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Sturgis or bust!!

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One night I go out with my girls to a biker bar on the outskirts of town. While in the bar I noticed this very handsome and muscular biker. He stood at leat 6-5 and weighed about 250 Lbs. I could tell by the way he was checkingout my boobs and ass he was interested. Likewise lookingat him made my pussy throb!!

He told me his name was Joe and that he was the leader of a notorious biker gang. After a few drinks and some dirty dancing, I sat on his lap in a booth. I could feel his tremendous hard-on through his pants pressing against my pussy!!

While massaging my big boobs under my tank-top, he invited me to go with him to Sturgis for the summer biker rally!!

I have always wanted to ride on the back of a bike with a stud and also go to Sturgis. So of course I said yes!!

After some intense begging and promises to be a good girl, my hubby reluctantly agreed to let me go with Joe to Sturgis as long as I didn't fuck anybody. I slyly thought to myself he didn't say anything about sucking cock!!

I was a little nervous when Joe came to pick me up at my house. He let my husband know that I was his piece of ass with his actions!!

When I came out to greet him dressed conservitvely, Joe ordered me to put on something sexy!! My husband took one look at Joe and sheepishly went back in the house.

I returned lustfully smiling wearing a tight Hustler Tank Top (No bra) and my leather chaps with my tanned ass exposed.

Joe grabbed my plump ass approvingly as he led me to his Harley. I have to admit it felt good being treated like his property.

Because my husband is a tight wad. I did not have a lot of spending money, so I agreed to give Joe head at rest stops en lieu of paying for gas.

About every four hours Joe would pull up behind a building or near trees and command that I suck his cock. I loved being his obedient suck queen! I liked how just as I was about to insert his hard cock in my mouth he would grab my hair and force his cock into my mouth.

While sucking Joe's huge cock, I would look up and lustfully marvel at his 6 pack Abs and muscular chest. I liked knowing that I was putting a smile on his face.

However, everytime just before he was about to cum, I would pull away from him and look at him with a wicked smile on my face!!

At one of the stops we made, I noticed that one of Joe's club members, Larry, was staring at me. He was extremely ugly but he had an attractive roughness that I found sexy.

Larry wheighed about 300Lbs, had a very thick red neck, biddy eyes, huge belly, and his breath always smelled of cigarettes and beer.

Nevertheless, it was hot that day and I was sweaty and extremely horny. Joe was engaged in a heated argument with a member in a nearby field.

I figured I would have some fun cock teasing fat ass Larry.

Since Larry wanted to stare; I gave him a show. I first took off my blouse exposing my big boobs. I then proceeded to lick my nipples. I watched him as his face began to contort and turn almost purple!! He immediately grabbed his pants and began stroking his meat!!

I knew that if I walked into the ladies restroom Larry would follow me like a puppy. I was right and wrong. Larry came in the bathroom, but he was no puppy. He was more like a bear!!

As soon as he walked in the bathroom, he grabbed me and pushed me against the wall. I could not move!! He whispered in my ear telling me that I was a cock teasing whore that needed to be taught a lesson.

He also told me that he had been secretly filming me sucking Joe's cock and that if I did not suck his cock he would e-mail the video to my hubby!!

He then stepped back from me and pulled his pants down exposing a cock that had to be as wide as a coke can and just as long!! I didn't like the fact that his foreskin was thick and puffy.

I relutantly got on my knees and stared directly into Larry's cock's eye!! I thought Larry's breath was bad!! His cock smelled of a combination of old urine, stinky sweat and old dog!!

Larry could tell I was uncomfortable. As I gingerly grabbed his massive tool,with powerful quickness Larry grabbed the back of my head and pulled me against his cock. My pressed closed lips banged into his swollen cock.

My lips refused to allow his smelly rank cock into my mouth!! Larry responded by bellowing suck it or else!!

Reluctantly I slowly opened my mouth. I was overwhelmed with the cheesy texture of the gunk underneath his foreskin and the sheer thickness of his tool.

I have to admit though after a while I began to like the taste of Larry's Cock. However, after about five minutes of him slamming my mouth into his cock and fat stomach and yellin "Suck My Cock!!", he exploded a huge amount of cum down my throat. We emerged from the bathroom smiling and even more sweaty than when we entered.

As we got closer to Sturgis, I could see Joe's sexual frustration grow and grow!!br>

One night while in a motel room, I heard him get out of his bed. He then got into my bed and grabbed me forcibly!!

I was shocked by his violent brutish strength!! Before I knew it, he had managed to squeeze my legs apart with his powerful legs leaving my wet pussy exposed and vunerable!!

I then felt his huge mushroom shaped cock press against my swollen wet pussy lips. I immediatelyyelped "NoCondom!!!??"

He just laughed saying he only rode bareback. And then with one powerful thrust, his swollen shaft entered my wet tight pussy skin to skin!!

Subsequent to him impaling me with his condomless huge cock, I reached under my pillow for my knife. All kinds of thoughts were whirling in my head!

First off I told my hubby I would be a good girl and not fuck anyone, especially bareback!!.

Almost instantly all thoughts of worry were replaced with sheer lustful pleasure!! His thick meaty cock felt too good inside my pussy!!

Other than my husband, I had not barebacked a stud in years!! I loved feeling his real skin inside me!! I felt soo good that I grabbed his ass and thrusted him further inside my wet tight pussy!! His whole body shuddered and convulsed as his huge cock pushed deeper into my love nest.

Joe had great fuck rythm. He began fucking me like a piston in a 454 Big Block Chevy!! In and out with powerful thrust.

Almost from the begginning his cock had me cumming!!

And the words that came out of his mouth made me even hotter. He kept yelling that I was his bitch and that he was going to cum gallons in me!!

To insure I was getting the full impact of the length and girth of his cock, he reached down grabbed my feet and moved them up on his shoulders.

I screamed with ecstasy as his cock went even deeper into my wet pussy. This intense feeling increased even more when he began licking and sucking my toes as he fucked me!!I love my toes sucked!!

After fucking for about 20 minutes I felt Joe's cock begin to swell as if he was going to cum. Just as I was lustfully waiting for his hot steaming seed to be depsited in my hot pussy, he pulled out!!

Joe then rolled me on my stomach and proceeded to fuck me doggie style. He felt sooo good my toes curled. I was loving the sensation of his massive tool going in and out of me while he grasped my plump ass with both his hands. Just as I was about to cum for the 20th time, I saw him reach for my jar of vaseline.

I immediately tensed up, for I knew what he was planning to do. As I anticipated, Joe pulled his cock out of my pussy and began to smear vaseline on his cck and in and out of my virgin ass hole!!

I pleaded with Joe not to fuck me in the ass. He luaghed and told me to shut up and enjoy the ride. He then slowly and gently pushed his bull head into my hole. The initial pain from his cock was almost unbearable. Twice he had to grab my throat and pull my hair to prevent me from screaming. However, once he was totally inside my ass itfelt good. He slowly began pumping me and figering my clit.

Soon he was working me hard and I was screaming glutoral screams of pleasure. Again I felt Joe's cock swell as if he was going to cum. This time he did unleshing a torrant of hot cum in my ass!! Somehow he managed to save some for my mouth!! With the agility of a cat Joe swung me over on my back and shoved his ass coated cock in my mouth. His cum was sweet to the taste.

When we roared into Sturgis with his gang he introduced me to all his club members as his women.

He even let me rock his jacket!! I walked around the town proudly with my hand in his back pocket, grabbing his firm white ass!!

Later that night we went to the Full Throttle Saloon with his gang. He took me into the owner's office to meet the owner. Mr. Ballard was hot!!

I think Joe must have owed Mr. Ballard some money, because, he then me to give Mr. Ballard Head.

Before I could respond, the owner grabbed my head and thrusted his huge white cock down my throat. I gagged as he pumped my throat with his tool.

He had no mercy on my swollen boobs, my sore mouth, or hair. Mr. Ballard alternated from squeezing my nipples hard, to pulling my hair hard, to banging his cock violently into my mouth!!

After about 10 minutes of forced cock sucking he exploded down my throat and all over the place.

With cum all over my boobs, hair and face, I looked up at Joe smiling at me. He told me "That's what you get for not properly sucking my cock and for properly sucking Larry's Cock.!!

After a week of fun I was ready to go home. Joe drove me back to my home where my hubby was horny and waiting for me.

Joe told my Husband that I belonged to him and that he would be back in a week to take me on a ride to Daytona. I can't wait!!

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