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"T" Learns Her Place: Part 3

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This is another of several parts to a fantasy that I have had for many years involving someone that is an old family friend for both of us now. Over several of the years that my wife, ?L?, and I have been together I have had a fantasy of fucking one of her best friends, ?T?. This is the third part of this story, so if you haven't read the other two, you might want to do so to get the feel of it all..

Again I visit the bag, taking out a tube of lubricant, a smaller vibrator than ?T??s own, and a vibrating butt plug. I remove the blindfold from ?T? and hold all the toys up for her to see, especially the butt plug. Her eyes become about as wide as saucers when she sees the butt plug. I ask ?Do you know what this is?? She slowly shakes her head ?Yes?. ?Bitch, don't you want to learn the pleasures of anal sex?? I ask her. She shakes her head ?No!?. I ask her ?I don't think you really have a say in this, now do you?? She slowly nods her head ?No.?

I take the smaller vibrator and lube it and her ass up, turn the vibrator on, and begin to rub the tip against her anal opening. At first she tries to pull away. I tell her ?Relax bitch, it will be more enjoyable for you if you do.? Eventually she realizes she can not get away from the vibrator and relaxes. Slowly her rear passage starts to open to the pressure of the vibrator entering it. I can see her whole body relax as she starts to enjoy the presence of the vibrator in her ass. I take her large vibrator and start moving it against her pussy and clit. She starts moving her hips trying to get both vibrators inside her. Pushing back and forth against both of them.

I shove her vibrator into her pussy until the entire thing is inside her. I let go of it and grab the clamp on her clit and take it off her. She really starts to squirm around, pushing at both vibrators with a vengeance, trying to get them both deep inside of her. I push the vibrator up her ass until it is fully in and let go. She continues to squirm around. I grab the butt plug and grease in up and turn on its vibrator. Reaching down for the vibrator in her ass I quickly pull it out. She pushes towards the vibrator as I pull it out, as though she wants it to stay put. I tell her ?I have something just as good for your tight ass bitch.? and push the butt plug into her. It is a little larger than the vibrator that had been there, but she takes it with no difficulty, right up to its enlarged base.

The large vibrator meanwhile in her pussy is still humming away. I take the base of it and begin to move it in, out, and around. With every move she twists and turns trying to keep up with it. I ask her ?Everything feel just fine for you?? She shakes her head ?Yes?. I reach up and take the ball gag from her mouth and ask her again. She say ?Yes, everything is just fine. Fuck my pussy! Fuck my ass! Pinch my titties! Pinch my clit! Don't ever stop!? I take the gag and replace it.

I reach again into the bag and take out a side tying string bikini bottom. With the vibrator in her pussy and the vibrating butt plug in her ass, I tie the bikini in place, entrapping each in their respective place. But not before I replace the clamp on ?T?'s clit and turning both vibrators up to full. I then sit back and watch ?T?'s actions. For quite a while ?T? squirms around against her bounds and what appears to be trying to get a tighter grip on the vibrators in her body. Her breathing is gets real fast and as heavy as it can get around the gag and through her nose. The next thing I know her whole body appears to go tense and then she shakes all over. She again goes tense, this time raising her hips as far as the ties will allow her. Then she grinds her ass back into the bed, twisting and turning all over. Again her body goes tense then shakes all over.

I go over to her and remove the ball gag. ?T? starts gasping for air, yelling out ?I'm ccoommiinngg! Please fuck me! Fuck me now! I want your prick in me now! In my mouth! In my pussy! In my ass! I'm ccoommiinngg!?

With this I stick my prick near her mouth. She reaches out with her mouth and sucks it in as hard as she can. Milking my prick for all she can with her lips and tongue. She swirls her tongue around it like it was an all-day-sucker just for her. I reach down and remove the clamps from her nipples. When I do this she sucks my prick further in her mouth and down her throat. Her tongue continues swirling around my prick. Again her body tenses and she bites down on my prick. I take one of her nipples in hand and squeeze. She quits biting and starts to shake all over in an orgasm. I can feel another load of come building in my balls and I think she can too as she really starts to suck on my prick. As my cream starts shooting out she swallows without protest and continues to suck, trying to get as much as she can out of me.

As she comes down from an orgasm I untie the bikini bottom and take the vibrator out of her pussy. She lifts her ass from the bed in an effort to keep as much of it in her as long as she can. She has continued to suck on my prick and has it back to life quickly. I turn around and stick my prick against her pussy. She yells ?Yes! Stick your prick in me! I want to feel it inside of my pussy now!? As my prick slides in, I can feel the vibrating butt plug on the other side of her membrane. Its vibration drives me crazy as well. The next thing you know both of us are screaming out in our orgasms. I reach down and slow the vibration of the butt plug, but do not remove it.

My prick, surprisingly, has remained hard and is ready for more. Slowly I move in and out of her pussy. ?T? slowly moves with me as best she can. ?T? is gasping for air as I pull my prick out of her pussy and replace it with her vibrator again. I also replace the bikini bottom and tie it in place to trap the vibrator and butt plug again in her openings. I move up to let her lick my prick clean of our mixed juices from her pussy. ?T? appears to savor the flavor of both as she licks. When she has me clean I pull my prick away and ask ?How do you feel about our little session so far?? She replies ?I love it. Can we continue or do this again??

I tell her ??T?, anytime or anywhere I want your body, I want you to get it ready for me. Do you understand?? She shakes her head ?Yes!? and says ?No problem, as long as it is as good as this has been I?m ready, willing and able.? I take her blindfold off and I state ?No you slut, I mean ANYTIME and ANYPLACE I want YOUR body I want YOU to get it ready for me. Do you understand?? Her reply is ?I?m not sure what you mean, I said as long as it is as good as this has been I'm ready, willing, and able.? I tell her ?What I mean bitch, is ANYTIME, ANYPLACE, AND WITH WHOMEVER I wish to SHARE YOUR body with, YOU will immediately undress and be ready for anything I, and/or we, desire of you. Now do you understand what I am saying, SLAVE!?"

?T? looks at me wide eyed, but nods her head in assent. I tell her ?Say what you mean.? ?T? says ?Yes Master, I will be your slave and let you use my body whenever, however, and with whomever you see fit.? I tell her ?That is better. Now I am going to blindfold and gag you again. You are to stay where you are until I return to use you later today, tonight, or in the morning. If this type of activity is not what you want, say so now and it will end and we will part from here forward. Do you understand?? ?T? nods her head. I tell her ?Say what you want!?

She says ?Yes My Master, I will stay here as you leave me until you return to use my body as you see fit.? I tell her ?That?s better. Open your mouth.? With that I gag and blindfold her again. I reach in and turn the vibrators to a medium vibration and lightly tug on the clamp on her clit. With that done I shut the door again and quietly sit in the chair for a while to watch over ?T?. She does not move except in response to the vibrators in her pussy and ass. After about half an hour I get up and leave the house taking ?T??s keys with me I run a couple of errands.

If anyone is interested in the remaining portions to this, let me know and I will at least post the short version. As since this first came into being a longer version has become another and more extensive fantasy.

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