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"It seems very warm in here all of a sudden, don't you think?" he stated more than questioned the young teenager serving him in the clothes shop. She was the only attendant he had seen since he had entered ten minutes prior.

The young girl looked from side to side, hesitated, then glanced up at the ceiling fans, unconsciously lifting her shirt away from her skin a little as she did so.

"It always seems .. hot and humid .. to me whenever I'm .. inside a store ..for very long." he then followed up with, encouraged by her slight acceptance of his first suggestion.

"Makes me .. feel tired, like .. wanting to curl up .. in bed and .. forget about everything .. for a little while." And with that said, he yawned, and then sighed.

The girl still held the shirt she had been showing him before he had started on her with waking hypnosis, his next attempt at an induction with a person who didn't know they were having one. He noticed she fought very hard to stifle a yawn, and was encouraged some more.

"Were you ... aahh.. interested in this shirt, or the other one?" she asked, making a conscious effort to get her sales pitch back on track.

"This one seems okay." he replied, feeling the material in his hands and fingers. "It has light material. Not that .. heavy stuff that makes me .. feel even hotter than I do already whenever I'm .. inside a warm store; like the .. air is so warm when I breathe it into my lungs it makes me .. feel sleepy, and my .. eyes start to .. feel very heavy and .. wanting to close ..

all by themselves."

Again he casually noticed her pulling the material of her shirt away from her skin.

The shirt she was wearing was a designer shirt made of heavy slub material. She blinked twice, and then a third time as she once more brought her concentration to bear on her sales pitch and held up the shirt once more in front of him.

"Yes." she answered slowly, as if thinking of something else. "It's nice and light...the shirt, I mean. Would you like to try it on?"

He looked directly into her eyes when he answered.

"As long as you don't think that because I .. feel so hot and .. so tired and my eyes ..

feel so heavy as if they .. want to close .. all by themselves and .. take time out, and I won't want to just .. curl up .. in the change room because it's even .. warmer and more comfortable in there and I just know my .. eyes are going to .. feel heavier and heavier because I .. feel like just relaxing completely .. and just .. letting go of everything and ..

letting my mind drift down and down while I just .. take time out and .. go to sleep as my ..

eyelids get heavier and heavier until they .. close all by themselves."

He had spoken every word slowly and precisely, pausing when he felt he had to, and now watched as the shop assistant's gaze began to glaze slightly. He knew she was already in a light hypnotic trance.

"It would .. feel so good," he said, " to .. just close your eyes and .. just take time out for just a little while in this heat where .. everything would be cool and .. comfortable and safe when you .. allow yourself to just .. let go completely and .. just relax your whole mind and body. Isn't that true?"

The plain young teenager blinked very heavily a few times and appeared to be trying to focus her gaze on something.

"Uhhh. Yes. Ahh..I..I guess so." she answered slowly.

"And if you knew .. it was alright to do that because .. you had been given permission and that .. everything would be alright with the store then you'd certainly take advantage of having a .. short, relaxing sleep so you could .. feel fresh and alert when you woke up, not like .. you're feeling now, .. so hot and so tired, feeling as if at any moment .. your eyelids are going to become .. so heavy that no matter how hard you try to stop them from closing ..

they'll just close anyway, all by themselves because they .. want to be relaxed and .. enjoy a short, .. relaxing sleep, just like you do because now .. you've got permission to do so and ..

it's alright now to .. just let go completely and .. surrender to the heaviness in your arms and legs and thoughts and mind and eyelids and just .. allow them to close and .. not stop anything from happening just the way it wants to because you just .. couldn't be bothered because you're going to .. take a small nap while everything gets looked after for you while ..

you just relax and let go, and allow your very heavy .. eyelids to close now, all by themselves."

The girl's eyelids had closed before he'd finished speaking, but he had continued anyway to deepen her trance. She now just stood there, her arm holding out the shirt in front of her, slightly held upward, while the other hung limply by her side. Her head bent forward at a slight angle and her shoulders rose and fell gently as she breathed through her mouth.

"It feels so good to be as relaxed as you feel. Isn't that true?" he stated slowly.

"" she answered hesitantly, swaying slightly as she spoke.

"Now you feel cool again because you are so relaxed and peaceful. Isn't that true too?" he asked her.

"Ummm." she replied, nodding slightly.

He thought for a moment about what to try with her in relation to experimenting, now that he had proven to himself that he could do what he had. But how deep was she? That was the question. Time to find out, he decided.

"Wouldn't it feel so much nicer and fresher if you showered before you had your little sleep that you now have permission to have and get rid of all that sticky uncomfortable sweat that just seems to want to cling to your skin and your body in all the wrong places and make you feel so uncomfortable that you just feel yuk and sticky and sweaty and downright uncomfortable?"

"Ugh." she replied, pulling a face and pulling her shirt away from her chest and holding it away.

"You could give me that shirt in your hand to hold, if you like, while you get ready to take a shower before your cool and very refreshing and relaxing sleep after you give me that shirt to hold while you get ready and take your shower to make yourself all clean and fresh for your relaxing and refreshing sleep after you remove all those hot and sticky and very sweaty and uncomfortable clothes and just drop them on the floor beside you because I'll pick them up for you piece by piece as you feel yourself wanting very much to just get rid of them once and for all from your body so they can't make you feel so awful and sticky and sweaty and uncomfortable anymore. Isn't that true?"

"Yes." she answered dreamily, fiddling with her shirt.

"Do it ... now!" he stated as a command, to see if she was deep enough to accept a direct suggestion.

The young teenager stiffened slightly at the change of tone in his voice. Then, to his surprise, she handed him the shirt and began unbuttoning her own with both hands, dropping it onto the floor beside her when she'd undone all the buttons and slid it quickly off her shoulders. She wore a white bra and her breasts filled each cup to overflowing. Then quickly the girl unzipped her dress and allowed it to drop to her ankles, whereupon she stepped out of it. Next she unhook her bra and dropped it also, then quickly slid her panties down over her hips and thighs and stepped out of them also. She now stood completely naked beside him.

"It feels good for a change to have someone else tell you what to do and what to think. Isn't that true?" he asked her.

She was silent for about thirty seconds before finally answering.

"Yes." she replied slowly.

"And you do feel very peaceful and relaxed and very calm and safe because you know everything is happening just as it wants to and it's so easy to just let it be that way so you don't have to do a thing because I'll take care of everything for you while you just relax and go deeper and deeper to sleep and awaken feeling very refreshed and alert when I snap my fingers. Isn't that true?"

"Yes." came the slow reply.

"And are you happy to feel as relaxed and calm and safe the way you do now?"

"Yes." she answered.

"And does it feel good to just let me do all the thinking for you, so you can just continue to allow your mind and your body to relax and sink deeper and more deeply into your special sleep where you can just let me do all the thinking for you while you just go along with everything and simply do as I suggest so you can really and truly enjoy your special sleep and get the most out of it?"

"Yes." she repeated, swaying slightly.

"And wouldn't it be wonderful if you had some kind of a special trance key that you could use and just go instantly back down in your mind and feel the deep and peaceful relaxation and mental and physical calmness that you feel right now whenever you heard me say your special trance key so that you could drop and stop whatever you were doing and just close your eyes instantly and go straight back down to being asleep, deeply asleep like you are now and again let me do all the thinking for you and not remember anything I told you, you didn't remember?"

"Yes." came the slow reply after a few seconds.

"Well you can make up your own very special word that I can use as your special trance key that will take you down to your deep and special trance whenever you hear me say it. Isn't that what you want?"

"Yes." she answered.

He decided she was deep enough to resume his normal tone of voice.

"Then you can take a few moments and tell me what special word I can use that whenever I say it you will want to stop what you're doing and allow your eyes to close and go deeply, deeply into your trance state where you are right now and listen only to the sound of my voice while I do all the thinking for you as you take time out to enjoy your special sleep, now that you've been given permission to have it, and just tell me that special trance key when you decide."

He watched in silence, frozen like a statue while the girl went through her mental choices for a trance key.

"Bunny." she said softly with a smile.

"That's fine." he told her. "You're doing perfectly. And now that you've chosen your own special trance key, you can use it every time you hear me say it and go instantly to sleep with your eyes closed and your mind in neutral like it is now and feel so good and so relaxed and safe and warm and calm. Is that how you'd like your special trance key to affect you so you can really enjoy it every time you use it and hear it?"

"Yes." she said softly.

"When I snap my fingers you will become instantly awake. You will notice that you have no clothes on and simply look at me, wondering how your clothes got from your body to the floor without you knowing it. Then, when I say your special trance key, 'Bunny,' you will allow it to have that magical, special effect on your mind and your body fall instantly into a deep sleep and forget you ever saw yourself without clothes on in front of me. Do you understand?"

"One...two...three!" he said, and then snapped his fingers softly.

The girl opened her eyes and blinked a few times, then looked down at her nakedness.

Her eyebrows flew to the top of her head as it spun on him, her gaze penetrating through his own, her face a mixture of shock and puzzlement. Her hands flew to cover herself as best she could.

"Bunny!" he said suddenly to her as he held her gaze.

Her eyebrows raised a little more on her forehead.

"What?" she asked.

Then slowly, and then quickly, they simply closed. The tension visibly left her body as her shoulders slumped and her arms dropped limply back to her sides as she sighed and began to breathe in a very relaxed fashion.

"Deeper and more deeply. " he talked her down. "More and more deeply relaxed and safe and warm and calm."

Her shoulders drooped even more so and her head bent forward slightly toward her chest.

"No thinking whatsoever. Your mind is in neutral. Every thought I have is one you have. That's why I do the thinking for you while you just enjoy everything and go along and enjoy your special sleep where everything will feel so perfectly natural that you won't want to question anything or doubt anything because they'll all be your own thoughts because I'll be doing the thinking for you like you wanted me too so you can just enjoy everything I suggest. Isn't that true?"

"Yes." she answered.

"What is your name?" he asked her.

"Margaret Johnson." she answered.

"Do you have a nick-name that you only like your friends to call you?"

"Yes." she said. "Ant. Anne is my middle name, but only my close friends know that."

"Do you consider me to be your close friend?"


"Is it alright with you if I call you by your nick-name then?"


"That's fine, Ant." he told her softly. "Because I am your close friend now since I have been the only one in your life who has ever given you your own special trance key, and I am the only one who has ever made you feel like you do right now, so peaceful and so relaxed and safe and warm. Isn't that true?"

"Yes." she replied.

"And you wouldn't want me to take away your special trance key that will only work on you if I say it with my own voice and then you will never again have me for a close friend and will never in your whole life ever feel as relaxed and as peaceful and as relaxed as you do right now. Isn't that true?"

He saw a small tear run down her cheek and stop at the corner of her mouth.

"Well, you can know that I'll never ever do that, take away your special trance key and leave you all alone to face the world all by yourself, the one that you thought up all by yourself and that only has the effect it does on you when you hear it said with my voice only.

Is that what you want?"

Yes." she answered with another tear as a full stop to her sentence. It followed the previous one and stopped at the corner of her mouth to join it.

"Then whatever I tell you to feel, you will feel, and whatever I tell you to experience, you will experience, and whatever I tell you to see and to hear, you will see and you will hear, with every sense of feeling you have in your mind and body. Isn't that true?"

"Yes." came the answer.

"That's fine. You're doing perfectly. From this point on you will refer to me as 'Master' because I am your master now since I hold the power of your trance key and no one else can use it. Isn't that true?"


"Yes, what?"

"Yes ...master." she answered.

"That's better. You're doing very well. And I will always reward you when you do very well. Would you like me to do that? Reward you when you do very well?"

"Yes." she said softly.

He moved closed to her reached out with his right hand, extending the index and middle finger, brushing them lightly upward over her pubic hairs and just grazing the top of the soft flesh of her centre.

"Is that a nice reward?" he asked.

"Yes." she said.

"Would you like me to keep giving you this reward or stop now?" he asked her.

"Keep .. doing it." she said softly.

And he did, stroking and sliding up and down her soft, warm crease until she began to sag at the knees as her passion built quickly. Her breathing became raggard and panting as she approached her climax. He increased the pressure of his fingers between the soft folds of her sexual lips, then grasped the firm, tiny bud of her clitoris between his finger and thumb, holding it firmly.

"Ooohh!" the girl gasped, sucking in a deep breath then sighing it out loudly as it left through her lips.

"You'll have a climax soon. Isn't that true?"

"Yyeess." she breathed.

"You will climax and explode inside your body like never before in the next thirty seconds and when you do I will squeeze your clitoris very firmly but you will feel only the most intense and rapturous pleasure you've ever experienced in your life and you will always remember how intense this orgasm was for you and can know that I can allow you induce that same intense and pleasurable orgasm in any part of your body I want to at any time.

Would you like me to be able to do that?"

"Oooohhh yes!" she panted as he squeezed again and again on the very jewel of her firm, throbbing centre.

"Then you may come ... now!" he said, waited a few seconds until her breathing deepened and her back arched. Then he squeezed very, very hard on the soft yet firm piece of female anatomy he grasped so tightly between his thumb and forefinger.

Her hips jerked uncontrollably as he held her by her gyrating centre. She groaned loudly as her orgasm flamed up and down her body from head to toe. She buckled at the knees but he went down with her as her knees took her weight on the floor. And still he continued to squeeze her tiny, pulsing centre, her face contorting with rapture over and over again as he continued to squeeze her jewel mercilessly. Her forehead glistened with the sweat of her labour and her rapidly expending pleasure. Then finally he stopped squeezing and released her centre back to herself.

"Oooohohhhh!" she moaned as he let her go. Then he watched and waited while her breathing returned to normal. When it did he smiled.

"Was that a nice reward for being a good little girl?" he asked.

"Yes!" she answered in a long, drawn-out sigh.

"Yes, what?" he asked sternly.

"Yes ... master." she replied.

"And if I am your master to you, then what are you to me?" he asked.

"Your ... your ... slave." she answered hesitantly.

"That's right." he said. "And does that make you happy to be my slave so I can be your master and allow you to have such intense and pleasurable orgasms like you've just experienced?"

"Yes ... master." she answered.

"And you are happy and very willing to be my slave and think of yourself as such and do everything a slave would normally do for her master? Anything at all?" he asked.

"Yes master." she said without hesitation this time.

"That's fine. You're doing perfectly. "Now quickly get dressed. Now!" he ordered her.

He watched as she quickly dressed herself, then stood quietly beside him. Her breathing had returned to normal, and, apart from her face being a little flushed from her rapturous orgasm she looked none the worse for wear after her induction into bondage.

"How do you feel now, Ant?" he asked her.

"I feel great, master." she answered softly.

"And are you happy with everything that's happened?"

"Yes, master."

"You know you can't remember any of this consciously, don't you?"

"Yes, master." she said a little sadly.

"But you will remember always in your subconscious mind, whenever I call you slave, or whenever I use your trance key. And you will feel a certain attraction for me, even though you can't remember any of this after I wake you up and will go out of your way to be extra nice to me. Do you understand clearly?"

"Yes, master."

"One ... two ... three!" he said, and then snapped his fingers.

He still held the shirt he had been thinking of buying. She opened her eyes and blinked a few times, then stretched like a lazy cat in the morning sunshine.

"So, " he said as if nothing had happened. "Do you think this one will suit me?"

She looked vacantly at him for a few seconds as if she hadn't heard him. Then she looked quickly down at the shirt in his hand and then back into his eyes. Then she smiled and shook her head.

"It's not really your colour." she said. Wait here a minute. I've got another one in the back that's just come in. You'll love it, and it will suit your natural skin tone.

Then she turned and disappeared through a doorway, returning after a few minutes holding a blue shirt in her hands and smiling.

"This one you'll really like." she told him, beaming as if she'd discovered a secret for him and her.

"Can I have it for nothing ... Ant?" he asked.

The girl blinked a few times. Her eyes glazed slightly as she stared at him, and then cleared.

"Yes ... mast" she stammered, raising her eyebrows in wonderment at saying the word, 'master.'

"Thank you. That's very kind of you." he answered.

He followed her to the counter where she wrapped the shirt for him and handed it over. He took it smiling, and then left the store and his new slave until another day, knowing he'd never run out of new clothes, just like he had never run out of food, or cigarettes, or beer, or petrol for his car, or pizzas, or many other things that his hypnotic slaves willingly gave him whenever he happened to call and ask at their place of business. He walked casually over to his car, a gleaming new Porsche he had only had given to him an hour before visiting the shirt store.

"It's a dirty job." he smiled to himself as he slid down behind the wheel of the flashy sports car and threw the new shirt on the seat beside him. "But somebody's got to do it."

Then he started the engine and drove toward the other side of town and his home. He wanted to show his landlady his new car and new shirt. It was the least he could do since she had given him twelve months free board and food at the condominium where he had stayed since arriving in town a little over a year ago. After pulling into his own driveway that he used to park another car that had been given to him, he took a little black book out of the glove box, along with a pen and began to write.

'Number 425.' he wrote. 'Margaret (Ant) Johnson-Shirt store.' Then he got out of his new car and walked smiling toward the attractive redhead who was already walking toward him, and smiling just as widely as he was.

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