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"T" Learns Her Place: Part 4 (Final of Short Version)

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This is the final session of several parts to a fantasy that I have had for many years involving someone that is an old family friend for both of us now. Over several of the years that my wife, ?L?, and I have been together I have had the fantasy of fucking one of her best friends, ?T?. As I have said, this is the fourth and final part to this shorten fantasy version story. The longer version includes ?L? and another, as well as the Slave ?T?.

After about an hour and a half I arrive back at ?T??s house. I enter the house as quiet as I can and go over to the bedroom door. When I look in, ?T? is still where I left her. I can hear the vibrators humming away in her pussy and ass where I left them. Every once in a while ?T? quivers all over and then goes tense when an orgasm travels through her body. I quietly walk over and pick up the feather and begin to lightly run it over her body, starting along side of her face. She twitches at the first touch of the feather. I then move the feather down across her tits. This time her body shakes all over, her head twisting side to side, moving the feather further down her body across her belly. I reach down and untie the bikini and lay it back to get access to ?T??s pussy. I continue using the feather on her and when I reach her clit, I concentrate the tip of the feather on it. Her whole body starts to shake and quiver when she has another orgasm. As she settles down from this orgasm, I take the gag out of her mouth.

?T? gasps for air and tries to talk, asking ?Who's here? Is that you Master?? I tell her ?Yes Slave it is your Master. Who do you think it was?? She responds ?Nobody but you Master.? I tell ?T? ?I'm going to untie you now. You are to get off the bed and stand beside it bent over at the waist and place your hands on the bed. Do you understand me?? She replies ?Yes Master, I will do as you wish.? I then untie her from the bed. As she slowly moves off the bed I swat her on the ass telling her ?Move your butt and get into the position you were told to get into Slave!? She moves quicker, getting off the bed and on shaky legs bends over as she had been instructed. As I take my prick out of my pants as I pull the bikini bottom out of the way completely, letting it fall to the floor.

When I pull the butt plug out of her ass ?T? cries out ?Master, please leave that in my ass! I love how it makes me feel.? I tell her ?I have something even better to put in your ass Slave? and guide my prick into her vacated hole. I shove it into her in one quick stroke. She lets out a sigh and grinds her ass back into my prick. As I pump in and out she steadily twists and grinds her hips in unison with my strokes. I can feel the vibrator that remains in her pussy. After a few minutes my legs begin to get weak as I feel my orgasm coming. When I slam my prick fully into her and begin to shoot a load into her rectum, she cries out ?It feels so good to have you come in my ass Master! Thank-you for letting me be of service to you, and letting me receive your attention.?

When I settle down from my orgasm, I pull my prick out of her ass. I tell ?T? ?Turn around and get on your knees and clean my prick Slave.? She gets to her knees and when she starts to reach out to lick my prick I tell her ?Get a towel Slave, I don't want you getting sick from your shit that is on my prick. Your pussy juice and my come is one thing, but not shit. I want you healthy so you can service me whenever I want you.? She reaches and grabs a towel laying nearby and begins to wipe my prick clean.

When she has my prick clean I then remind my new Slave ?You are to be at my beck and call at all times. You will not wear any clothes in my presence, except what I direct you to wear. Your ass will always have a plug in it, unless I remove it or give you permission to remove it. When I arrive, you are to meet me at the door on your knees wearing nothing but your butt plug, nipple and clit clamps, and a smile. Your big vibrator is to be in one hand and you are to have a paddle in the other, ready for me to use either as I see fit. You are not to stand erect in my presence, unless told to do so by me. As I walk in front of you now, I want you to kiss my prick. Kiss it like the only thing in this world that you desire is to please me.?

As I walk in front of her, she reaches up with her hands for my prick. I slap her hands telling her ?Slave did I say fondle my prick with your hands? No, I said kiss my prick. That is with your mouth only.? With that ?T? stretches out to kiss my prick. When she gets close to it, I reach out and grab the back of her head and shove my prick into her mouth and begin fucking her face. I tell her ?This is just a reminder Slave of what a big mouth you have. However ?T?, I still have to say, you have got to be one of the best cock suckers to have ever sucked my cock.?

I know there are some out there that feel that women should never be treated as I have described within this story. However, there are some that feel it is fine with them, and there are women that desire and want to be treated as I have spelled out in this story. It is to them that this fantasy is dedicated. I hope that you have enjoyed it for what it is. Unfortunately for those that have desired to see a picture of this young lady, I am sorry, I do not have any of her other than the one I have of her in my memory. But through that and rethinking about this story I have had several sessions with my Rosy Palm and her Five Merry Friends.

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