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Some of a personal sluts duties

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Beginning in the wee hours of the morning on Friday, I slipped out of the house to meet him at a nearby motel. Upon arriving there I knocked on the door of the room he gave me. He answers, not bad, better in person than his picture. He grabs my hand and pulls me through the door. Pushing the door shut, it clicks. He pushes me down by my shoulders; I am thinking to myself he is going to go by my fantasy. He drops his towel, I see his cock laying there begging for a mouth to wrap itself around it. I take his cock in my mouth, it grows as I am licking it and swirling my tongue around the head, taking more of it in my mouth, feeling it get longer and harder in my mouth. I feel his hands grip my hair, pulling it lightly and he starts thrusting his hips pushing his cock deeper into my mouth. I cup his balls and squeeze and hear him moan. He starts thrusting harder in my mouth, holding my head I take it further in, resisting my gag reflex till I feel it hitting the back of my throat and his balls slapping my chin. I adjust my breathing to I can breath while he is abusing my mouth with his cock. I feel my puss get wet, from the thrill of swallowing his cock. He is moaning and telling me oh yes slut suck that cock. Asking me if I like him fucking my mouth, not really expecting an answer I moan in response, keeping up with the thrusts of his cock in my mouth, he grips my hair says he is fixing to cum, and pulls out as cum is exploding from his cock, hitting me in the mouth and on my lips, I close my eyes and feel his cum shooting over my face and on to my hair. Its warm, I lift my hand up to scoop it on my fingers and bring it to my mouth and suck it off my finger, I keep doing this till I have what is on my face and continue to swallow it down after I swirl it on my tongue. He stands me up and rips open my shirt, exposing my breasts, grabbing them roughly and bringing his mouth down to suck on them. He pushes me back towards the bed till I fall on it, following me down sucking my nipples hard and squeezing them together. I feel his hand slide down to my skirt, he lifts it up to my hips and finds my pussy, discovering I obeyed and did not wear panties. Sliding his finger into my wet pussy, telling me you are a dirty slut aren?t you, I don?t say anything, just moan as his fingers find my clit and he begins to rub it hard, making me squirm some, he tells me be still, I remain still, as he works his way down to my pussy with his mouth, he spreads my legs farther and my pussy lips apart, I feel his tongue slide onto my clit flicking it, all of a sudden I feel his tongue plunge into my pussy, he is fucking me as hard as he can with his tongue, sliding back up and flicking my clit. Then I feel a finger slide into my pussy again, while his mouth sucks in my clit, oh, I am trying to hard to be still, but I squirm a little, so he thrusts three fingers in my puss and pushes up onto my g spot and sucks my clit harder flicking it with his tongue fast. I feel the pressure building as he starts to slide his fingers in and out of my pussy, making me wetter, and coming up to push the g-spot. I am breathing harder, trying not to make a sound. I start to clench up, and feel his fingers going deeper and one sliding into my ass, but then my ass gets spread further with another finger, he is fucking my puss and my ass with his fingers and sucking my clit, I clinch up tighter till I cant take it anymore and gush all over his face and hands, there you go slut, you are a good slut he tells me. Then he slides back up and kisses me and tells me to taste his mouth, and lick his fingers. I do as ordered. He grabs my legs and rolls them up and in one hard thrust enters my pussy with his cock, one after another getting harder and harder with his thrusts. I am biting my lips, he tells me to reach down and rub my clit; I do as told. It feels so good and I want to scream with pleasure but he said not to. He gets harder, pushing me up to where I have to reach the headboard above me and hold my self in place, while he is pounding my pussy as hard as he can. He is calling me his whore, that I will take it as hard as he wants me to, I love it, I slip and scream fuck me, oh fuck me harder, he slaps my ass, and tells me to be quiet. I bite my lip as he is pounding my pussy feeling like he is going to push me through the headboard if I let go. I feel him tighten up and get faster, and he grips my legs harder and screams as he releases his cum deep in my pussy, sliding in and out with each pump of his cum. He pulls out and tells me to reach down and scoop up the cum and eat it. I do as he says. He comes up next to me, standing with his cock at my mouth and tells me to clean it up slut. I obey and start sucking his cock, enjoying the taste of both of us on it. I continue to dip my fingers into my pussy pulling out cum and bringing it to my mouth and licking it off as I clean his cock. He tells me to stop, he is hard again, tells me to roll over and get on my knees, I do as he says. He gets behind me and slams his cock in my sloppy, cum filled pussy. He thrusts in hard a few times and slides his cock up to my ass getting it wet from the juices and cum from my pussy, he slides the head in feeling resistance, gradually slides further in, pulls out some and slides further into my ass. Finally after he has half of his cock in, he pulls almost out and shoves it all the way in my ass and continues thrusting in my ass, tells me to reach down and rub my pussy, I lower my head to the bed and reach down to feel my pussy, rubbing my clit as he gets faster with his thrusts, until he grips my hips and starts getting harder and faster, telling me the whole time I am his slut now, and he will fuck my ass as hard as he wants to, I am rubbing my pussy and clit furiously, he is getting harder, I start to moan in pleasure and he grabs my hair and pulls it hard telling me to shut up slut, I feel like he is ripping me apart but it feels so good too, I start pushing back into his cock feeling his balls slap my hand as I am rubbing my pussy, he is pounding my ass and I can?t make a sound, but it is so hard to refrain from making a noise. I feel him tighten up and get harder and suddenly he screams out with his orgasm as I tighten up and gush all over my hand and the bed. He fills my ass with cum pulling out to shoot more onto my back. I feel it land and collapse to the bed feeling how wet I made the bed when I released my own orgasm. He smacks me on the ass tells me to get up and leave. I get up grab my shirt, it is tore a little bit, I close it together and I walk out of the door with his cum running down my legs. I go home and sit there till he calls and tells me I may take a shower.

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