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Tessa Adventure 3

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I wanted to tell you something that happened to me the other day. I went out to the bar with a few of my friends and had a few drinks with them. Well I must not have noticed the police cruiser watching people come out of the bar when I left. I will say I was dressed in a short skirt and a very clinging top that really showed off my boobs. I started to head towards home when the lights came on behind me. I pulled over and was cussing at myself when the officer came to my window. I knew he must have seen me come out of the bar, I knew I didn’t do anything to justify me being pulled over. There were two officers, one came to the driver window one came to the passenger window. The one that came to the window asked me for my license and registration. I gave it to him and asked what seemed to be the problem. He told me that I was stopped for weaving on the road. I knew that was bullshit. I knew I wasn’t weaving, He asked if I have been drinking and I replied that more than likely he saw me leave the bar. He asked me if I had a problem, and I said I think it was bull shit that I was being stopped because I just left the bar. He told me to step out of the car. At this point I really didn’t care I just wished my husband was with me or that I was at home. As I got out I saw that his partner we checking out my legs with his flashlight. I stood in front of my car while the two of them went back to the cruiser. I watched them talk for a bit in the cruiser while I just stood there. I knew there was nothing on my license that I had to worry about. I also knew my husband wouldn’t like me getting a ticket. After what seemed forever they got out and came back to where I was standing. They told me that they wanted me to take a breathalyzer test. Of course I agreed I knew it would be stupid to say no. I blew in the breathalyzer and I didn’t see what it came up as. The first officer said that’s what I thought and the second one smiled. I just sort of rolled my eyes. I knew it couldn’t have blown to high I only had a couple of drinks. The other officer said that he felt I should do a sobriety test. The first officer agreed that he thought his partner was right. I asked them what they wanted me to do. They looked at each other, and smiled. They told me that they should get me out of the rode so that way I couldn’t weave or fall into traffic. The first officer took me and led me to his cruiser while his partner jumped into my car. They started to head down the street and pulled off to a shopping plaza. I thought they were just going to stop there but they drove around to the back of the building. When we got to the back they stopped both cars. The officer driving my car got out and walked over to his partner. They talked for a minute before coming to pull me out of the cruiser. I stood up in front of them waiting to be told what to do. They both stood there checking me out. They stared at my legs, my chest, everything.

They told me to turn around slowly. I follow their directions and slowly turned around. The first cop told me that he wanted me to walk in front of him in a straight line. I started to walk and felt their eyes on me. When I got back to the cars, I stood there waiting again for them to tell me what to do. The second officer told me that he wanted me to do some jumping jacks. I started to do them when the first officer stopped me; he said that it looked like something was hidden in my shirt when I was jumping. I rolled my eyes, because I knew what was coming next. He stepped up in front of me and started to cup and fondled my boobs. He told me that I would have to remove my shirt, just so he can see that I had nothing under my boob. I knew this was harassment, but I also knew I was alone with two cops that could do whatever they wanted to me and it would be hard to prove. I removed my shirt and the second officer came forward and pulled my nipples to lift my boobs, he told his partner that there seemed to be nothing there. They told me to just leave my shirt off and start to do the jumping jacks again. I started to do the jumping jacks with the boobs bouncing while they watched me. They told me to stop after a bit and the first officer told me that he wanted me to do some squats. I told him I couldn’t do squats with my skirt on and he told me then I better take it off. I removed my skirt and stood in front of them in my thong. I started to do squats and they just stood there with smiles on their faces watching me.

After I did about 15 squats they told me to stop while I was still down. The first officer came over to me and told he thinks he should now test my hands and eye coordination. I asked him how he wanted to do that and he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He told me that he wanted me to give him a handjob to show that I can watch what my hands were doing. I knew this could get a lot worse, so of course I wasn’t going to fight anything. I started to rub and jerk him off with my hand. He really didn’t have a bad package. He told his partner that I was doing a pretty good job and should join in. The second officer stepped up and unzipped his pants too. He let his cock fall out and I reached up to take a hold of it. I was jerking them both off when the first officer to me to put him in my mouth. I did as I was told and started to give him head while jerking off his partner. His partner started to play with my tits while I sucked his partner and pulled on his cock. He told his partner to share the wealth. I started to work on them both going back and forth between the two cocks with my mouth. After they were both hard they stood me up. They leaned me over and the first cop went around to my ass and started smacking it. His partner came over in front of me, and leaned my mouth back over his cock. I felt my panties being pulled down and my legs being spread. He told his partner that she should check my pussy to make sure I didn’t have drugs hidden in it. I felt his finger rubbing up and down my clit while I keep sucking on his partners cock. I felt his finger go up inside of me and start to move around. Of course I had to let out a little moan. Who wouldn’t with a cock in their mouth and a finger in their pussy? He started to move his finger in and out slowly and rotating It in to circles. After a little bit he told his partner that he wasn’t feeling anything, but he didn’t think his finger was getting into my pussy far enough. When I heard that I knew what was coming next. I felt the head of his cock touch my pussy lips. I stopped sucking on his partner’s cock, to tell them they could do whatever they wanted too, as long as they didn’t cum inside of me. The smiled and told me to shut up. The officer I was sucking on grabbed my arms and put them behind my back and told his partner they should cuff me to make sure I didn’t try and grab their weapons. While he held my hands on my back his partner cuffed them. As soon as the cuffs were on me, I felt the first officer’s cock go past my lips and plunge into my pussy. I still had the other officer in my mouth, while he started to slide his cock in and out of my pussy. I heard him tell his partner that I had a great pussy it was nice and tight and felt great around his cock, his partner told him my mouth did wonders too. The officer behind me pulled me back towards his cock with by the handcuffs. The officer in front of me grabbed my head and crammed his cock further into my mouth. They were really working me over. All of a sudden I felt the cock deep in my pussy start to throb. I tried to stop sucking on his partners cock to ask him again not to cum inside of me, but his partner wouldn’t release my head from his cock. I felt the walls of my pussy get sprayed with his hot semen. I was so upset. He started to moan and force his cock as deep as possible into my pussy. He pulled out and laughed. He told his partner he was done with my pussy that he needed to be cleaned off now. His partner took his cock out of my mouth and stepped back. I started to yell at him for cumming inside of me, and all he said was to shut the hell up. He would cum where ever he wanted to. He told me I was nothing, but a freaking pussy that wanted to be fucked, but couldn’t find nothing to take home from the bar, so him and his partner decided they should help out. I felt the cuffs be pulled again and I was forced over the hood of the car. His partner told me that since the other officer had my pussy and he don’t do sloppy seconds that just meant he would have to fuck my ass. I felt the tip of his cock touch the rim of my ass. He told his partner to go ahead and get cleaned to help muffle the sounds. My head was tilted towards the front of the car and the first officer put his cock into my mouth, telling me to make sure I cleaned it all and licked his balls clean too. I started to suck, and lick his cock clean, while his partner spread my ass cheeks and place his cock at my asshole. I felt a tearing rip as he forced his cock into my pussy in one stroke. I know nothing tore or ripped cause me and my husband does anal sex, but at least we work it in. as I laid on the hood of the car I was sucking one cock, while the other one was moving in and out of my ass with force. He fucked me so hard. I had quite a few orgasms. His partner said he was threw with me and pulled his cock out of my mouth. He stepped back and zipped up his pants. Told his partner he would wait for him in the cruiser. His partner grunted his agreement and kept fucking my ass. After what seemed hours I again felt the cock deep inside me throb and then explode in my ass. Neither one of they did as I asked. When he pulled out, he thanked me for a great fuck. He uncuffed my hands, and told me that if I say anything to anyone or try to press charges that they would make my life hell, and make sure my family suffered also. He got into the cruiser and they drove off. I got dressed and cried for a bit, went home and told my husband. We decided to use it as an experience, because we didn’t want to have anything happen to our kids or us. Like my husband told me it would be my word against theirs.

So that’s my story of how I was used by the police. Yeah I was ashamed by what happened, but it also excited me in a way. I make sure now that when I go to the bar to have someone else drive or my husband goes with me. I have never ran into those cops again.

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