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Slave 3

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Chris?s new life as one of my submissive sluts was going very well. Chris was now my sub for about a full year. I have discussed her getting her nipples pierced but she didn?t want to. Chris said she didn?t like needles. One of the requirements I expect from my subs is they are pierced, both nipples and clits.

It has worked for a few years building up my training room for subs. I had designed and built a special rack for my bondage room, complete with an adjustable rack system. It was time for Chris to be introduced to it. I had instructed Chris to wear a halter top, and a loose fitting skirt for the evening. Tonight Chris would be pierced. I also asked four other guys to come over and watch the event. I had arranged for a friend of mine Sunshine to come over and pierce Chris.

Chris had never seen my room yet so this was going to be her first time. Chris said she couldn?t believe I even had this and asked what it was for, I said for my subs that didn?t behave and needed more training. Chris asked what I was going to do with her?, I said have some fun. I told her to step on the two platforms for her feet. When she did I strapped her legs to the post. Then I lifted her arms and strapped her wrist to the post. Then I put a strap around her waist and one around her waist. I then placed a collar around her neck. Once I had her secure I told Chris that we are going to have some company soon.

The guys showed up just at eight and Sunshine soon after. I asked Sunshine if she had her supplies and she said yes. I had them all follow me to the room where Chris was. Chris couldn?t believe I had invited four guys and a woman. I told Chris the guys were there to watch first then they will use her later. Chris said what is first. With that I walked over to her and pulled her halter top down, exposing her tits for all to see. Chris was now getting nervous. Then I proceeded to undo all the buttons on her skirt, letting it drop to the floor.

I then informed Chris that Sunshine was a tattoo artist and also does piercings. I told Chris she was getting her nipples and clit pierced tonight. Instantly Chris had tears in her eyes. Chris hates needles and she was hysterical. I reached for her cheeks and told her it would only hurt for a few minutes. Chris then started to cry. Sunshine said she can?t move when I am piercing her so I then tied rope around Chris?s tits making for a nice firm hold on them. Chris?s nipples were sticking out about half an inch. I put another strap on Chris?s thighs to make sure her legs didn?t move. Sunshine took out her box and opened it. Sunshine pulled out some gloves antibiotic wipes and a few needles and a couple of cork pieces. Sunshine asked me what gauge I wanted for her nipples so I picked one out for her nipples and one for her clit. Sunshine assured Chris everything was going to be fine. She then walked over to Chris and started kissing her. The she started playing with her nipples getting them nice and hard. Sunshine then got the wipes and cleaned Chris?s nipples. Then Sunshine grabbed the cork and the needle for her nipples. She looked at me and said I am ready I told Chris to relax. Sunshine went over held the cork to her left nipple and pushed the needle against her nipple and pushed it thru. Chris had tears in her eyes and was crying. Sunshine cleaned her nipple again and placed a starter bar thru it. Then she cleaned off the needle again and move to her right nipple, once she had it done Chris settled down a bit. Sunshine said only one to go. Chris looked at me and I said now your clit. Chris went crazy trying to get loose but it was no use she couldn?t get out of the leather straps. The rack had two positions one to stand up and one to lie down. I pulled the pin and laid Chris back. Chris was shaking. Sunshine asked me to hold the folds of her pussy apart while she pierced her clit. Sunshine lined up the cork and started to push, Chris tried to get up but couldn?t. Once the needle was thru I went up and started kissing Chris. Chris settled down and stopped crying. Sunshine put her things away and I then told the guys she was all theirs. The guys stood up and they all stripped and by the looks of their cocks Chris was going to get a good fucking. Sunshine was at Chris?s head kissing her and mauling her tits. One by one the guys got on Chris and fucked her pussy, each one leaving a nice deposit. Once the last guy filled her pussy cum was flowing down covering her ass as well. Sunshine came down to her ass with a large black dildo. Sunshine worked the head slowly into Chris?s ass as Chris begged her to stop. I thought she was going to rip her apart it took about a half hour to get half the toy in her ass. Then Sunshine grabbed a vibrator and held it on Chris?s clit. Now this was driving Chris crazy. The guys were taking turns deep fucking Chris?s mouth. Chris had cum running down her checks in her ears, mouth nose etc. Sunshine was causing Chris to have multiple orgasms as she used the toys on her.

After two hrs or so of all this everyone needed some rest and I knew Chris needed the bathroom by now. So we all took a break. Chris was a mess her face had cum all over it, between that and her tears from crying she looked used and abused. I told Chris to go get a shower and clean up. While Chris was gone Sunshine told me all this made her horny as hell. I lay Sunshine down on the bed and removed her pants. I spread her legs and felt she was ready for some cock. I was the only one that had not fucked Chris so I fucked the hell out of Sunshine while Chris was in the shower. The guys were playing with her nipples, twisting them and pinching them. They grabbed the loops she had in her nipples and pulled hard. This caused a little pain but Sunshine was use to it. I told one of the guys to get the strap out of the drawer. They started using the strap on her tits as I fucked her. I could see her tits getting red and her nipples were beginning to swell. They were hitting her so hard her tits were starting to bleed. This excited me so much I shot a massive load in Sunshine?s pussy.

Sunshine lay there with cum leaking out of her pussy and her tits sore and abused. Chris finally reappeared from her shower. I told Chris to come over to me. When she did I gave her a big kiss and removed her towel. I told Sunshine to open her legs and show Chris what I gave her. We could see the sperm running out. I told Chris I want you to go lick her clean. Chris said she doesn?t lick pussy, I said now you do. But she refused again. I asked her if she was sure she didn?t want to lick her pussy one last time. I told her if she didn?t she would be punished. Chris said no more I can?t do this, I picked up the strap and told her to lick that pussy or feel this, with that I hit her across the thigh with it. Chris begged me to stop, then I hit her across the tits with it. Chris back away with that hit. I said get on your knees slut and clean that pussy. I struck her again across the tits, this time I left a mark. I could tell by her face she didn?t like it. I said get on your fucking knees and lick her pussy. She was hesitant but finally got down on her knees in front of Sunshine?s pussy. Then I struck her ass a couple of times and she started to lick her pussy. I said see it?s not bad and it?s my sperm and I know you love my sperm. I let her get dressed after she licked all the sperm out and gave Sunshine a very nice orgasm.

It was early morning when I sent the shut back to her husband and the rest home. I needed some sleep and just rest. Look for more of Chris, now she will see the room more often.

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