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THE POOL TABLE,, Cant Rape The Willing

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THE POOL TABLE Cant r*pe The Willing It was the usual Saturday night at the club. It was one of those nights that I could be accused of swing on the chandeliers! I was having a great time and in usual form, making everybody laugh. Entertaining them with my jokes and what not. The band was hot like normal and I was cutting the rug with some very pretty women. It was break time for the band and I was starting to head out for some air. There was a sitting bench in the entry way of the club and there was a very sexy woman sitting by herself. As I was headed for the door we made eye contact and she gave me a wink. I stopped and sat next to her saying, "How're are you doing tonight?" We started some casual conversation and soon I had her laughing too. She was about in her mid forties I'd say. She had a nice body, a little plump but it looked good on her. She had blonde shoulder length hair and was wearing a red velvet dress with black fishnet stockings. I'd seen her in the club a few times and thought I'd like to do her but never persued it. She was sitting with her legs crossed like a lady. I liked her black fish net stockings which showed the nice shape of her legs and told her so. She thanked me saying, "I'm glad you think so, I come here all the time and nobody asks me to dance." "In fact I never get laid." I was shocked and also loved her boldness. I told her I'd love to take care of that. Next thing I knew she invited me over and we left and drove to her house. All the way there I couldn't wait to have her and she was talking very nasty to me, teasing me badly saying she wanted to suck me and fuck me in all kinds of positions. She began telling me that she liked it rough and loved to be forced. She then asked me to push the limits! She said she was actually r*ped once and liked it! She said, "You can't r*pe the willing!" I told her I'd do anything she wanted. I don't think she realized how hot she was making me. When we got there her place was very nice. She kissed and teased me on the couch for a long time. Then she gave me the tour and took me upstairs. When we got to the game room it was set up for large groups. It had everything you could need, including a bar and pool table. I asked her are you game for pool. Smiling big at her. She said, "Do you have balls." I said, "And a queustick!" as I picked her up and set her on the pool table. Her red velvet dress was a just little tight on her pushing her tits up and out which made me want to fuck her even more! She was teasing the shit out of me. Kissing me while telling me to fuck her hard. I put my arms around her and kissed her passionately. She told me she had wanted me for so so long. She said, "I want you to fuck my hot pussy right here on the pool table." "Shove that cock in me, and fuck me good!" "If you're good, maybe I'll give you my ass." I was more than ready as my cock was rock hard but caught in my pants! When she got my pants open, my cock sprang out! She was surprised at the size and width of it saying, "I,,, don't know about that." "It's too big!" "I'm not fucking you!" She tried to get off the table. I stopped her saying, "No you don't!" "You're not going to tease me like that, take me right up to it,,, and then say no!!" She said, "BULLSHIT!" and tried to get off again. I grabbed her by her arms and she tried to hit me! I slapped her hard taking the fight out of her. Then tore her dress open exposing her big tits as they came free with a jiggle. Her dress, what was left of it barely hung around her waist. I grabbed her under her legs and flipped her on her back, legs high and wide with my arms under her knees. I wrapped my arms around her legs and pulled her close to me. Her ass and pussy were hanging off the edge of the pool table and were in perfect position for me to r*pe this bitch. I wasn't going to be denied! I reached around and lined up my cock with her tight pussy. I drove forward as she said, "NOOOO!!" I shoved my big hard dick deep into her tight cunt. She was clinging to the rail of the table moaning, "OOOOOHHH," "OOOOOOOHHH, her head rolling back and forth as I shoved it up her cunt over and over. She whined, "Please don't do this, Please don't do this!" " My pussy's too small for this!" I didn't listen to her. Her pussy was stretched tightly around my hard dick and I was going to fuck her senseless. Over and over I shoved it in mercilessly as she whined, "OOOOOOHHH, OOOOOOOOHHH!" with each pussy stretching stroke. Holding her legs so she couldn't move, I pulled her onto my cock as I shoved it in hard. This forced fuck was turning me no, looking at her taking my cock, with her dress in shreds around her waist as she clung to the rail. She had a pained concerned look on her face, eye browse drawn up. Her big tits jiggled with each forced stroke and I had her stocking legs held high & tight in the air. She still had on her spiked high heels which just made it even better. She knew she couldn't fight me but tried to put her hands against me belly to stop or slow the brutal fucking she was getting. I worked her pussy over hard and deep. I fucked her like that for at least 20 minutes. Then I told her, "You fucking whore, Not going to fuck me were ya!" "Take it and like it you bitch!" She said, "Fuck you!" I came back with, "You are!!, except now I'm going to have you in all three holes!" She struggled again, but it was no use. I picked her up, slapped her again and turned her over onto her belly, bent over the pool table. I had her pinned to the pool table rail and she couldn't move. I took my hard cock in hand and shoved it straight up her tight dry gritty butthole, hard without stopping. She let out a cry in a whining tone, "UUUUHH" "OOOOOHHHH,,,, MY ASS,,, MY ASS, UUUHHAA!!" "PLEEEEASE,,, PLEEEEASE,,,, NOT MY ASS!!!" I forcefully fucked and reamed her butthole for another 30 minutes till the room stunk of her well fucked asshole. After a while she raised her face off the table. In the mirror on the wall, I could see with every butthole bruising stroke her big tits jiggling as they hung down onto the table. Her face had broken a cold sweat which glistened in the light. She was completely speechless as her mouth hung half open getting her butthole r*ped. I told her, "What do have to say for yourself now, you buttwhore!" Through her erratic breathing she said, "Please, You're bruising my bowels!" I told her, "Take it!" "Take it in your ass you nasty little whore!" Pinned to the rail & with my hands holding her hips, I continued shoving it up her butthole even harder. She moaned, "OOOOOHH MMYYY GOOOODDD!" I then looked down as I mercilessly fucked her red and swollen brown pucker, using it for my pleasure. My cock and her butthole was covered with an anal glaze of glistening brown juice and her butthole was pulling outwards milking my cock every time I withdrew my cock. Each time I'd shove it up her ass, her head and tits would jiggle from the forced anal fucking. I had been fucking her gritty asshole hard for over an hour now and enjoyed the smell of her butthole dirt on my cock. I asked her, "How do you like being fucked in your dirty little asshole you buttwhore?!" She was speechless and still had the look of concern on her face which I loved to see as she submitted to the anal assalt. I was getting ready to cum and I told her, "Now, for talking shitty to me." "I'm going to use your mouth!" I pulled her off the table by the hair on the back of her head and didn't let it go. I put her down on her knees and held her face inches from my cock. It was covered with brown anal juice from fucking her ass for over an hour. I know she could smell her own butthole on it as I could smell it, and it was just inches away from her nose and mouth. I told her to kiss it and she whined, "It's been in my ass." I told her, "I know, now kiss it!" She unwillingly puckered up her lips with a pained sickening look on her face. I put my shitty cock to her lips and made her kiss it. I then smeared her anal juice all over her lips then onto her face. She was not enjoying it but I sure was! Seeing her with that brown glaze smeared from cheek to cheek. I told her to open her mouth and she said no. I pulled on her hair hard and she opened her mouth right up. I said, "OK, Buttwhore, taste your own ass." and shoved my butthole sticky cock down her throat. I kept her face pushed against me with my dick all the way down her throat for about 15 seconds. Then I began to pump her mouth still holding the back of her hair to keep her from moving. She was mine and I was using her anyway I wanted. I made her suck my dick clean. I loved watching her face! She still had that sickening look on her face even with her lips stretch around my cock in a perfect ?O?. I asked, "Hows that ass taste whore?" She couldn't say anything as I was still forcing her to work my cock with her mouth. It felt good and I was nearing climax. Just before I was going to cum, I told her I was going to shoot a big gooey wad all over her face. She didn't say anything, but the look on her face indicated she didn't like it. It just made it better as I readied to cover her face with a big gooey wad of sperm. I shoved it down her throat a few more times then pulled it out and started to jack my cock feverishly at her face. Still holding her hair, I told her to open her mouth again. She reluctantly open it. I held her head tilted back and told her, "Any cum that goes into your mouth you swallow! Got it!" She painfully said, "Yes." Then I told her, "Here it comes whore, take my load!" I began to shoot spurt after spurt of hot thick gooey sperm into her mouth and all over her face. Rope after rope shot all over and in her open mouth. When I was done, She closed her mouth with a frown on her face and swallowed my load with a gulp. The rest hung and dripped from her face down onto her titties. I had enjoyed raping her pussy, ass & mouth in that order. I told her, "Next time just fuck me!" I let her up off the floor and she smiled Really Big at me and then kissed & hugged me, thanking me saying that it was the best that she had ever had. I said sorry about the dress. She giggled and said it was worth it! She asked me to come back and do it again. That she had other fantasies she need filled.......

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