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Sweet submission

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He watched from his hiding place as she walked past him... he was pleased to see that she was totally oblivious to the predator stalking her.

He waited until she unlocked her front door...and as she walked into her home he rushed forward and forced his way inside with her. Grabbing her from behind and pulling her close.

"If you scream I will knock you the fuck out!!" he growled his hand over her mouth. "Nod if you fucking understand me" She found the strength to nod, but almost broke her word when she noticed the huge knife he held to her throat.

"If you do exactly what I tell you, I wont hurt you....ok?" he said, but nothing in his voice was reassuring to her.

"Yes" she whispered around his hand.

"Put your hands behind your back." he ordered she felt herself shaking as he put her hands behind her back....feeling cold steel at her wrists she realized he was handcuffing her.

Once she was cuffed, he forced her to her couch and threw her down on it face down. Before she could turn over, he was on top of her...she heard a tearing sound, and suddenly she was blind....he had duct taped over her eyes....ensuring she could not see him. Rough hands flipped her over "P...please dont hurt me." she heard the fear in her own voice as she said it. "Do what your told and you will live through this." she winched as she felt his hand begin to wander over her body....squeezing roughly at her breasts....

she felt the need to protest, but suddenly felt the cold steel of what had to be the knife she caught a glimpse of earlier at her neck "Hold the fuck still." he ordered as he pulled at the neck of her shirt. she could feel the cloth of her shirt parting under the blade of his knife as he began to cut it away... the tip of the blade touching her flesh now and again as he cut from neck to waist.

"nice" he whispered as he took a moment to enjoy the view "You just keep very your life depends on it..." He laughed, but there was nothing but lust in that laugh. a couple more short strokes of the blade and he tossed the ruined shirt aside.

she breathed harder but concentrated on not moving as he roughly pulled away her bra, exposing her tender breasts.....

he felt the back of the blade as he cut the bra away His hand returning to squeeze her now exposed breasts.....pinching at her nipples, almost trying to get a reaction out of her...

Now he was on top of her....she felt his hot mouth on her neck....biting her tender flesh as his hands wandered over her... she could feel his hand find its way between her legs....still covered in her jeans.

"Spread em" he growled she had no choice but to comply His hand began to force its way down her pants.....his fingers pressing her panties aside as he worked his hand down.....

(Instant message conversation)

: you know Ive been back but I want you to keep writing : I guessed as much when the idol light never came on : you are soooooooo very bad Mister Will : you love it : your absolutely right I do =p~

: so did I get your juices flowing :)

: yes, of course, you always do, but I want the end?

: he tore her pant off and fucked her in every hole she had like she owed him money. the end : lmao :Readers Digest Condensed version : darn, I knew I shouldnt have said anything : awww,....I can give you some more if you like : you going to be my good girl ?

: always

"......."Spread em" he growled. She had no choice but to comply. His hand began to force its way down her pants.....his fingers pressing her panties aside as he worked his hand down. She could feel his fingers seeking out her hottest regions. A moan escaped her mouth on its own accord. She did not answer, but that was answer enough for him. She felt as he pulled his hand out, only to work at undoing her pants...."Fucking buttons" he bitched......

once undone, he pulled them off her along with he panties....leaving her laying there naked and helpless.

"On your knees" he ordered, his hand pulling her up by her hair she found herself on her knees before him.

His hand holding her head by the hair she could hear the sound of him unzipping his pants.... there was no mistaking what was going to be happening next....suddenly she felt her head tipped back, and the feel of the knife along her throat...."JUST a little reminder....if you even THINK your going to bite me...I will fucking cut your head off....understand?" "yes" "GOOD" he relaxed his grip on her hair a bit, "Open your mouth" She had just begun to open it when she felt him force the head of his cock into it. Pulling her down upon it by her hair she opened wider and he pressed himself hard into her all the way to the back and down her throat. Over and over he drove his cock into her mouth pulling her hair guiding her every move fucking her face was the only way to describe it. She could feel the tears running down her face as she concentrated on not choking.... she did not want to do anything to make him angry. It felt like forever as he relentlessly used her mouth pressing himself in and out.... forcing her mouth down to lick his balls then filling her mouth with cock once more finally he took a break....Michelle took the moment to try and catch her breath but before she got her first deep one in...she felt herself being lifted up by her hair "get up bitch" he growled she staggered blindly to her feet.

He pulled her around and was soon standing behind her his hand at the back of her head...he pressed her forwards... over the side of her couch her face pressed into the cushions.... her ass in the air.

She jumped at the feel of him smacking her ass "Nice" he chuckled... she could feel him settle in behind her he kicked her legs apart "Spread em" he ordered once more she complied...and could feel him working the head of his cock against her pussy lips. They had grown very wet regardless of her wants about it all. She gasped as he forced himself into her in one hard rough thrust. He held her down as he drove himself over and over into her.

She could feel her feet leaving as she slammed into her taking her from behind. From her position she could do nothing but take it helpless, at his mercy. She could feel the familiar urge to cum...but tried to fight it off. Not this way she thought to her self but her body had its own mind. She felt his cock drive into her over and over hitting the very back of her. Her body stiffened as she neared her orgasm. "noooo, nooooooooo" she whimpered , but she felt herself rocked as she came. Her pussy clenching and throbbing. He fucked her right through it.... banging away, each drive making her cum all the harder.... 'ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'

she cried out as a second one followed the first.

She quaked under him shuddering. She grew limp as the tole of it all hit her. She did not know how much more of this she could take " liked that huh.....think your done ...I dont think so..."

she felt him pull out of her only to feel his cock press once more against her... but this time, at her tight little back door "please no" she whimpered. That only seemed to encourage him. She felt the burning sensation of him working himself into her. She moaned as he took her. Her breath coming in pants... she could feel his hand on her hips as he thrust himself the rest of the way into her. She bit her lips trying not to cry out sensing that would just encourage him. He began to pull and press in and out of her tight back door. She wiggled but could not move. Soon he was pounding away at her....the pain and pleasure mixed inside of her as he took her. She felt him growing even larger it seemed as he fucked her ass. Suddenly driving forward hard and pressing deep an animal growl escaping his lips as he came inside of her. She could feel his hot seed fill her. She lay there gasping herself as he collapsed on top of her. His cock still inside of her, pressing, milking the cum out of himself and into her. He pulled out and she could hear him zipping up his pants.... count to a hundred, then you can let yourself loose. She felt him press what had to be the handcuff key into her palm. She heard her door slam moments later.... she was alone....ravaged....and very very satisfied.... suddenly the tape was off her eyes she blinked up at Will as he went to unlock the handcuffs.

"Hi Michelle" he smiled "Hi Will" she smiled back....

"WOW" 'yeah....WOW' He held her tightly in his arms as he caressed her head "Your such a good girl." THE END

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