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Sherri Pays the Rest of Her Fine

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Well, the last time Sherri had paid part of the fine and she still owed the rest of it. The next week we got a call and the Judge was on the phone. There was the sound in the background of something sexual going on and he told her that the rest of the fine was going to be taken care of that Friday Night. He told her that he had arranged lots of back up to handle her too. Well, Sherri got wet thinking about it and the sounds on the other end of the phone did not help. She jumped into the bed and we had a great time. Friday came and she went shopping for a new outfit. She found a nice tight net body suit. The met was fine but still might just as well have been see thru. It snapped at the pussy and rode up over the hips, accenting her lovley bottom...the back was a thong. She got a nice wrap around skirt with it and it hooked at the hip but did not overlap so that it was open on the side that it hooked on. She, instead of hooking it at one hip hooked it in the front so that as she walked it was always open revealing her creamy legs and the fact that all she had on was the very skimpy thong body suit. Well, Friday Night came and she was hot all day long. I got off work and came in the door to find her streached out on the bed with her dildo pumping away...she pulled it out and invited me in...after an hour of sucking and fucking we got up and got a shower. She had freachly shaved her pussy and made sure to check her bod out so that it was flawless. She put on light make-up nd dressed and we were off. We drove to the hotel and went into the lobby. There was one of the officers there waiting and he came over and greeted us. You ready to pay off the fine he asked her. She kissed him and said, When I get finished you people will owe me change or a "Get Out of Jail Free" card. He laughed. By the way, the Judge said you can sit in if you like he told me. I will join you all later I told him. With that, he gave me the room number and Sherri and he walked off to "court". The good thing is that they filmed all of this so I got to enjoy the proceedings lots of times at home with Sherri. It always got us a good fucking later on. They got on the elevator and as they did Sherri grabbed his cock and began massaging...They got to the suite and it was furnishe really nice. The separate bedroom was huge and had a large bed in the middle. All the furniture was moved to the edge of the room. There were about 15 or so chairs Sherri told me later and there was a man or woman sitting in every one of them. A lovly redheaded woman came over. The judge was seated in a easy chair with women next to him. The redhead was Roseanne, the secratary of the city hall. She was dressed in a thong and no bra her hair fall down to her shoulders. Sherri was nervous as she came in. Roseanne came up to her and took her hand. Come with me Dear she told her. Sherri went with her to the restroom...the door closed behind them and Roseanne turned to her and kissed her deep and slow. Sherri melted, somehow her clothes were off of her and the woman was kissing her all over...then her fingers found her pussy and sank in...Yes, the judge told me to make sure you were ready...Sherri gasped that she was ready..Good dear..The door opened and they walked out...Roseanne led her to the bed and sat her on the side then sat next to her...kissing her deep Sherri laid back on the bed...Roseanne went all over her body, making sure to get her just to the edge of orgasm then backing off repeateldy...She was going crazy wanting just one orgasm...When she reached down to pleausre herself the Judge said, Restrain the suspect...two men stepped forward with restraints and pulle her up on the bed, her legs and arms were spread apart so that her body formed and "X" on the bed. Two women came to the bed, Roseanne stepped to the Judge and was on her knees in front of him, reaching under his robe and massaging his cock...then the women went to work on Sherri...several toys wee brought out and they began taking her agaion and again to the edge of orgasm only to back off and not let her reach the explosion she wanted so badly. This went on for about an hour...Sherri was begging for an orgasm...her hips were moving beyond her control looking for anything for friction to complete her orgasm...Finally the Judge got up, his robe fell off and his cock was erect...he got in the bed between her legs..You want me to fuck you Sherri..Oh yes, how bad...Please, please fuck me..How bad I said...Oh, I need it, I will die if I can;t have cock..please Judge..please fuck me...he dropped on her and plunged into her pussy which came as soon as he entered...her hips were bucking up and he was having a hard time staying on her...she had several orgasms and then the Judge too unloaded in her pussy...he got off and motioned for a woman to come to the bed...a busty woman came over and he told her, eat that her good..Yes your Honor she said. She began licking Sherri and another orgasm came to her...Sherri was sweating and thrashing all over the only thing keeping her on the bed was the restraints. the woman moved to herface and sat over sherri's the pussy sherri the Judge told her...She licked it and as the woman got hot she began to move around over sherri's face and eventually fell over her body and they were 69ing like crazy. after several orgasms the woman was told to stand next to the bed..she got up and did. The men began, one after another to get between Sherri's outstreached legs...they drove cocks into her one after another...all sizes and shapes...each one pumped her as if they were just fucking an object...cum dripped from her pussy...she had orgasms more than she could count. The Judge said, Okay, get her ready for the next part of her payment. They took her hands and legs loose and got her up off the bed, a type of bench was brought out and placed in the middle of the room and she was secured to it bent over...her titties hanging and her ass open with her legs again spread wide...her bottom open for attack. The woman that had stood by the bed was ordered to come to the judge and she was fitted with a huge strap on dildo...she was almost in tears and yet did as she was told. She was told to go over and eat Sherri again and this time to make ure Sherri's ass ws lubed well with her tongue. She did as she was told driving Sherri over the top again...Now do her ass with the dildo he commanded...she sank it into Sherri..making her cry out...she drove it into her ass without concern for pain, Sherri at this time had not hd anal done to her very much so she was tight. The woman was crying sobbing and could not really concentrate. The judge called her over to him...Either do as you are told or you will sufferthe same judgement I have reserved for her..the woman broke down..Go stand and watch again he told her. She did as he said. NOw men stepped up, cocks hard and drove them into her after another cunloaded in her ass...she was amazed while we watched the film of this because she claims not to remember mnuch of it but she was an absolute slut for all of it...all night this went on. I came in at midnight and she was still being drilled. In the morning the JUdge gave me a card....anytime she has problems show this...she is good. anytime she wants more call us.

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