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Sex Ed Class at Home Ch 3

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Later that evening on day #2 of mom?s live-in older boyfriend teaches her 18-year old daughter about sex during her week-long work absence from home

After Sam and Eli left mom?s bedroom, I drifted off to sleep. It was several hours later when I awoke, again alone in the house. It was now afternoon of this second day with mom away on a work assignment and Sam teaching me about sex.

I wondered if Sam and Eli were going to return, but they did not. So I was home alone the rest of the day with nothing to do. After 7pm, I grabbed a bite to eat in the kitchen and then stepped into the shower. I was enjoying the long, slow shower with hot water running over me as I remembered the orgasms that I had that morning with Sam and Eli. I guess with the water running, I did not hear anything else.

Suddenly the shower curtain pulled open, and I saw Sam standing there naked. He stepped in beside me and we briefly kissed and caressed each other before becoming serious about why we were there----- to take a shower. He teasingly handled my breasts and pussy a few times during the shower. I casually handled his penis and balls several times in return, with no intentions of doing anything more in the shower. We showered together and then we both exited at the same time, grabbing towels to dry off.

As we finished drying ourselves while standing side by side, Sam said, ?Jessie, you were really good with Eli this morning. Are you ready to continue your lessons, Babe??

?What more do you have to teach me?? I wondered out loud, thinking that I surely knew everything by now. Momentarily I forgot about my earlier curiosity about bondage.

Sam rolled his big eyes and chuckled, ?Jessie, you don?t know NOTHING yet, Baby Girl! You young people have no patience. You want everything all at once. This is going to take some time, Babe, even more than the time we have left before your mom returns on Saturday. How?s your pussy feel??

?Well?.. it?s sore, Sam. You and Eli fucked me too much this morning!? Jessie responded, not really wanting to admit her soreness, and not wanting any more sex today.

?I thought that might happen. That?s quite normal,? Sam comforted me. ?I was hoping that maybe with you being young, you might be more elastic and able to do more than your mom. We have to continue your training anyway.?

?Sam,? I said in frustration, ?why don?t we just wait until tomorrow? Then just forget Eli, and make love to me yourself,? Jessie suggested. ?I wasn?t sore yesterday when you made love to me because you were more loving. When you had Eli join us, that was too much, Sam, more fucking than I wanted. Eli didn?t make love to me; he just hard fucked me! I didn?t like that, Sam!? I complained rather loudly.

Sam stood there without speaking. I could see that he was becoming furious as he thought about what I had just said and my attitude of telling him what to do and restricting his sexual behavior with me. We were now both totally dry and still naked, standing there in the bathroom looking at each other. Suddenly bored by the silence and starting to feel uncomfortable there with Sam as I watched him fume, I reached for my bathrobe. Sam grabbed it out of my hand and tossed it to the floor.

?It?s time we had a talk, you little bitch!? Sam demanded.

He grabbed me by the arm and walked me roughly out of the bathroom and down the hall to mom?s bedroom. I felt like a child who had angered a parent and was being taken somewhere for punishment.

?Sam, ??I?? don?t??want?..,? I stammered as he walked me briskly down the hall holding me stiffly and roughly by one arm, both of us totally naked. He was so much bigger than me that my feet barely touched the floor as he forced me forward in front of him.

?SHUT THE FUCK UP!? Sam yelled at me. ?I DON?T GIVE A FUCK WHAT YOU WANT! I don?t want to hear another fucking word from your fucking young, white, bitchy ass! YOU GOT THAT??

I was stunned! Sam was madder than I had ever seen him and he scared the crap out of me! ?Okaaaaay?..Sam?..okaaaaay?..? I timidly responded back to him as he now shoved me meanly through the door into mom?s bedroom.

Sam pushed me roughly forward onto the bed and shoved my body over into the middle of it. I quickly turned around, sat up on the bed and looked at him, wondering what was next. Sam was furious! He glared at me in ferocious anger and then threatened me.

?Don?t say another fucking word; you just fucking listen, you young, white, little spoiled bitch! It?s time for YOU to FORGET about all of YOUR ideas about what YOU want and don?t want! I don?t want to hear it! NO MAN DOES! Girls don?t fucking tell guys what to do or what they fucking want or don?t want! Your mom KNOWS that but YOU don?t! So listen and listen fucking good you fucking little bitch! When I WANT you to do something, you just DO IT! I DON?T WANT to hear even ONE fucking word of complaint or argument! YOU JUST FUCKING DO IT and KEEP YOUR FUCKING MOUTH SHUT! YOU GOT THAT?? he paused, glaring intensely at me while I slowly nodded my head up and down in agreement, fearful to do otherwise. Sam was scaring the absolute living shit out of me at that moment. I knew he could kill me with little effort or hurt me really badly if he chose to do so. I had NEVER been this afraid of anyone.

After nearly a minute of silence while Sam let his words sink into my thinking, he continued.

?Guys can choose to ?make love? to you or they can choose to just fuck you! That?s just the way it is. Sometimes you get the sweetness and sometimes you just get fucked. That?s EVERY guy, not just ME! So whatever I want to do with your fucking female body better be okay with you if you know what is good for you. You just keep your fucking mouth shut and do what I want. You keep your fucking complaints and dislikes to yourself. I DON?T REALLY GIVE A FUCK WHAT YOU WANT! YOU GOT THAT??

I was still fearful for my life at that moment as I listened silently to what Sam had to say. I did not DARE say anything, hoping he was finished with his speech. But Sam continued.

?SO, if I fucking want sex with you and include a friend of mine, then THAT better be okay with you too! As far as that goes, if I want to fuck you and have six or eight guys fuck you then that better be fucking okay with you too! You don?t fucking tell me what you don?t want. You don?t fucking tell me what to do, bitch!?

Continuing to fear for my personal safety because Sam was so horribly angry, I continued to silently nod my head ?yes? as I sat naked on mom?s bed with Sam towering over me and flailing his huge, black arms for effect. I wanted to do ANYTHING at that moment to appease him and lessen his anger, still fearing for my life. I wanted the ?love making? he did with me last night to continue. I did NOT want to give that up forever, so I now realized that what Sam did with me sexually HAD to be ON HIS TERMS and his timing, not mine. What else could I do with a 340#, muscle-bound, 6?8? tall, naked black guy glaring down at my little 85#, 4?10? naked body? I realized that I would have to learn to just accept Sam?s agenda for our sex if this sexual training was to continue. The alternative was to just be content with stupid boys my age that just used me for ?quickies? in the back seat of a car where sex was NEVER good for me. At least with Sam, I knew sex would be really fantastic SOME of the time.

As Sam continued to glare at me, I did not have much of a decision to make; go along to get along or else! All the sex with boyfriends was a one on a scale of one to ten. Sam?s sex was a ten, which I never dreamed was even possible until yesterday. How could I give that up now? Sam was demanding me to give him total control over my body; how bad could that be?

Sam motioned with his fingers for me to come over to him. Like a scared little kitten, I slowly and cautiously scooted across the bed to within his reach. Sam grabbed me and pulled my face down onto his now semi-rigid, black penis for me to service him. I opened my mouth and let his penis push quickly inside, trying to lubricate him as much as possible because his penis was so large compared to my little mouth. Sam sort of hurriedly started pumping his penis in and out of my mouth to lubricate it, apparently still mad about what I had said and angrily impatient to get oral sex from me.

Within a minute, Sam?s penis was fully rigid and banging against the back of my throat as he held me by the back of my head with both hands and meanly fucked my mouth. I knew all I could do was relax to make this easy on myself, focus on holding my teeth away from his penis and lubricate it with saliva as he pumped in and out of my mouth in a savage manner. I knew not to expect any tenderness after his speech, and that Sam was strictly going to just ?use me? for sex at that moment. His huge, rigid, black penis was hurting my mouth more than yesterday since I had very little time to loosen up and get into the mood for oral sex. Sam had given me ?love making? yesterday, but it was definitely ?just sex? today as he fucked my face hard with his huge, rigid, black penis thrusting hard between my lips.

I felt his penis now poking into my throat, little by little as he continued thrusting to go deeper and deeper to open my throat like he had done last night in my bed. All I could do was brace my mouth open and let him do all the moving; just let him do what he wanted. Without any sexual stimulations also happening on the rest of my body as was the case last night in my bed, his fucking my mouth seemed mechanical and impersonal. But there was nothing for me to do now to improve that, so I just let it happen and let Sam dominate me and use me as he chose.

This continued for fifteen minutes with Sam slowly driving past my gag reflex and into my throat causing me more than a little pain with each thrust as he rapidly stretched my throat open to deep throat me with his huge, 10? penis. He then savagely fucked my throat and only occasionally pulled back enough for me to breathe. I was as cooperative as possible with his demand to fuck me in the mouth and throat.

Finally, fifteen minutes later I felt his penis swell inside my mouth and his jets of semen being thrust deeply inside and down my throat. I struggled to breathe between bursts of semen running directly down my throat. Sam oohed and aahed loudly standing over my head as he continued deeply thrusting into my throat and finished his orgasm, finally forcing and holding his 10? penis deep inside my throat. Momentarily I could not breathe with his penis thrust and held deeply inside my throat.

As he finished, Sam occasionally thrust several more times back into my throat and held his penis deep inside my throat for the sexual sensations it gave him. He seemed totally pleased but still intense about what he had said before fucking my face. Sam was doing everything for his own sexual gratification at this moment with nothing for me. I decided to be okay with that and say nothing. Then Sam slowly removed his penis from my mouth, released his grip on my head and long blonde hair, and stepped away.

?One more thing, Babe! You DON?T MOVE unless I move you,? Sam amended his earlier speech as he walked over to the night stand beside the bed. I didn?t move. He opened the top drawer and pulled out some lubricant, a pair of hand cuffs, and a ball on a leather strap. Returning to me, he grabbed me by the arm and stood me up, sort of roughly moving me as he chose. He quickly cuffed my hands together in front of me. Then he gagged me with the ball on the leather strap, tying it firmly behind my head.

He grabbed me by the arm again like he was still angry and marched me out of the bedroom and into the den, moving me over to a couch. With a quick motion, he bent me forward over the high back of the couch and spread my legs widely apart. My face was downward toward the seat cushions as I felt him preparing me for intercourse from my backside. I grabbed onto the couch seat cushions with my cuffed hands to hang on, knowing he would soon thrust his huge penis inside me.

There were a few minutes of delay as I heard him jerking on his penis to regain erection. Then I felt his fingers place lubricant on my pussy and anus in one big sweeping hand motion, lubricating both places, presumably to give him a choice. His fingers probed my vagina and my anus with alternating motions for several minutes. He added one more squeeze of lubricant until he was happy with lubrication.

I certainly knew by now better than to resist him in any way, to just let this happen, whatever he wanted with me. Sam?s 10? penis was soon ready and he thrust it meanly into my vagina with a quick forward motion, not allowing any time for my body to adjust to the size of it as it entered me. It hurt terribly and I let out a scream muffled by the ball in my mouth as he plowed into me, unable to stifle my pain. He ignored my pain as he quickly started humping me savagely on the back of the couch, driving hard into my body until I could feel the underlying supports of the couch in my hips and legs. Sam was brutal as he fucked me from behind.

Wow! Sam was truly just fucking me now, quite differently from his ?love making? last night. There was NO tenderness and no orgasmic feelings for me, just hard, fast and vicious intercourse to please him. I slowly understood more of his speech that sometimes a guy will make love to you and sometimes he just fucks you. Sam was teaching me and punishing me all at the same time. I moaned and groaned frequently as he hurt me with his savage sexual use of my body. His thrusts were viciously savage today as he kept banging me bent over the couch.

After hammering my vagina for ten minutes or so, Sam pulled out and pulled me backwards and down slightly towards the floor to put my anus into position for intercourse. He quickly and impatiently thrust one and then two fingers into my anus, poking and probing my anus to force it to open.

Only a minute later he had the huge, bulbous head of his penis pressed hard to my anus, trying to push the huge head of his penis inside me. Sam pressed hard and then the large head of his rigid penis popped inside my anus as I screamed again, still muffled by the ball gag in my mouth. But with no concern again for my pain, he quickly thrust his penis deeper and deeper inside my rectum until he reached the full penetration depth he wanted.

Then quickly he started pumping my anus and driving painfully deep inside my rectum. My muffled screams continued as I desperately clenched the cushions of the couch under me to hold on. Sam?s penis was larger than Eli?s and it hurt horribly. My muffled screams were constant now as he viciously humped my rectum on the back of the couch, penetrating so deeply inside me that I thought I might pass out.

It did not take long before I felt Sam?s huge, black penis swell and start ejaculating inside my body. I felt his semen jets being thrust deep inside me until his sperm filled me and oozed out around his still hard ramming penis.

?Ohhhh?? yeahhhh!..... Fuckkkk!...... Fuck?.. this?.. white?..young?? little?? ho!? Sam blurted out, stretching out his words between savage thrusting to voice his pleasure as he continued enjoying his orgasm and viciously rammed my rectum repeatedly.

That was a huge relief for me as I felt it happening because I knew the pain would soon be over. Whatever sexual lesson this might be, I hoped it would soon be over. I vowed NEVER to make Sam mad again, and not to argue with whatever he wanted to do with me.

?Oh fuck, yeah! Good piece of fucking ass you slut! You like it, you little, white ho!?

Sam finished ejaculating and held himself firmly and deeply inside my rectum for a minute or so longer. Then he slowly removed his still rigid penis and stood me up beside him. Sam pulled me roughly into the bedroom with him, opened a bedside drawer, and grabbed the handcuff keys. He unlocked the cuffs from my wrists, tossing both keys and cuffs back into the drawer. Then he untied the gag and pulled the ball out of my mouth, tossing it into the drawer with the other items. Sam had a wicked, contented grin on his face.

?Don?t EVER talk back to me again bitch. Just do what I fucking tell you! Now, go to bed, bitch!? he firmly ordered me. ?We?ll continue your fuck training tomorrow!?

Without saying anything and with great relief, I left the room and walked down the hall to my bedroom. I gladly crawled into bed and quickly went to sleep, too exhausted to bother with pajamas or even cleaning up. I still had Sam?s semen on my face and all over my butt, but I wore it like a badge of honor for having suffered through it. I knew I needed to rest as much as possible so I could be ready for tomorrow, Friday. I had no idea what would be next in my sex training.

End Chapter 3

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