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"T" Learns Her Place: Part 1

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This is one of several parts to a fantasy that I have had for many years involving someone that is an old family friend for both of us now.

Over several of the years that my wife, 'L', and I have been together I have had a fantasy of fucking one of her best friends, 'T'. 'T' is about five foot three inches, and was all of 105 pounds, and 33A-22-34 when I first met her. Anyway, I have had several fantasies where 'T' and I get together. One particular fantasy however remains premier. This fantasy stems from several daydreams I had regarding how I could punish 'T' for her big mouth. This fantasy came into being following one particular conversation between 'T' and I, that got back to 'L' during a time we had been having some marital problems.

In my fantasy, 'T' and I are alone talking, unaware that 'L' had informed me about her knowledge of our prior conversation during a squabble. We are conversing about things in general, when our talk begins to take a sexual overtone. The next thing you know we are in each other's arms, kissing and fondling each other. After several minutes of this, we push each other back. 'T' states "This is not right. What would 'L' have to say?" I tell her "After what you told 'L' following our last conversation, I could care less what 'L' has to say. 'T', I'm going to teach you a lesson about having such a big mouth. During which I will quite possibly fuck your brains out in the process!"

'T''s mouth drops open in surprise and starts to get up from the sofa. Grabbing her arm I pull her back down next to me. She attempts to twist away from my grip, but I just grasp her all the tighter. I take both of her hands and pull them behind her back. I hold her hands together with one hand while I pull off my belt. Wrapping it around her wrists, I tie her arms together behind her. She starts to yell, so I take a nearby pillow and hold it to her face, telling her "Shut up you little bitch! Who knows slut, you just might enjoy this in the long run!" Picking 'T' up, I carry her into her bedroom, where I toss her down onto the bed. She tries to wiggle around to get back off, but I grab her legs and hold her down telling her "Bitch, you had better hold still! As I said before you just might enjoy this." She quits twisting around. I spy several pairs of pantyhose laying on her dresser. Taking a few pairs of them in hand, I strip her slacks off her. When I have them completely off, I tie her legs with some of the hose. This leaves her with a legs spread-eagled to each side of the bed and in just her panties from her waist down. I then unbutton her blouse, unsnap her bra, and pull them both down to where her wrists are bound by my belt. I then twist her around so as to free my belt from her wrists. I take her blouse and bra off her and tie each wrist to a corner of the bed. This leaves her completely spread-eagled on the bed.

When she starts to yell again, I take her bra and shove it into her mouth. I tell her "Listen bitch, you can make this rough on yourself, or you can just lay back and take your punishment for having such a big mouth. Who knows 'T', you just might enjoy it!" She looks at me with a questioning look, like what are you talking about? I tell 'T' "'L' told me all about the conversation we had a couple of weeks ago. You just could not keep your mouth shut could you Bitch!? Well, I'll set you straight today!" 'T' gets a look on her face, one of fear and wonder as to what I plan to do with her.

When I ask her if she is wondering what I intend on doing, she nods 'yes'. I tell her "You'll just have to wait and see, won't you." I go over to her dresser, looking through the drawers to see if she has any toys with which to play. I find a rather large vibrator, all of twelve inches long by three inches in diameter. When I hold it up for her to see, her eyes light up. I toss it next to her head on the bed and continue rifling through her drawers. When I don't find any other toys, I look in her closet. In the closet hangs a bathrobe with a wide belt. I take the belt and go over to the bed. She looks at me and then at the belt, sort of like 'What is that for?' I take the belt and wrap it around her head, covering her eyes. I tell her "This will make you wonder all the more as to what is next for you." I check her bonds to make sure they are good and secure. Laughingly I tell her "Don't go anywhere now slut, I'll be right back." Upon which I go out to my truck where I have a bag with an item or two that I had brought with me in hopes of giving 'T' her deserved punishment. When I walk back inside I spot a vase with a couple of long feathers in it. I take one with me back into the bedroom where 'T' lays. Upon my return I can see that 'T' recognizes that I am back. I can tell that she has been trying to loosen her bonds and take her blindfold off. I tell her, "Be a good little bitch 'T'. I think that you really are going to enjoy what I have in store for you. But if you continue to struggle though, I just might have to get a little rough with you."

I tighten the bonds and move her blindfold back into place. Taking the feather, I begin to run it over her body lightly. 'T' begins to twist in an effort to get away from the feather. I reach out and grab the bra out of her mouth. She starts to laugh uncontrollably when I reapply the feather to her body. Between her laughs she asks me to quit, she says "I'll be good. I'll do whatever you want. But please quit tickling me." I tell her, "You know something bitch, you are right. You will do whatever I want, won't you? I'll do whatever I want with your body. Understand?" To both she shakes her head 'yes'. With this I reach into my bag a take out a ball gag. I tell 'T' "Open your big mouth wide." When she does, I slip the gag into it.

Again I reach into my bag. This time I take out a couple of alligator style clamps. When I put the first clamp on one of 'T''s nipples she really starts to squirm around. I slap her hip and tell her "Settle your ass down! It will only hurt for a little while." I then place the other clamp on her open nipple. This time she remains still. However, her face cringes ever so slight at the pain the clamps are causing to her tiny titties. Again I take the feather and tickle 'T'. She doesn't know whether to cry from the nipple clamps or laugh from the tickles of the feather. Pulling her panties to the side gives me a view of her hairy pink pussy. Her clitoris is erect, giving away the fact that she is at least somewhat excited at what is happening to her. I take the feather and tickle her clitoris ever so lightly. This causes her to twist and turn all the more. When I pull the feather away she tries to follow it with her hips in an apparent effort to keep the feather in contact with her clit. While I use the feather with one hand I reach again into my bag to find another clamp with my free hand. This one doesn't have the sharp points the clamps on her nipples have, however it has just as strong a spring to clamp down. I take this clamp and place it on her clit. With this she really starts to wiggle around.

I ask her, "Hey bitch, are you enjoying what is happening to you?" She continues to squirm around. I take her face between my hands and ask again. This time she shakes her head 'Yes'. I take the gag out of her mouth and tell her "Say it!" She responds "I am enjoying what you are doing to me." I ask her, "Do you want me to continue or should I quit?" She yells "No! Don't quit! I love it! Please make me come!" Again I take the feather and tickle her body some more. She continues to wiggle around. When I get the feather close to her pussy she tries to get it in contact with her clit. 'T' is so excited that the sheet below her pussy is becoming soaked from all of the juices flowing from her.

I move to where I can lick around her pussy. Her juices taste sweet, yet salty. I take the clamp between my teeth and give a slight tug, causing 'T' to flinch. I again lick around her soaked pussy, when some of her hair tickles my nose. With this I reach back into my bag and take out a pair of scissors and begin to trim her pubic hair short. When she realizes what is happening she gets real still. I ask her "What is wrong?" She responds "I just don't want to be cut, especially down there." I tell her "Then be real still, as I am going to shave your pussy bare." She tells me "Please be careful." To which I say "Don't worry slut, if I wanted to get really mean to you I would do so in other ways. I mean to punish you for your big mouth, but I also intend for you and I both to get some enjoyment from this, not permanently hurt you." If anyone is interested in the remaining portions to this, let me know and I will at least post the short version. As since this first came into being a longer version has become another and more extensive fantasy.

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