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Sneak Attack -- A role play story you'll want to read twice!

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I see myself walking through a dark alley, perhaps going in the back way to our apartment. My husband is at home waiting for me to return from a night out with the girls...

As I'm walking slowly into the alley, the brick street is damp with dew as it is only about 40 degrees outside after a day of unexpected heat with the temperature reaching almost 90. There is only one light in the alley that casts a ghastly yellow shadow on the left side of the apartment building. In this light, I am reminded of the many, many movies I have seen in which someone is murdered or raped in this kind of place and I begin to shiver, though it isn't completely from fear or the chilly weather.

Secretly I have always fantasized about a role play *rape* where I am the victim. As I'm thinking of this I hear a scratching noise and freeze where I stand. Within a moment I realize that it is only a cat or a mouse scrounging around for its dinner.

As I begin my trek once more, my mind again wonders to previous thoughts of being *raped*. Though the thought excites me, it also somewhat frightens me, for what if the person who plays this role out isn't someone I can trust not to injure me.? But I can't let that thought stand in the way of my fantasy, for this fantasy plays across my mind in most instances where I am masturbating. This thought causes a dampness in the crotch of my jeans and I grin, for I know that my husband will be ready to taste that moistness when I get home.

All of a sudden the breath is knocked from my lungs and I realize that I am pinned on the ground and not able to move. I am in shock and scared to death as I realize that my fantasy may be coming true, but not in a role play sense. As I try to scream and thrash about, I know that the person atop me is a male, not extremely large, but strong and solid.

I can feel his hardness pressing at my butt cheeks and though I am scared witless, I find myself dampening at the feel of his manliness. He has strong hands and is holding my arms against the brick street so that I can't reach behind me.

I feel his muscular leg spreading my legs with little to no effort and once again I fight the urges rising within me. I want this to stop but I want this to proceed just as much, I only fear that I will be physically hurt beyond my wildest expectations.

I suppose he realizes that I have stopped struggling and am lost in my thoughts, as he lets my arms go, seeming to know that I will not fight with the urgency that I did before. I feel my shirt slide up my back roughly, and can feel him rip at my bra strap tearing the hooks from the material in preparation to abuse my large breasts. Once the bra is torn, he grabs my ass and turns me onto my back, his legs still covering mine, for he doesn't completely trust me yet not to run.

Once on my back, I notice that he is wearing all black clothes and a full faced ski mask ( just like in the movies and I begin to shake and think to myself.. " maybe this is real and I wont' make it through this ordeal " so I try to fight him but find it useless as his strength rallies that of a bull in rut! He slaps my face and as the reality sets in he has time to rip my jeans open and pull them past my ass along with my panties. Once this feat is accomplished he slaps me again and uses that moment of shock to rip my button up shirt open exposing my bra. Tears begin to form in my eyes and I feel him grab the front of my bra and pull it above my breasts, making them stand out firm and rigid.

I close my eyes, not knowing what to expect and suddenly I feel his hot breath close around my right nipple and shockingly my nipple responds to this by hardening into a tight knot. My reflexes cause my eyes to open and I see that he smiling around my nipple as he begins to tease it with his teeth, pulling and biting gently at first, then with quick forceful nips, causing my body to shiver in response.

As he pulls away from my nipple, he flicks them both quickly with a very hot and wet tongue, then lowers himself between my thighs and slaps my moistening pussy with his bare hand, causing a sting, but one that it is enjoyable to me. Soon he realizes that I am no longer fighting his advances and rips my jeans off me completely, leaving my glistening pussy bare for the world to see.

He looks into my eyes and smiles then reaches up and slaps my breasts hard, certainly leaving handprints across the tender flesh. As my body tenses with the pleasurable pain, he slaps my pussy hard, causing my breath to catch and my eyes to water.

I look at him and moan, both in pain and in expectation of what more will come. He grabs my hair and rolls me over onto my back once again and breaths the words "Bitch, get on your knees!!" I do as he says and though the brick street should cause pain to shoot through my knees, I don't notice as he grabs one ass cheek in his hand and slaps the mounded flesh with his other hand. After the slap, he rubs the reddened flesh and kisses it quickly then jams himself inside me, taking me ferociously, pumping himself into me with a fury I thought never possible from a human!

I scream because I can't help myself... though what is released from my lips surprises us both.." FUCK ME YOU SON OF A BITCH!!" "MAKE IT WORTH THE EFFORT!!" Soon, I begin to buck my ass against him, keeping his rhythm and creating an earthquake of flesh on flesh!

In the back of my mind, I think that he can't possibly go on like this long, most men would spill themselves in a matter of moments, but I am once again proven wrong by this man. He continues to pound me from behind for what seems an eternity, slapping my ass and pulling at my hair until I feel that it will be ripped from the roots.

Once I am weak and can no longer hold myself up, he pushes me over onto my back roughly, causing my head to hit the bricks, leaving a slight bump on the back of my head. He slaps me again and thrusts 3 of his fingers into me with the force of a grown man sparring in a boxing match. I can't help myself and I feel my pussy being to contract, knowing that I will cum soon and too shocked and electrified to care.

I feel my body tense and it seems that I will lose consciousness with the force of the orgasm!! As my body is wracked with spasms, he grabs himself roughly and begins to jack off just over my mouth. In only a few stroke I see the drops of pre-cum form on the hole of his fat cock and my mouth begins to water.

I watch him taking himself into his own hand and my pussy once again flows with the juices he has produced. He jacks himself quickly and with tremendous force. Soon his eyes shut tightly and his head is thrown back, his body rigid, and he lets a guttural grunt lose from his lips as his white, creamy cum sprays onto my lips and tongue.

With no conscious effort of my own, I lean up and take him into my mouth, swallowing all of him and loving the taste of his spew. I lick my lips, cleaning the rest of him from my mouth and lick the tip of his cock, cleaning him well. Then I reach and take his hand, and suck the fingers that were thrust into my wet hole... cleaning them as well.

As we lay on the brick street spent and both somewhat in shock, he leans over and kisses me fully, with a deep wet tongue and then bends down to my ear and whispers, " I love you ... let's go home" and I realize that my husband has satisfied my fantasy and I am none the worse for wear.

He helps me up and rubs my face softly with his hands, matching the hand prints and treating them with kitten gloves.

He promises that once we are home he will give me a hot bath and a massage to end the night, but that I should always be alert when alone, for I never who will be waiting to pounce on me. :o)

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