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School Teacher’s Affair with Black Coach Chapter 4

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Tyrone had previously taken her back to her parked car on the Saturday when he tricked her by taking her to his friend?s house out in the country for a surprise orgy with four other black guys against her will. Joy had made an excuse with her husband to secretly be with Tyrone that day, so she could not report Tyrone?s friends savagely raping her to police. Besides, it would also get Tyrone in trouble for his helping or simply letting them do it. She had willingly gone to this old farm house out in the country with him simply to continue their affair, but he took advantage of the seclusion to score a hit with his black friends, ?bros? as he called them, prostituting her to them over her objections, saying his ?bros? needed sex too! That day the four bros had grabbed her and forcefully used her for sex to their complete satisfaction, or about two times each cuming inside her.

Joy was furious with Tyrone for his deception and the gang r*pe by his black friends. If fact, she was so mad that she fully intended to break off her affair with him forever regardless of her earlier sexual infatuation with him. That day, she said absolutely NOTHING during the ride back to her car, having been physically and mentally hurt, r*ped and sexually abused by his four friends and himself. Tyrone had continuously talked affectionately as he drove back to her car, trying to console her that everything was okay and that he appreciated her letting his ?bros? have sex with her, even though she did not willingly agree to it or know in advance that those were his intentions. He mistakenly thought that she would simply go along with it at the time but she did not. So it had all been forced upon her and she was hurt and mad as hell because of it. He ignored the fact that she furiously fought with his black friends and was brutally r*ped as a result. The more she struggled that previous day, the more beastly they became. They viciously slapped her severely and repeatedly to force her into submission as they hard fucked her in all three openings to get what they wanted. So his words of constant affection and appreciation as he took her back to her parked car at the motel that day meant very little or NOTHING to her at that time. She had no way to mentally associate sexual violence with affection.

Her body had severely ached for days afterwards from all the sexual abuse, having been gang r*ped by five guys including Tyrone for several hours with each guy raping her twice and ejaculating all over her body and inside her three openings. Several times she was being violated in her mouth, vagina, and rectum all at the same time as the black ?bros?, as Tyrone called them, gathered around her in the remote and isolated farm house bedroom out in the countryside and sexually got from her what they wanted. Her large breasts and small, lily-white body caused the black guys to go wild in satisfying their voracious sexual appetites with their vicious use of her petite, Caucasian body. They handled her like five jungle savages in a rotating fashion until each guy pumped his testicles thoroughly dry. Their laborious and loud grunting and groaning sounds as they ram fucked her body still filled her memory of that horrible Saturday. The ordeal had lasted several hours.

When she had exited his car that previous Saturday, she was STILL so furious that she slammed his car door. She whipped her long, blonde hair around and strutted her 42-24-36, gorgeous 42DD breasts and 90# lily-white body back to her car. She was so mad that she had no intention of EVER talking to Tyrone again. And she certainly did not want to continue the affair with him. She communicated that only with her silence, her total refusal to respond to ANY of his comments. He knew she was furiously angry with him and that his only hope was to give her some time to cool off. He was fairly certain that he could persist in his sweet-talking later and get her to trust him again. He knew that she loved the fantastic orgasms that he had previously given her and that she could NOT get that from her husband. So he reasoned, and correctly so, that he offered something that she still desperately wanted when she cooled off from the gang r*pe of his friends.

Joy returned home to her husband that previous Saturday and made excuses that she was not feeling well and went to bed the rest of the day, pretending to be sick so she could recover from the bruises and sexual abuse of her body. She took several muscle relaxers and downed several shots of liquor to knock her out and let her sleep through the pain and discomfort. It was several days before the aching muscles completely healed and she once again felt like herself.

Joy went on with her life as a school teacher, trying to avoid thinking about what had happened. She still craved sex with Tyrone, but NOT if she had to also suffer through having sex with his bros.

Tyrone waited a full month before he called her, giving her plenty of time to heal and hopefully remember the good times she had with him. But even after a month, Joy hung up on him repeatedly over several days before she finally allowed him a few minutes to talk, with her only then simply holding the telephone receiver to her ear and listening, still furious at his deceit and the sexual abuse that he put her body through only a month earlier. She was still so angry that she could not even talk to him on the telephone. He wanted to talk her into meeting him again and continuing their affair. After he called several times a day for three days, she finally just listened and let him do all the talking.

He was of course very apologetic about the orgy he had forced her to accept on that Saturday over a month ago, knowing that it made her furious for him to prostitute her to his ?bros?. Tyrone tried to get her to see his perspective of trying to make a hit with his black friends. He said he had been sure that she would willingly have sex with his friends too, but when she refused, things got out of hand and violent with the bros refusing to be denied sex and forcing themselves on her.

He did all the talking and she mostly just listened with the phone in her ear, fuming as he pleaded with her over and over to meet with him again. Finally, he convinced her that he would NOT trick her again, which was her greatest fear of ever seeing him and being alone with him. She had to slowly regain her trust in him to ever want to see him again.

Yet she still remembered that her sexual orgasms with Tyrone had been fantastically wonderful and worth the risk to her marriage until the orgy had been forced upon her. Her weakness now was that she really CRAVED what he could do for her sexually. He knew that too and reminded her of the great sex they enjoyed. That was her greatest weakness with him that he could use to get her to meet him again.

Joy finally agreed to meet him again at his car in a motel parking lot. There she got in his car late one evening after dark and they went parking to a remote area so they could talk. She had made some excuse to her husband about needing to be somewhere for a few hours. Tyrone kissed her a lot and caressed her body heavily to once again stir the sexual sensations and emotions inside her to again sexually crave him. He knew if he could get his hands on her, that he could surely seduce her to do whatever he wanted. Slowly her anger subsided as his fingers probed her vagina and stimulated her body to another full-body orgasm. She returned his affection, hungry for him to give her several of his fantastic orgasms which her husband never seemed to know how to do. Tyrone had a magic way with her when he touched her that drove her furiously hot and horny, ready and willing for sex with him in spite of everything else.

Tyrone then got her to suck his huge, rigid, black 9? penis in the back seat of his car, slowly deep-throating her again, until he ejaculated inside her throat, complimenting her profusely about how GOOD she was at being able to take his long, black penis into her little throat and how much he liked that. He ASSURED HER that no woman except her could do that for him. With her thrusting his hard penis deeply into her throat, he kept going on and on about how good she was, cheering her on to do more and more. He lied and assured her that no woman had ever done that for him, and he acted like THAT made being with her REALLY SPECIAL. Of course, even though that was a lie, that was music to Joy?s naive ears as she once again carelessly believed every word out of his mouth. She felt special in being able to deep-throat his huge penis as his black penis continued to thrust deeply into her throat and ejaculate his hot load of semen down directly down into her stomach.

Tyrone emptied the pent-up load of his massive testicles into her throat, ready for more sex with her as soon as he could get his penis hard again.

With Joy in the back seat of his car, Tyrone began to undress her. He anxiously unfastened her clothes and tossed them, item by item into the front seat until he undressed her completely. Soon he had her naked under him in the back seat of the car. He also undressed himself, and was soon naked too. After he was able to recover from the deep-throated oral sex and get his black penis hard again, he shoved his rock-hard penis inside her pussy and began to pump her. They had vicious, intense, hard-thrusting intercourse in the back seat of his car for the next hour.

Once again, Tyrone was savagely pumping his humongous, black 9? penis deep inside her vagina while also caressing her entire, voluptuous body towards orgasm. He hard sucked her nipples, massaged her breasts, and fingered her vulva as he steadily pumped her in a hard and fast rhythm, stimulating every part of her body under him, driving her wild with sexual stimulation and ecstasy. He also fingered her vulva which kept her moving towards orgasm.

He fucked her so savagely hard and deep that he gave her several body-jerking, highly vocal orgasms during the next hour in his car. He made sure to please her again with several orgasms to purposely remind her of how sexual fantastic he could be with her.

Tyrone came several times himself, humping her body under himself on the car seat until he used her body for all the sex he wanted, totally draining his testicles so that he no longer even wanted sex with her at that moment. After three massive ejaculations and over an hour of fucking, his testicles were milked dry, his penis was sore and he was very content, totally spent from fucking her. His semen and her orgasmic juices were all over her and the back seat, making both of them and the entire car smell like a whore house.

His semen oozed out of her vagina now even though his huge penis was still thrust deeply inside her. She was incredibly raw and sore from all the intercourse with his huge, black penis.

Being sexually satisfied, they continued being affectionate with each other. Tyrone occasionally entered her several more times with his huge penis but only pumped her to make sexual contact without cuming as they talked, kissed and caressed each other during the next hour or so.

Several hours later after lots of furious, intense kissing, caressing, and deep thrusting intercourse, they put their clothes back on. Tyrone took her back to her car and she returned home, with no promises from her of her willingness to continue their earlier sexual affair with each other. But Tyrone was now encouraged that he once again had her right where he wanted her??again sexually infatuated with him and eager for him to give her more sex and the orgasms she craved but could not get at home from her husband.

A week later, Tyrone called her again and this time she was much more pleasant on the telephone and talked to him more like old times when they were first having their affair. She had slowly regained her trust in him only because of her sexual infatuation with him. Now she naively believed his continually repeated promises to NEVER prostitute her again to the ?brothers.? Of course, they weren?t his brothers, but rather his black friends. He simply called them ?bros?.

Unfortunately for her, Tyrone was still being dishonest. He had secret plans to trick her again as soon as he could once again get her in a helpless situation out away from people.

She had managed to keep her earlier affair with Tyrone a secret. She was so careful in meeting him that no one knew anything about him or the affair. So when she again agreed to meet him on a Saturday morning a month later, no one again knew where she was or even that she was with Tyrone. Unknown to her, this would work to Tyrone?s advantage and her extreme disadvantage.

After she meet him Saturday morning in another motel parking lot, Tyrone drove in a different direction out of town, explaining that he was going to take her parking out in the woods since it was daylight and their usual parking spots would make them visible to passers-by. He said he knew of a nice, secluded spot for them to have sex, far out on some park land near a lake.

He wanted her to suck him off as they drove, so she opened his trousers and did that during the trip, not seeing where he was driving. Soon Tyrone again got Joy to deep-throat his penis, something that he really enjoyed as his huge, black 9? penis probed deeply inside her tight throat. Soon after he pulled his car off the pavement and onto a dirt road, Tyrone started ejaculating inside her throat which kept her head down and unaware of where he was taking her. She felt his massive semen bursts jetting deeply inside her throat as she continued to bounce his rigid, black penis into her throat to please him. As his penis finished throbbing, she finished swallowing his semen and cleaning up his penis with her mouth as the road he was driving on turned into a dirt path with only tire tracks. As she finally sat up in the seat thirty minutes or so later, she was not familiar with the area where he was driving. When she asked him where they were, he simply said that he wanted to assure their privacy and they would soon be there.

After several minutes a small lake was visible up ahead and he drove the car into a clump of trees near what appeared to be a small, sandy beach. He casually laughed and said, ?Come on, Baby, let?s fuck in the back seat again.?

Joy looked carefully outside, studying the area and looking for people, but satisfied her concern for privacy by seeing no one. She then moved to the back seat with him. Tyrone started undressing her and tossing her clothing once again into the front seat item by item. He continued until she was completely naked, reassuring her of their privacy as he removed her clothing and handled her body under his. But this time he did not undress himself, which she thought was odd. Tyrone only unzipped his trousers and pulled his trousers and boxer shorts down his legs. They kissed briefly as he milked her vagina to get her wet and she pulled on his engorging, black penis between her legs to regain his gigantic, black, 9? erection.

Tyrone had set her up for this situation and planned it for over a month after she broke up with him from the earlier forced orgy. Today she had no idea what was soon to happen or what he had planned. He pulled her down onto her back on the rear car seat and penetrated her quickly, thrusting all 9? of his huge, rigid, black penis to the depths of her vagina with his first forward driving motion inside her. He rapidly got into a rhythm of pumping her savagely again like he was again sex starved, keeping her down and lying heavily on top of her as he humped her naked, white, voluptuous body with those gorgeous 42DD breasts being hammered by his hairy, black chest. He wanted her down in the back seat so she could not see outside the car.

From deeper in the woods slowly emerged a group of Hispanic men about ten in number. Joy was unable to see them approach as Tyrone viciously humped her frontally in the back seat. The guys gathered near Tyrone?s vehicle and hid themselves behind trees. But Tyrone saw them, knew who they were and expected them, having set-up this situation for a meeting with them.

As Joy and Tyrone continued to have intercourse, the Hispanics quietly approached in mass around the vehicle. Then one guy opened the rear door of the car on Tyrone?s side, suddenly confronting Tyrone and Joy as their bodies pulled apart and they sat back on the car seat. She immediately tried to escape out the other side of the car but Tyrone grabbed her arm and held her beside him. She looked out the other rear car door to see that several Hispanics were beside the car on that side too.

Tyrone pulled up his trousers, quickly fastening them at his waist but with his rigid 9? penis still protruding out the open front zipper. He then got out of the car and pulled her with him, standing up with her in the midst of these Hispanics who were gathering around them. Three of the Hispanics hurriedly circled behind her, took hold of her shoulders, and pulled her arms behind her back. Joy started screaming in fear, so one Hispanic pulled out a piece of cloth and gagged her mouth tightly with it to shut her up. She stopped her attempts to scream after the gag was inserted and tied along with a knife being held blade open to her throat. She and Tyrone stood there confronted by the group of ten Hispanics.

Tyrone had planned this carefully. He knew that Joy?s 42-24-36 beautiful 90# Caucasian body only 4?10? tall with gorgeously large, 42DD breasts with long blonde hair and pretty blue eyes would command a high price from the Hispanics on the sex slave trade market. She was a young-looking 45 years of age. The Hispanics grinned in anxious anticipation as Tyrone stood there with her. He turned and talked to the leader of their group, seeming to already know him.

Joy was horribly frightened, trying to figure out what was about to happen, standing there naked, gagged, and restrained by several Hispanics. Her head was pulled back and held by her long blonde hair. She felt hands cupping each of her large white breasts and fingers probing her vagina and anus.

Tyrone spoke first. ?Hey, man. Here?s the little white bitch I promised you!?

A guy named Alfredo spoke back in a mixture of two languages. ?Vete a la verga, tu pendejo de mierda. Okay, nicca, how much do you want for yo? ho?? he said as he stepped in front of Joy, looked devilishly at her naked body, and abruptly grabbed one of her breasts with a dirty, brown hand. She screamed again under the gag as he clamped both hands down on her breast really hard, testing the feel of it.

Without answering the question, Tyrone touted her value to get the price up. ?As you can see, amigo, she?s a really good-looking, blue-eyed blonde with a gorgeous fuck body. Take a good look at her big tits, man! She?s a real good fuck, man, in the pussy and in the ass! And best of all, the bitch can take your dick deep-throat, man! You can?t get many bitches to do that, amigo. That?s worth a lot of money, man! Gimme $6000 and she?s yours.?

Tyrone was rambling and talking too much to suit Alfredo.

?Chinga tu madre! I can deep-throat fuck ANY ho when I dope her, nicca!? Alfredo suggested that deep-throating Joy did not make her more valuable in the bargain.

But Tyrone persisted, ?Yeah, man, but deep-throat fucking is better if the bitch is NOT doped out of her mind, man. It?s better if SHE?S the one moving her mouth on your dick, man. It?s better when you?re not just fucking a doped-out broad?s throat! You can make this bitch go down on you, man!?

?Pendejo nicca!? Alfredo pulled Joy forward and downward, doubling her over and bending her body at a ninety degree angle in front of himself towards his genitals. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his huge, brown penis as the other Hispanics held her arms and body, removed the gag, holding her by the arms in position in front of his penis.

?Chupame la verga, ho! Open you fucking mouth, ho!? Alfredo demanded of Joy.

?Tyrone, you sorry bastard!? Joy muttered loudly as the guys pulled her head all the way back and slapped her face to get her mouth open. The Hispanics continued to hold her bent over fully forward with her head back and her mouth now open and waiting for Alfredo?s penis.

Alfredo jerked his penis several times and it quickly became rigid, appearing to be an impressive, dark brown 8? in length. He then started forcing it into Joy?s mouth, pressing forward until he touched the back of her throat. Several Hispanics continued holding her head back by grabbing her long blonde hair and pulling it back to place her in the best angle for involuntary deep-throating.

Alfredo started savagely fucking her mouth until Joy felt his erection ramming into her throat. Soon he was thrusting himself deeply into her throat just as viciously and making sounds of pleasure as the rest of his long, brown penis now completely disappeared inside her mouth with each forward stroke so that her lips were touching his hairy, brown testicles. Alfredo viciously grabbed the back of her head with both hands, holding her head firmly in place as he thrust his rigid penis deeply inside her throat in a hard-pumping rhythm. He was gagging her and cutting off her breathing but she could not move or avoid him in any way. She would gasp on the backstroke of his penis whenever he pulled back enough for a quick breath, but he was now holding his rigid penis deep inside her throat and only short stroking deeply inside her.

As Alfredo continued, she felt another one of the Hispanics suddenly thrust his rigid penis inside her vagina from the rear and start pumping her from behind. He matched his forward stroke with Alfredo?s thrust into her throat so that both of them were driving into her at the same time.

A few minutes later as she was losing consciousness, Joy felt Alfredo?s penis swell and ejaculate heavily into her throat a number of times. Alfredo expressed his pleasure as he finished and pulled out. Joy gasped heavily for air, still being held suspended by her other captors. He placed his penis back inside his loose fitting trousers as the other Hispanic continued pumping her from behind.

The guys continued to hold her horizontally as they gathered around her now off to the side away from Alfredo. They were laughing and enjoying themselves as they made sexual use of this beautiful, white American woman. As they moved her away from Alfredo, another Hispanic was preparing his penis for her mouth as his buddy kept pumping her viciously from behind while occasionally curling a finger inside her anus.

Stepping away from his group of Hispanics, Alfredo turned back to Tyrone and spoke again. ?You nicca son-of-a-bitch, I?ll give you $3,000. But that?s only because I need you to get me more women. Otherwise, I just take the fucking ho and slit your fucking throat, nicca!?

?Give me $6,000!? Tyrone bargained, ?Or I sell her to Manuel Hortes!? This was the name of a well-known rival drug dealer who also trafficked in sexual slavery and prostitution.

?Don?t piss me off, nicca!? Alfredo warned. ?Take $3500. That?s all I pay for you fucking Americano ho! The bitch is NOT young, you dumb fucking nicca! I pay $6000 only for young meat! This bitch is OLD!?

?She?ll still be a good fuck and make you lots of money for several years before you ditch the bitch, man!? Tyrone reminded him.

?Okay, nicca, I want the bitch! Okay?? Alfredo insisted, pulling out a wad of $100 bills and waiting for Tyrone?s acceptance of the counter offer.

Playing the bargaining game as he knew Hispanics love to do to feel good about their purchases, Tyrone hesitated a few moments, pretending to be considering the new offer. He knew he had to take Alfredo?s counter offer but he knew that hesitation made Alfredo feel like he was getting a deal. After a minute of carefully calculated hesitation, Tyrone said ?Okay, man, $3500!?

Alfredo counted out $3500. He handed the bills to Tyrone as the other Hispanics took Joy off into the trees to their vehicles, still happily raping her mouth and rear end as they carried her as a group.

Alfredo turned back to Tyrone as he walked away. ?Next time bring me a young American bitch to fuck, nicca! You know what I want!?

End Chapter 4

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