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"T" Learns Her Place: Part 2

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This is another of several parts to a fantasy that I have had for many years involving someone that is an old family friend for both of us now. Over several of the years that my wife, ?L?, and I have been together I have had a fantasy of fucking one of her best friends, ?T?. This is the second part of this story.

After I remove as much of her pubic hair as I can with the scissors, I go to the bathroom and get some shave cream and a razor. I go back to ?T? and try to spread the cream on her pussy. But when her panties get in the way, I take the scissors and cut the waist to leg openings and remove them. I then spread the cream over her pussy and back to her anal opening. Taking the razor, I start to shave her of all pubic hair, from front to rear. When she is hairless, I wipe up the remaining cream. I then take what is left of her panties and stuff them into her open pussy, letting them soak in her juices. After they are good and soaked I take them out and hold them to her nose. I ask her ?How do these smell to you?? She responds ?They smell like pussy.? I then ask ?Have you ever tasted pussy?? She responds ?Never!? I pull her blindfold off and yell ?Liar! I bet you have. After someone has eaten your pussy for you and then gave you a big kiss.? She looks at me like ?No way.? Then I ask her ?You haven?t sucked off a man?s dick after he had fucked your pussy before?? Again she looks at me like ?No way.? I take the soaked panties and shove them into her mouth and tell her ?Then taste yourself from these. Suck up all the juices from them.? She tries to spit them out. I shove them back in and put the ball gag on top of them, and tell her ?Don't forget slut, there is more where that came from.? Whereupon I grab the clamp still on her clit and she squirms a little.

After a few minutes I remove the ball gag and take her panties out of her mouth. I ask her ?What do you think of the taste of your pussy?? She says ?I could possibly learn to like it.? I tell her ?Well lets give you another taste.? I take her panties and rub them in her pussy, then put them back into her mouth. She starts to suck on them with vigor this time instead of spitting them out. I tell her ?I see you could love to suck pussy couldn't you?? She looks at me quizzically. I tell her ?Maybe someday we'll get a real pussy for you to suck on, instead of second hand from panties, dildos, fingers, lips, or pricks.? She says ?No way!? I just shake my head and say ?We'll see, you little bitch.?

All this time my own tool has been as hard as a rock, ready to explode. I ask ?T? ?You've sucked dicks before haven't you?? She shakes her head ?Yes.? I ask her ?Have they ever shot off in you mouth?? She says ?Once, and I didn't like the taste. So don't you go getting any ideas!? I remind her ?Slut, who is the one who is tied down here ?T?? Am I not in charge of this situation?? I move up to get my prick near her face and start rubbing it all over her face. She twists her head away every time my prick gets near her mouth. I reach down and grab one of the clamps on her nipples. I tell her ?You had better start licking my prick and make me feel like you enjoy it, or you just might lose this little bud.? She sticks out her tongue and licks at my prick. Wrapping her tongue around as much as she can. I move around so my prick can go into her mouth. When I get in this position I pull on both a nipple clamp and the clamp on her clit. I tell her ?That is just to remind you who is in charge. Don't you go biting down to hard now.? She starts sucking my prick deeper and deeper into her mouth. Swirling her tongue around and around. The next thing I know the head of my prick is in her throat and her muscles are massaging it. I tell her ?I?ll be damned if you aren?t one of the best cock suckers who has ever sucked my cock.?

She releases my prick from her throat and continues her tongue action. Again she sucks my prick down into her throat. I feel a heavy load of cream coming on, and ?T? bites down as though she can sense the same. I pull on a nipple clamp telling her ?Remember what I said.? Her teeth come away from my prick and her tongue starts in again. The next thing I know I am in the middle of one of the best orgasms of my life. Shooting my cream down her throat for what feels like forever. She continues to suck and swirl her tongue around my prick while swallowing down all the cream. Only when my prick begins to shrink in size does she slowly allow it to escape from her mouth.

As my prick comes out of her mouth I hear a pop as though she did not want to let it go. I ask her ?Well, what did my cum taste like to you?? She says ?Your cum wasn't so bad after all, a little salty, but not too bad. I just might be able to put up with it.? ?Just might? Slut you will learn to love it.? I tell her. I replace the blindfold over her eyes and the ball gag in her fantastic sucking mouth. I check the ties on her wrists and ankles to insure they haven't loosened. Again I reach into my bag and take out a length of rope and cut it into a few shorter pieces. While I am doing this ?T?'s head is twisting and turning trying to figure out what I am doing. I take some of the pieces of rope and tie them around her legs near her knees. I then tie the other ends to the side of the bed, further opening her pussy area. I take a piece of rope and tie a piece at each elbow to further restrain her. Then I tie a piece of rope over each of the pantyhose ties to further secure ?T?.

When I am through, I move quietly to a chair and sit back to admire my handy work, and to see what ?T? does with this situation. For a time ?T? just lays still, probably not sure of where I am or what is to come next. I can see her twisting her head in an effort to try to hear if I am still in the room. She starts to pull against the restraints only to find that they are quite secure and that she can not work them lose. Again she lays still, apparently listening. I move quietly to the side of the bed and stroke the feather lightly across her body. I tug on each of the clamps on her body, alternating in no set pattern, so she could not be ready for the next tug.

I reach back into the bag and take out some small weights that can attach to the clamps. When I attach one to a clamp on one of her nipples she squirms trying to get away from it to no avail. I attach the next to the clamp on her clit. It isn't as big as the weight on her nipple, but then the clamp doesn't have the points on it to hold it to her clit. A third weight is attached to the remaining nipple clamp. When it doesn't get much of a response as the others have, I give it a tug. ?T? lets out a whimper in her pain / pleasure.

I reach down and pick up ?T?'s vibrator. I turn it on getting a light humming sound in return. I ask ?Hey slut ?T?, do you want this?? She shakes her head yes violently as she realizes what I have, as if to say ?Yes please, what is taking you so long?? I move the vibrator over her body slowly. Touching her along her face, neck, across her stretched out titties, across her belly, down her legs, then back to her pussy and anal openings. I rub the vibrator across her stretched out clit lightly. This causes ?T? to push up against the vibrator. I move the vibrator against her anus. ?T? tries to pull away. I ask ?Haven't you ever been fucked in the ass bitch?" ?T? shakes her head violently ?No!.?. I tell her ?Then you are in for a special treat as well as a lesson in pleasure today.?

If anyone is interested in the remaining portions to this, let me know and I will at least post the short version. As since this first came into being a longer version has become another and more extensive fantasy.

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