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I wear an "O" type slave ring on my right hand. My Master wears one on his left. These are common D/s symbols in European culture. Dominants left hand, submissive right hand. The particular ones we wear are a little unique in style so I will not be confused. For if I encounter a Dominant wearing one of ours I must obey him or her. Two men besides my Master wear these rings. They have the privilege of using each other's slaves. I was made to present them myself because I was so pleased serving these gentlemen. I must admit that I am aroused when I think that I may have to serve them at anytime. I had never been called upon to do so until a few weeks ago. I received an e-mail telling me to meet Sir Stephen at a bar in Royal Oak at 8p.m.; I was to wear a sheer blouse, a short skirt and heels. No underwear was permitted. I have been instructed to honor these requests unless they interfere with work or prior commitments. The e-mail went on to say I was to seat myself next to him, and I was to hold and caress his cock the moment I sat down. I had no reason to refuse the request and prepared to meet him. Reading the instructions made me wet.

I entered the bar and saw him sitting at a table in the corner. The entrance was well lit and everyone could see my breasts through the sheer black blouse I was wearing. I did as instructed and sat next to him and held his cock. He kissed me without a word and called the waitress over. I continued to hold him as the waitress took our orders, she was surprised at how brazen I was but uttered not a word. By the time she returned with our drinks she could see he was quite aroused by my loving touch. His cock is about 8" long and thick. It was very visible through his pants; I could tell he had no underwear on either. By this time he had also had me spread my legs and my leather micro-mini skirt did little to hide my pussy. This time she gave me a big smile. I had not been given permission to release him. He talked to me as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening. I was getting very aroused and at the same time somewhat embarassed by being put on display this way. I could see many in the bar had noticed me. He inserted a finger in me and when he withdrew it, it was glistening with my juices. He had me lick it for him. The waitress brought us a new round of drinks, they had been sent by a gentleman at the bar. He raised his glass and toasted us; he was obviously enjoying the entertainment. Sir Stephen invited the gentleman to join us. He was a very dignified looking businessman. Gray hair at the temples, well built, handsome. I was embarassed by how I appeared before him, yet very aroused. Sir Stephen introduced himself and talked to the gentleman as if I wasn't there. The man was a buyer from out of town, here on business. His eyes did not fail to examine every inch of me, and take note of the fact that I was still massaging Sir Stephens' cock. They enjoyed their conversation and seemed to enjoy each other's company very much. Sir Stephen asked the gentleman if he would care to join us for a drink in a more leisurely setting. He readily agreed. We left the bar and proceeded to a nearby hotel. We went directly to a room that Sir Stephen had obviously previously secured.

We entered a suite with a large seating area and a stocked bar. He told me to remove my clothes as he made them drinks. I kneeled, naked, and waited. The businessman was surprised but acted as if he was used to naked ladies kneeling before him. They sat at a table and Sir Stephen removed his cock from his pants. I immediately moved to him and took it in my mouth. As I made love to his cock Sir Stephen explained to the gentleman that I had to obey those who wore the ring without question. The gentleman inquired as to how he could obtain one for himself. Sir Stephen explained that he must train his own slave and present her to their group for approval. If she was found acceptable he might be granted privileges. I was getting very wet as I was sucking his cock and was longing for him to touch me. He praised my abilities to the gentleman and told him that for tonight he too could use my services if he so desired. Sir Stephen rose and produced a large dildo with a suction cup on its base. He had me wet the suction cup and secure it on a low coffee table. He ordered me to get on it and to proceed to fuck myself with it. I lowered my very wet pussy slowly onto the dildo and sat down as I engulfed it. I began to slowly fuck myself before this gentleman and as I did so was already on the verge of orgasm.

The businessman approached me and as I fucked myself he kissed me and stuck his tongue down my throat. He felt my breasts and told me he had never wanted to fuck anyone more. His words made me hotter. Sir Stephen was making me be such a slut and knew the effect it would have on me. The gentleman told me to undress him and I strived to do so. My fingers fumbled with the buttons and snaps. I finally freed his cock from his underwear and it sprang forth hard and erect. His cock was 7" long with a very large head on it. He let me kiss it and I could taste his pre-cum. I wanted so badly to cum but had not yet been given permission. He moaned as I lovingly sucked his cock and praised me to Sir Stephen. Sir Stephen said he could not take credit for I belonged to another. I was lifted from the table and placed on a couch. The gentleman asked what was permitted; Sir Stephen replied anything he desired. I was there to please them. The gentleman said he desired to fuck my ass. I drenched his cock with my saliva and and presented my ass to him. He eased the head of his cock in my ass; it was so big it hurt at first. He waited for me to adjust to it and then began to fuck me well. He took long slow strokes and I could feel his large balls slap my ass. Sir Stephen filled my mouth and they established a rhythm fucking me from both ends. I was shaking from the pleasure and Sir Stephen finally gave me permission to cum. I screamed and began to have multiple orgasms. Sir poured his cum in me as I continued to scream and I had trouble swallowing it. The gentleman finally shot his hot cum in my ass and joined us.

I returned home about 1a.m. and Master was waiting for me. He opened his robe and I kneeled and took him in my mouth. I could taste pussy on his cock. I wondered if he had been enjoying Sir Stephens' slut while I was gone? He asked me if I'd had a good evening. I said, "Yes Master, thank you." As I made love to this man who knows me so well.

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