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School Teachers Affair with Black Coach, Ch 1

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It was a cool, fall afternoon, with brown leaves blowing everywhere it seemed. There had been an early-release that day for students at her school, so Joy Vincent, a 9th grade math teacher decided to pack her school teaching work into her carry bags and deal with it later that evening.

Joy was thinking about her home exercise equipment and wondering what else might be available from her favorite sporting goods store. So she drove to the mall and entered the store just to look. She did not really want or need anything; she just wanted to browse the aisles.

Joy soon noticed another customer watching her from the next aisle over. Trying not to be obvious, she would steal a glance at him occasionally to see who this was and why he was paying her so much attention. She quickly realized that she did not know this black guy, who was quite athletically built and very attractive with a 6?4? height and handsome body of probably 220#. He had a glowing smile and obviously a pleasing disposition, so she began to gradually let him see her occasionally glancing back with her own curiosity.

As Joy entered the weight lifting aisle where he was standing, their eyes met and she studied him for a moment, still wondering why he had an interest in her. She was a white, young-looking 35 year-old blonde, weighing about 100# and 4?10? tall with gorgeously large and firm 42DD breasts. She knew she was attractive with her 42-24-36 hour-glass body, and she got lots of attention because of her magnificent breasts. But being married, she was not in the market for another man?s attention. And this young black guy was half her age, so she ruled out the idea that he might try to ?hit-on? her.

As the black guy continued to stare at her with an intensity and obvious fascination that flattered her, she determined to be polite and courteous but not overly talkative. With his impressive body-building physique, she wondered what this guy did for a living. Her guess was that he was mid 20?s in age. Her mouth dropped open in surprise as she noticed the humongous bulge in his pants. She was looking him over the same as he was doing her.

As Joy expected, he started the conversation, and she moved her gaze to his face.

?Hi,? he quirked with a smile, ?I?ve seen you before. Are you a school teacher??

Joy blushed with embarrassment, being stunned at the question. She wondered if she knew him and how he knew her.

?Why?.. yes,? she stammered. ?How did you know??

?I?m a coach over at High Point Middle School, and I thought I?ve seen you at some of the sporting events when our schools have competed,? he answered.

?Okay. I?m Joy Vincent? she said with a smile, relaxing a little from his intense focus on her.

?I?m Tyrone Jackson,? he quickly replied with a smile. ?Would you join me for coffee next door at the Coffee Shop??

Joy hesitated at first because he seemed so pre-occupied with staring down the front of her low-cut dress as he glared at her large breasts. But she realized that she was old enough to be his mother, so she then agreed and left the store with Tyrone for the coffee shop next door. She thought that they would be talking about school issues and comparing notes as teacher and coach. She told him what she wanted to drink, he ordered his drink and hers, and they sat out on the patio to chat.

After some small talk about their schools, his expression changed and he asked her if he could share something with her and if she would keep it private between them. Joy hesitated again. This guy was full of surprises. Assured that whatever it was would be school related, she then agreed, wondering what he could possibly see a need to confide in her about anything as a total stranger. But she found herself more relaxed and comfortable talking to him as they sipped their coffee, feeling like a motherly figure and counselor for this young, nice-looking black guy. Her apprehension about him was gone now that she knew he was a coach at a nearby school.

He hesitated, and then seemed troubled. ?Actually, I can?t tell you. I need to show you,? Tyrone responded. ?I live just a mile away in an apartment. Would you go there with me? This is REALLY important!? he pleaded with a compelling attitude of ?will you help me??

Joy felt apprehensive about his suggestion, but thought that as a teacher and coach and her being so much older than him, that whatever it was that seemed to trouble him should be considered. She wanted to help, and at that moment male/female sexuality was the least concern on her mind. This black guy was so talkative and friendly, seemingly safe to be with as a fellow teacher. She left the coffee shop with him in his car. He drove for a mile or so and then entered an apartment complex. She walked with Tyrone to his apartment, still wondering what in the world would justify this much trouble and a need to share with her. What could be this important?

Tyrone opened the door to his apartment and they stepped inside. He quickly closed and locked the door. Without speaking, Tyrone turned around, grabbed her face with both hands, and kissed her hard, squarely on the lips, and held his lips firmly pressed to hers as he continued forcing his kiss upon her mouth. This quick, unexpected sexual advance caught the female teacher totally by surprise as his strong, black hands held her face firmly and he forced the kiss hard on her lips.

?Noooooooo!.....Don?t!!!!!!!!.....? Joy tried to say over and over, muffled by his lips tightly held over hers as he forcefully kept kissing her. His strong hands made it impossible for her to break her lips away from his or turn her face to the side to avoid him with her face firmly held between both of his hands.

She struggled to free herself but could not get loose as he firmly held her mouth tightly to his with this forceful, hard-pressed kiss. She tried again and again to pull away, but he backed her violently over against a wall and pinned her body between himself and the wall with his body pressed tightly against hers to hold her in place.

With Tyrone now tightly holding her against the wall with his body, he let go of her face with one hand and viciously groped both of her large breasts on top of her clothes like a wild man. Joy continued to struggle against his much stronger body but could not break free of him as he continued to hold her pinned firmly in place with his own, larger body wrapped around hers. She continued her futile attempt to break free as his hand quickly opened several buttons in front of her dress. Then she felt him shove a large, black hand suddenly and anxiously inside her dress. He quickly forced her bra up and over her huge, white breasts. Then he added his other hand and grabbed both of her 42DD breasts, intensely probing and caressing them in a savage, sexual manner, handling every detail of their shape with his large black hands.

Her mind was racing with thoughts of ?Oh my god, this black guy is going to r*pe me here and now in his apartment!?

Abruptly letting go of her breasts, he moved his hands now to her waist and then below her hips as he quickly pulled up her dress in spite of her still furiously resisting him. He was so much stronger that she could do nothing to stop he hands from touching her wherever he chose. His hands moved under her dress and rubbed her vaginal area on the outside of her hose and panties. Then seconds later, not content with that, he pulled down the top of her pantyhose and panties and shoved one hand between her legs to touch her exposed vaginal area.

Joy now turned her face to the side to break his kiss, but he returned one hand back to her face to hold her and continue the savage, forced kiss as he probed her vaginal area with the other hand. She felt two of his fingers poking and probing suddenly inside her vagina. The forced kiss on her mouth continued for a minute or so longer and then he let go of her lips completely, placing his hands on the wall on each side of her to keep her from moving away. Suddenly, he stopped everything he was doing with his hands and just glared into her eyes, breathing heavily with his face only an inch or so in front of hers.

The teacher, being shocked at this sudden, unexpected advance, blurted out as he removed his lips from hers. ?STOP!!!! What?s wrong with you,?. you bastard??

Tyrone said nothing in response to her question.

She was shocked with her clothing halfway undone and disheveled. ?Why did you DO that? I?m ten years older than you and married!? Joy blurted out, straightening her clothing and pulling her bra, hose and panties back into place.

?Yeah, Babe, I know you?s married. I?m married too! But you?s got a really hot bod, Babe! And I don?t care about your fucking age, Babe!? Tyrone boldly quipped back at her, exuding excessive self-confidence.

Then he continued, ?I?m real fucking horny, Babe. You?s got my dick up, so you?s better do something about that! I?ll bet you white girls don?t know how good black dick is, do you? It?s time to fuck so I can show you, Babe! I want to show you what white women are missing when you have sex with white men. My Bros all say that! You know what I?m saying? And I REALLY want to know if that?s true. Bet you NEVER had a big, black, 9? dick in you?s pussy, Babe. Let?s fuck, Babe, so I can show you how good Bro fucking is!?

He was talking fast, being wordy, and talking excitedly, rambling all his thoughts together suddenly before her. After he said this, Tyrone could immediately see that this sudden, rough-handed approach was NOT going to work with her. Most of the black girls he had ever been with usually loved his direct and bold come-on. But not this white woman!

Joy ignored what he had said. ?You scare me! I thought you were going to r*pe me!? Joy said as she looked at him in fright. ?I have NO IDEA what you?re talking about! Is that why you have me here??

?Well, ?yes?, sort of,? he said hesitatingly as he looked for a softer approach. ?I want to have sex with a white woman to see if what my Bros say is true. I?s real curious about that, and I?s want to find out with you! You?s got my dick hard, Babe, so you?s gets to be the one to enjoy my big, black dick!?

?You?re crazy! You think you can just invite me into your apartment on the pretense of confiding something to me and then have sex with me? You?re nuts!? she yelled at him even though he was still only inches in front of her face with his arms on either side of her on the wall.

?Please don?t be mad,? he said, ?I just want to find out. It would help YOU TOO, Baby!?

?You?re out of your freaking mind! What do YOU think you?re talking about?? Joy asked him, totally taken back by his comments.

?Well, my Bros say that black men are better at sex than white guys?..a LOT better! They say that they have bigger penises and that their big, black lips are more stimulating on a woman?s tits and pussy. My Bros say that Bros are more expressive during sex, making their women have many orgasms but white guys are lucky to give their women even ONE orgasm. IS THAT TRUE, Baby?? he asked boldly again.

The teacher lady bristled at his comments. ?My sex life is none of your business!? Joy said. ?Why should I tell you anything??

?Because I am convinced that ALL women WANT and NEED good sex,? he said as tenderly as he could express it. Tyrone realized the conversation was going in the wrong direction to seduce this white, female teacher, so he was desperately trying to move back into a more peaceful attitude.

But the female teacher was still angry, ?So you invited me to your apartment for sex? You?re crazy! You think it?s that easy?? she said in disgust. ?You think white women are just bitches waiting for any opportunity for sex??

?Please! I don?t think like that! I?m just curious if my Bros know something that is actually true, or just trash talk in their fantasies,? he said. ?That?s all. It would benefit YOU TOO! Don?t you want to at least find out??

She hesitated a few long, awkward moments as she thought about what he said. Then in a softer tone of voice she responded, ?I DON?T ALWAYS have an orgasm when I have sex with my husband. Okay?!!! Is that any of YOUR business? Is that what you want to know?? she replied in disgust to his suggestions of her inferior sex life.

?Well, what if I could promise you SEVERAL orgasms, say three, WITHOUT having intercourse? Would that be something you would want to know how to do with your husband?? Tyrone offered.

?Well, of course, but that?s NOT possible?? she quickly responded. ?How can ANY guy give a woman three orgasms without intercourse??

?I CAN, and I WILL, Babe! Okay? Just be open-minded?..okay? I?ll promise to give you THREE orgasms WITHOUT intercourse, without my dick even touching you, Baby! At least give me a chance to do that,? Tyrone asked as tenderly as he could.

?So this is NOT about intercourse! This is JUST ORAL?? she questioned him, hesitating again, uncertain what he was saying and what he was proposing to do as he anxiously nodded ?yes.?

For the next several minutes she studied him and neither one of them said anything as she considered the relative dangers of what he had just offered?..several oral orgasms without intercourse. That would REALLY be wonderful, she thought! Of course she liked orgasms and her husband kept her starved and unsatisfied. So should she submit to this black guy to teach her orally what to do so she could instruct her husband? If this black guy was NOT going to have intercourse with her, that seemed like less of a problem to accept his proposal. Maybe this little experiment would be okay as long as there was no intercourse. Her mind was racing, trying to be prudent in this situation yet heavily tempted to give in to his proposal.

The silence was becoming more and more awkward as she slowly pondered what he was offering. Finally, her sexual temptations overpowered her judgment and she relented.

?Okay! Okay! I?ll let you try! But NO INTERCOURSE! You can touch me orally, but JUST ORALLY! If you can?t give me an orgasm THAT way, then we stop! I will not just LET you go ahead and have intercourse with me!? she said loudly and assertively. ?Oral sex is something I?ve ALWAYS wanted but can NEVER get my husband to do during fifteen years of marriage. But I?d like that from you!? She could feel her vagina becoming wet just thinking about having this unknown black guy?s mouth on her pussy.

Tyrone grinned wildly and looked at her silently, nodding his head vigorously in happy agreement.

?NO INTERCOURSE!? Joy reminded him sternly as she relaxed and let him touch her again. ?I don?t want your dick inside me??.OKAY Coach?!?

He continued to grin and nod his head in agreement without saying anything. He moved even closer with his face and body, putting his hands on her face and tenderly kissing her on the lips this second time. She let him kiss her this time, gently kissing him back in hesitant cooperation. She did not now resist, curious if he actually knew something that would improve her sex life. However goofy this might seem, she realized that he might teach her something of long-lasting benefit with her sex life with her husband. That was the ONLY reason she was taking this chance with this total stranger at this unusual moment.

By accepting his kiss, this time she quickly noticed that his black lips were so very different than her husband?s lips, being larger and more tender, providing a soothing, gentle sucking sensation over her own smaller lips. After a long kiss that involved his tongue probing inside her now open and cooperative mouth, he moved his hands down her body to her waist. Gingerly he moved her across the room, into the bedroom and backed her onto the bed. He laid her on her back in the middle of the mattress.

Raising her skirt up around her breasts, he quickly pulled her panty hose and panties over her hips, down her legs and off her feet, hurriedly exposing her vagina and bare hips in front of him, not giving her any time for second thoughts as he rapidly undressed her.

Quickly he spread her legs widely open and moved his mouth to her vaginal area, eagerly probing the lips of her vulva with his tongue and the rest of the vaginal area in detail. He fully understood that she was giving him this opportunity and he was going to quickly make the most of it. He felt his huge, black cock becoming excited inside his pants as he licked and probed her pussy with his tongue, anxious to cause her to orally orgasm three times as he had promised. Regardless of what she had just said, he intended to fuck her after that with his huge, rapidly hardening dick. How could she refuse his penis, he thought, if she will let him give her several oral orgasms?

Joy just lay nervously on the bed and let him do his will with her half-naked body, mostly believing that this young, black guy was nuts and did not know what sex was all about but willing to let him try anyway, at least just orally to prove or disprove his assertion.

At age 35, she had been sexually active for about twenty years since first dating in high school. But sex was NEVER all that good for her with ANY guy. She never had anything except an infrequent orgasm, mostly when she rubbed herself as a guy was having intercourse with her. No guy ever spent much effort with his mouth on her vulva prior to intercourse. What Tyrone had said about giving her three orgasms without intercourse made her horny and wet just thinking about it and eager to find out if it was actually even possible. She was eager to learn something new. Her husband only allowed her to orgasm about once a week?.if she was lucky, but she had to carefully work herself up with her fingers during his pumping her for even that to happen.

The teacher felt her sexual sensations rapidly awakening and moving surprisingly quickly towards what felt like the beginnings of a full-body orgasm as his large black lips sucked and his tongue probed the outside of her vagina, frequently poking inside her increasingly wet vagina, combined with his fingers massaging her vulva. Even as long as she had been married, this was not something her husband had EVER done for her during sex even though she sometimes asked for it and even begged him for it. Her husband did NOT like putting his mouth on her vagina, so she finally stopped asking for it. Her eyes and mouth opened widely in shock now as she stared at the ceiling in surprised disbelief as her entire body became electrified and responded quickly to Tyrone?s tongue inside her vagina. The sexual sensations quickly pulsed through her body from her firm, white 42DD breasts down to her vagina, demanding her full attention because she already knew that she was being moved towards a tremendous, full-body-wrenching orgasm like nothing she had EVER experienced because so much of her body was already involved with this over-whelming sensation of sexual arousal as the black guy?s tongue kept probing.

Within several minutes she was amazed that she felt herself still continuously building to what appeared to be a full-body climax, something she had never experienced. She was on the verge of orgasm, feeling her juices release and flow onto the black coach?s tongue that was now flicking and probing so frequently and intently into her vagina and creating sensations that she had never experienced, at least nothing like THIS heightened level of pleasure. She continued to stare at the ceiling with mouth and eyes widely open and her legs voluntarily braced widely open by his strong hands. The full-body, nerve-rending orgasmic sensations wracked her senses now as her climax slammed into her body in the grips of his strong, black hands bracing her legs open and his tongue viciously probing her vagina. The orgasm racked her body like a continuous current of electricity that slowly increased, causing her to moan and groan loudly and furiously in his grasp. She heard the involuntary, loud sounds burst from her mouth, something she had never experienced with ANY man. Her body was now uncontrollably shaking and jerking all over the surface of the bed as he held her legs widely open and continued mouthing and deeply tongue-probing her pussy.

After severely arching her back upwards for several long, joyous minutes, her body collapsed back onto the bed as she relaxed from the orgasm as it slowly started to subside yet continue at lesser intensity. She believed at that moment that this was all she could expect. But even THIS was more than she was accustomed to having during sexual relations with her husband or boyfriends before marriage.

But Tyrone continued to voraciously mouth her pussy without even a pause in his actions, intent upon giving her two more orgasms as soon as possible to fulfill his obligations AND, in his mind, be ready to FUCK HER immediately after that. His focus was on satisfying her so he could fuck her with his now fully engorged, rigid black penis.

Several minutes later in continued utter disbelief, she felt herself building towards a second full-body orgasm even more intense, building on the first. She continued to enjoy the stimulations of his tongue, mouth, and fingers so tenderly working her body for a second time as the ecstatic sensations returned in force and continued building in intensity now to an even higher level, riveting her attention to his actions between her still spread-open legs. He was persistently and skillfully probing and massaging her vagina and the outer lips of her vulva. She was locked into focusing on the sensations and now did not want him to stop, unlike anything she had EVER experienced during sexual relations with any man.

She was now utterly amazed with the extreme ecstasy building within her body as she anticipated the feelings of a second orgasm. This was something that she had never before experienced to such a high level of intensity. Then as the second orgasm suddenly slammed into her body, it was even more intense than the first. It caused her body to jerk violently back on the bed as her nerves cascaded in heightened sensitivity. Tyrone now had her body multi-orgasmic. Her body was jerking and jolting again on the bed in the grasp of his strong, black hands. Joy moaned and groaned even more loudly than before as she flooded his face with her juices for the second time. He kept slurping her juices and eagerly swallowing them as he continued. Her hands grabbed and held the back of his head, tightly pressing his lips and tongue deep inside her vagina as she gushed all over his face. His mouth gobbled on her vagina like a wild, hungry jungle savage.

With her back again straining in a reflexive arch towards the ceiling as her second orgasm waned, her body went limp again on the bed from exhaustion but Tyrone still continued, again without even a pause in what he was doing.

Unknown to her, Tyrone had unzipped his trousers during her last two orgasms and let them fall down around his ankles along with his jockey shorts. He had also silently kicked his trousers and boxer shorts off his feet while she focused only on her orgasm. Tyrone was now stroking his huge, 9? black penis with one hand as he anxiously continued to tongue-probe her vagina for the third orgasm, quickly working to give her one more orgasm as promised so in his mind she would be helpless under him and he could fuck her.

A few minutes later with Tyrone?s skillful tongue probing and lips viciously sucking her vulva, Joy?s third orgasm slammed into her body, held for a long minute with her body again arched and jerking violently on the bed, and then slowly waned as she lay totally exhausted on the mattress, moaning and groaning now more softly as the ecstasy passed from the latest climax. That was her promised third orgasm.

Anticipating her total distraction with her oral orgasms and now observing that this teacher lady was truly preoccupied with her sexual ecstasy, Tyrone moved up over her and toyed with her vaginal opening with the bulbous head of his huge, black penis, fingering her vaginal secretions and carefully wetting the huge, engorged head of his penis in the process as she lay wasted and ecstatically distracted with the orgasmic feelings he had just created in rapid succession to hammer her body with three intense, body-jerking oral orgasms. Her juices had already flowed three times onto his tongue, and she was sloppy wet. Her body jerking and shaking was over for the moment and she just lay exhausted on the bed sexually content, being physically and emotionally spent. She was totally submissive and physically numb and wasted, now just lying there at his mercy as he had hoped after having pleased her sexual desires with intense oral stimulation.

Before the third orgasm hit her, Joy had closed her eyes. She now kept her eyes closed to savor those feelings. She was oblivious to what Tyrone was now doing as he quickly readied his rigid penis, moving his large, black hand back and forth between her pussy and his penis. The swollen, pink head of his huge, black penis was so large and her vulva so wet and relaxed that it just felt to Joy like more oral caressing of that area of her body.

He kissed her face with as much affection as he could provide. With one hand he handled her breasts through the unbuttoned front of her dress, jerking and pulling her dress widely open to more fully expose her large, beautiful breasts to his probing and groping, black hand. He kissed her on the mouth again. His other hand kept pressing and massaging the head of his huge, swollen penis into the lips of her vulva and the opening of her vagina, but she was so numb from several orgasms that it simply felt like more finger stimulation. There was no difference in the way his tongue and penis head felt massaging her vulva and vaginal opening, especially with her now still ecstatically tingling in that area. Joy was so distracted that she did not notice that he was rubbing and wetting his huge, engorged penis head in the sloppy-wet lips of her vagina. The feeling just seemed like more finger caressing of her vulva since her three incredible, full-body orgasms brought on by his voracious tongue action.

Without her awareness, the bulbous head of his gigantic, rigid penis was now poised and lubricated at the entrance to her vagina, gaping open and ready for his first penetration. He was anxious to enter her and satisfy his now intense sexual needs also. He knew she had specifically said she did NOT want intercourse, but he was sure she would now be forced to accept it after three intense, body-racking, oral orgasms. But accept it or not, Tyrone knew that he HAD to fuck her. He simply HAD to get his hard penis inside her hot, juicy pussy. He was far too excited to stop now. His large testicles were bulging, aching and full of semen, desperately needing a release.

With her just laying there at his mercy with her pussy exposed and wet, he fully intended to get his rigidly erect manhood inside this bitch any way he had to so he could get some relief himself. His testicles were bulging and needing relief. He needed to fuck her BADLY??.. REALLY BADLY! All he could think about was dominating this little, white bitch and viciously humping her pussy meat until he shot his load and thrust it in deep to the bottom of this white bitch?s womb. That was the only thing on his mind at that moment.

Carefully and slyly kissing her on the mouth went well to continue her distraction, as the female teacher again naively opened her mouth to receive his long, black tongue probing the inside of her mouth again, having no idea of his impending intentions to soon viciously copulate with her unsuspecting body. She tasted her own vaginal juices as his probing tongue entered her mouth, poking inside above her tongue like an anxious penis.

Holding his mouth now tightly over hers in a hard, French kiss, the black coach was now ready to make his move. He could not hold his bulging, hard penis off any longer from entering her. Quickly he plunged all 9? of his rigid, black penis inside her sloppy wet vagina all the way to the bottom as he fell heavily on top of her, heavily pinning her smaller body to the bed just in case she intended to resist him. She jerked in pain as he expected and groaned at the size of his humongous 9? x 3? penis so quickly and unexpectedly being rammed into her body as he plunged to the deepest part inside her body with a single, vicious thrust, lubricated only by her juices.

Immediately after entering her body, he started a hard thrusting rhythm of pumping her body deep into the mattress, giving her no time to respond to this unwanted and unexpected penetration of her body. With each thrust, he backed out only halfway before slamming forward and again bottoming out again inside her body. He lay heavily on top of her as he pounded her into his mattress so she could not move under him.

Her loudly groaning pain and discomfort at the entry of his huge penis lasted several minutes as she struggled desperately and vainly under him to get away. But soon the pain of his penis thrusting inside her was replaced by more orgasmic pleasure as he kept pumping his huge penis wildly hard and deep inside of her body, again connecting with her already heightened feelings of sexual arousal. Because of so much continuing orgasmic sensation which was now building again, she soon no longer objected to intercourse as she had insisted must NOT happen earlier.

As a new, deeper and stronger orgasm began to now take control of her body, she quickly surrendered to the forced entry of his rigid, black penis fiercely thrusting into her vagina and offered no further resistance. She relaxed as he continued pumping her vagina viciously hard and deep, now taking revenge on her body for the effort he had expended to get her to this point. The huge size of his penis had a gripping effect on her vaginal walls, pushing and pulling with each deep-thrusting pumping stroke in and out of her body.

(add dialog from both of them during sex)

Tyrone kept his mouth held tightly to hers as he savagely and ferociously humped her small, white body under his, heavily pressing her deep into the mattress like a sex-starved, wild man desperate for sexual relief. He fully dominated and controlled her small body under his muscular frame, pounding and slamming her again and again deep into the mattress with each downward thrust of his huge, black penis. His hairy black chest slammed repeatedly into her gorgeously beautiful white breasts.

The sounds of ?Ungh!.....Ungh!.....Ungh!.....Ungh!.....? were heard continuously uttered by Tyrone as he viciously humped Joy on the bed, demanding sexual relief and receiving satisfaction from her small, white body under his regardless of her desires at that moment. He didn?t care now if she wanted him or not; he just knew what his penis needed from her for relief.

Fifteen minutes later, Joy verbally burst out again with orgasmic pleasure as his pumping caused her to climax again during his continued deep-thrusting, savage pumping action. She reached a body-jerking orgasm for the fourth time and her body jerked and shuddered intensely under his as he continued to thrust deeply inside her body and kept her pinned into the mattress. It was wonderful, she thought, not caring at that moment that this stranger?s huge, black penis was pumping deeply hard inside her body because of all the wonderful ecstasy that he had created inside her body from so many previous orgasms.

As her orgasm severely racked her entire body again this time, she felt his huge penis also swell and ejaculate a large burst of warm semen deeply inside her vagina as he savagely kept hard-thrusting and rapidly pumping inside her body. Momentarily she forgot that she might be fertile as she felt her vagina swell with Tyrone?s semen. After several more heavy releases, his semen was oozing out of her vagina around his still thrusting penis.

?Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh, Baby! Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhh fuckkkkk this sweet??fuckin??? pussy!? Tyrone exclaimed with intense pleasure and welcomed sexual relief as his huge, black, swollen penis continued to ejaculate and fill her insides to overflowing, sending volley after volley of his hot, thick sperm deeply inside her small, totally-dominated body.

As Tyrone continued to savagely thrust and pump his load deeply inside her vagina, Joy?s body-wrenching orgasm continued at an even higher level than the previous three because of the internal stimulation of his huge, black penis. Now with his humongous penis driving viciously hard and deep inside her, this orgasm was deeper and noticeably more intense as her body again went into wild, involuntary gyrations under him on the bed. Her writhing was intense as he pumped her savagely hard and deep into the mattress, dominating her body like no woman he had ever humped before.

The fact that she could still become pregnant even at her age was not a part of her thinking at that moment, being distracted by his huge 9?x 3? rigid, black penis thrusting as deeply as possible inside her womb to a depth she had never experienced from ANY man. She continued being intensely involved with her own extreme orgasm as she felt more and more massive bursts of hot semen jettison deeply inside her body, filling her inner cavity to capacity and overflowing. She was so stunned that she did not notice how much semen he kept expending inside her body as she continued moaning and groaning in her own ecstasy. Her orgasm was VERY, VERY deep ONLY because of the length of his penis and the viciousness of his humping her body under his.

It would be several minutes before she began to realize and understand that the size of his penis and his ferocious fucking energy was the reason for the depth and intensity of her orgasm. And realizing that, she would crave intensely for more of the same.

As the last of his warm semen shot forcefully deep inside her womb filling her body to overflowing out the entrance and Tyrone?s groans of sexual pleasure ended, he collapsed on top of her large, exposed breasts, pressing them tightly to her chest with his own hairy chest. He pumped her slowly now as he finished and then stopped, resting from exhaustion as his huge, black penis enjoyed the sensation of being gripped by her tight vagina. The full 9? length of his penis was still buried inside her body and moving slowly to explore her vagina.

Exhausted after four orgasms, she lay motionless under him, overcome with the volume and intensity of ecstatic sensations having racked her body during the last hour.

As the ecstasy of her last body-jerking orgasm subsided and his semen oozed out of her body around his still rigid penis still slowly pumping in and out of her vagina, she realized how sexually infatuated she now was with what he had just done for her. She immediately became mentally intent upon continuing a sexual relationship with him to get more of what she had just experienced. Her mind was still racing with the pleasurable sensations he had just given her, not wanting to leave his apartment without some reassurance of another sexual encounter. She was addicted to this new found sexual pleasure and this person doing it for her and to her.

?When can I see you again?? she asked as soon as she could talk with a pleading, yearning voice, obviously wanting and expecting more and revealing her sudden desire for sex with him again.

Without answering her question, Tyrone slowly removed his huge, still-rigid, black penis from her body and stood up at the side of the bed, looking for his clothes. Briefly he walked out of the bedroom to retrieve his clothing and then quickly returned to the side of the bed to dress, saying nothing to her question as he thought about it.

Joy slowly tried to get up from the bed. But by moving upward to stand, Tyrone?s semen immediately gushed out of her vagina. She reached for a cloth to wipe it from her legs and vagina, sitting back on the bed with her legs wide open to clean herself.

Tyrone was now dressing, pulling his trousers up with his big, black penis protruding out the open zipper, being still massive and mostly engorged and semi-rigid. His impressive black manhood was wet and dripping with his semen and her vaginal juices.


But unlike Joy, Tyrone was sexually satisfied with her and was not expecting or even wanting anything more from this sudden, sexual relationship. He had NOT been overly impressed with this white woman?s ethics or what he had to promise to do for her earlier (give her 3 oral orgasms) to FINALLY with a LOT of talking get her consent to just let him try. In his mind, he already got to fuck her, and that was all he wanted from her. He had conned her with this stupid and meaningless ruse of a sexual question about the races. He had finally found a white bitch stupid enough to believe his suggestion that sex with black men is better. He was now grinning, proud of himself because he had talked her into it; she had stupidly fallen for it. What a stupid bitch this must be, he thought, and why would he want to spend MORE time with this older white woman, even if she had big, knock-your-eyes-out tits.

Tyrone was put-off with her because she had earlier emphatically insisted upon NO INTERCOURSE with him, which he at first agreed ONLY to get her stupid, fucking panties off. Then he forced his black dick into the bitch anyway during her weaker moments after her three oral orgasms, somewhat fearful that she might consider it r*pe and try to get him in trouble.

?What a stupid, fucking, white bitch!? he thought to himself. ?She let me take her fucking panties off, and believed that I would JUST give her oral sex WITHOUT fucking her! But now this dumb bitch is asking for more? Unbelievable!?

Tyrone assumed that Joy would be sexually boring after this first episode in his apartment, and he didn?t want to just ?sexually service? this older, white woman and be bothered by her to do that. But oh man, she DID have really nice tits. He had already joyously pumped his full load of semen deep inside this stupid white woman?s tight little pussy and used her all he wanted. After fucking her long and hard, he was no longer horny for more. Not right now. He didn?t want to even think about it. It was time to give his prized manhood a rest. His balls were already pumped dry, and he could see the results were oozing out of the white bitch?s pussy.

He was ready to get rid of her, smoke a cigarette and have a few drinks. A few shots of bourbon would be nice about now, he thought.

Joy had stopped dressing. She and was just sitting on the bed watching him with her legs spread open and her huge breasts and luscious pussy exposed, waiting for an answer about seeing him again. She now wanted to encourage him with her body before she covered herself by dressing.

?Come on, Babe, get your fucking clothes on so I can take you?s back to your car,? Tyrone rudely informed her with a contrastingly harsh and impersonal change of attitude to get her to move faster. His change of attitude stunned her as she felt his clearly obvious rejection and the finality of this sexual encounter. He obviously did not want to be with her any more.

?Wait! Can we talk first?? Joy begged him in a voice surprised that he so quickly wanted her out of his apartment after their intense sexual tryst. She now had intense sexual feeling for him and wanted a promise for more.

He now began to look for a way to let her down gently without having to promise to see her again. Fucking this big breasted, stupid, white bitch was nice, but he had fucked her all he wanted. He did not want her as baggage in his life. And he was puzzled at her request to see him again, thinking that she would soon come to her senses about the ruse he used to get her into his bed and fuck her.

?Look, Babe! I JUST wanted you to help me understand what my bros have always said about white women and their white men having inferior sex compared to what a bro can do for you. Are you telling me that you now want to do this again?? Tyrone asked her.

He was somewhat puzzled and annoyed by her question since he had already considered this to be a one-time fling with her. He didn?t want to keep giving her oral orgasms if she was ONLY going to just lie on the bed and accept it, making him do all the work. He expected a bitch to give him some head. You know what I?m saying? Suck his dick and cum in her mouth, maybe even deep throat the bitch. He THOUGHT she?d be mad at this moment about his savagely hard-fucking her, but she didn?t even mention it. Maybe she had changed her mind about not having intercourse with him.

?I thought we could get together tomorrow after school, Baby,? Joy suggested in a pleading and yearning voice filled with excessive anxiety, looking for the soonest opportunity to continue her newfound sexual addiction with him.

He did not respond fast enough to suit her, so she anxiously continued.

?I could meet you again here at your apartment, Baby!? she said with sad, submissive eyes, pleading with him and anxious for his approval.

She was ALREADY becoming a hang-on pest, he thought. He could see she was now eager to quickly see him again and have an affair, but he did not want to be tied down by this older, white woman or her chasing him. He suddenly wondered if she would be just as eager to ?put out? for him sexually by doing some things to please HIM besides just laying there like a piece of white, fucking meat, expecting him to do all the work.

Tyrone just frowningly stared at her as he continued his hesitation and reconsidered a relationship with her now in a different way to suit his own sexual fantasies. He had not yet answered her suggestion to meet again.

Again, she continued without allowing him time to answer.

?Pleeeeease, Baby, pleeeeeese! Don?t you want to fuck me again?? she said as she looked hopefully and submissively into his eyes, pressing hard for his answer about meeting her tomorrow, feeling very insecure about him at that moment. She reached her hand out and grabbed his semi-hard penis, massaging it and pulling his penis in her direction symbolically.

?I ??..don?t??. know??.. Babe,? Tyrone answered slowly with a frown. ?I?m really busy!?

Now he took the lead and pressed her to answer his question.

?What?s in it for me, Babe?? he asked to see if she would suggest something to give him a reason that would encourage him to see her again.

?I?ll do whatever you want, Baby. Just tell me what YOU want!? Joy stammered to keep the conversation going towards his consideration of another sexual encounter. Her multiple orgasms were still tingling and feeling wonderful inside her body.

Tyrone sensed that he now had the advantage and could press her to do sexual things that other women would NOT do for him.

?How?s about giving me a fucking BLOW JOB next time, Babe. Can you even fucking handle that?? he asked with a highly negative attitude, frustrated with her hanging-on and doubting her willingness or ability to do so.

?YES, Baby! I can do that! ............. So then you?ll meet me here after school tomorrow? Okay, Baby?? Joy continued, talking too much as she still pressed him for an answer, still massaging his penis.

Her overanxious attitude perked his interest and started his thinking. Tyrone began to now feel like he had the advantage over her in this proposed new relationship, and he could bargain for more. Now SHE was doing ALL the talking and propositioning HIM, he thought to himself.

But he still had lots of doubts about her sexual ability because of her age, her race, and her earlier resistance. Her quick answer made him suddenly doubt that she fully understood what he meant by a ?blow job.?

?Wait ??. Fuck! Just a fucking minute, Babe! I don?t JUST mean suck my dick a little bit; I want you deep-throating my fucking dick, Babe? Can you do that?? Tyrone looked at her intently, thinking he had found a way to break off this conversation with her.

He was driving a hard bargain, pressing his luck to ask such a sexually difficult thing since he had rarely been able to deep-throat ANY woman with his unusually large, black penis and huge penis head when he was rigid. He knew that most women never cared enough to learn to deep-throat a penis by overcoming their gag reflex. He seriously doubted that this old, straight-laced, white woman could do that either. He thought that this would be an excuse to avoid seeing her again. That would be no problem if she couldn?t deep-throat his penis. He was ready to simply stop this anyway and get rid of her. He was ready to take her back to her car.

But surprisingly after only a brief hesitation she said ?I?ll do that for you, Baby! I?ll do that! I?ll deep-throat your dick for you tomorrow, Baby.?

She kept annoying him by fondly calling him ?baby? and he did not feel ready to return the affectionate nick name.

She lied by saying that she could deep-throat him, but she didn?t dare admit that she had never done it or refuse his request for it for fear that he would break off with her at that very moment. And he WOULD have! She lied even though she had NEVER deep-throated ANY man?s penis. But she had heard that SOME women could do it, so she quickly assumed she could learn too if she had to. She also knew that she HAD to learn before tomorrow at 3:30pm.

Tyrone stared at her and smiled as he marveled that she accepted his demand for her to deep-throat his huge, black penis. Amazingly, she seemed confident and convincing that she would do that for him. He knew his fully-engorged penis head was so large that it was the problem with deep-throating a woman, besides the large shaft behind it. Only a few women had ever been able to deep-throat him, like maybe two.

Now Tyrone had another idea. He pressed her now on one more sexual issue which he has often wanted but been frustrated and denied by his wife and other women before marriage. He wanted to fuck her in the ass.

?And then if I want to put my dick in yo? sweet little ass and fuck you again? You?ll be okay with that too, right?? he asked, getting all his sexual frustrations with other women on the table for her to consider BEFORE agreeing to see her again. He was driving a hard bargain but Joy was motivated by the memory of the last hour of orgasms in his apartment to find a way to please him and let this continue.

Now Joy hesitated to answer, fearful of his huge penis being thrust into her rectum, hoping he would back off of this latest demand. She KNEW that his penis is so huge that it would be severely painful. She had NEVER allowed her husband to anally fuck her during their fifteen years of marriage because of her fear of anal penetration. A boyfriend had briefly done it once before she married her current husband, and the pain was horrific before she stopped him in the middle of the act.

But Tyrone wouldn?t let go of the idea. By her hesitation in responding, he seized upon her reluctance. But he was determined to get her agreement to let him do that too, so he now pressed her hard for an answer like she had been doing him.

?Look, Babe, if you can?t fucking let me fuck you in the ass, just tell me! We don?t have to hook-up again. I can do that with someone else,? he lied, suggesting he could get anal sex from someone else if she refused him.

In desperation, Joy suddenly reconsidered and determined herself to confront her fear of anal penetration and overcome it.

?Okayyyyyyy, okayyyyyyyy, Baby! You can fuck me in the ass, Baby!?

?Awwwwwww??..righttttttt! That?s more like it, Babe! I might just learn to like you, Babe!? he responded.

He stared at her, seeing her facial expression of fear but purposely ignoring it, intent upon having his way with her tomorrow with deep-throating AND fucking her in the ass. He was now truly excited about seeing her tomorrow, looking forward to these two taboo sex issues which his wife would not allow. If this went well, he could push for bondage later with this bitch which was another sexual frustration with his wife.

?Okayyyyyy, Baby! Then get yo? sweet fucking ass over here tomorrow after school. I?ll let you deep-throat my dick. And then I?ll hard fuck your pussy and make you cum a few times. And then I?ll fuck your ass the way I want. I?d like that!?

Tyrone was proud of himself for getting her to agree to that. His huge penis was still boldly protruding out the front of his trousers. They continued dressing as he now thought about what he wanted with her.

Lastly, Tyrone stuffed his huge penis carefully back into his loose-fitting trousers.

?And another thing! Wear something sexy, Babe! I mean REALLY SEXY! Find something so I can see a LOT of your tits and have the fucking skirt up over your pretty little knees to just below your cute little ass. You know; just barely cover your ass! Real slutty and indecent like! You got that??

?Yesssssss, Baby!? Joy answered.

They finished dressing and left his apartment. She got in his car, and Tyrone took her back to the sporting goods store. There was no conversation on the way back to her car as she worried about her promise to deep-throat his penis and let him anally fuck her, wondering how she could get ready to do both things by tomorrow.

Before she drove back to her house, she stopped and purchased a really sexy black lace dress that she would NEVER have worn anywhere in public. It looked more like lingerie than a dress to wear out. It matched the description which Tyrone had suggested with low-cut front to reveal a lot of her 42DD breasts and the length barely covered her buttocks, showing more leg than she would ever allow in public. She intended to make an exception this time to please him. She knew it could NOT be worn to school, and that she would have to change into it somewhere, like in her car, before meeting him.

As soon as she arrived home, she pulled out a long, black dildo from a hiding place to practice, working with it for hours before she finally was able to get it past her gag reflex and take it all the way down her throat. She knew things would be different with a REAL penis, especially Tyrone?s because of the size of it.

She also slowly worked another dildo into her anus and then deeper inside her rectum. She decided not to eat an evening meal and drank lots of liquids to flush her system for anal penetration. Joy also took an enema device to school to use just before she left for the day tomorrow to meet him. She was trying to prepare herself in every way possible which might eliminate or lessen the pain of his penis inside her rectum. Being clean inside her rectal canal seemed like a good idea.


Maybe Tyrone was right, she thought later, she had NEVER experienced sex like this with any white man??.. NOT EVER! She was sure that she wanted more! But how could she sexually please this young black guy who was half her age. She feared he would soon lose interest in her if she did not try REALLY hard to please him.

End Chapter 1

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