast, and had to choke down the squeal of pain that threatened to exit from her throat. Davis then proceeded to probe her wet pussy with the dildo that had been vibrating inside her since before she woke up this morning, causing her body to writhe uncontrollably. Try as she may, she could not stop the cry before it escaped from her throat.

Davis just grinned.... "That's rules one and five broken at the same time," he said..... "that means I get to gag you AND flog you as well.... How many more rules can I make you break before the end of the day?" It was then that Carly realized that last rule was a catch all. That last rule applied to the other 4 as well, and with each and every rule she broke, it meant double jeopardy.

Davis immediately placed a ball gag in her mouth and it wasn't long before she could feel the saliva building up and dripping from her mouth... The first real aspect of the humiliation she would experience today and even though she dreaded it, the thought of it caused more stirring inside her. She never understood why being humiliated was such a turn on for her, but it was, there was just something about being completely vulnerable and under someone else's control that thrilled and excited her to no end..... and it made fighting off her orgasm twice as difficult as it was before, she truly feared that today she would earn no reward. And she also knew that this was precisely what Davis had in mind.... and she loved him all the more because of it.

As they drove along Davis continued to gently tease and twitch the wand, and her nipples every so often, always bringing her to the edge of an orgasmic convulsion and then stopping to watch as she fought hard to hold back the explosion and calm her body down, as much as was possible, just to have Davis begin thrusting the dildo in and out of her again. Carly could not remember ever being forced to constantly fight of an orgasm for such an extended period of time and she didn't know how much longer she would be able to. Suddenly she decided that NO MATTER WHAT, she would NOT release the flood of her juices today and no matter what.... she would NOT beg to be allowed to do so either.

She knew Davis was pitting her will against his and, damn-it, slave or not, she would prove to him that her will was every bit as strong as his. Her submission to him was a gift, but her will was still her own, regardless. She gave in to him out of love and respect, but she was STILL his equal, regardless. As this thought passed through her mind she could feel her spine stiffening up. She may not have spoken it aloud, and although she was blindfolded and couldn't see Davis' response, her body language, she knew, spoke her challenge to him loud and clear.

Davis could not have been more proud of Carly than he was at this very moment. To watch her stiffen her spine like that, he knew she was challenging him to do his best, and because of it he could feel his cock straining against his pants demanding to be set free. She was telling him, throw everything you've got at me. I will NOT give in. He knew that she had just strengthened and set her resolve, and he knew that it was going to take a great deal of creativity and continual stimulation to break through her resolve now, and he resolved to take absolutely NO pity upon her today. He would force her to break each and every rule he had set forth, no matter what it took! The game was on!!!

As they arrived at the first stop on the days itinerary, Davis stepped out and around to Carly's side of the car, opened the door, placed a collar around her neck, attached a leash to it and unhooked the spreader bar from the dash. He guided the spreader bar toward the door and set her feet on the ground outside and told Carly to get out and stand up, which she found extremely difficult to do, especially considering the 3 inch spiked heels she was attempting to balance on. She managed to collect her balance, barely and waited for Davis to remove the bar, but he didn't. He pulled her forward by the leash, and connected her hands to wrist cuffs behind her back, which, she could tell by the way she had to lean backward to reach, were attached also to the spreader bar by short chains. In her mind, she imagined just how awkward her appearance must be to passersby and felt her face flush at the thought.

As soon as Davis finished cuffing her wrists behind her, he came around again in front of her and removed the vibrating nipple weights and the large dildo from her sopping wet cunt and then tossed the dildo back into the car and closed the door and locked it. He then attached two more chains to her nipple rings in place of the weights, and she realized that the chains were coming down from her collar, and the leash by which she would be led, was attached to her nipples rather than her neck, she knew this nipple torture was far from over and allowed a tear to well up behind the blindfold.. Oh my God, how desperately she wanted the clamps removed from her tender, sore, colorless, blood emptied nipples, and, no sooner did she think it and Davis did so. He licked them, then quite roughly pulled on the clamps causing them to slide off, rather than opening them gently. Carly bit her lip and stifled another cry, but then realized the nipple torture was still not over, because, although Davis had removed the clamps, he was now wrapping floss around them again, and again, and again. Her nipples throbbed against the bindings being placed upon them, sending, along Carly's nerves and up into her brain, a whole NEW kind of hurtin'/pleasure.. Once Davis had her nipples sufficiently bound, he again hung the weights from her rings, and was then ready to show off his beautiful, and still blindfolded, slave.

Waddling along in the heels and spreader proved to be extremely difficult, and she could feel the skirt of the dress lightly grazing her dripping wet pussy with every step she took. Soon she would discover that walking, difficult as it already was, was about to become almost impossible as Davis was forcing her to walk up and down stairs, 10 up and 10 down and then again, and again.

Carly could NOT imagine where they might be that would have so many steps like this, but just as she felt her knees would give out, the steps ended, and she was again walking on level ground. Davis told her that she could have been on level ground the entire time, but he just wanted to have a little fun. He asked her, as he removed her blindfold and looked directly into her eyes, testing to see if she would meet his, how her princess wand was holding up, and she became acutely aware of it again. She had managed to briefly forget about it as she tried to focus on keeping her balance, but now, her awareness of the wand had returned to the forefront of her mind and she ever so briefly met his eyes with that awareness, but quickly looked down again hoping that he hadn't noticed the ever so brief eye lock she had made. Davis most certainly had noticed, since it was a test to begin with, and he laughed wickedly at her as he reached up to move the wand quickly and repeatedly in and out of her pee hole, causing her knees to truly buckle under her this time, and she fell to the ground as she fought off the orgasmic convulsions again.

As she attempted to stand up again, Davis placed his foot on her shoulders and told her, "No my sexy little slut. You looked me directly in the eye, so now, you will stay on your knees, and if, and when, I choose to free your wrists, then you will crawl. Oh yeah, and by the way, that's another set of lashes for you when we meet up with the flogger. You've got 30 lashes coming, care to make it more?" Carly simply shook her head "No." and began scooting along on the ground, grateful now, for the thigh high boots that were protecting her knees. It was obvious he had considered every likelihood of the day and it showed her that even through his seemingly harsh treatment, his love was still protecting and nurturing her.

Davis then led her in through a door telling her that she was here to get her hair washed and styled for the festivities he had planned later that evening. It was obvious as they entered the place, that they catered to a, ummmmmmmmmmm, slightly more colorful type of clientele, as it was no ordinary beauty shop. Davis told the woman at the desk Carly's name and she happily took the leash and quickly and roughly led her into a back room where she was made to lean as far forward as she could to place her head in a small trough so she could wash her hair. When she finished, she led Carly again to the front, placed her on a platform then raised the platform so she would be almost at eye level. Carly, quickly closed her eyes to avoid making eye contact, and when Davis saw this, he walked over to Carly and told her it simply would not be that easy to avoid temptation anymore. He ordered her to open her eyes and unless she had to blink, her eyes were to remain open......... no matter what.

"Damn," Carly thought, "there's that 'No matter what' catch all again." She was about to get her hair cut and there would be hair falling in her eyes, and although she wanted to protest, she dared not, that would be another 30 lashes, 15 for attempting to speak, and 15 for questioning his order, she would simply have to blink.... a lot....... and hope Davis didn't count it as being disobedient.

Soon, her hair had been washed, cut, dyed, and styled. And Davis took her by her leash and led her out of the shop, and back to the car, where he, promptly uncuffed her wrists and tied then back up above her head again, set her spreader bar back into the dash hooks, the dildo (with brand new batteries and turned on again) back inside her pussy. Davis then played again with the wand, moving it in and out of her until she was writhing again fighting off yet another orgasm. And without being able to pull her knees together and up to her chest, she found it nearly impossible this time to fight it back, though she again somehow managed to do just that, and pulled herself as straight up in the seat as she possibly could to announce her victory over her body yet again, which, naturally, only served to chastise and challenge Davis all the more.

He climbed into the driver's seat, smiled at Carly as she looked directly out the front windshield, reached over between her legs and said, "I have a very special surprise for you now......" suddenly she felt his fingers turn a tiny knob on the wand, and it began vibrating inside her and against her tiny little love nub and the tears immediately began flowing, as she struggle with every ounce of will power she had, to fight off the flood of seizures overwhelming her. She soon found herself growling and yelling at the orgasm that she could very literally feel being ripped from her and yet, trapped inside her at the same time, by the wand. As she fought against those, now, all too familiar orgasmic seizures over and over, she knew that so long as the wand wasn't pushed out, and she did not physically ejaculate (which right this moment, she soooooo desperately wanted to do) Davis would not count it as an orgasm and he would not impose a consequence upon her, however, she knew Davis was counting each and every verbalization and adding up the lashes she was undoubtedly earning. Meanwhile, Davis was driving along down the road, smiling that shit eating victorious smile of his. He turned the radio on and began to sing along, as Carly fought and squirmed, as much as her bindings would allow.

After nearly 30 minutes of struggling, Davis grew bored, as it appeared Carly was winning the battle, so he ordered her to sit still and relax, knowing how much more difficult it would be for her to stave off the desire to climax. He told her, "We still have quite a distance to drive and I don't want you to use up all your energy.... You're definitely going to be needing it soon."

Cursing him under her breath, Carly sat as still and as relaxed, as was possible, with all the vibrations pulsating through her body, but every so often she allowed a muted cry escape her throat. She had, long since, lost count of the lashes she knew she had coming to her and simply didn't care anymore. She knew she would be numb from them long before they were finished and therefore would no longer feel them, but out of respect for her Sir, she still would not speak directly to anyone today, then chuckled inwardly as she thought "as if I could speak with this ball gag in my mouth." Then as the thought of the gag entered the forefront of her mind, she looked down at her chest and realized just how soggy it was from the slobber dripping from her mouth.

Finally, they arrived at the second location, all that she saw in front of her was a very tall brick wall..... Davis again removed her restraints from their vehicle bindings, and tugged on her leash to make her get out of the car. She climbed out and dropped to her knees and waited to learn whether or not her wrists would again be attached to the bar and they were. Davis then, leaned down and stroked her piss hole again several times with the wand and then turned it off and removed the dildo from her pulsating pussy. He pulled her forward far enough that he could close the door behind her, then led her toward the wall with the leash. They arrived at a gate and Davis presented some sort of pass, and they were allowed to enter. There was another wall in front of them and they turned to the right as Carly continued to scuffle along on her knees, and she realized, there was no roof... just an open sky above them still, and it was beginning to look like it was going to rain.

Finally, they rounded a corner, and when Carly looked up, her breath caught in her throat. They had entered an open air "dungeon" and every type of sexual torture device she had ever imagined was set out in front of her. Davis leaned over and told her "I rented the place for our exclusive use for 6 hours..... The only person's here will be myself, you, and the Dungeon Master and Mistress..... oh yeah.... and a few friends who should be arriving shortly. I sent them an invitation for your very special private show. Do well over the next 6 hours here, and tonight, I just might allow you back onto your feet when we go to the club......

Suddenly, the Master and Mistress walked into view, looked at Carly on her knees, gag in place, and spoke to Davis saying that Carly must not be as well trained as he had led them to believe. They knew immediately that she had at least 30 lashes coming to her and they grabbed her by the leash and roughly pulled her toward their first devise, eliciting a sudden cry from her, while ordering Davis to the chair they had assigned to him, where he could sit and watch everything that would happen to Carly (and even participate if invited to do so) over the next 6 hours.

Carly, determined not to embarrass Davis in front of the Master and Mistress, followed immediately, as quickly and gracefully as was possible, obeying every order given her without hesitation. Mistress told Carly to lean forward, and when she did, she felt a metal bar being slipped in to the crook of her elbows and then she was being lifted up by that bar only slightly as she felt her back bowing backward again from the wrist restraints attached to her spreader bar. As Carly let out a voiceless grunt, Mistress smiled and set her down again. She freed Carly's wrists from the spreader bar, but immediately and tightly attached them to each other in front of Carly's chest, effectively pulling the metal bar in to her back, then Mistress pulled the spreader bar up and attached the wrist restraints again to the bar, and the metal bar was again pulled up and Carly found herself hanging completely by her elbows behind her back.

The metal bar was carried by Master and Davis and set in place through a set of ropes hanging from a bar above her head, and Davis returned to his seat. His cock screaming for attention still, he finally pulled it out and began slowly stroking it as he watched Carly hanging defenselessly from the bar as Mistress carefully chose the tools she would use to make this flogging a most memorable event in Carly's life.

Mistress walked over and set a machine with a protruding arm below Carly and adjusted the height of it to enter approximately 7 inches inside her pussy.... Carly realized she would be suspended by her arms, and impaled on a dildo, Mistress then turned the machine on and gave it a 5 inch stroke... Carly threw her head back as far as she could manage and let out a low guttural sound as the fucking machine moved slowly in and out of her at a steady pace. Then, just as Carly began to adjust to that sensation, Mistress turned the wand back on again and began spinning Carly around and around the dildo as it moved in and out of her pussy.

Carly had never experienced such glorious, yet torturous sensations and was soon screaming out as she fought off the orgasms that were once again ripping through her body, when suddenly she stopped spinning and felt the wand being quickly pulled out of her urethra, she had still not been given permission to cum. Now she truly had to fight the desire to cum since she didn't have the oh so torturous help of her wand to trap the ejaculations inside her. She knew her battle had only just begun. Again she felt herself begin spinning around and around the fucking machine dildo and she cried, growled, grunted, and screamed at herself through the gag to fight off the orgasms that continually threatened her resolve and just as this was happening, she looked up and realized there were 11 other men sitting next to Davis, all of them smiling and stroking themselves, slowly, as though they were simply keeping themselves stimulated and hard but not really trying to relieve themselves... All of them, looking at her as though they were waiting their turn to shove their cock into any orifice Carly had, that was large enough to accommodate them.

The fucking machine sped up and need to climax intensified as the flogging began. Mistress and Master took turns with different tools. Soon they were unhappy with the position of the spreader bar so they removed it from the wrist bindings and allowed Carly's feet to hang freely, opening her breasts and pussy up to more abuse. The floggers never missed their marks, Master and Mistress were really quite skilled at their art, and worked very well as a team, as their strikes fell upon Carly's body with a never changing rhythm and yet they alternated their strikes from either side of Carly's body. Soon they stopped the flogging and gently dropped Carly to the floor and removed the metal bar from behind her back. Then, they quickly pulled her hands above her head and attached her wrists to the metal bar and then moved her spreader bar from her knees, down to her ankles, and she felt herself being dragged along the ground to something they called a hammock.

Carly could only imagine what this was and found that she had imagined correctly, She felt the two bars each being attached to two cables and then pulled away from each other leaving her hanging horizontally between them like a brand new, tightly hung hammock that had never been lain upon. Soon again, she was spinning around and around as the lashes landed on seemingly random places along her body, With the sting of each lashing she received she cried out and feared she would rack up yet another 15 as the Master and Mistress chided her for being weak.

After what felt like hours, the flogging ended, she was let down from the hammock and forced to her feet. Mistress called Davis over to guide her to any particular apparatus he felt Carly should visit next. He walked her over to the horse and started to lie Carly on her back when Master stopped him.... Master demanded that Carly be stripped of her dress first..... the corset, he said, would remain in place. Davis stripped Carly's dress off of her and placed her on her back with her ass hanging off the end and Master ordered Davis back to his seat... He then called one of the other "guests" over to have a little fun.

The 1st guest approached Carly and lifted her legs up and stretched them out to her side as he plunged his cock deep into her pussy. Just as he did so, she felt the first drop of water land on her face. As she reached up, purely by reflex, to wipe the drop off, Master caught her hand and tied it to her side and then restrained her legs in the position her "guest" had placed them. She soon found herself restrained so tightly that she could not move at all, no sooner had Master fully and oh so completely restrained her and the sky burst forth with an almost torrential down pour, and there she was completely immobilized with some man fucking her brains out telling her he wanted her to cum, but she had not yet been given permission by Davis and therefore she refused to release....

The man, watching her inner battle to avoid cumming and the rain bouncing off her soft supple skin, soon spent himself inside her and Master sent him away and invited the next guest to play, that guest entered her ass slowly and it was the biggest thing she had ever felt in that particular orifice, and when he finally popped the head of his cock fully into her ass, it hurt so badly and suddenly that her eyes suddenly popped open and she looked him in the eye as if to quietly BEG him to please take it slow. Suddenly, she again remembered rule number two, and darted a look over to Davis to see if he had caught her. There he was smiling and holding up 2 fingers and she knew he had seen.........

Carly then felt the surface of the horse drop down but with her head still attached it now hung "upside down" and the rain was falling even more into her nose and eyes and there was nothing she could do to stop it. He nose was burning with the drops of water that were working their way deep into her nasal passages..... Suddenly, the ball gag was removed and a third guest was invited over to join in and before Carly knew it, she was not only being fucked in the ass, but now her mouth was also being fucked just as deeply. She could feel the large strange cock forcing it's way down her throat and suddenly she found that she was truly grateful that Davis had not allowed her anything to eat today and suddenly she realized she hadn't eaten anything yesterday either. Her stomach was truly empty and she was in no danger of having her very shallow gag reflex betray her. The two men continued to pump her ass and her mouth as hard and deeply as they could, until finally, they both came and she found herself swallowing the third man's load and being given no choice in the matter since he literally shoved his cock into her throat and refused to pull it out until he knew his load was spent....

And so it went, each of the 11 guests took their turn being allowed entrance into only one hole, until finally it was Davis' turn. Davis walked over to Carly and told her he was so very proud of her. She had taken all 11 men without voicing one complaint and without releasing even a single drop of cum.... He did tell her she would have to face the consequence of looking the second guest directly in the eyes and another 15 lashes for that disobedience, and she knew what that would be, but it was fine with her because now, she hoped anyway, she would finally feel her wonderful and amazing husband's own cock, or tongue, or fingers, or perhaps all three caress, and love, and probe and prod her every opening. She was anxious for that to happen.... but instead, he told her he would do only one thing to her..... he smiled and slowly and gently slid his smallest finger into her piss hole and moved it as slowly and smoothly as possible in and out of her.

Soon she was writhing, the rain still pouring down on her body.... with his other hand he reached up and began to release her arm and leg restraints, all the while continuing the slow steady rhythm of the probing of her piss hole. Once he had her restraints removed, he lifted her to a sitting position, never missing a single stroke. He reached around and began to loosen up her corset and removed it from her body, then. he removed the floss and the weights from her nipples and watched as the blood slowly began to rush back into her nipples.... he leaned forward and took one nipple into his mouth and flicked it with his tongue and then sucked on it while she cried out from the pain of the returning sensations and blood flow, he began to gradually probe her piss hole more deeply and even more quickly while sucking and tongue flicking each nipple alternately to the rhythm he had created below.

She began to reach new heights of ecstasy, the likes of which, she had never known, and prayed this time, he would finally give her permission to climax.... she waited patiently, and soon she was crying out, praying he would tell her to let loose, but his approval never came..... Just when she knew she would no longer be able to hold back, she felt her wand being set back in place and turned on...... she silently cursed Davis. Then he stood her up again and walked her back over to the fucking machine, locked her feet to either end of a 30 inch spreader bar, and then tied her hands behind her back. He adjusted the height and stroke of the machine so that she definitely would not be able to move off of the dildo, and was given no other way to support herself..... Davis then removed her wand and resumed his gentle probing of her urethra, moving opposite of the machine's dildo, such that she always had something entering her and leaving her, though not completely, at the same time.

Carly knew she would give in and cum soon if this punishment did not end, and her knees were about to give out.... if that happened she would know another new pain... she was determined to hold her knees steady, and in fighting to do that, she also was able to fight off the growing wave of orgasmic ecstasy, but soon it would again threaten to have the best of her.... Davis continued the slow steady probing along with that of the fucking machine, Mistress joined him and attached an anal probe to the fucking machine and encouraged him to not give up, soon his desire to break her will would come to fruition....

She told Davis, "You are the Dom.... You are her SIR.... Carly.... she's your slave.... you must break her will to meet her deepest desire...." Davis looked at the Mistress and told her that Carly was being obedient........ he had ordered her this morning not to cum without his permission.... Mistress told him, "No.... she's not... I can see the rebellious determination in her eyes.... she is fighting the climax, yes.... not because you ordered her to do so, but rather because she knows that deep down, you truly want her to cum and face the consequence you've set forth....... She has determined that she will not cum until you ask her to cum, essentially, she is forcing you, her dominant, to bend to her will.... rather than the other way around..... she has resolved to prove to you that her will is every bit as strong as your's. She believes her submission, is her gift to you.... it's not.... I can see in your eyes, you don't need to dominate her, therefore, your dominance over her is your gift to her. She needs to be dominated by you. She needs for you to take complete control of her body. She needs it, and she craves it... and thus far, in spite of that need... it has been her will that has always won out. A true slave will give in to her Dom's true desire, even when she knows a punishment is forthcoming, simply because she senses that her Dom, the owner of her body and her soul, truly desires that she give in. That is your job... to prove to her that your will is not merely as strong, no, it is oh soooooooo much stronger than her's."

Davis listened to Mistress and a light dawned in him and suddenly he realized she was right...... and he knew that he would stay here, doing to Carly exactly what he was doing at that moment, until she broke the final two rules... she would not only beg.... she would beg harder and more desperately than she ever had before....... for his permission to cum..... and before he would give her that permission..... he would literally rip that orgasm out of her. And then she would suffer not only the consequences of her begging and of cumming without that permission.... she would suffer 30 more lashes for her disobedience and another 15 lashes... no...... another 45 lashes for her silent disobedience now and all day long... She truly had been challenging him silently all day long..... using body language that told him that no matter what he tried, she refused to give in to his true will.... and that, in and of itself, was an act of disobedience, and Mistress was right, Carly's will had to be broken.

Davis watched Carly's inner turmoil. He could see the battle of will raging inside her as she fought against Davis' will and desire with everything she had inside her. She had heard what Mistress told him, and she knew it was true, and still, she could not force herself to give in..... she still had her pride and it simply would not allow her to give in. Again, she steeled her spine and her resolve... her will would not be broken.... not here, not in front of Master and Mistress... and definitely not in front of these 11 other men..... no, she would wait and give in finally when they were at home, together and alone. There she was, standing before them with nothing on but a pair of 3 inch spiked heels, her hands tied behind her back and a dildo being mechanically thrust in and out of her, essentially stripped of her dignity, but, so long as she had her pride, her true dignity would remain intact. She refused to allow this final degree of humiliation, and Davis could see the battle raging within her..... and he worked all the harder to force her last shred of dignity from her...

He picked up the pace along with the machine, and as Mistress turned the speed up, so also went Davis' finger probing of her pee hole until finally Carly truly could no longer fight...... her knees gave out and Davis caught her to prevent injury, but he continued to finger fuck her tiniest hole until her body began convulsing, and she could stand it no longer and she begged him... "PLEASE... Oh my God, Please... God pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease, God please, Sir... Oh my God pull it out and let me cum.... I just want to fucking cum...." she screamed at the top of her lungs... no longer begging, but demanding now that he allow her her release and she looked him directly in the eyes to show him she meant business as she fought to lift herself off the impaling fucking machine and pull herself away from his urethral probing.... so long as his finger remained inside her she would never have her release..... she knew it, but more importantly Davis knew it and he wasn't about to give her the satisfaction of forcing him to let go.... no, he would continue to probe her until she literally passed out from her trapped orgasm.... then, he would continue to probe her until a new building orgasm would reawaken her and force her to beg again and again, her body writhing as it never had before, his probing, along with the fucking machine still thrusting in and out of her pussy and her ass at the same time.... her orgasm had no where to go, save that it become verbal.... she begged and fought and begged some more until Davis finally told her that he would pull his finger out hard and fast and she had better hold it in.... he adamantly refused to give her permission to cum, but at this point, she truly, no longer cared...... she must have her release.... she no longer cared that his will had won out over her's, she felt the full weight of his will being imposed upon her and her humiliation was now complete, and as he pulled his finger from her piss hole, she flooded the ground around her over and over and over. Her body writhed and convulsed and writhed again and again as more and more of her pent up juices flowed freely out of her and on to the ground.

Her euphoria remained the rest of the day and looooooooooooong into the night as she was hardly aware of the final flogging, or of her crawling or anything else that happened the rest of the evening. Her humiliation was truly complete, and she knew that their Dom/sub relationship had truly changed that day. He had proven once and for all that his will truly was stronger than her's and he had finally, after all their many years together, earned that final drop of her respect... more than that, he had demanded it, and forcibly taken it from her, and she knew she would never with hold it from him again. She truly was his devoted slave, and he was her Sir, and this fact would forever remain her reality.

Davis' anniversary gift to her Carly this year...... was his absolute and complete Domination over her body, her heart, her soul, and her will....... and it truly was the greatest gift he had ever given her.

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