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The night is stormy, hard driving rain, thunder and lightning, the wind is howling. The power flickers, then goes out. You go from room to room, lighting candles, bathing each room in soft light. You find yourself sitting on the sofa, staring at the fire in the fireplace, enjoying the warmth from it. You become lost in your thoughts, and then suddenly you feel a soft touch against your cheek, you turn your head and begin to speak, but a gentle finger against your lips quiets you. You feel a soft blindfold being placed over your eyes, and then, your hands tied behind your back with a bathrobe. Your sense of hearing, of touch heightened by not being able to see. You feel a pair of hands lightly gliding all over you, exploring every inch of your body, still not a word spoken.

You feel a pair of hot lips press against your neck, then slowly trailing down your body, your shirt is unbuttoned, and the lips softly bathe each of your breasts in light, hot, tender kisses. You feel your nipple sucked into the hot mouth, squeezed gently between the lips, the tongue flicking and swirling around your nipple until it becomes rock hard and extremely sensitive, and then the mouth moves to your other beast, bathing it also, making both nipples rock hard. as your breasts are being kissed and licked, you feel his hand sliding down your body, his hand cupping your mound, rubbing up and down gently, but with enough force to cause friction that is making you moist, making you breathe harder. You feel yourself becoming warm, flushed, your pussy becoming moist, and then his finger is sliding up and down your moist slit. You gasp as his fingertip finds your hardening clit, and then rubs it in small circles.

His tongue trails a path slowly down your body, from your breasts to your waiting pussy, and then you feel his finger pushing deep inside you as his hot mouth sucks your clit inside it. His tongue draws circles on your clit, then licks it hard and fast as you feel a 2nd finger joining the first inside you, pumping slow and deeply, hooking so they graze your g-spot. His fingers pump hard, fast, deeply as his tongue drives you crazy, licking you hard and fast, then slow and gently. You begin to tremble, spasm and quake as your insides explode, and his tongue is licking you even harder and faster, his fingers pumping so hard, fast and deeply, he is drinking every drop of your sweet nectar.

As your world explodes and you see stars, he slowly withdraws from you, then you feel yourself being picked up, layed down on your back in front of the fireplace, his body covering yours as his tongue invades your mouth, exploring slowly, his hands gliding up and down your sides, causing goosebumps to break out on your body. He kisses you long and passionately, and then slowly pulls away, a moment later, you gasp as something incredibly cold engulfs your nipple, you feel it bubbling and fizzing, making your over sensitive nipple tingle, the shivers reaching right through your body as you realise he has filled his mouth with champagne and is holding your nipple in his mouth. He slowly repeats the process with your other breast, and then pours a trail of champagne down your body to your hot wetness, taking his time slowly licking the champagne from your body.

You feel his fingers pulling your pussylips apart, then the cold champagne stiking your clit, followed by his hot tongue, sending you into orgasm once again.

He once again picks you up, this time placing your upper body on the sofa, your knees still on the floor, your hands still tied behind your back. He slowly trails kisses up your spine, making sure to kiss every little bump as his arms encircle you, one of his hands massaging your breasts, the other reaching down to lightly stroke your clit and keep you trembling and on edge. You feel his hot, hard throbbing cock pulsing against your ass cheek, and then you feel his teeth gently nibble your ear as he slowly eases every hot throbbing inch of his cock into your wet pussy. he stays still, just throbbing so deep inside you, his fingers still gently strumming your clit and his other hand squeezing your breast gently, squeezing the nipple between his thumb and finger.

You feel him begin thrusting agonisingly slowly in and out of you, long, slow, deep thrusts, pulling fully out of you just to enter you fully again and again. His lips burn your skin on your neck, ear and shoulder as he kisses and nibbles you while thrusting in and out, his fingers rubbing your clit harder and faster, driving you towards your hardest orgasm of the night so far.You feel his cock becoming even harder inside of you as he begins thrusting harder and faster, his fingers rubbing your clit mercilessly, his other hand tugging your over sensitive nipples. You feel him push deeper into you than he has before, holding himself there as he begins exploding so hard, flooding your insides with his hot cum as he pinches your clit, causing you to explode with him in yet another orgasm. The strength of your orgasm takes you by surprise, and you black out. When you come to, you are laying on your couch, a blanket covering you, your arms are no longer tied, and there is no blindfold. No one is there with you, and you wonder if it was all a dream, until you reach down and touch yourself, you bring your fingers to your lips and taste, definitely a mans cum, you smile to yourself and wonder who he was, will he be back ?, the power comes back on, and you hear the radio announcer saying that there will be even more intense storms the next night, you can't wait....

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