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Sunset Key- The Spa

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Key West was ours. We loved traveling to new destinations, but we always returned to Key West. So I wasn?t surprised at all when he planned a trip there for our anniversary.

We flew down to Miami on a Wednesday. Brian had rented a Jeep so we could drive the Keys this time. We spent the whole afternoon leisurely making our way through each Key, stopping to shop or just take in the views. We arrived at The Westin in the late afternoon and checked in. He was able to get our favorite suite - a one bedroom, ocean view room with a corner balcony that overlooked Mallory Square and Sunset Key.

We sat on the balcony for a while and then got ready to hit the town. We always started with dinner at The Conch Republic. After a bite to eat and some drinks we took in the sunset at Mallory Square and then strolled through the town. We both loved to people watch and Duvall Street was the perfect place to do just that. We had so much fun just enjoying each others? company. Brian was even more attentive than usual and made me feel so special and loved.

When we woke up the next morning we headed down for our usual breakfast. Brian was grinning ear-to-ear the entire meal. I kept trying to find out what he was up to, but he just kept telling me he loved me and that he had a wonderful surprise for me. After breakfast, we walked on the docks and stopped at the charter boats. There he filled me in on my surprise. He had lined up a full day of pampering for me at the Sunset Key Spa. He said he wanted me treated exactly as I deserved and had given specific instructions to the staff. He walked me to the charter, kissed me goodbye and said he would meet me later.

Brian usually didn?t put much stock in spas and thought the prices were outrageous. I couldn?t believe he had lined this all up. There were several other patrons on the boat ride. I?m sure they wondered why I was smiling the whole way over. I got off the boat and headed straight for the spa. Before I even got to the desk, the staff came to welcome me. They seemed to know who I was and that I should be treated royally. Massages, manicure, pedicure, facial, and hair cut made the day fly by. Every part of me felt relaxed and beautiful.

But it was starting to get dark and I was really missing Brian. I had not eaten since breakfast but I wasn?t hungry. I noticed that most of the clients had left and the staff was thinning out. I had just finished a facial and was taken to a back room and left alone to relax. After a while, a beautiful masseuse came in. She was tall and very shapely. Even though she had implants, I couldn?t help but think that Brian would love her body. She introduced herself as Tina and explained that she was there to carry out Brian?s very particular instructions.

She started with a Brazilian wax. I had not had one before and was very timid. When she touched the most intimate parts, I told her to stop and asked to call Brian. Tina assured me that I would be fine and Brian would love the results, so I gave in. It wasn?t as painful as I thought and I especially loved the full body massage that followed. I had never been so relaxed.

After the massage, Tina pulled out a bag and told me that Brian had picked out an outfit for me to wear for our evening together and that she would help me get dressed. The first item she pulled out of the bag was my corset. Instant excitement hit me as I pictured wearing it under my sundress on our date. She put it around me and clasped the front. Then she had me lay down on my stomach. With all her strength, she tightened the strings pulling my waist in and pushing my tits even higher. Next she pulled out a pair of leather wrist cuffs. These made me really nervous. I knew we were in Key West and anything goes, but this was a little over the top. I reluctantly let her fasten them. Before I could see the next item, she had put a collar around my neck. It was as tight as it could buckle and had D-Rings on the front and back. Naturally I reached up to feel the collar and Tina grabbed my wrists and locked the wrist cuffs onto the D-ring on the back of the collar. I struggled so much I slid off the table. Tina threatened that if I didn?t follow her orders, she would invite one of the men in to the room to help her. I stood there terrified wishing for Brian to come and help me. Once I had calmed down, she told me that I was not allowed to speak. Tina held up my hair (that was now a mess from the struggling) and blindfolded me with some kind of tape. Then she had me step into very high heels and locked a leash onto my collar. When I heard the door open I was petrified. She couldn?t possibly have me go out like this in public, could she?

I was about to protest when I heard Brian?s voice. ?Hi, Tina. O looks beautiful. How did she do?? Tina handed over the leash to him and began to tell him all the treatments I had had throughout the day. He looked me over and then walked me over to the desk where he bent me down so he could see the wax job. He moved me around like a piece of merchandise and seemed very pleased with the results of Tina?s hard work. He started to head for the door, and as he was walking out he asked Tina if I had been any trouble. She reluctantly confessed that I had resisted during the waxing and while she was dressing me. A long silence had me trembling. Brian calmly grabbed the leash close to the collar and took a long, deep breath. ?Well then, Tina. Since she was rude to you, it is only fitting that you help me punish her.?

Tina jumped at the opportunity and obviously had experience in such things. Still in the main lobby of the spa, Brian walked me over to the back of the couch in the sitting area. Tina grabbed a belt off of one of the spa robes and Brian used it to bind my ankles painfully tight to the back center leg of the sofa. He grabbed the back of my neck and pushed me down over the back of the couch until my face hit the cushions. Using the clasp on the leash he secured my collar to a metal loop in the couch. My face was buried in the cushions, wrists secured behind my neck and ass sticking in the air for anyone to see. Brian rubbed my ass and asked what Tina had in the way of paddles. She offered to show him and they both disappeared into the back room.

After what seemed like hours, I heard them return. Brian sat down in a chair across from the sofa. He told Tina that she could punish me for making her job harder and he would take great pleasure in watching. Tina grabbed a hairbrush and came over next to me. As Brian watched, she beat by ass. She was rougher than I expected and gave me no breaks to recover. My cheeks were burning and tears filled my eyes. Just when I was certain I wouldn?t be able to take any more, Brian came over. ?Why don?t we give O a little break and we can talk in the lounge?? Tina agreed and the two went over to the bar. As they left I overheard Brian asking her about her implants. They talked and laughed in the other room. They seemed to be in no rush to return.

When they came back, Brian told her that I would have to be punished further and that she was welcome to watch. Tina took a seat across the room and Brian came around to the back of the sofa. He tried out several different paddles until he found one that suited him. He hit harder than usual and carried on a conversation with Tina while he punished me. ?Tina, I want you to unbutton your blouse so I can get a better look at those tits.? Tina without hesitation obliged. As the punishment continued, Brian explained that I was lactating and had now missed several feedings. He talked about some visitors and how he wanted my breasts to be full. Tina walked over, took his hand, and pulled him around to sit on the couch. He sat right next to where I was doubled over and she took a seat on his lap. With his hand on my burning ass and Tina on his lap, he sucked her tits. Every once in a while he would swat my ass to make sure I was paying attention. Then I heard her slip off his lap and slide down between his legs. She unfastened his zipper and took him in her mouth. The harder she sucked the firmer his grip on my ass. I could tell by his breathing that he was getting close and then he stopped her. ?O will finish where you left off. Thank you, Tina.? He thanked her for her services and she assured him that she was available every night at the spa. Sunset Key was prepared to cater to all clients and would be more than happy to assist Brian in anything he needed.

My ankles were sore from the tight bindings and the high heels combined with being bent over for so long had made me unsteady. Getting no sympathy from Brian, I was pulled by my leash outside and across the sidewalk. He must have enjoyed parading me through the complex because we walked every path. Blindfolded I had no idea if people saw me and he was offering very little in the way of explanation.

Finally we got to his cottage. Before we entered he tested the strings on the corset. He wasn?t happy that they had loosened. Pushing me against the front door he tightened each string until I could barely breathe. He slipped off my heels, explaining that slaves don?t get to wear shoes and then he walked me inside. Did he really just call me a slave?

He unclasped my wrists and then removed my collar and wrist cuffs. Grabbing a long rope attached to a pole in the middle of the room he tied my ankles together securely. Then he forced me to by knees and pulled my arms behind me. He continued using the same rope and tied my wrists together and to my ankles. He wrapped the rope several times around my wrists and then up and around the full length of my arms, making sure the rope was taut enough to force my breasts out. He wrapped the end of the rope around my neck several times forming a tall collar that forced me to look up. As a final touch he kicked my knees wide apart explaining that sluts always kept their legs spread. Then with both hands yanking my hair, Brian fucked my mouth until he came. And then he was gone. I was left alone tied to a pole, hands behind my back, and blindfolded all night.

I was woken to Brian?s voice. ?Did you have enough yet?? Holding me tight, he gently nursed by aching breasts as he removed my blindfold and bindings. Then he walked me to the bathroom and we showered together.

He had wanted to show me that he had the power to do whatever he wanted with me. He exuded dominance and I was completely at his mercy. He explained that what I fantasized about or even wanted was inconsequential ? his desires were the only ones that mattered on this trip. We had the cottage for the week. This would not be a week of pleasure for me, but a week of intense training. He was very happy but said that I needed correction in several areas. During the week I would serve him completely. Any hesitation on my part to follow instructions would result in humiliating punishment. He was going to do exactly what he wanted to do all week and Tina was going to help.

We spent the morning at the private beach. He had me wear the blue bikini which barely fit since my milk had come in. I massaged him, applied lotion, and got him drinks at his whim. If I lay on my stomach he pulled by bottoms down to expose my ass. If I lay on my back, my arms always had to be above my head in submission so he could play with my body. Several times he had me go wait for him in the men?s bathhouse. I was to remove my bathing suit, set it outside the door, and kneel with my hands behind my back waiting for him. He would come in, fuck my mouth, and leave.

We went to Latitudes for lunch. He had me wear a white see-through sundress that buttoned down the front. We sat on the far side of the patio in a somewhat private area with a beautiful view. He ordered lunch for himself and only water for me. He didn?t need to explain. I knew that my only nutrition for the week would be what he gave me. I could feel my breasts getting larger as it was past time to nurse. After each time the waiter came to the table, Brian made me unbutton another button on the dress. The waiter obviously knew the game, because he came more and more often as the meal progressed. Towards the end of lunch, Brian had me take my bra off at the table. He told me it would be part his tip to the waiter. I reluctantly obeyed and he must have noticed my apprehension. As punishment, he made me leave my bra on the table when we left. I walked back to the cabin with my see-through dress unbuttoned almost to the waist and nothing on under it.

Brian changed back into his bathing suit but told me to keep the dress on because he liked the access. He made a quick phone call and then we went back out to the beach and grabbed a couple of chairs in the shade. He reclined my chair all the way and I put my arms over my head as expected. He unbuttoned all but two buttons at my waist and let the dress blow open exposing my naked body underneath. Throwing a towel over my face he then leaned over and started nursing right there on the beach.

I heard some movement like a beach chair on my other side and then with shock felt another mouth on my other breast. It had to be Tina. I must have fidgeted too much because both Brian and Tina reached a hand up to secure my wrists over my head. Their free hands pinched and poked me as they continued to suck.

The rest of the afternoon was a blur. I dozed in and out of sleep. As they fondled and played with my mostly bare body, they carried on lengthy conversations. They talked about the joys and difficulties of being dominant. Tina was skilled as both master and slave and gave Brian endless ideas for training me. She considered me spoiled and told him that he needed to start me from scratch if he were to ever really have control. I knew having Tina there made Brian happy, but I hated it. And then in total horror, I heard Brian give Tina permission to train me for the next 2 days. He wanted me broken to a place where I would better appreciate the love he gives me. Tina loved the idea and ran off to make arrangements.

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