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School Teacher’s Affair with Black Coach Chapter 3

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After Joy?s hasteful retreat from Tyrone?s apartment as his wife discovered them naked in bed during their illicit, interracial affair, she worried about their sexual affair becoming gossip around town and at the school where she worked as a teacher. But no one seemed to be aware of it even a month later. No one said anything. About thirty days later, Tyrone called her at home and they talked for a long time about the situation. He said that he and his wife were getting a divorce, and his wife had already moved out of their apartment.

It was clear to Joy during this telephone conversation that Tyrone had NOT had sex since she hurriedly left his apartment a month ago. He really seemed to be horny and anxious about hooking up with her again. This flattered her greatly since she was so much older than him, thinking that he could date almost anyone he wanted. He invited Joy, even BEGGED her, to meet him again at his apartment, telling her again in the same conversation that his wife no longer lived there and would NOT accidentally again walk-in on them as had happened the last time they were together.

But Joy refused, explaining that his apartment neighbors saw everything and made her feel horrible when she left. She said that she would be embarrassed, feel guilty, and be self-conscious to ever go back to his apartment again in front of his neighbors after leaving half-dressed, carrying her bra and panties, with his semen all over her face.

But she was flattered by this young, attractive, black man?s sexual desires for her. Joy remembered how wonderful Tyrone?s huge, black penis felt pumping inside her body. She was anxious to be with him again because of the fantastic sexual orgasms that he had given her. She was still intensely infatuated with his sexual ability and eager for more time with him even though she felt horrible about being discovered in the act of intercourse by his wife. She simply now just refused to go back to his apartment.

Tyrone asked if he could come to Joy?s house and be with her there. He wanted to know when her husband would NOT be there so they could continue their affair again after school was out for the day at 3:30pm. But she was worried about her own neighbors seeing him come and go, or even that her husband might return home early some day and walk-in on them. She explained to Tyrone that she only had maybe two hours at best after school each day before her husband could return from work and that was simply too close for comfort.

Tyrone suggested that she meet him someplace, park and leave her car. He said they could go to his single friend?s house out in the country this Saturday. That seemed like a good idea to Joy. So she agreed to meet him Saturday, and Tyrone talked a few more minutes about how much he enjoyed being with her. He seemed giddy about seeing her again, obviously horny to continue their sexually illicit affair. Joy was also anxious to see him again, not having had such good sex since she was last with him.

So Joy made an excuse to her husband that she needed to be out Saturday on errands and shopping. She drove to the selected motel parking lot to meet Tyrone as agreed earlier. There she parked her car and got into his car. He drove out of town in the direction of his single friend?s house. Thirty minutes later he parked at an old, secluded house off in some trees down a gravel road. Tyrone had a key to the house, so when they entered the front door she assumed that no one would be there although that had never been promised or even discussed.

It was quiet inside the house. The house was a mess with clothes and dishes everywhere. Inside the front door, Tyrone embraced her as they kissed anxiously with a tongue-probing, intense kiss that lasted several minutes with his intensely groping her body. During the kiss he anxiously fondled her large 42DD breasts and vagina like a sexually-starved beast. She put her hands on his genitals, massaged his penis inside his trousers and felt it quickly become engorged and rigid between their hot bodies as they pressed against each other.

They were there to continue their sexual affair, so it was now simply a matter of finding a mutually agreeable place in the house for sex.

Tyrone moved her across the messy living room and into a bedroom. The bed was messy too with the covers pulled down and dirty sheets exposed. They proceeded to undress each other and soon both were naked, falling intertwined together onto the bed. Their hands were all over each other as Joy jerked Tyrone?s huge, rigid, black penis and he hungrily fondled her gorgeous, white and firm, 42DD breasts and clean-shaven pussy. He viciously sucked the hard nipples of her breasts as his large, black hands moved to feel every part of her body under his.

Tyrone reversed his body on top of hers on the bed. Then after mouthing her vagina in that inverted position for several minutes as she sucked on his rock-hard, black penis vigorously with her mouth, wetting it with her saliva. Tyrone turned back around on top of her for intercourse. Like a sexually starved teenager, Tyrone quickly shoved his penis into her small, white vagina showing his anxious and savage need for intercourse and ejaculation release. He viciously and rapidly pumped her in that position with her back on the bed for perhaps ten minutes until she felt his penis nearing orgasm as it swelled inside her. Having gone so long without intercourse, he ejaculated profusely inside her body, releasing jet after jet of thick sperm deep inside her womb with his rock-hard 9? rapidly-thrusting black penis driving fully deep. His semen volume was more than she had ever noticed from their previous times of intercourse. Obviously, he had quite a load built-up and was savage with sexual desire to now desperately release it as his testicles strained to empty themselves as he viciously pumped her down into the mattress. She smiled as he thrust himself repeatedly deep inside her vagina to relieve and satisfy himself, being glad to once again be having sex with Tyrone and pleasing him, expecting him to satisfy her next.

?Ohhhhh, Baby! I missed yo? sweet, fucking pussy!? Tyrone muttered as he kept savagely pumping deep inside her body and continuing to jet stream after stream of thick, warm semen, filling her vagina and oozing out around his still hard-thrusting penis.

He slowed in humping her body to finish his ejaculation, yet continued to drive as deeply as possible inside her, pounding his sperm to the bottom inside her body.

His 9? rigid, black penis was still pounding stream after stream of semen fully-deep inside her when a heavy-set black guy in tee shirt and boxer shorts walked into the room with them. She jumped at this intrusion of their privacy with her eyes and mouth wide open, not expecting anyone else to be in the house. But Tyrone seemed calm and not surprised at this guy?s entry into the room. Tyrone was still heavily on top of her pinning her down into the mattress with his hard penis still slowly pumping fully deep inside her.

This black guy stood patiently beside the bed watching them to allow Tyrone time to finish with her, introduce him and explain why he was there. She was still freaking under Tyrone at the other black guy being in the room.

?Ohhhh, Baby! I loves yo? pussy!? Tyrone said as he slowed his hard, deep-thrusting penis to a stop. ?This is the bro who lives here, Baby. He?s REAL FUCKING HORNY too, Baby! I need you to give him some of yo? pussy to thank him for letting us use his house,? Tyrone explained.

?No, Tyrone! Nooooo! Absolutely not! I can?t do that, Tyrone! You did not tell me that you needed me to do that!? Joy protested with Tyrone?s rigid, black penis still buried to it full 9? length deep inside her body. He was pinning her to the bed with his body on top of hers so she could not get up and cover her nakedness from the black guy who was standing patiently beside the bed. The black guy was grinning wildly and intently eye-balling her gorgeous, 42DD breasts as he looked over her naked body with a sexually starved look of intense desire, obviously expecting to be next with her.

?I?m not kidding, Baby! I NEED you to let bro? fuck you!? Tyrone persisted, refusing to take ?no? from her for an answer.

As she continued this argument with Tyrone, she noticed that his friend was undressing, removing his tee shirt and boxer shorts, obviously ignoring her refusal to have sex with him. Seconds later he was standing there naked, jerking on his huge, black penis with one hand as he grinned at her still pinned naked to the bed under Tyrone body with his penis remaining inside her. Tyrone huge, rigid penis was still deep inside her body and he was holding her down into the mattress with his body weight.

?Tyrone, pleassssse, I CAN?T do that!? Joy persisted as she felt Tyrone?s friend put a black hand firmly on one of her white, bare legs and pull her leg to the side towards him. She shuddered in repulsion as his stubby, black fingers touched and gripped the inside of her bare, white leg, pulling it open.

?Yes, Baby! I NEED you to do this!? Tyrone continued. ?I?ll be right here, Baby. It?ll be okay! I promised the bro that you would do this!?

?Noooooo! I said nooooo! You had NO right to promise that, Tyrone!? Joy insisted as Tyrone lost patience and desperately decided to proceed without her approval.

Tyrone held her firmly to the bed now with his arms on her upper body. He then slowly removed his mostly rigid, semen-dripping, black penis, and moved to her side on the bed, still holding her upper body firmly to the bed.

?Just let the bro fuck you, Baby!? Tyrone said to Joy.

His friend moved over between her legs, grabbed both legs, and spread them widely open as he moved in close for intercourse. Tyrone stayed in her face and started kissing her on the lips in a hard-pressed kiss to muffle her objections while continuing to lie heavily on her shoulders to hold her upper body down to the bed. She struggled with them but could barely move as Tyrone?s friend firmly held both of her legs spread widely open and placed his body weight on her lower abdomen to hold her down on the bed.

Tyrone?s friend reached under himself and jerked his penis a few more times at the entrance to her vagina. He then felt his way under his large, black belly to line up for intercourse, wetting the head of his penis in her juices and Tyrone?s cum which was oozing out of her body. Suddenly she felt this guy?s penis lunge forward and thrust deeply inside her as he dropped heavily on top of her chest. Tyrone stopped his kiss and backed away, giving the guy full use of her body for himself.

Suddenly Tyrone?s friend?s face was right in front of hers and his hands were all over her naked body as she felt his huge, black penis start thrusting deeply inside her. She kept struggling in vain even though she knew it was hopeless. His friend was so big and heavy that he easily held her to the bed as he pumped her viciously hard with his huge, black penis.

She turned her head sideways on the bed so as not to have to look at him as he continued humping her body furiously on the bed, anxious to be making sexual use of her beautiful, white 42-24-36 body and firm 42DD breasts. Tyrone lay beside her face consoling her, telling her to just be okay with this and to just go along with it. This guy was hurting her as he pumped so savagely with his huge, black penis, perhaps because she was struggling and not submitting to his raping her.

?How could she just go along with this?? she thought. Then she realized that in Tyrone?s mind that her having sex with his friend was no different than her having an affair with him.

Slowly, after realizing the futility of her struggles, she stopped struggling and tried to relax and just let it happen after consoling herself that it was useless to fight anyway. After pumping her for fifteen minutes and her being powerless to stop him, she realized that struggling was useless. It was obvious that she could not stop him anyway with both guys determined to force this on her. The fat, black guy kept pumping her rhythmically for another ten minutes or so until finally bellowing out his pleasure as his penis engorged and started ejaculating his semen inside her too. She felt his fat, black penis tightly filling her vaginal channel as his semen bursts jetted deeply into her cervix. His warm semen kept jetting heavily as she felt his massive load filling her womb and vagina to capacity.

?Ohhhhh??.. shit,??? bro!....... Ohhhh?? fuck ?..this?.. good?.. white?.. pussy ??bro!? he uttered as he kept pumping and profusely ejaculating stream after stream of semen deep inside her body, obviously having a great need to relieve himself as well. She had no orgasmic pleasure of her own as he relieved himself. She simply now tolerated him having sex with her in spite of her earlier objections.

This guy was still on top of her with his penis slowly pumping to finish when three more black guys stepped into the room and gathered around the bed. All three guys were large with each being over 6? tall and probably 250# each. She freaked again at their entering the room and turned her face towards Tyrone in a mixture of fear and anger, begging him to stop this orgy and not continue.

?Ohhhhhh, Baby! Pleaseeeeee! Noooooo!? Joy begged Tyrone while still being slowly pumped by his friend on the bed.

One of the three black guys said, ?Hey, Ty, where?d you find such an old white ho to fuck, man? Good fucking tits and body, man, but the bitch is fucking OLD, man!?

Tyrone was angry at their critical comments about the woman he had provided for them.

?Good pussy is GOOD pussy, bro!? Tyrone responded. ?Just get your black dick in this little girl?s white pussy, bro! She?s just 90# and not even 5? tall, man. It?s like fucking a teenager, bro! Put a fucking bag over her head if you want!?

Then Tyrone turned back to Joy and laughed. He put his large hand on the side of her face. ?You?re so good, Baby! You know a bro?s just got to share what he?s got with his bros.?

She was stunned and speechless at his comments, horrified at what she knew would be next. The three guys were hurriedly undressing and jerking on their black penises, making it obvious that each one intended to take his turn with her as quickly as possible.

The fat guy pulled his stiff, semen-dripping penis out of Joy and moved off the bed as all three guys took a place on the bed around her. One guy lay on his back and pulled her over on top of himself as the other guys helped him push his large, rigid, black penis inside her vagina with her sitting on top of him. He paused with his rigid penis deep inside her body as another guy held her in place and toyed with her anus to prep it for intercourse. Then quickly the second guy forced his large, black penis inside her anus with virtually no lubrication or prepping. She screamed in pain as he penetrated her anus and thrust his black penis deeply into her rectum.

The third guy was standing on the bed in front of her face, toying with his penis as she screamed at the non-lubricated anal penetration and pumping. With her mouth open and screaming, he quickly shoved his penis into her mouth and filled it completely, muffling her screaming. With all three guys having inserted their penises in one of her three openings, they proceeded to slowly fuck her body in this position in unison. Their bodies moved in a slow, undulating motion on the bed as each black guy matched his motions with the others until all three were jabbing deeply and viciously inside her in unison from three openings.

Tyrone and his fat friend stood close by and cheered at the sight of this three-way orgy with her body, with all three black guys pumping her now at once in this mass of bodies undulating in unison. This was a rare sight and amazing to watch as Tyrone and his friend walked around the bed to observe every angle while once again jerking their large, black penises.

She knew that no one knew she was out here in the country with Tyrone and these guys. That only meant that she knew she had to go along with this to survive the ordeal.

In unison, they moved on her with pumping strokes for the next fifteen or twenty minutes until one by one they ejaculated inside her body and pulled their rigid, black penises out. The guys in the room let her lay unattended on the bed for a few minutes while they cleaned up in a nearby bathroom, then they returned for more.

Each guy forced himself on her a second time in various sexual positions to make use of her naked body before Tyrone allowed her to clean up. After she dressed, he took her back to her car. By that time, she had NOTHING to say to him for doing this to her. She absolutely hated Tyrone for this.

End Chapter 3

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