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I was giddy with excitement as I approached the door of this huge beautiful home secluded in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. I was about to spend the weekend with an incredible couple I had met a while back. They are a wealthy, middle aged, extremely attractive married couple that has a special something between them that shows. They both invited me up for the weekend with only one rule. I must do EVERYTHING they said and the way they said it both scared and excited me.

Ray is a doctor. He is 6?2? and has an athlete?s body, very tan and very attractive.

Allie is housewife. She is only 5? tall and has a gymnast?s body except for her natural 38DD breasts. There is also a special look in her eyes that makes me wet every time I look into them. I am a fairly attractive girl myself. I am 5?4? with a nice body and large 38 DD breasts also. I have both of my nipples pierced and love to wear clothing that shows them off. Ray and Allie answered the door almost before I rang the bell. They seemed as excited to see me as I was being there. They took my weekend bag and escorted me into the huge sunken living room in the middle of this gorgeous house. Ray made us drinks at the bar and joined us. As he handed out our drinks he gave me two capsules and instructed me to take them. They saw my hesitancy and explained to me that I was perfectly safe and that they would not do anything to harm me. Ray also assured me that as a Doctor he would not give me something that would be dangerous and that if I was going to truly enjoy this weekend I had to do everything I was told no questions asked and if I did that this weekend would change my life forever. I looked into Allie?s eyes and eagerly swallowed both capsules. It was about 9:00 p.m. Friday night and the weekend lay before us. We chatted about the usual stuff weather, world news, etc? for about 30 minutes and then I began feeling a bit odd. The lights and sounds seemed so much clearer, my senses were very acute and I was enjoying the sensation. Then I began to get very warm, hot actually. I could feel the sweat running down the small of my back into the crack of my ass. Are you feeling okay? Allie asked me. Yes, I am fine just a bit warm I said. Good. Ray said, that means it?s time to get this weekend started. Take your clothes off. I was shocked but remembered our earlier conversation. I stood and began to slowly remove my clothing. I felt a bit shy but at the same time had an intense desire to be naked in front of these two. I removed my outer clothing and then my bra. Yummy, I heard Allie say. I then went to remove my thong panties and was shocked to see that they were completely soaked through with my juices and that even my thighs were wet with my pussy fluids. I?m sorry, I said. It seems I have gotten a bit excited. Oh, don?t worry baby they both said. This is only the beginning. They both complimented me on my body. Allie said that she loved my pierced nipples on my huge breasts and my shaved pussy was making her horny. They asked that I follow them downstairs.

I followed them down the stairs and was impressed as we entered a room that had all sorts of equipment in it. It looked like a dungeon. Very dark and ominous but very clean and I felt myself leaking down my thighs in excitement. There was a big screen TV along one wall and it was showing an incredible sex scene from an x-rated movie. I was told to go sit on the couch by the TV and that they would be right there. I sat down and began watching the couple fucking on the TV and could feel my pussy twitching. Ray and Allie had gone into another room for a minute and now returned. They were both naked. I almost came just from the sight. Ray was very well built but his cock was incredible. It was at least 9 inches long and as thick as two average sized cocks, and it was limp! Allie was equally hot. She had a very muscular gymnast like physique with those huge tits just jutting out but it was her pussy that made me gasp. It was shaved completely except for a small fashionable patch of hair high on her pubic area and her lips were huge! They hung down on each side and made it look like a hungry mouth. Wow! I exclaimed you two look great. They smiled a wicked little smile and returned the compliment. Ray asked me to please lie down on the padded floor area and for Allie to go get ?the cream.? I slid down to the floor and watched as Allie went to a locked cabinet, unlocked it and removed a jar filled with a clear liquid. She returned and sat down on the floor next to me. Ray was sitting in a large chair right next to us. He handed me my drink and another capsule. Take this he instructed. I did so eagerly, all hesitation gone. Ray then told Allie that it was time to apply the cream. Are you sure? She asked him. Yes, I am sure look at her. I had no idea at all but I was sitting there leaned back against the front of the couch with my fingers playing with my dripping pussy. Allie told me to get up on all fours doggie style. Something was happening to me that I had never felt before. I was so excited and horny that I had no inhibitions at all. I quickly jumped into position sticking my ass high in the air. Allie opened the jar and began applying this cream all over my pussy rubbing in onto my lips and my clit. It felt cold, but it felt so good to have Allie rubbing my pussy. She then took another dip of the cream and began rubbing it all over my asshole. She even pushed her fingertip into my hole a little coating the inner ring of my ass with the cream. Then she stopped and told me to flip back into a sitting position. I did so and watched as Allie began rubbing the cream all over her own pussy, rubbing it onto her lips and clit like she had mine. She then rubbed another dose onto her own asshole and slid her fingers inside deeper than she had mine. It was so erotic I could almost feel it just watching. I looked over to Ray and gasped out loud. He was watching us and had been stroking his cock. I had never seen anything like it on a man. His cock was easily 13 inches long and the thickness of a beer can. The head was the size of my fist. My god! I exclaimed. Isn?t it beautiful Allie squealed. Oh my yes, I replied.

Then suddenly I began feeling a tingling sensation all over my pussy and asshole. It was subtle at first but began to grow in intensity. I looked over at Allie and could see the sweat dripping from her pores as she began to feel it also. Within a couple of minutes the feeling was slightly painful. It felt like my pussy and asshole were being stung by hundreds of bees. Shit! I exclaimed, this is starting to hurt. I know said Ray. It will only be uncomfortable for a couple more minutes, just try to relax. I looked over at Allie and saw her squirming against the discomfort. She then spread her legs and I could not believe my eyes. Her pussy was so swollen. Her clit was the size of an olive. Her pussy lips hung down on each side at least 3 inches and the opening of her cunt gaped open big enough to see deep inside. Her asshole was also swollen and gaping. It looked like she had just been reamed in both holes by an army. Shit Allie, look at your pussy and ass! I cried. She laughed and said look at your own baby. I spread my legs apart and could not believe my eyes. My holes looked just like hers. I had never seen my holes look this way before and my clit was even larger that Allie?s. It looked like a large gr*pe. The stinging stopped as suddenly as it had begun.

Allie nodded to Ray and they both took me by an arm and walked me over to a chair. It had straps and ties and was surrounded with mirrors. They sat me into the chair and began to strap my wrists and ankles into place. What are you doing? I asked. Just relax baby, you are about to experience something that you never knew possible. They finished securing my wrists and ankles I was completely helpless. Ray then took a strap and secured me around my waist down onto the seat bottom. After making sure I was all tied down they pushed a button and the bottom section of the seat opened. With the positioning of the mirrors I had a perfect view of my asshole and pussy as they were exposed, gaping open and dripping with juices. Allie went to the wall and opened a large cabinet. Inside were dozens of dildos from the scarily large to the unrealistically enormous. She selected a very large blue one that was at least 9 inches long and as thick as a beer bottle. She also selected a second one that was a little bit smaller but still quite large. Ray pushed another button on this control box he had and a machine of some type came out of the floor in front of me. Allie quickly jumped down and began attaching the dildos to two steel rods on the machine. She attached the biggest one in front and the other just behind it. When she was done the machine slid back under my chair and it was obvious that it was going to line up perfectly to impale me. Ray pushed a button and the rear dildo began sliding upward pressing against my swollen asshole. I squealed as it entered into my back hole easily and watched in the mirror as it slid 7 inches deep up my ass. It felt incredible! Then the front one began to press upward into my gaping pussy. It was larger but there seemed to be little resistance from my hole. I watched incredulously as my pussy swallowed the entire 9 inches. Ray and Allie grabbed a blanket and lay out if front of the chair area. Ray handed the controller to Allie and she eagerly turned it on. I shrieked with delight as the two dildos began sliding in and out of my two holes in an erotic dance. They felt so good and I was really enjoying the sensations. Allie then pushed a button and the rate of their pumping and the length of each thrust doubled. I came! There was no warning it just happened. Ray and Allie could not believe it. Allie was laughing?..OK you little slut, if that is the case we are going to take you right to the limit. She jumped up and raced over to the wall of dildos. She grabbed a massive green one that was 12 inches long and as thick as a wine bottle. She also grabbed a little green ball shaped toy that was the size of a tennis ball. She got the machine to release from me and hastily changed the attachments. The big green dick in front and the ball toy behind. No Allie, it is to big, please do not do it. She ignored my plea and the machine positioned beneath me. She jumped to the floor grabbed her controller and I felt the ball press against my asshole and disappear deep inside. Then the giant green one pressed against my pussy and I felt the tremendous pressure as it forced its way into my stretched opening. Slowly it started to pump me as the ball toy vibrated in my ass. It?s too big I yelled at Allie, and she just turned it up. I gasped and groaned as it started raping my pussy. Stretching it bigger than it had ever been before. I watched in the mirror in amazement as the giant dildo slid in and out of my pussy 10 inches at a thrust. My pussy was big enough to put a gr*pefruit inside. Allie turned another button and the cock began driving into me faster and faster. Something was happening in my ass also. It felt like the ball was getting bigger. No!! No more I squealed, but it just got faster. It was pumping me like a jackhammer over and over I came?..Fluids just squirted out of me all over the floor it looked like I was peeing. I came and came and came until I passed out.

When I came to I was still shackled to the chair but the machine had stopped and lay in front of me. Allie was lying out in front of me and had her entire hand driving into her pussy almost to her elbow! There was fluid just squirting out all around her arm as she came continuously. I was instantly horny again and needed something fucking me. I looked over at Ray. He was stroking his gigantic cock. It was even larger now, almost 14 inches long and as thick around as the calf of my leg. I pleaded for them to untie me, but they just laughed. Allie stopped ramming her arm up into her pussy, took it out and crawled over to me and wiped her pussy soaked hand all over my face. She told me to suck on her fingers and to lick them clean. I did so eagerly. Ray came over and started slapping his cock against my face. It was humongous! I was licking it but could not even get my mouth around the tip of hi cock head. It was incredible.

Ok, it?s contest time Ray said. Allie untie our guest and the two of you get on all fours side by side. I am going to get the squirms. Ray walked over to another cabinet and grabbed 4 odd-looking objects and 2 control boxes. They looked like short worm shaped objects and were soft and flexible. The control boxes had no wires just two switches and 2 buttons on them. Allie untied me and pushed me into a doggie position next to her. Ray had positioned up behind us and was applying lubricant to both Allie and my pussy and assholes. Our holes were so gaped open that he even squirted lubricant up into our cavernous holes. He then took a worm and slid it into my ass. He then did the same to Allie. Ray then took the other and pressed it into by swollen dripping pussy. He repeated this with Allie. Once they were in he told us to flip over onto our backs prop up on some pillows and get comfortable. We did so and I was eager to see what came next. Ray grabbed us some drinks, gave us each 2 more capsules and had us take them. He then handed each a control box and explained that we each had the others control box and that we were to take turns slowly increasing the power switches one notch at a time. The winner would be the one who could take the highest settings. No ties allowed. He further explained that the two switches were the power for the enlargement and the squirm. The buttons were to increase one notch each time. Allie and I glared lustfully at each other as we prepared ourselves. Ray told me to use my controller first as I was the guest. I turned on both switches and pressed each button once. I smiled as I watched Allie jump a little and sigh. Now you turn Allie. She turned her box on and hit each button once. I jumped and squealed with surprise as I felt the wormlike objects both grow some and begin moving around inside of my fuckholes. Now your turn baby Ray said to me as he lay back and watched us as he slowly stroked his huge member. I hit my buttons again and giggled as I saw Allie squirm. Then she pressed her buttons and I moaned softly as I again felt the toys grow in size and squirm a little faster. Then I pressed mine and Allie let out a slow moan and seemed to be having great fun. After regaining her composure she hit her buttons and I squealed as the toys were really starting to stretch me and the squirming was intense. Mmmm?Ray said as he watched us, that was only number 3 and Allie has gone to 7 before. I hope you can keep up he teased at me. I pressed my buttons and Allie growled out and wiggled on the ground. Allie pressed hers and I thought I was going pee. These things were now quite huge and squirming around like crazy. I forced myself to gain control and pressed my buttons. Allie whined like a puppy and her eyes glazed over. She pressed her buttons and I cried out in ecstasy. As I felt my asshole begin convulsing. I t took me some time but I got control and pressed Allies button. She screamed a little and began writhing around on the floor. I could she that her stomach was swollen and I could she the squirm moving around in her pussy. After several minutes of moaning and groaning Allie hit her buttons. I screamed out ?Fuck,,,,,it felt like I was going to be ripped open from the inside out. I could see that the opening to my ass was as big around as a beer can and my pussy hole was as big around as a soft ball. I could she them squirming around inside of me and it felt like I was Cumming, but nothing was happening. There was no release?. I just felt tight. I squirmed around and waited to see if I could come. I could not. I was pissed and grabbed my control and hit Allies buttons. Oh fuck she screamed and I watched incredulously and began flopping around on the floor moaning and cursing as she squeezed on her tits roughly. She was panting and screaming I was sure she was about to quit but after 5 minutes of going crazy she reached for the buttons. I screamed, I jumped to my feet and then fell to the floor wiggling around like a fish out of water. I had never felt anything like this. My stomach was so swollen it looked like I was pregnant. I could see it moving beneath my skin. I felt myself Cumming and Cumming but yet I was not Cumming. It was the most beautiful feeling I had ever experienced but was also somewhat painful because I could not cum. I quit?I quit I cried?. I can?t take anymore?.

Ray finally took his hands off of his giant cock and crawled down to Allie. I saw him take a key and insert it into my box for her and turn it. I watched her eyes roll bag into her head as the squirms were turned off and as they shrank downs they came flooding out of both her pussy and ass along with at least a gallon of cum. She was out cold. What about me! I cried. I am the one that quit! Stop mine. Oh no baby, you see you lost and the loser must suffer the consequences. I was hysterical. My insides felt like they were eating on each other, I was still Cumming yet not Cumming. I needed release. Ray went to the wall and grabbed a large leather collar attached to a chain leash. Allie was coming too and Ray cuddled her as he kissed her deeply. I was still flopping around a screaming, as the ecstasy was non-stop. Allie crawled over to me and secured the collar around my neck. Come on my little bitch she snapped. Let?s go for the loser?s walk. She forced me to half walk half crawl across the room and up the stairs as I was continuing to be ravaged in my holes. I begged her to release me but she just laughed. I must do what Ray has told me to do she replied. At this point my body was like something from a sci-fi movie. My nipples were the size of baby carrots and so hard they hurt. My clit looked like a bizarre 2-inch cock. And I was Cumming but not. I wanted to pass out but couldn?t. Allie led me up into the living room where we had started the evening and I was terrified.

There were 3 couples sitting there having a drink and Allie was leading me out right in front of them as I moaned and wiggled. Allie secured my chain to a hook on the wall in front of everyone that forced me to stand. I was embarrassed as the looked at me and Ray and Allie explained to them that I was their little bitch for the weekend. The couples were obviously pleased and cam over to me and began touching me, pressing against my belly feeling the squirms, pinching my nipples. One woman went down and began sucking on my clit like it was a cock. I was screaming and calling them names. I told them that I could not take anymore and Ray grabbed a flat paddle and smacked me hard on my tits. It hurt so badly yet I felt a pulse in my clit that was amazing. I looked down and was dumbfounded to see me clit now hung out some 4 inches long. I could feel myself peeing yet there was no pee. I began to whimper. You will do as told remember? Ray asked. Yes master was all I could say.

Ray and Allie thanked the guests for coming, but they had much work to do and needed to attend to it. The couples took one last touch of me as they headed out the door. Allie grabbed my leash and led me back down into the dungeon as I begged. Once there Ray and Allie laid me down and explained that they were about to turn off the squirms but that there would be some serious results. I yelled for them to just do it. I needed these monsters out of me. Ray turned the key and I went off. I began shrieking and screaming as the squirms shut down and fluids just poured out of me. Even my ass was leaking some type of milky fluid, it was the most wonderful think I had ever felt but it also hurt. It went on and on, there had to have been at least two gallons of fluid shooting out of me. I felt like I was Cumming and peeing and shitting all at once. And it went on for at least ten minutes before I passed out.

When I came too I was laying on the floor with Allie and Ray on either side of me. Me hands were cuffed above my head and tied to something. Allie began moving down between my legs as Ray went to the damn cabinet. He came back with some more of the clear liquid from earlier. No more, please I am worn out. Oh, this time will be different he giggled. He handed the Jar to Allie and I watched her take a large handful then she slid her entire hand into my pussy and pressed up onto my G-spot and grabbed at it. She held it there for several minutes and then pulled her hand out. It was like nothing; I don?t even think her hand touched the walls of my cunt it was so stretched out. And my asshole hung open like a mouth, unable to close back up at this point. I felt the burning begin and suffered through it like before. When it was done Ray pulled me to my feet and took my cuffed hands and attached them to a hook that dangled from the ceiling. As I stood hanging there Ray sat in a nearby chair and told Allie to do it. Allie positioned herself between my legs with a large glass. She then slid her hand into my pussy and grabbed for my G spot, which was normally, the size of a pea, except now it was the size of a baseball. She grabbed it and began squeezing and squeezing, I screamed for her to stop but she just kept squeezing on it like she was milking me. I felt it start and the fluid just gushed from me as Allie used the glass to catch all she could. She stopped when the glass was half full at which point Ray got up and took the glass from Allie, took a sip and licked his lips. He then held the glass to my mouth and told me to drink it all or else?I gulped it all down thirstily, as I wanted no or else? It was salty but not bad tasting. Allie then began shoving her other hand up into my pussy stretching it wide and then grabbed my g-spot with both hands and started milking me again I begged her to stop and she said it was almost time. I felt it building and watched as I gushed even more fluid out of my hand filled cunt onto Allie?s face and open mouth. I remember watching it showering onto her face and I passed out. When I awoke I had been bathed and was laying in a King size bed with plenty of blankets and pillows. Allie and Ray came into the room and asked me if I was Okay. I whispered I was all right, but tired. They told me to rest and that we would have some fun that night. It was Saturday morning already. Ray kissed me goodnight and left the room. Allie kissed me deeply and whispered that she had to do all the things to me she had done last night because Ray had been in charge but that today while I slept I needed to think of things I wanted to do to him to get even because come tonight Allie was the master and she wanted her and I to pay him back. I came right there. I was so excited about the thought of revenge I came hard. See you at 9:00 tonight Allie giggled.

I drifted off to sleep with a wicked little smile on my face as I dreamed up my plans.

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