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Set Sail

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~The noises all around...the smell of salt in the air. Men shouting to each other from across the decks. she kneels at the railing. never lifting her eyes. to do so would mean great punishment. she watches the waves slap the side of this small boat.

~with a shouts and laughter and many well wishes, she hears Him moving towards her. her heart beats wildly in her chest, her breath quickens as He nears. she feels His hand in her hair as He stands beside her. the slow rocking of the boat lets her know that They are under way. with a snap of His finger she rises and falls into step behind Him. the shore slowly fading away as They move below.

~upon entering the small cabin, she moves bout carefully lighting the small oil lamps, the only sound within the room is Their breathing. she jumps as she hears the snap of His papers, the sound almost deafening in the quiet. she moves about pulling the covers back on the small bed, laying out His clothes to change into after His bath. Knowing that the water will be used sparingly soon enough and that He likes to be clean, she prepares all His things.

~with a nod from Him she moves out of the cabin and down to the galley. a soft smile on her face as she is handed a tray. she nods her thanks and carefully moves back to His cabin. a slight tickle runs through her as she tries to keep from swaying to terribly much. balancing the tray carefully she slips into the cabin setting the tray down on the small table.

~she sets His place with care making sure everything is properly in its place. then she gets two small candles from His trunk and lighting them she sets them on the table. When He rises from the desk she takes His chair and sets by the table and she waits till He is seated and eating before she goes to get the barrel for bathing.

~Bringing some of His work to the table..He doesn't pay any attention to the girl as He sits Himself down. she moves back in respect as she watches to make sure the first bite is to His satisfactory, smiling as He seems to be ok with it..she moves to the door to gather the large barrel for bathing.

~Enduring the whistles and embarrassing comments from the men on deck, she hurridly grabs the barrel and struggles to get it back down to the His cabin. Leaning on the barrel outside the door, resting but only a moment, she enters the room as quietly as she can, so that she doesn't disturb Him.

~she sets up the barrel in the center of the room and quickly she leaves the room. Once outside she runs as quietly as she can to the galley to get the water. she softly begs the cook to heat some as she carryes the buckets in two at a time to fill the barrel. Returning to gather the heated water she carefully hurries down the hallway. Breathless from all this running she nevertheless hurries.

~Between the running back and forth and the water she has been carrying, her clothes are plastered to her body. her outlines can be seen visibly, yet with the urgancy to get His bath ready she pays it no mind, little knowing that He is watching her intently. She sets down the last two buckets of water, very warm but pleasing to the touch.

~Seeing that the bath is ready, He sets down the papers and snaps His fingers. She quickly hurries to Him and kneeling before Him she takes His boots off following with His pants. Her face going a deep red as she sees the evidance of His arousal. her mouth going suddenly dry she tries to swallow, her hands begin shaking as she rises to take His shirt. Unable to look into His face she steps back trying to catch her breath.

~she hears a chuckle coming from Him, and she just wants to fall between the cracks of the floorboard in the room. Tears gather at her eyes in her embarrassment. With a small sigh of relief she sees He has stepped into the barrel and has seated Himself as best He can. A small sense of triumph that its not a comfortable seat for Him rushes through her as she gathers the soaps and washcloth.

~*Bathe Me wench.* Her eyes snapping to meet His but a moment. Oh she can't do this, there is no way. she stands there trembling, trying to bring herself to move *Bathe Me wench.* her hand shaking she nearly drops the soap, she moves to Him and kneels beside the barrel. her punishment for thinking of Him sitting in such a small barrel. That is what this is..her punishment.

~Wetting the washcloth, she begins to soap it a small tear falling down her face as she begins to bathe Him. His chest and back hoping that is where this will end. Then He stands. Tears beging falling as she struggles not to stare at Him. *All of Me wench.* she shakes her head no. she gasps as she feels His hands in her hair snapping her head back forcing her to look into His eyes..*I said, All of Me wench.*

~He doesn't let go of her hair. He makes her stare at Him as she begins batheing all of Him. Tears pouring freely down her face as she comes to THAT part of Him. she carefully takes it into her hands, and slowly she takes the washcloth up and down the length, gasping as it just gets harder. Lifting the balls carefully she gently washes them.

~He lets go of her hair, as she rinses Him off and with a snap of His fingers she gathers the towel to dry Him off with. Without any words from Him she knows that she is to dry All of Him and carefully and as quickly as she can she drys the Man off.

~She lowers her eyes as He steps from the barrel. Embarrassed and scared and just a weee bit curious and excited, she gathers up some of the smaller barrels to empty the water when He snaps His fingers at her once more. She looks up to Him seeing the most wicked of smiles splayed across His face. *Bathe yourself wench.*

~A look of horror crosses her face. She begins trembling and shakes her head no, as she slowly backs away from Him. He raises His brow, with a slightly amused look *bathe yourself wench.* She continues to back up shaking her head no when she feels the wall behind her. Looking left and right trying to find a way out, a soft moan escapes her as she realizes He is advancing on her, she has no way out.

~His face shows He is no longer amused. Her mind snaps back to her last Owner. Old and Feeble, not young and viril and ohh so handsome as this Master. She is slave, since she turned 13 she has been slave to one. Untouched and new to the feelings flowing through her, she shakes her head no as she watches His hand reaching for her.

~A scream escapes her as He rips the soft blue silk from her. She tries to cover herself, to hide her naked body from Him. He snatches her by her hair and drags her to the barrel, *Bathe yourself wench, NOW!* She quickly climbs into the barrel, gasping as the water has grown very cold, she sinks as far down as she can, hiding her body from view.

~He tosses her a repcloth and the soap, chuckling as she has to move her arms to catch them. She quickly lathers the cloth and attempts to bathe herself as best and as fast as she can. *Stand wench.* Her tears begin pouring freely once more, knowing that to refuse Him may mean a worse punishment.

~She stands as quickly as she can. She tries to cover herself once more. She sees Him leaning back along the cot, and thinks how handsome He is, as she tries not to let Him know she is watching Him. Little does she know that her body tells the Man, that she is excited. Her nipples become hard little pebbles which has nothing to do with the cold of the water.

~*Finish your bath wench.* Shaking she quickly bathes herself. She runs the cloth as quickly as she can over her breast, a soft gasp escaping her, she looks to see if He heard. His eyes look closed, His face bored and a soft sigh of relief moves through her, He didn't hear. Or so she thinks. She moves the cloth lower across her taut stomach and down as tears begin to fall once more. She runs the cloth across the soft auburn curls as another soft moan escapes her.

~She snaps her eyes to Him to see if He heard, and seeing that nothing has changed about Him, she quickly finishes her bath, dying slowly inside of embarrassment and something more, something she isn't sure about. Dying that her body is betraying her this way but not understanding why.

~She sits to rinse herself off, watching as He stands and grabs a towel for her. Tossing it to her she stands and wraps it around her grateful to have something covering herself once more. *Dry Yourself off quickly and stand beside the bed.* He wraps a towel around Himself and hollars for the cabinboy to come remove the barrel and the food from the room. She stands there with her eyes downcast, embarrassed and scared she hears the boy removing the things from the room.

~She hears the door closed and the lock put in place, she begins trembling. He comes and stops before her, lifting her face so that she is looking into His eyes. *Ahh, what a beauty you are. You may well make a welcome addition to the chain. This small trip will tell, one way or other, it will tell.*

~He drops His towel and sits on the cot, pulling hers off as He leans back. *Turn to face Me. And don't cover yourself.* Embarrassed and scared she moves to stand before Him. *You were with the old warrior how long?* ~Since this one was 13 Master.~ *You are how old now?* ~this one is 25 Master.~ She sees Him nod His head thoughtfully. *You are untried then?* Being a slave she knew exactly what He meant. ~yes Master.~

~*Dance for Me.* She gasps at His command. She is naked, vunerable and He wishes for her to dance. Why oh why did the old Master have to die?? Tears begin pouring once again as she begins to move without music. Slowly she runs her hands through her hair, spinning before Him as she begins to run her hands over her body.

~Her hips swaying gently as she closes her eyes to Him. As she runs her hands over herself she begins to feel excited. Over and over she spins and twists, her body swaying gently before Him. Her mind capturing images she has witnessed since coming to Him. Seeing Him moving about, Standing talking to others, she moves for Him praying that He will notice her. She moves for Him praying that He overlooks her. Her mind is confused. She doesn't wish to be here, but her body feels differently.

~She finishes her dance with her head bowed. She is startled by His clapping and she glances up to see Him. Gasping as she sees His arousal. She was taught the ways to please a Master but had forgotten them with the old Warrior. He never used her so she didn't understand why her body was betraying her with this Master.

~*Touch yourself for Me.* She gasps at this suggestion. Was He mad? She shakes her head no. *Wench what did I tell you?* Lowering her head in shame she brings her hands to her stomach. *Lift your breast for Me.* Sliding her hands up her body she brings them under her breast lifting them for Him. *Squeeze your nipples.* Humiliation and something else running through her body she squeezes her nipples between her thumb and finger, moaning softly.

~*That's it, harder.* Harder she squeezes, gasping with pleasure and embarrassment, wondering at the feeling deep inside. Wondering at the wetness now pooling between her thighs. *Slide your hands lower.* Her body flush with excitement and embarrassment she slides her hands lower, across her taut belly..stopping there, *Lower.* Gasping as she moves her hands lower, till they are covering the soft curls nestled there.

~He leans forward His hand covering hers, a soft gasp escapes her as she looks into His eyes. Remembering herself, she looks back down. She hears Him rise from the bed, His hand still on hers, her heart beating faster and faster in her chest. She, unsure of her feelings, unsure of what she is suppose to do. She, bought by Him, why she doesn't know. She isn't young and beautiful as the other girls. She is untried by Man.

~He moves to stand behind her, gently pushing her forward towards the mirror on the wall. She feels His excitement against her ass. She is embarrassed at the wetness she feels on her fingers. She wants to just fall between the cracks of the floor, and sink into nothingless.

~He stops her before the mirror. She can see Them. Her body blushes deep red at how intiment They fit together. Pressing into her, He takes His right hand and brings it to her face, lifting her chin so that she sees her face in the mirror. She sees His eyes within the mirror as He is looking over her body.

~Curiousity getting the better of her she looks at herself in the mirror. In her ear *You are beautiful. You are My beautiful wench. Look closely very closely and see what I see.* Through His eyes she sees herself. Tears pool in her eyes as she realizes she is beautiful. Her full breast, narrow waist, her auburn curls nestled firmly withing her hand, her long sunkissed legs.

~Moving her eyes back up, she notices that He stands half a head taller than she. She sees His dark brooding eyes afire with desire for her. For her. She watches as He moves His hand from her chin, His fingers tracing her collarbone. Ever so slowly she watches His fingers move to her nipples. Taking the harden bud between His fingers squeezing.

~Something happens deep within her, a fire explodes within her belly. The deep secret of old moving about her. *Put your arms around My neck.* As if they have a mind of their own she raises her arms and wraps them around His neck. The motion bring her full breasts higher and her back more arched. She feels His erection jerk against her. A soft moan escapes her.

~He leans in close to her ear, *You are Mine wench. You belong solely to Me. You are Mine to do with, whatever I desire. Who are You girl?* Her voice shaking she answers, ~she is Yours Master, to do with whatever You desire.~ She sees Him smiling in the mirror. *Very good wench, very good.*

~Just by His words alone, she almost reaches a searing climax. *No wench. Not just yet. It isn't time Yet.* A moan escapes her. He brings His fingers slowly down her soft skin. Goose bumps popping up follwing the trail of His fingrs. His hand comes to rest briefly upon her soft auburn curls. *Watch My hand wench.*

~She lowers her eyes to His hand. *Part your thighs a bit.* Her body shaking she moves as He commands, parting her thighs just a bit, still watching His hand. She feels His breath against her neck, fire through out her almost blinding her now. Ever so slowly He inserts a finger then another deep inside her.

~A scream escapes her as she feels His fingers moving deep inside her! Her hips arch against His hand as she holds on to His neck tightly. *Watch yourself in the mirror wench. Watch how you react to My touch.* She keeps her eyes open, watching how she moves with His hand. The torture and pleasure and pain. She watches her eyes and mouth, her hips and how she arches to feel His strokes.

~He pulls His hand away from her. Her cry of protest and shock as she is left wanting. Of what she isn't all that sure of, but of wanting something. He turns her around to face Him. Lifting her up in His arms He tells her *wrap your legs around My waist* which she complies to immediately, hoping that this will relieve her need in some way.

~He carries her to the cot and not letting go He lays her down. He is nestled against her as He looks down at her. Leaning down to her, for the first time since she became His, He kissess her. Softly His lips caress hers. A gentle purrring sound echos about the room and a teasing smile comes to His lips. A deep blush covers her face as she realizes the sounds, the purrs are coming from her.

~Taking her hands He pulls them high above her head, and reaching to the rope along the wall of the cabin over the cot He gently ties her hands. She crys a protest as He just grins down to her. *you will learn how to beg wench. This night you will learn what it means to be owned.*

~He leans in once more, kissing her hard. Without thought she kisses Him back deeply. Her back arches up and she strains against the ropes, moaning with desire and frustration. He chuckles into her ear causing a chain of goose bumps to run over her body. He kisses her neck, His tongue teasing the soft tender flesh.

~His hand sliding across her breast, His palm grazing each nipple teasingly. Chuckling at her protest. *What do you want?* ~i don't know Master i truly don't know. please Master she begs You.~ *Tell Me what you want.* Tears of frustration as she can't answer Him. He laughs gently *Soon wench, soon.*

~He cups her breasts teasing her nipples, rolling them between His thumb and fingers. Pulling on them, pinching them till she cries out with pain and pleasure. Her back arching for more. She watches as He lowers His mouth, she arches her back praying silently for relief.

~His mouth closes over her nipple. His teeth biting down upon the harden orb as His tongue teases it relentlessly. She screams in pleasure and pain, the tightening within her stomach as tears pool in her eyes. He has the audacity to stop! ~Nooooooo! Master please please!~ she cries.

~*Not yet wench. It isn't time yet.* He is kissing her again, stopping any protests she has. Moaning against His mouth, her heart beating wildly, she bucks her hips against Him. Praying for relief. He chuckles again in her ear. *What do you want wench?* ~relief Master, please some kind of relief!~

~*I don't think you are ready yet girl.* A look of shock crosses her face. Not ready He says, gods please! He lowers His mouth again to her breast. Teasing and playing with each. His hot breath causing ripples of pleasure through her body. He moves His mouth lower still teasing her belly.

~She arches her hips against Him, tossing her head side to side on the cot, tugging her hands trying to pull them from the ropes. He moves further down and she tries desperately to close her thighs. He just laughs and shakes His head. He kisses the top of her mound, much to her distress.

~*The sweet smell of pure honey.* She moans loudly, embarrassed to the core at His words. He opens her nether lips wide and with the command *Watch Me wench.* He lowers His mouth, His tongue darting about lapping up her sweetness. A scream of pure extacy escapes her! Her hips buck up against His mouth.

~His tongue dancing across her clit, darting deep inside her teasing her, bringing her to the edge then stopping. Over and over He teases her. All the while saying *Not yet wench, Not yet.* She feels His fingers sliding in and out, harder and harder, deeper and deeper. She wraps her legs around His shoulders, her hips bucking hard against His tongue, His fingers. Screaming her pleasure over and over.

~*What do you want wench?* ~she begs You Master, please please relieve this girl of this torture! she only wishes to please You Master. she is Yours Master! All Yours, only Yours. please Master, please relieve this girl!~

~*Not yet wench, Not yet.* She crys out her frustation at Him. She begs again ~please Master please allow her! please!~ He looks into her eyes. He sees what He is looking for. He rises above her taking her hips into His hands, pulling her hard against Him.

~He slides into her slowly, she gasps in pleasure. He comes across the one barrier He will have to cross. Looking into her eyes He slams His hardness deep inside. Hearing her sharp intake of breath and Holding Himself still while she becomes accustomed to His size, He watches the expression on her face.

~He begins moving slowly, wanting this to last. Gritting His teeth to hold back. And since the dawn of time the age old ryhtmn comes to her as she begins moveing with Him. Keeping time as He slams into her over and over. Looking down into her eyes seeing the answer already to His question *What do you want?* ~to please You my Master! she is Yours my Master always Yours!

~*Now wench!* At His command her hips arch hard against Him as she comes in waves. Feeling Him slam hard into her, over and over the ride takes her higher and higher as her muscles clinch around Him, holding Him tightly. Her body rocked with waves of extacy. Her sweet juices soaking Him as He gives one last jerk. Feeling Him come deep inside her, another wave of desire sweeps over her and she arches her back once more feeling the ride take her higher once more, meeting Him briefly before falling back to earth.

~His face against her breast, she feels His breathing begin to slow. He looks up and into her eyes. He sees the answer to His question. He knows that she now knows what it means to be completely owned. She is forever a slave, she can be nothing more, not now, not ever. He reaches up and unties her hands and with a nod gives her permission to touch Him. She brings her hands to His face caressing Him, the love for Him showing all through her.

~She is owned, She is slave. He is the Master. She belongs to Him. Today, tomorrow, or until He is through with her, she is His. He has opened her and sealed her fate forever. She wispers to Him softly just before He rolls off of her ~Your girl loves You Master. she thanks You for the privalage of wearing Your collar. For the privalage of allowing her to serve You.~

~He rolls to His side and she hears a soft snore. She moves to the foot of the cot, curling up at His feet. A smile of happiness settles on her face as she falls into dreams of her Master.


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