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Sweet Revenge Part 1

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This is written by him for enjoyment purposes only.....

Sweet Revenge - Part 1

He had mapped out his plan, he would pursue her this time and would not shy away. Their were many nights he went home without completing his dark act and got off to free porn on the internet. Tonight was different however tonight he was a little drunk and alot horny. He followed her from work to the pizza shop where she picked up a pizza and headed home. The pursuit stopped at her apartment complex. He had a backpack of the nescarry tools needed to fullfill his revenge. A revenge that was years in the making. Her name was Candice she was a 40 something single blonde with only one thing on her mind. That was her career and she did not care who she stepped on to advance. Many times Candice put down Tommy but the ultimate humilation came a few weeks ago when she be littled Tommy in front of his co-workers even questioning his manhood. Tonight she would find out about Tommy's manhood, and tonight she would never again put Tommy down. Candice lived in upscaled apartment building but luckily for Tommy it was not a locked building. In this town their was no need for such security this was rural Maine after all. Candice parked her car and entered the building, Tommy was not too far behind. Tommy was able to convince his freind in the HR department to give him Candice's address. Tommy intentionally stayed behind enough of Candice so she would not spot him. Candice took the elevator while Tommy ran up two flights of stairs. As Tommy came out of the stairwell the elevator chimed. Candice's apartment was two doors down from the elevator in the opposite direction of Tommy. Candice did not even look in Tommy's direction which was good, Tommy now had a ski mask on and was hiding in a cubby so she would not see him when she turned to unlock her door. Tommy was hoping she would unlock her door and leave it unlocked. If not he had a plan B to gain access to her apartment. As luck would have it for Tommy she did just as he hoped she entered her apartment and left the door ajar so she could set down her pizza. Tommy quietly snuck down the hallway and slipped into Candice's apartment. Their was no turning back now, and Tommy was not about to. It was Friday night and they never worked weekends so he could have as much fun with her as he wanted. Candice was in the kitchen pouring a drink, this gave Tommy the oppurtunity to duck into the living room area. Candice must of noticed the door was open because she made her way to front door and closed it. This was what Tommy was waiting for because as soon as she closed the door Tommy pounced on her. Tommy was no light weight he was 6'0 275 pounds so bringing Candice to the ground was no problem. Tommy immediatley told her not to make a sound or she would die right their on the floor. Candice was so terrified she simply nodded Tommy then grabbed duct tape out of his bag and placed it around her mouth. Tommy then punched her in the face a few times to make sure she knew he meant business. Tommy was able to subdue her hands pretty easy, things were going great so far. Candice attempted to struggle some more so Tommy gave her a few kidney punches this stopped all the strugling allowing Tommy to tie her legs up. Now she was completely defensless. Tommy wanted to fuck her now but had to wait to set up things. He pulled her by the hair and drug her into the bedroom and through her 90 pound frame on the bed. You are not going anywhere bitch tommy whispered in her ear. Tonight you will get exactly what you deserve. Then their was a knock on the door. Tommy froze......To Be continued.

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