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Road Trip

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Road Trip By DougnChris

As he exploded in her mouth she felt the car slow a bit, bearing to the right. She wiped the last remnants of his pleasure from her chin and sat up, taking a look at the rest area around them. They both needed to compose themselves so he picked a remote parking space in the RV lot and put the car in park. To their mutual chagrin, a small Winnebago pulled into the spot next to them. The driver was in his 40s, a free-living academic type with sandy brown hair. He peeked into their car and saw the two of them buttoning and zipping and gave them both a knowing smile.

The two got out of the car as the Winnebago exploded with young people exiting. In addition to the driver there were four young men, guessed to be college age and a striking young woman. A few of the guys had shirts from the same college, so it appeared to be a group of students and their professor. Her eyes scouted the guys, one had shaggy blonde hair, another was tall and thin but muscular and wiry. The third was short and stocky, maybe muscular maybe not with a flat top haircut. The last was the darkest black man she had ever seen. He had a very muscular build and shiny bald head. A striking young woman with a great figure and dark hair got out of the passenger seat. It seemed she was doing some of the same rearranging the two of them had been doing minutes earlier, but it could just be their imagination.

He popped the hood to check the oil while she headed into the rest area with the five occupants of the Winnebago, leaving only the professor behind. The professor came over and introduced himself as Ken. He wasn?t sure why someone at a rest area would introduce himself, but he decided Ken was nice enough. The discussed the traffic a bit, then Ken disclosed that they had been following the car for about the last 20 minutes. ?You seemed to be having a good time there, we kept seeing her head disappear into your lap.?

Embarrassed, He just smiled and said that it had indeed been an interesting trip so far. ?So tell me, does she do as she?s told,? Ken asked. Sensing He knew where this was going, He said she did and never once argued or complained. ?The same is true of our Tiffani,? he said, apparently referring to the brunette. ?But we?ve been driving for about six hours and, frankly, it?s all become somewhat routine.? His mind wandered to six hours in an RV with five guys and what could have been possible. ?We were wondering if you might, perhaps want to trade for the next 100 miles or so.?

He needed a few minutes to consider this, the amazing Tiffani, his own sexy lady and her incredible appetite and oral skills, her ongoing fantasy of a gang bang, the slight gasp he heard escape her lips as the black man exited the RV. ?She?ll be safe?? he asked. Ken nodded. ?Everyone is clean and no drugs?? Again, Ken assured him. ?Sounds good to me,? he said.

Soon She and the five college students were headed their way from the service plaza. She was walking behind them and he knew she was admiring the young, strong asses. As the students reached them they looked at Ken. ?It?s a deal? was all he said. The four men got in the RV and Tiffani stayed by his side. When She got to them He introduced her to Ken, who introduced her to Tiffani. The two women acknowledged that they had ?gotten to know each other? in the women?s room.

?I have a surprise for you, Fuckhole,? he said using the nickname he used with her in their dirtiest and most satisfying sex. ?I have decided to trade your services to Ken and his students in return for this young woman. The same rules apply to them as apply to me. Repeat them for all of us.?

She swallowed hard, perhaps from excitement or perhaps from nerves. ?My body is not mine, it is yours. You may do anything you want to it, with it or on it. Each of my three holes are here to be serviced by you and you do so as a courtesy to me. I will not complain, resist or be less than enthusiastic.?

Ken turned to his young student. ?Tiffani, can you follow those rules??

?If that is your instruction, of course I will,? came her reply.

Ken reached between Her legs and under her short leather skirt. She was very moist, a result of the hours of blowjobs She had given Him while they drove while she received no satisfaction. ?Get in the van, Fuckhole,? Ken commanded and she did, opening the side door and stepping up into the sleeping quarters. She could see the other two get into the car and Tiffani put her feet up on the dashboard.

She took a look around the RV. It reminded her of the trailer she had once owned half of. Straight ahead of her was a stove and small refrigerator and to the left was a table that sat four but she knew would move down to form a bed. In the back was a couch that had been converted to a large bed. Above that was another bunk. Then the musky smell hit her and she knew how the group had been passing the time. She looked at the rumpled sheets on the lower bed and wondered what Tiffani had done for them. And what they expected of her.

The stocky one with the flat top was sitting on the bottom bed and addressed her first. ?I?m Ryan,? he said, looking her up and down. She knew she looked damn hot in her four inch heels, black leather mini skirt and black leather vest, her beautiful breasts bulging to go get out. He looked her in the eye and without averting his gaze he reached for the zipper on the front of her vest. She heard it slide down and the fabric fell away, revealing her bright red bra. ?Whore red,? was how He always described the color and that is how she felt. Ryan unzipped his pants and pulled out his very average cock. ?On your knees, bitch,?

She, of course, complied, kneeling in front of him as he sat on the bunk. She fished his hardening cock through his fly and began licking the underside, enjoying the sensation of the firm vein against her tongue. His swelling told her she was hitting his spot. She groaned as he grabbed her hair and roughly shoved her down on his cock. She effortlessly deep throated him, pressing his head against the back of her throat and forming tight suction around him. He kept her head against him, trying to make her gag but she refused to give him that satisfaction. Soon he let go and she continued her rhythm on his shaft.

She felt a pair of hands spread her feet, then lift the miniskirt to reveal that she wore nothing underneath. ?Yeah, Cory, fill her hole,? Ryan said. Cory was the wiry young man and she saw he had a cock to match. It must have been a full ten inches, but was thinner than any she had ever seen. She soon felt his head against her sopping wet pussy and he slammed deep into her with a single fierce thrust. She let Ryan?s cock fall from her mouth as she groaned, taking his full depth. Ryan grabbed her by the hair and returned his organ to her mouth.

She sneaked a peek over at the large black man who was watching intently. She imagined what he was seeing, her in just a red bra, a black leather miniskirt up around her waist, one cock in her mouth, another in her pussy, her huge breasts bouncing with every thrust from Cory. A loud smack on her ass brought her mind back to the task at hand and she ground back against Cory?s long slender dick.

Ryan increased the pace of her face fucking and she knew he was about to cum. She looked up at him, seeking direction. ?Swallow it, every drop; I don?t want to see any of it ooze out of that pretty mouth.? She nodded agreement the best she could and her throat was soon full of his cum. Well trained and thoroughly practiced, she swallowed every sweet drop, working her lips up and down his shaft, milking every delicious morsel.

Cory announced that it was Buff?s turn to fill her mouth, and the guy with the shaggy blonde hair was standing in front of her. Buff unbuckled his belt and let his shorts fall to the floor. He smelled strongly of musk and She figured it had been He who had been with Tiffani the most recent. Tiff was a lucky girl, Biff was a good eight inches long and as thick as any man she had ever been with.

Biff held his cock against his flat stomach, giving her access to his balls. She gently teased them with her tongue, lightly flicking against the fuzzy skin. He took a step forward and her tongue found his taint, just behind the balls. He had to balance himself against the wall as her talented tongue increased his pleasure.

Cory was still behind her, slamming his long, thin cock into her. He pulled out his cock and dipped a thumb into her honeypot. He then withdrew his now-wet thumb and placed it at the entrance to her ass. His cock re-entered her pussy and he slowly pressed his thumb into her. She thought of the many guys who had tried this without knowing what they were doing, trying to shove their cocks into her without properly stretching her out. Cory obviously had done this before and she whimpered thinking of what else he might put into her.

Biff lowered his meat, inviting her to take it into her mouth. Always ready for a challenge, she opened wide and immediately deep throated him, taking his entire enormous cock deep into her. She held it there for many seconds, impressing everyone with her abilities, then began bobbing up and down on it. She loved tasting Tiffani on it, and wondered if at the end of the day if she we would be able to taste the coed on His dick as well. Biff leaned back against the top bunk and she gave him a long, low-key blow job. He was far gentler than Ryan had been, but then again he had recently blown his nut with Tiffani and probably wasn?t in a hurry as his friend had been. The three of them established a slow, methodical rhythm.

Cory?s long, slow thrusts against her G-spot and the thumb in her ass had her on the verge of cumming. Soon she came all over Cory?s long, slender cock. She moaned and groaned around Biff?s dick but never let it leave her mouth, continuing to pleasure him even as her own pleasure washed over her. She groaned again as Cory removed his thumb and slowly slid two fingers into her bung hole, filling her completely.

She enjoyed the feeling so much that She started to finger Biff?s hole. He squatted lightly, allowing his rectum to open a bit and she slid a finger deep into him. She gently pressed against his prostate and jacked his shaft with her other hand. He pulled his cock from her mouth and she opened her mouth and laid her tongue flat, giving him as big a target as possible, hoping for another helping of what she loved so much. As his cock began to twitch he took it in his own hand and aimed at her face. She closed her eyes, and soon her face was covered with his cum. It made her feel cheap and used, a feeling that started her second orgasm as Cory kept sliding in and out of her pussy.

Cory pulled out of her and told her to roll over onto her back. She hadn?t had missionary in a while and was surprised when instead of mounting her, he buried his face between her legs. The tip of his tongue traced from her knee to her mons, building the excitement as he went. He plunged his tongue deep into her and she came instantly, writhing on the floor as this latest orgasm coursed through her. As she came down, Cory slowly worked his finger into her puss, then a second and a third. His fingers slowly massaged her g-spot and his thumb was on her clit. His rhythm with this was as slow and comfortable as his fucking, and soon her hips were gently following this hand.

Biff had disappeared, and soon Ken, the professor was in the back with them. Ken stripped down and she admired his cock and the surprisingly large head on it. Damn, she loved a nice big head and Ken had one for the ages. He unhooked her kinky red bra with the front clasp, then straddled her stomach. She pushed her huge breasts together and he began to titty fuck her. She liked it when he thrust forward far enough for her to lick the very head, tasting the sweet pre-cum from the tip.

A finger from Cory?s other hand found her ass, and the thumb on her clit had been replaced by his tongue. What he didn?t have in cock he more than made up for in oral skills. She was going bananas as he gently licked, nibbled and sucked her very hard clit. His fingers were just as effective inside her treasure box and soon another orgasm was growing deep in her toes.

?You like that, don?t you?? Ken asked.

?Oh God, you know I do,? She said. ?I want you to cum on my face, give me a facial with your thick, hot cum.? With that he leaned forward and buried his cock deep into her mouth, then returned to her breasts for more sensation and dirty talking. ?I?m such a slut, and I?m your slut, on loan from Him. Cum where ever you want, in my mouth on my face, on my tits, treat me like your slut.? The end of the last sentence disappeared as the orgasm surged through her body. She grabbed Ken?s ass on her chest and squeezed hard, her head thrashing from side to side.

As she was trying to catch a breath, Ken exploded on her face. Clearly he had not received anything from Tiffani but frustration as he let go of one of the largest loads she had ever seen. It was on her eyes, forehead, cheeks and chin. With her tongue she licked off all that she could. Then she scooped it up with two fingers and drizzled it luxuriously into her mouth. She was surprised when Ken kissed her deeply, thrusting his tongue into her mouth to taste what he had just sprayed on her.

As Ken got off of her, a voice three octaves lower than any of the others boomed. ?Clean her up boys, it?s time she got a piece of black pipe.? It was the huge black man. She gulped thinking about what he had to have in his pants.

Cory produced a warm, wet washcloth and wiped her chest and face free of Ken?s cum. She felt a little like she was being prepared as the sacrifice to the God in the black man?s pants. He peeled his shirt off of his massive frame and she?s sure her jaw dropped. He looked like an illustration from a biology text book. Every one of his muscles was huge and perfectly developed. His shoulders were massive and his biceps and triceps were better defined than any she had seen. He had a perfect six pack and the outline of his hip bone pointed to what had to be heaven.

She was still laying on the floor, gazing up at the muscled God standing above her. ?I?m Jeremy, meet Little Jeremy,? he said as he unhooked his belt and unzipped his jeans. He was wearing black silk briefs and his huge erection strained at the thin material. ?Stand up,? he ordered, and she complied with help from Cory. He stood just inches in front of her and took her hands and put them flat against his chiseled chest. She nearly came right there, as she explored his muscles. She moved closer, licking his huge chest, taking in his smell and taste, sensing his power.

She knelt before him and nibbled his cock through his briefs. She pulled down the waistband and gasped. He was every bit as thick as Biff, but half again as long. There was nothing little about Little Jeremy. She was staring into the biggest, blackest cock she had ever seen, and she couldn?t wait to have it anywhere he wanted to put it. She made eye contact as she licked the head, then holding eye contact, she took it into her mouth. Inch after inch slid into her throat and she showed no signs of slowing down. Soon his dark balls were against her chin, her hand on his tight ass and his cock well past her tonsils. She was able to hold her breath for a few seconds and slowly released his meat, all the while earning looks of astonishment from the other guys.

?Damn, Tiffani never could get half of him into her mouth, and this whore took the whole thing and left it there,? Tom said. Jeremy nodded his approval, then ordered her to stand and face the bunk.

She gripped the edge of the bunk, thankful for the extra four inches of height her ?fuck me heels? afforded her. She could see out the back window of the RV and behind them was their car. She could not see Him, only the back of Tiffani?s head who was sitting on his lap squirming with pleasure, her bare back showing under her glistening dark hair. Then she felt Jeremy?s strong hands on her shoulders and his head against her wet, tired, sopping pussy. ?Hold still, bitch, this is going to hurt you far more than it will hurt me.? With that his entire thick, black cock slammed into her pussy. She swore she could feel it bottom out in her. Her response amazed both of them as she did not pull away from his punishing meat, but pushed against it, eager to feel all of him deep inside her wet honey pot.

She came hard as his big hands tugged at her hair, making her head hurt almost as much as her pussy but not nearly as good. The orgasm made it difficult for her to stand, and soon his big strong arms were wrapped around her stomach and her chest, holding her up for his relentless pounding. She reached back and wrapped her arm around his neck, holding herself up and pushing her massive chest out for all to see. Jeremy?s hand found her nipples and squeezed them hard. Way too hard. And she loved it.

She managed to grunt the word ?missionary? into his ear and she slowly lowered her to the ground. She spread her legs, eager to have his hard body against hers. He entered her once again and she took in the alluring aroma of a sweating black man. She wrapped her legs around his narrow waist and hooked her four inch heels together, taking the strain off of her leg muscles and pulling him in deeper. He put his hands on the floor between her arms and her chest and assumed the push up position. Then slid a massive hand under the small of her back and with one hand pulled her up against him. Her arms wrapped around his neck and kissed him deeply as they once again fell into a rhythm. His strong chest against her massive tits felt awesome as did his hand on her back.

After what seemed like half an hour of him slamming into her, he rolled them both over, him on his back, her on top of him, accomplishing the move with his huge cock never leaving her pussy. ?Somebody give it to this whore in the ass,? he commanded the group. Biff had returned from the driver?s seat and was ready for round two. As She groaned into Jeremy?s shoulder, Biff slid his cock into her ass. She was thankful for the stretching that Cory had given her and it allowed Biff to enter relatively painlessly.

Her two holes were stuffed full, more cock than she had ever had in her life and she was in heaven. Biff would smack her on the ass, leaving what she was sure were large hand prints all over her ass. ?I need a cock in my mouth,? she called out, and was happy that Ken appeared in front of her. He grabbed her hair and fucked her face forcefully, gagging her as she tried to catch a breath from what was happening at the other end.

Cory called from the driver?s seat, ?You guys better hurry, the next rest area is just five miles down the road.? She couldn?t believe she had been fucked for the last 100 miles. She thought of Him and Tiffani behind them, and wondered how many times she had milked his cock.

Biff quickened his pace and soon filled her ass with his spooge. As soon as he pulled out, Ken came around and took his spot. After watching Jeremy pound her and the high quality blow job she had just given him, he, too, filled her ass in just a few seconds. Now with just Jeremy in her she could sit up straight, massaging her nipples and feeling his full depth. Her hands wandered to her clit and rubbed it furiously. Yet another orgasm crashed through her, wave after wave, reminiscent of all of the cum that been blown in her and on her in the last two hours. She started to lift up off of Jeremy almost entirely, leaving only his head in her, then slamming down hard against his thighs, over and over until soon he rolled her over onto her back again. With a mighty thrust he began emptying his load into her, mixing it with those of his friends and professor.

The RV slowed as it entered the rest area. She was exhausted and unable to move as the guys began dressing themselves, anxious to share their stories with Tiffani and hear of the fun she had had with Him.

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