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As I lay on the bed in the guestroom of one of our good friend’s house, I lift the sheets and look down at my naked body; it is sore and sticky thus confirming that it was not just a dream. I attempt to smooth my hair back off my face only to discover that there are strands of it still glued to my face with the gooey semen of the group of guys that had me last night. My thoughts quickly go to my husband who was unable to come to our friend’s party last night wondering what I would be faced with when I got home. My husband knows I am a little flirt and though he acts like it does not bother him I know better, for one time when I had a little too much to drink I took off my bathing suit top when we girls were getting crazy at a pool party. I thought my husband was ok with the other husbands seeing my perk little titties after all he was getting an eye full of my top less girl friend’s double D’s. But in the privacy of our home my husband made it very clear that he did not approve of my drinking and flirtatious behavior. Well last night things had diffently crossed the line.

My thoughts drifted back to the evening as I recalled how it all got started. First of all I came to the party feeling pretty sexy and certainly recognize the extra male attention I was receiving. I guess I should have expected that perhaps I even subconsiencly desired it for I remember looking at myself in the mirror as I was getting ready to leave home. I saw my thin shapely build about one hundred and fifteen pounds with a tanned complexion and jet black hair. My cute little toes with their bright red polish dawned in little white strappy sandals had sexy written all over them. The light silky material of the green top I was wearing nicely complemented my green eyes as I tucked it into the white shorts pants I wore, which in the right light gave the illusion they we almost see through. Wow as I lay here playing things back in my mind it is no wonder I got r*ped last night.

I am in so much trouble, it is one thing to take my top off in front of our male friends, but quite another to allow penetration, wow lots of penetration, over and over and over again. Let’s see who all was there, how many times did they do me, I cannot remember, but my pussy is getting wet just thinking about it. I try to recall who started it, that’s right, now I remember; it was our friend’s husband. I remember Dave leading me by the hand into this guest room, said he had a surprise for me. His friends followed us in, now I remember they were gawking at me and whispering, they were saying slutty things. How many were there, five I believe, that’s right the five of them, they were talking about my ass, I remember one of them saying how sweet my mouth looked and how good my lips were going to feel on his cock. I remember the panic feeling as Dave raised my arms up over my head and his friends circled in closely around me. My top was being lifted and I could feel hands on my bare abdomen, I remember saying, come on guys, what’s going on, I cannot do this.

My words fell on deft ears as I felt the snap on my bra open and a pair of hands slide it up to join my top which had been lifted up around my wrist that were still held up over my head. Hands came at me from all around as my tiny firm breast were cuddled and my nipples rolled between the guys fingers until they stood at full attention. I continued to protest but to no avail, as I felt a warm moist mouth latch onto my right breast and its tongue began dancing on my nipple. There was tugging at my waist line, it was my pants being un-buttoned. A pair fingers wedged their way in to the waist line of my panties and suddenly I felt the coolness of the air as it met my freshly exposed skin, I was being stripped naked. My pants and underwear were slid down my smooth tanned legs until they settled at the floor around my ankles. A hand instantly darted between the cheeks of my ass and the probing between my legs had begun.

My words of protest though faint as they were by now were shut down completely as one guy’s mouth locked onto mine and wrestled with my tongue until he had taken control of my mouth. I remember the panic yet sensational feeling of losing all control as yet another mouth began sucking on my other breast while the fingers on the hand down in my crotch continued searching for an opening. Soon the probing fingers found what they were looking for and my freshly shaved pussy was penetrated from behind. Another finger slipped in me from the front joined by a wet mouth which began licking my clit. I realized as I was recapping on last night that my own fingers had made their way down under the sheets and in between my legs. Though my pussy was still very raw I could not bring myself to stop rubbing it as I gently drifted back into the memories of last night.

First one leg was lifted by the ankle and my sandal removed, my foot was pulled through my pant leg and placed back on the floor. This was repeated on my other leg only it never made it back to the floor; instead a warm gentle mouth began sucking on my toes. While the guy with my cute little red painted toes in his mouth held my leg elevated, it provided better access to the guys with their fingers in my pussy and I remember squirming from the deeper penetration they delivered.

As my fingers pumped my little sore pussy I was about to make myself cum. The sheets were kicked off me, my legs spread wide and I was in deep thought and blissful masturbation until the thought of how I was going to face my husband reoccurred and stopped me short of an orgasm. Was I going to have to tell him, who all knows what happened last night, can it be kept a secret, I need to know how or what I am going to do. Suddenly the bedroom door opens and our friend’s husband Dave comes in, he is in his robe and looks freshly showered. I pull my hand from between my legs and began to reach for the sheets I had kicked off, only to find they are nowhere within reach. Dave steps up beside me and drops a camcorder on the bed and says don’t bother covering up as he sheds his robe and climbs between my legs. He instantly inserts his fingers in my swollen shaved pussy and starts licking at the juices I had stirred up. I was so horny and it felt so good I just let him have his way, a lot like last night I guess.

He worked me over for a moment or two until I was about to cum at which time he crawled up and stuck his cock in me. Within a few pounding strokes of his throbbing erection I was cuming like a wild women again. Once my convulsions stopped Dave pulled his still swollen penis from my little wet Pussy. I mumbled to him that it was wrong what he and his friends did to me last night and now I don’t know how I am going to face my husband and for that matter our friends including his wife. He said not to worry the only ones who know are you, me and my five buddies and I have it all on film, lets watch. With that he turned on the camcorder and I was glued to the little screen as the show began.

My recollection of the of the evening so far was pretty accurate, after being fingered banged and molested I was pushed down to my knees and the guys circled me again and began rubbing their cocks on my face, one after another they would stick their erect penises in my mouth. One guy lifted my ass up and put himself in me from behind, I saw myself rock back on his cock helping him drive it in deeper. Most of these guys I had only meet last night and watching the film reminded me about the short guy with the huge penis. I do not recall his name but I remember him splitting me open with his massive dark cock. That’s right, he put that coke bottle size hunk of meat up my ass, in fact I had all of them up my ass at one time or another and the proof was on the film.

These guys thoroughly used me last night and the scary part is who ever saw this film would see that even though it was not my idea and I started off as a non-willing participant, I was soon the slut of the year and appeared to be a cock hungry whore. I watched as they lifted me on top of a guy who was laying on his back and guided his cock into my pussy, another one climbed on me from behind and the camera zoomed in for a close up of the two cocks sliding in and out of my stretched out pink hole, wow I had no idea that my little shaved pussy was so pink inside until I saw those two cocks slide out and shoot their cum in the open pink gap. Their sperm coated the shafts of each other’s cocks as they joined together like one fat cock being stuffed in my stretched out pussy. It is so erotic seeing them sloshed in and out of my cum filled hole as they finished off their orgasm in me and on each other.

Dave was down between my legs again finger fucking me in both holes and sucking on my clit while I lay on my back with the camcorder on my chest watching myself being ravished by the throng of men in the room. They held me upright with my ass impaled on one guy’s cock and my pussy on another’s. My legs were held up and open leaving only my bottom hanging down. My ass and pussy were at their disposal and one after another the line of guys would step up and take me as they wished. They continued to tag teamed me from front and back as they bounced me up and down on their cocks while holding me up, sandwiched between them.

Dave wanted my ass now so he flipped me over and stuffed a pillow under my tummy; I repositioned the camcorder so that I could continue to watch myself being used. Dave stuck his tongue in my sore little butt hole and while he got it wet and loose I watch the guys on the camcorder plow may ass relentlessly. I was in the sixty nine position on top of a guy and that big dark cock was buried deep in my ass, stretching me beyond belief. I was panting and moaning has this little guy with the enormous cock drove his massive tool up in me. I saw why my hair was glued to my face for a couple of guys were taking turns stuffing their dicks in my mouth and jerking off on my face. Their cum was shooting everywhere including on the belly of the guy who lie underneath me. Soon the massive cock in my ass welled up and kudos to the camera man for the picture zoomed in just in time to see that huge hunk of flesh ease out of my ass followed by a thick trail of sperm which hung from my gaping hole and dripped into the mouth of the guy who was eating my pussy. The big cock was not finished and as it went back in for another stab at my pussy the guy underneath me let it slide across his lips while it split open my hairless little pink slit.

A combination of the footage I was watching and Dave pulling my hair while emptying his balls deep in my ass caused me to reach a level of orgasm that I have never known before. I let out a scream and fell out like a rag doll. When I regained my senses Dave was laying across my back with his semi erect cock still in my butt. He was slowly pumping me as he was nibbling on and whispering in my ear, how do you like our film, your are the star you know, don’t worry no one will ever see it so long as you do as you are told. Even in my foggy state of mind I knew what this meant, Dave now owned me, my body was his to use as he wished, and my punishment for unfaithfulness will be sexual slavery. I told him I understand what is being said, I am your secret sex slave and I will comply.

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