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Story of love and sex in the making

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Ladies, I'm sure your going to see for yourselves that I ain't no professional writer. But, I'm sure as hell gon'a try to get my point across the best way I know how. The following is both a little story of love and sex and, a ad seeking a very special woman...Now there's hell of allot ta read up ahead so, get a drink, light up a smoke or whatever, sit back and try to get through this...The following it just a sweet, nasty, dirty little love & sex story in the making... Please read it all before you judge. Thank You....................If your NOT a middle aged and maybe even a little older mature woman that wants a life-long, deeply loving relationship, and has an unusually high sex drive and, if you think your crap doesn't stink and your not an "Extremely romantic, romantically creative, extremely passionate lover, and extremely sexually uninhibited and, sexually open minded, sexually submissive, and a sometimes wanting to be a sultry, slutty needy woman" then you need not to read any further...( ba bye )......Now, I know the odds are not in my favor to find this extremely special woman that I seek, but if I do find her " What a hell of a great time we'll share"... I'm not necessarily searching for the chemistry thought that would be nice, I'm also looking for that one special gal who just likes me as well as I likening her and then build something that's very special together an make it a truly deeply loving relationship ( to build our own Palice of love).... I'm searching for my life-partner, I'm searching for my last and forever best lover, I'm searching for a very, very special one of a kind gal, a woman of extremely rare qualities of any shape, size, or race. She MUST be single, not unattractive and, hopefully a very busty the bigger the better, a cuddling-up type of gal, a passionate lover type of gal that's highly, I repeat HIGHLY affectionate, touching, holding, a hanging on to her mans arm type of gal with some real style and class, and not some idiot, computer queen who finds pleasure in making fools out of sincere honest men over the internet, nor do I need a smart ass, cold-hearted know it all bitchy broad, or some stinking alley cat or some pig that couldn't give hoot about herself, and I sure as hell don't need a biker or want to be biker broad who's covered in tattoos, and piercings, or some stubborn, bull-headed, dim-witted gal who will only wear jeans because she's afraid to be a woman for some silly reason or a gal that tends to be bitchy she's either raised that way or it's some sort of a self-defense mechanism, now that's just a guess on my part, hell you'd have left over room on the head of a pin for what I know about woman...( But, with that said let me tell ya all something that I do know. I've dated enough unattractive woman in my time and, there was a time that the American Kennel Club said I should become a card caring member, hell I was even getting all sorts of discounts on dog leashes. But, every woman I've ever known be they short, short then short, medium, tall, real tall, skinny, plump, chunky, full figured, fat, obese, big boned, ugly, a raving beauty, and yes even a miss american runner up, they all have a certain quality that somehow always seeps through an over comes all those obstacles and the beauty or the very Essence of a woman will always, always shine through, even the bitchy ones, an that's a fact you can take to the bank and, of that I'm sure as the day is long ) .... I'm seeking only ONE WOMAN that's all woman not a facsimile of a woman, a woman that can give me all the right reasons to truly love her. To cover her with a warm tender love, Ya know like when you curl up on one of those chilly fall or winter days with one of those big ol', thick, soft, deep, warm, feather quilts. A gal I can deeply love with all my heart with, a hard to find passionate, loving, affectionate love that most women only dream about.... A love that will live and thrive down deep in the dark abyss of her sweet, warm, tender, loving, unselfish, heart so I can then shower her with love, flowers, big ol' bear-hugs and lots of deep wet passionate kisses as well as those tender soft gentel loving kisses that will leave her smiling 24/7 that will also leave her shedding a tear or two of joy when know ones looking. A woman I can wake from a nap with the soft pedals of a lone, red, long stem rose lightly brushed across her cheek.... A woman that will lean against me while sitting on the tail-gate if my old pick-up watching a desert sunset out in the middle of no where while we're sipping some cool wine an nibbling on some cold KFC. And as the sun sets a lone coyote is calling in the distance and the soft glow, flicking an cracking of a small camp fire are the only things we can here besides the beating of are hearts in anticipation, an after the sun has set an gone down we lay back on some large soft cushions in the bed of the truck and gaze up at the milky way an all the twinkling stars in Gods heaven, where we can spend a few mounts with some useless small talk while looking into each other eyes that are saying things that need not to be said but acted on, soon I'll pull her in close, deep into my massive chest while I'm filling my arms with her. She leans her head back an introduces her exposed naked neck as I gently taste the flesh of her soft, smooth, scented neck with some gentle nibbling an light kisses on her sensitive skin that slowly builds to a more passionate, aggressive but gentle biting an sucking as I move up to her lips where our tongues our now doing there wet, passionate wild dance of love while a deepening passion of want and desire is tugging an pilling at the desire to make that passionate love real, as we find ourselves sucking the breath from one another's bodies, while our hands are searching for approval for me to take her to that level of passion where the two of us can become one. I slowly move my lips away from hers and to the side of her face where the tip of my tongue traces over to her neck an then to her ears where my hot breath raises the hairs on the back of her neck as I gently nibble an bit at her ears that takes the passion to a higher level while I continue sucking on the white satin skin on her neck and again after a while my tongue and nibbling traces down the length of her neck as we feel each others passion building. I look down at the beauty on her face as her head lies on a soft pillow, her hair enhancing a now glowing look on a face of pure beauty that awaits for me to take her to that place of heart pounding excitement. I now bow my head an reach out to her full round breast and, with each hand I hold her beautiful full breast to kiss, nibble and squeeze each nipple an, as they grow larger an harder I bring her to even a higher level of passion where she's again letting out more uncontrolled moaning an squealing, but suddenly without warning this time her squealing became louder, loud enough to chase that poor little ol' coyote out of the county... As she pulls me to her she wraps her arms an hands around my head as she pulls my head even deeper into her breast I continue my relentless servicing on each of her large breast till she falls back trying to catch her breath while moaning, she says please let me breathe, an I ever so slowly back off just gently kissing an nibbling at her breast till I go where few men ever venture, to the soft tender flesh on the underside of her breast where her breast meets her rib cage to give her some gentle licking an nibbling of the lower hidden underside of her large full breast. And now I slide my frame down her body to her tummy an run my tongue into her belly button where I again tongue, nibble an kiss as she giggles which tells me this area of her body needs some teasing an I do just that till, suddenly without warning but not unexpected, she find me at the entrance of her chalice of love, with my hot breath, breathing an lightly licking an sucking while I'm exploring the insides of her soft satin thighs first, one side then the other.... I gently roll her over and again explore the inside of her spread legs, and with each hand I squeeze hard on the cheeks of her sweet round tush again and, again I squeeze an pull her cheeks apart as I run my tongue up an down her crack an then I gently tickle her tush hole with the hard tip of tongue, an again I roll her over without warning, but this time my hot breath and tip of my wet tongue are separating her inter lips of her wet but soon to be dripping chalice of love an searching for her swollin' an dripin' wet woman hood where her noticeable button awaits the tip of my eager, ready, wet tongue to do it's job an to do it well. I start my pleasuring her with a steady sucking, an nibbling, relentless flickering of my tongue an each time I get more an more aggressive till her little man causes her to muffler her screams that flow more steadily down deep within her from my buzzing her little man with my tongue and with each peak she reaches her love flows freely from deep inside of her and pours from chalice of love where I'll drink in her sweet wine that is her. Again and again over an over again like a drunk or starving man I relentlessly keep drinking her sweet wine of love. I reach up her squirming body an place a hand on each of her large round tits and squeeze an pinch an pull on each swollen nipple, while my tongue buzz over an over again on that now tender little button, her morning deepens an get louder with each attack I make to pleasure her and, take to a place of satisfaction that she didn't think possible and, then I hear her praying to God, while all the time her thighs are quivering her head rises and falls an rolls from side to side, she pulls my hair and finally settles back into her pillow, but again an again she reaches her peak. I keep her legs spread apart till I'm sure she can't handle the thrills that are deep an almost electrifying. She lays there heart pounding, out of breath, almost totally satisfied from being pleasured to a point of tears while she catches her breath from almost passing out....After short rest she pulls yourself up to me pulling herself up to my face, and as we kiss she can now taste her sweet wine on my lips as we embrace in deep sensual passionate kiss an again searching for air while sucking the breath from each others wanting bodies they both lay back in each others arms an rest till she's ready to do her part in a short span of time.... She now lets her hand wonder down my huge frame while she rest in my arms till she finds my harding tool that can fix the both of us for rest of the night, as they prepare for the passion that is yet to happen to the both of them, I take her back into my arms where we anticipate the moment we all seek. She knows that soon her thigh's will be trembling again, she pulls me closer an buries her beautiful face in my neck to hide her sexy eyes from the satisfaction she's felt, and then I see that sultry sexy look in her eyes that tells me soon we'll both be arriving to that place rarely felt by both at the same time. (To be continued in a world of reality some day).....The kind of love that we'll both cherish, treasure an share together..... I'm searching the Phoenix area as well as the entire country for a very mature woman, a woman of any size, shape, or race that's at least of legal age, But a much more preferred woman around 40 to 55 to anywhere in between a gal that's old enough to still enjoy life's most arousing, sexual desired, pleasures more often then not. My dream woman would be a much preferred woman that's acttractive or cute, long wavey red hair with hazel eyes is a soft yet firm, chunky, plump, curvy, thick gal who has a voluptuous built body who's very busty the bigger the boobs the better who's at least a e or ee-cup or larger, but not tripping on them as she's walking down the street, a gal that's not obese, but plump, that's not taller 5'4", and around 200 lbs. give or take a few extra loving pounds. A gal without any tattoos, well maybe one or two real SMALL ones. A voluptuous gal with nice large, full, round, proud tit's with large suck able very sensitive nipples and a naked or a preferred trimmed hairy bush, with a nice round, playful, kissable, loving, plump, ass and muscled caves and thys on a pair of sexy legs, with small sexy ankles, an small pretty sexy feet with small suck able toes.... BUT,.... I'm also well aware that dreams rarely do come true.... But, what dose matter a great deal to me is whats in her heart after all that's where all those fabulous, wild, sexy, sultry, slutty, loving, passionate, sweet, sexy gals really do live.... I need a gal who's a bit shy, quite natured, yet a woman that will push me on my big ass and sit on my face every once in a while when she gets the notion, a gal who likes herself, has a good sense of humor, who enjoys dressing and being sexy yet, conservative and at the right time and place can dress as slutty as hell yet still show some style and class in a sluttly way, a gal who's very sexually sensual, who enjoys all sorts of kinky, adventurous, fun times as well as a gal that enjoying giving and receiving oral, as well as a gal that enjoys having all your orifices filled and pleasured. A gal that will be my porno Queen. A woman that's very capable of always deeply, passionately loving that one very special man that she's "In Love" with ( ME ) with all of her heart, mind, body and soul yet, a experienced, mature, and "Emotionally Secure" enough woman who knows the differences between loving someone and being "in love" with someone and a gal that's very capable of knowing and enjoying the physical and mental pleasures that other attractive couples and single attractive men and women of her choosing can bring to another persons body with out the fear of cheating on your lover but, instead understands the meaning of sharing of one another bodies for extreme fun and, pure adult pleasure. In other words. I'm into sharing (swinging) the sex but NOT THE LOVE we'll have for each other, that love is ours and ours alone and won't ever be shared. It will be cared and nourished for by the two of us alone (Are you mature enought to handle that? You'll need to be in this relationship.)........ A gal that when she gets home from where ever, will fall in my arms with that special sexy smile on her face with eyes that say "I love you" and when it's unexpected she'll whisper a loving, sexy "I LOVE YOU" in my ear, then I'll spend the rest of the night and most likely rest of my life showing her the love I'll have for her in any way I can.... She MUST be a sexy, sexually fun lovin' exhibitionist an a voyeur gal who's a highly sexually open minded and willing to SHARE an occasionally, sexually adventurous, taboo but discreet Swinging Lifestyle with the man that loves her, (me), that's what swinging is all about, SHARING the sex with you and the man your committed to, but again not shearing the passionate love you and I will have between us..... ( Not everybody understands swinging an I'm not hear to sell anyone on it, but if your not an already a highly sexual person who understands and enjoys the varity of pleasures, an the variety of personalities that share the same sexual intrest or your not emotionally secure enough with yourself., then swinging IS NOT for you. Swingers at the end of the party go home and fall asleep in each others arms with the secure knowledge that there love has growen, not deminished, the trust remains intack because of the love an open mind that understanding that no one owns you, your body or your love. They know there love is given compleatly and freely because your totally "IN LOVE" "WITH HIM OR HER". When swingers go to bed at night there secure in there love if your not then swinging IS NOT for you. )... She MUST be a totally sexually submissive gal that's sometimes BI, and sexually not shy, an not sexually inhibited, but sexually playful and wanting some sexual adventurous fun that's a bit taboo. A gal that's D & D, & DRAMA FREE, who's intelligent, emotionally secure with herself, who's kind, friendly, EXTREMELY affectionate, HIGHLY passionately, romantic and a romantically creative gal that enjoys making her romantic or sexual fantasies reality as I like to do... A gal that's all woman and not unattractive, a smoker preferred, a woman that knows how to pick n choose the right words when speaking her mind without shooting her mouth off an hurting another in this very special life-long partnership. A truly loving, honest woman for a very deep, very personal committed deeply loving life-long relationship. A woman that has some real style & class in dress and manners. A woman who likes wearing high heels, a woman who rarely wears jeans and when she dose she still wears those sexy heels and tight t-shirts but still has a little bit of tomboy or cowgirl living deep within her. A woman who's home and furnishings also reflects some style and class...A woman who enjoys being all she can be in being a woman that a man can admire and respect.....However... She's also got'a be at times a gal that's totally "sexually submissive" to all of MY sexual or otherwise WANTS, NEEDS, and DESIRES ON DEMAND both in and out of the bedroom when ever, and where ever I desire for some sexual fun and adventures ....( If you need to be taught or trained in the ways that I demand then I will train you.)...... "She MUST, I repeat, Must be a woman who submits totally without question to being sexually controlled by me when I desire so.... She should be a woman that is squeaky clean yet has the dirtiest, nastiest, sexiest, slutty, little mind a gal could have and, fact....she MUST be a woman who secretly hasn't any sexual morals at all, NONE what so ever (dirty, nasty, sex then you'll know your doing it right)........Now that you read the meat of what I'm looking for in a woman please a be aware that I'm seriously searching for this special yet very rear type of woman for a life-long commitment...............ME I'm a demanding man but I make my demands with a gentle whisper. Also I'm a low-profile Dom that enjoys playing a mild to wild, SM & BD games who enjoys dishing out the punishment for breaking my laws ( I specialize in mild to heavy pain as well as total humiliation ).... Also, I'm a "LEO" in every sense of the word and, just a big ol' stocky teddy bear, I'm just your typical A-typical super nice guy that's very loving and soft hearted, kind and, in many ways I'm a little old fashion however, please, don?t' take my kindness or sweetness as a weakness, so be fore-warned... I'm also a low-profile and very much a alpha male that won't settle for any B.S. from anyone especially from my woman, there's a line you just don't ever cross, don't ever lie, cheat or bull-shit me don't even let me suspect such not even a little white lie. And if you make a fool out of me, your gone, right now, I don't care how much I love you, you'll find out just how cold this ol' world can get, even here in Arizona........Notice... (I learned along time ago that respect is something that's earned and with respect comes love so with that said keep in mind that I only playfully beat my woman when playing SM & BD games, otherwise I never ever will violently or in anger beat my gal or any other women in anger nor, do I verbally abuse a woman but, if you do me wrong I will turn my back on you without notice and there's no second chance. Life is much to short to get up-set, angry or to get even.)......... I am a gentle man but also one of strong will, charter and I'm a deliberate person in all that I say and do, I do not get angry or get even, life far to short to worry about someone else's stupidity, it just all comes to a sudden stop and then it's all done. I didn't just fall of the turnip truck, I've been around the horn more then a few times....... I am NOT A 420 OR ANY OTHER TYPE OF A DRUG FRIENDLY PERSON nor will I ever tolerate any kind "Alcohol Abuse", none what so ever....Sexually, the only things that I am "NOT INTO" are children, an animals, otherwise anything go's the world of sex is wide open......... I'm a semi-retired cartoonist/artist/western horse trainer/real-estate manger that, works out of his home. I'm 6'1, a light smoker, very light drinker, I'm a big stocky built man that's built like an old linebacker, 281 lbs., 64 yrs, and have been told that I'm one hell of a good lookin' son of a bitch. ( there words not mine )... I'm a very confident and emotionally secure person and, very secure with who and what I am, even thou I've been called a bastard more then a few of times, I still like myself... My weakness' are 1. big titted sexy plump black or white women, especially sexy big titted freckled redheads. 2. sausage & mushroom Pizza. 3. Good lookin' horses. 4. Yellow lemon cake with vanilla butter cream frosting or fresh banana or lemon cream pie or carrot cake. 5. Necking and making women horny with a lot of passionate kissing and probing. 6. Naked woman in heels and thy-highs and nothing else from anywhere and at anytime. 7. vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup.....8.One of my many fetishes are women in stilettos and lacey top thy-high's and nothing else while we're slow dancing naked by candle light, care to join me. 9. I'm a hopeless romantic....I'm D & D, and drama free, A understanding type of gent, that's very easy to talk to and a good listener and, easy to get along with however, I am set in my ways but I'm not bull-headed I'm a very open minded man. The woman I'm seeking should be a rather stay at home type of gal, who knows the meaning of being loyal and trusting, a quite natured type of gal that's got more to her then just being a sexually liberal, highly sexual, sensual woman. I want a woman that's open minded to more then just sex, a free thinker, independent, and has some other interest like reading or a hobby of some sort, something. a gal that's is a conservative tea-party politically minded gal and not some thick headed, politically liberal socialist thinking female, I want a gal that's got some sort of outside interest in something, besides just a sexual hobby, a gal that likes dogs, horses, fish or something but not cats, cats belong in the barn. A gal that into cooking or something besides just me and sex.... I personally enjoy country living along with horseback riding, trail riding, rodeos, horse & dog shows, nude camping w/likewise friends, and good ol' regular camping, boating, target and skeet shooting with shotguns, rifles & handguns, fly-fishing, grilling and spending time with family and friends, piano bars, Nascar, drage raceing, soft easy listening music of any kind and slow dancing, swimming and swimming naked with my gal on these hot Arizona nights, I love car travel & site seeing. Hate flying, Some of my other interest are reading things like American history, political history, equine publications, the history and origins of theology. I enjoy watching, reading, about wildlife, drawing in pen & ink or pencil and doing water colors, cooking, nudist camps, making homemade porn, web-camming and much more, making friendships with couples and singles that share the same sexual attitudes, most of all I like LOTS of quiet times at home with my gal with lots of good old fashion cuddling with lots of passionate necking accompanied by lots of slow moving foreplay with her and from her, you know the kind petting, probing and deep wet kissing kind of necking.... You see I'm just all about loving a woman.... Now, if I sound too picky that's because I know who and what I am and the quality of love I have to offer the right woman. It's true, I'm not perfect but who is, But I'll tell ya one thing, you'll have a hell of a long ways to go to find someone who knows the value of loving a woman better then I and, how not to abuse it but to cherish the love and the woman. A man who knows the value of making love to your woman when suddenly you both become one........... So, if you're the right woman and can answer with a yes to all the mentioned then, in a short span of time you also will have all of your wants, needs, and desires of your heart met.....But, if your not that woman then maybe you know of her and where she is, if so let her know I'm around and where to find me.......... Until then,......... "I'm here, patiently waiting to taste your sweet wine from your chalice of love".

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