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Slave Christina - A true SLS story

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Christina waited anxiously for 7 p.m. to arrive, eager to prove that she would, and could, completely please Matthew, the man whom she hoped to one day call Master. Matthew had agreed to interview her for a position of service under his guidance. Already, he had tested her on more than one occasion. Once, shortly after they met by having wear a much too short skirt without panties and commanding her to meet him at a restaurant for dinner. Later, she would wear a cheerleader uniform and be punished when Matthew acted as the school principal. He told her that when she arrived at a party, she was to bring him her panties that she was wearing that night, while he was talking to a group of his friends. And later, Matthew instructed her to bring a woman from the party upstairs to pleasure him. She did all that she was asked to do. She was determined not to disappoint him. She wanted to please him. She wanted to serve him.

Now, Matthew was finally ready to interview her and see if she was truly ready to be his slave. Christina knew that this was more than the casual tasks and simple missions that she had been given in the past. No - this time, if she succeeded in pleasing him, he would make her his slave and become her Master.

So, here she was, at the door to the office. The time was now 6:58. She wondered if she could do it. Her anxiousness increased with each second. Still, she waited until exactly 7 p.m., her appointed time, to knock on the door.

Yes? - Matthew inquired.

She felt a sudden shyness creeping in, but sensing he wouldnt be one to tolerate weakness in any form, cleared her throat, and said I am here about the position, Sir.

He casually looked her up and down, knowing all the while that the longer he took to let her in, the more she would squirm. But if this was going to happen, he needed to let her know up front that he was calling the shots.

Come, he said finally.

She entered the office and found herself immediately in front of a desk. A large comfortable recliner style chair in one corner and an old, wooden chair, the kind school teachers used - in front of the desk. He took a seat in the plush chair and continued looking her over. Not sure if this was an invitation or not, she started towards the wooden chair.

I did not say you could sit - he interjected.

She could feel herself blushing, and was not quite sure what he expected. Fortunately, he did not make her wait long before continuing.

You can either stand or kneel while I conduct the interview, he said.

Yes, Sir, she answered, opting to kneel. The floor was hard wood and cold to the touch. At least lower to the ground, she did not feel like she was quite so much on display.

I am going to ask you some questions, if I feel like you are not being truthful, or giving me as much information as you should, the interview will be terminated and you will be escorted out. Is that clear?

Yes, Sir, she replied, afraid to look him in the face.

Do you understand what it is you are interviewing for? he asked.

I think so, Sir. You are looking for someone to become your servant...sexually. She risked taking a peek at him for confirmation.

That is right. Have you ever been submissive to someone before?

To some degree, Sir. I mean, I have done some role playing with various boyfriends, but never really where it was expected to be more than pretend.

Tell me what they would have you do - Matthew demanded.

The usual stuff, I guess - she started, then remembered his earlier warning, continued, most often, I would let them tell me what to do. Like, they would order me to kneel and suck their cocks.

He did not respond, so she added - Sometimes they would spank me a little…

Matthew interrupted - And how would you say you are at sucking cock?

I have never had any complaints, Sir. She answered, hoping that was not too insolent of a response. Matthew chuckled softly, so she was safe.

I am sure you have not. I bet you are a good cock-sucking little whore. I want you to show me how you sucked them, he demanded, adding, while you are at it, take your tits out. They look nice and big, but I want to see firsthand.

Matthew had seen them before, but she did as ordered. She pulled the top of her dress down, and worked her arms out of her bra-throwing it off to the side. Somehow, with just her tits hanging out, she felt more exposed than if she had been completely naked.

He stood in front of her now. His hands were at his side, as if he were already impatient with her. He did not unzip his pants, so Christina realized that she must do it. He was incredibly hard. This excited her, knowing that she was successfully pleasing him so far. She brought his cock up to her mouth. He had called her a whore, and that was definitely what she felt like as she raised his cock to her mouth. Unsure of where to look, she decided to just close her eyes, and pretend as much as possible that she was not being tested.

She started by sucking the shaft, taking it into her mouth as deep as she could without gagging, and slowly pulling it back out so that the tip was just barely in her mouth still. In and out she went, getting bolder with the cock she worshipped. She was enjoying the swirling pleasures of his scent, the texture of his cock, his taste, evaluated when his voice cut in. She had almost forgotten she was being interviewed.

I think you will pass that part just fine. Now get up and bend over the desk. But keep sucking my cock.

She was relieved, because this meant he was going to fuck her now, and that horrible feeling of being on display would end. She could hear him rummaging around in his desk, and a few seconds later, and felt the cold lube being rubbed on her asshole. She was slightly nervous, being so inexperienced back there, but she was determined to do the best she could. She removed her mouth from his cock only a second when he interrupted her. I did not tell you to quit, he said.

I am sorry, Sir, she said before going back to sucking, and thinking to herself - what else is he going to do?

I think I have seen enough – you will do just fine. Go wait for me in the corner while I prepare the things needed for your training. Excited, Christina knelt before him in front of the big chair.

It felt like she had been kneeling in the corner for an eternity, though it had more likely been just a minute or so. Finally, Matthew returned with a collar. It had a tag with the words Slave Christina engraved on it.

Put it on, he ordered. You are now to address me only as Master or Sir. Do you understand, Slave Christina? He walked up behind her and picked up a matching leash. Without saying a word, he clipped it on and gave it a tug, indicating she was to follow him.

Yes, Master, Christina whispered.

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