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Thanksgiving 2005

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She is sent home alone, from what she thought would be a night of great sex with a handsome couple she had played with before, but due to an unexpected emergency they had to ask her to leave. So, once she was home, unsatisfied, she sat down in front of her computer. She saw that he was online. She did not know him, only seen his picture on the Internet and sent a few messages. She was intrigued by him, something about him, she did not know, his eyes melted her, even over just the screen. He was home alone also. Both lonely, horny and curious, he asks her over, she gets his address and heads his way. The plan was that they would have a drink and get into the hot tub. He wanted to go skinny-dipping, so he lost his clothes and got in, she wore her panties and a tank top, which did not stay on long. He pulls her wet clothes off of her. They wrestle a bit as she half-ass fights with him. Feeling his skin and naked body under the water as she pushes him away. Teasing him. Letting her body float up so that he can view her full naked body in the midst of the bubbles. This strange, strong man sees her there across from him in the hot tub, all wet and lusting for his touch. He grabs her aggressively and pulls her closer, kissing her deep, she raises up enough for her little titties to pop up over the water and he works his way down to them, kissing at first, then sucking and biting at the perky hard nipples. They play and tease and touch each other all over the hot tub, not caring if someone was watching or if the security would be coming by asking them to ?move it along?. They touch and play with each other teasing and testing to see what would happen next. He asks her to give herself over to him. Completely submitting to him, she agrees to do as he commands, scared and excited, wanting to move it inside to get down to the dirty business they both wanted. Once inside his place and fully naked he attacks her body with his, holding her down, feeling her curves, kissing her hard, pinching her nipples pulling at her hair and making her squirm and breath harder. He reaches down and rubs her pussy to see how wet it has gotten. Not wet enough he decides, he gets off of her and pulls her up positioning her in front of his dick, holding her head, he moves his dick in between her lips and pumps her mouth full of him. Shoving himself deeper into her, oh and she loves it, she sucks and licks his dick until her lips became sore, but her lips is not what he wanted. He holds her head at the right angle and pushes himself all of himself, pass her lips and down her throat, gagging her, she pulls back, gagging in shock, he smiles while holding her head and pushes himself again and deeper. She gags and gasps for breath, her eyes flooding with tears, spit and snot all over her face, she looks up at him with eyes wide with amazement, again he pushes, she feels her whole throat opening up for him, and its too much, she gags him out, his dick so big and throbbing, again he fucks her face, deep and long, he tells her she can take it, take it all, take deeper, what a good girl she is for allowing him to invade her throat, swallowing him whole, he feels her throat tighten around his dick, closing down around it as it pushes him out of her again. Again he dives down into her, He reaches down between her legs and opens her lips, sliding his fingers along her open pussy he feels that she is plenty wet now. She must have really loved his dick in her throat. Without giving her a chance to move much less catch her breath, he mounts her with his mouth holding his dick in her mouth, soaking up her juices, surrounded by her scent, he has her just were he wants her. He tonges her clit, making her moan around his dick, then sucking and biting at it, making her jump and clamp her lips down harder on him, all while, squeezing and tugging at her breast, her nipples become red and swollen. Her clit becomes red and swollen. Her pussy fills with her juices in anticipation of his insertion. He slides his fingers in her, making her moan and gasp with surprise, She feels him touch her deeply, rubbing her insides, one finger at a time, he adds more, opening her up, stretching her pussy to welcome him. He scoops out her juices to rub on her clit, suck off of her clit, then he rubs it around her little asshole, making it slippery enough for him to slide his finger in her there, Then he reaches up and smears her juices all over her face and in her mouth. Reminding her who is in control. He shoves his dick back in her mouth, telling her to keep it there and not to pull it out.

He slides his fingers in and out of her ass, filling her up. Turning her into his puppet, she looks at him; looking down at the control he now has her under. His control, all his. He takes her and pushes her face down into the pillow. Pulling her ass up in the air, he licks her holes now open and dripping for him. He tounges her ass hole, pushing it open, he sucks her clit and nibbles on it at bit, making her lose her place. He reminds her of her place and waits for her to get it, hold it there, he tells her to reach back and hold her ass open for him, he slides in her, feeling her soft wetness, he fucks her. He fucks her deep, hard and long. Making her scream with pleasure into the pillow that she now grasps with both her fingernails and teeth. He fucks her pussy and makes her cum. He fucks her little tight ass hole and makes her cum. He rolls her over and fucks her mouth. Having her clean herself off of him. Demanding that she keep her legs open for him, exposing her soft soreness he smacks her pussy hard with his open hand, making her jump and scream around his dick, ?Keep your legs open he demands, with his ball dangling on her nose she cant breath, she cant see the next one coming, stinging her wet swollen clit, her legs close again as a reflex, she can?t help it, she opens them again quickly for him, gluing her feet far apart as he wished. Another hard smack hits her. Once his dick as been cleaned off by her tongue, he goes back to dirty it up again and fucks her more. Holding her throat he chocks her, holding her down with his fingertips, she can?t breath. His hands so strong around her fragile little neck. She gasps and tries to scream, while he fills her pussy full with hard deep strokes, holding her down she cant move, arms and legs all over the place, he releases her throat and fills her mouth with his tongue, still fucking her to yet another orgasm. He has her, all of her, as he wishes her to do. He takes her and uses and abuses her all night. Fucking her every hole, spanking her ass until it is red hot, and his handprints will be there for days to come. Making her moan, scream, cry and beg for more until she begs him to stop. But then he does not stop. He pushes her a bit more. Making her obey him, doing as he wishes, taking it just a little farther, making her take just a little more, just a little harder, and just a little deeper. When she is so tired and all of her holes are wore out and burning from the passion of their sex, he is ready to cum, filling her mouth with his dick as he cums between her lips, forcing her to suck it all out of him. She has found new limits she never thought she had and realizes she has become a bit stronger. He left her wondering what new limits he would push her to next time. Maybe that is what she saw in his eyes.

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