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The next morning I was fixing leave for breakfast in the diner cafe down stairs when Kathy walked into my room. She looked like hell, like she had been up all night. She grinned, leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. She obviously hadn't gotten much sleep. Her hair matted looked like cum was in it and still reek of sex. I reached out and opened her robe, viewing her red breast, with her nipples having bite marks, standing at attention. Looking further down her pussy was tor up then dinner, heavily matted with semen, with cum was running down the inside of her thighs. Thinking ?He must have cum a quart?, and it was all over her. "Looks like your night was busy" was all I could say. She grinned and said "I'm real sore", ?I can barely walk?. Moments later Mike walked into the room at full mask, walking up to Kathy, without any resistance, bent down to kiss her. She grabbed his head planting a long wet kiss on his mouth. Breaking the kiss, he cupped her right breast, then reached down and grabs her crotch firmly forcefully causing her to her toes. My wife finally let him go and told him that she will be right there. I wanted to fuck my wife so bad. He could cum in her mouth, fuck her ass, I could accept, but him kissing her on the mouth kind of pissed me off. I told Kathy I didn't like her kissing him. She said, ?I didn't either?, ?But I just figured that he needed to taste his cum on my mouth the same way you have done.? Mike poked his head back in and said ?Hurry up? then went straight back into there room to shower and get ready for the day ahead. All of a sudden I didn't care so much about the kiss. I liked the way she thought. She then looked at me and said "I have to do what he says"??"I need to go"??."I need to finish what I started." I showered, got dressed and went down stairs for something to eat. Mike came down twenty minutes later with a big grin on his face. We had small talk during breakfast until he said "My bitch spoke to me this morning?, ?She offered me her ass if I would have a threesome with you". My stomach went to my throat. I had trouble swallowing my breakfast. "It looks like your getting pussy tonight".

When we arrived back from fishing, Mike ran up the stairs saying "I need to shower"??.?I'll be down in a few?. Some time later I entered my room, hearing the moaning again I walk into there room. There they were, Mike was standing at the foot of the bed, his pants half way down, his hands tightly gripping Kathy?s waist, driving his cock deep inside my wife as she was rocked back and forth on her hands and knees at the foot of the bed. He held her by her hips, guiding her back and forth on his pole. Her beautiful full breasts in full swing swaying back and forth. Her head know thrown back as he was pulling on her long hair, her eyes closed yelling, "I'm cumming". Mike looked over his shoulder grinning at me, then winked, not missing a beat, grabbed her hair hard this time as it was obvious he was cumin too. I walked back into my room and sit on my bed soaking what I was experiencing. I was so turned on watching him fuck my wife's, not wanting to stop him if I wanted. A short time later they came into my room. Mike said "Look, I love fucking your wife, and she loves fucking me,? Both of them were still gasping for breath as they sat on my bed together. My wife reached over and started stroking Mike's half hard cock. She looked me in my eyes and said, "You don't understand????He's so sexual???.?He?s like a drug???.?I can't get enough."??"I've never had a cock make me cum like this"?.. ?It?s like another world?. The two had sex throughout the day, seeing very little of them. She did sneak out twice, giving me blowjobs, but never let me fuck her, telling me she wasn't allowed, and too sore. The two of them sleeping together rest of the day in our bedroom while I went off to the other room to fantasize and jerk myself off while I listened

Things went on until later that night. Mike waking up saying he was horny and needed some pussy, she kiss him at the bathroom door, reminding Mike about there agreement of including her husband in a threesome. He said that he was cool with it. After a quick dinner we went to there room, getting ready for some long awaited serious sex. Stepping out of the bathroom, they didn?t wait for me, Kathy nude, already had her mouth bobbing up and down Mike?s cock while on her hands and knees. I slipped off my boxers and snuck up behind her for a long anticipated fuck. My cock was so hard it hurt, already had pre-cum leaking out of my head. With my hands on her hips, I very slowly slid into the wettest hottest pussy I have ever felt. This was not the pussy I have come to know for over four years. She moaned and pushed back against me as she continued to suck Mike's cock. I really got into this, hammering into her. She wanted to turn around so she could see all that was going on. Having me lay on my back she immediately mounted my cock laying down on my chest, fucking me hard with her wet pussy. Mike approached her form the side of the bed, grabbing her head, guiding his cock in her mouth, sucking on it in wild abandon inches from my face, never taking her eyes off of him. Her mouth explored his cock from top to bottom, and then she began to lick his balls, something she had never done with me. "Uhhhhhhhh" Kathy moaned, her body shaking, her head lifted inches off my chest, viewing the expression on her face with a mix of ecstasy, desire, and release.

Holding her breath, flexing her hips, grinding hard against me, until she released her breath an a torrent of hot fluid erupting between us, continuing to pour as I held her tight, moaning in her ear not to stop. She thrust back down on me, shuddering at the ferocity of her climax. Looking over her shoulder she asked Mike "Please Master??? ?Please place your hard cock into my ass????You know how badly I want to be DP". Mike quickly got up behind us as Kathy leaned forward once again as far as she could with my hard cock still stabbing her freshly fucked pussy. Mike kneeled down between both our legs. Kathy shuddered taking a deep breath, moaning into my ear as he flexed several times. She was dripping wet; I could feel her fluids running down my balls. With him hard and ready, he squeezed a little of the lube onto his cock, feeling Mike move around, then felt him pressing his cockhead against her ass. As he pressed in harder, slowly she opened up, and his head popped in. "Ahh!" as she felt his cock stretched her out. "Slow??..? Go slow????Please be gentle master???.?Please" she said to him over her shoulder.

Mike moved slowly, but firmly as he pressed it in more. I felt it through the thin skin that separated our cocks. It felt a bit weird having another mans cock in my wife, but also very exciting. Finally he bottomed out, holding it there for a few seconds, so she could adjust. "How is that baby???? You ok?" I asked. She just nodded and grunted an unintelligible sound. Then slowly Mike started to slide it back out. This made my wife start to shake. Holding her firmly close around her back I gently thrust up into her as he slid out till only the head of his cock was in her, then he pushed it back in. Making her shudder again, moaning loudly. I held her shoulders as I hugged her chest against me, holding on as Mike began to saw his cock in and out of her ass. I tried to alternate my thrusts up into her as she was now shaking fully, moaning and grunting with every one of our thrusts. Feeling Mike?s cock throbbing through the thin membrane, he slowed his thrust, then slowly withdrew his hard cock from my wife?s punished ass. Her ass full of cum, to the point of over flowing with his own orgasmic emissions.

On shaky legs, Mike got up walking back into the bathroom to wash up. Kathy laying her head back against my chest panting waiting for me to finish, telling me I must hurry. I lost control sending stream after stream of cum into her with my hard cock. "Ahhhhh????God I'm coming" I wailed. I pushed my hips up to meet Kathy?s flexing and thrusting. I felt as if I was going to expire from the pleasure of the moment, needing this badly. I held onto Kathy until my orgasm finally subsided, allowing me to relax again. My cock softened immediately, starting to slip out of her well used pussy. Kathy laid on me without moving or making a sound. I would have thought she was dead except her torso raising and falling heavily as she gasped for breath. Both sweating I could feel how soaked the bed was beneath me. I shifted, and my soft cock popped completely out of her pussy. As Mike had walked back into the room, I moaned as she moved onto her side on the bed, and I climbed up. She looked at me saying "I love your cock." Kathy continued to stroke Mike's cock, soon having him hard and ready to go another round. I was told by Mike my time was over, that they needed one on one time now. I looked back one more time, as he turned her over on her back, she said, "You better be careful not to cum in me????Unless you want to get me pregnant?, laughing as she guided him back in pussy, giggling with a big smile. I myself was done, never to recover, I left there room giving the time he asked for.

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