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Retribution part 1

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?All right, boys. Bring her in?

The two men exited the room and left me to wait with anticipation. I had been watching this particular female for some time now, and the time was now right. As I waited I took another quick look around at the equipment that I had in my dungeon, making sure everything was present and everything was ready. Why do I need to worry?, I asked myself. I have been preparing for this for a long time. Of course everything is going to be ready.

The door opened and the two men that exited earlier came back in, but this time they were dragging a female between them. They brought her in front of me, and stopped, still restraining her between them. I recognized her instantly. Her name is Michelle, and she is a student at the local college. I know from her instant messages with me that she is 25 and she just celebrated her birthday today. Well, I hope she enjoys her birthday present from me.

She was still in her pajamas, a tee shirt and a nice, tight pair of shorts. I?m sure she didn?t have much time to change when she heard the knock at her apartment door and 1:00 this morning. She was blindfolded and gagged. Perfect. She has no idea where she?s at.

?Take her over to that chair, and tie her to it.? The men complied with my order and dragged her over to the chair in one corner of the room. She started to struggle, but the men just lifted her up off of her feet and carried her to the chair. She tried to say something, but the cloth gag made her speech incomprehensible. One guy held her in the chair while her hands were tied behind her and her legs were tied to the legs of the chair. After that was done, they both turned around and looked at me.

?You may go now.? Both men nodded and went and stood at attention by the exit of the dungeon. I then turned my attention to my prey. She was visibly shaking, but whether from the cold air or her being scared, I couldn?t tell. I guess we?ll find out. I walked over to her and took her blindfold off. She started to blink as her eyes adjusted to the light, and then I had a chance to look into her eyes.

Her eyes were a beautiful green-blue. And at the moment, if her glare were bullets, I would be dead. But at the same time, I could tell that she was a little frightened. I would be frightened too, if I were to look upon me in her situation. I must be a little intimidating in my robe. I smiled as I walked in a circle to a place behind her. Her eyes followed me the whole time until she couldn?t see me anymore. I then walked around the other side until I came back in front of her.

?Hello, Michelle. You might be surprised that I know your name, but you might be even more surprised when I tell you that yesterday was your birthday and that I know a lot about you. You don?t need to know my name, but you may call me Master. I?m now going to remove your gag and there?s no need to scream, no one will be able to here you. And you may make me replace your gag. Do you understand me??

Michelle nodded, and I walked up to her and removed the gag. She rotated her jaw for a second and then she fixed her eyes back on me. ?What do you want with me??

?Oh, nothing much. I just ask for your cooperation and you won?t be hurt, badly?

?What if I refuse to do what you ask??

I smiled cruelly. ?Then life will not be so pleasant for you.?

?Why am I here??

?I am returning a favor to a friend of mine, and quite frankly, he doesn?t like you. I?ve been told that you have made quite a few enemies for yourself, being as popular as you are.?

?I have no idea what you are talking about,? she said in a snobby voice.

?Oh, but you?ll find out when I get through with you. I was told to try to break some of your bad habits that you seem to have acquired. And I have been told to follow up on you to make sure that the changes will become permanent.?

?If you touch me, I have friends of my own that will make sure that your life will be a living hell.? She seemed to gather some resemblance of strength when she said that. ?My father is very influential.?

?If I were scared of you or your father, you wouldn?t be here right now. And you can only make my life a living hell if you even remember anything that happens to you tonight.? As I was speaking, I slowly moved closer to her until my face was directly in front of her. ?And I have means of making sure you won?t remember anything.?

?I?m not scared of you.?

?Oh, but you should be. And you will be, by the time I get through with you.?

I turned my back on her and walked deeper into the middle of the room. ?Look at my room full of toys here, all for my pleasure and all for your pain. I have created a few new things, just for you. But if you?re good, it would be in your best interest not to experience them. I was going to tell you everything that is in store for you, but now I have changed my mind. I think it would be much more rewarding if I just let you find out for yourself.? I looked over that the two men standing by the door. ?Take her over to that chair.?

?You?ll be sorry! I promise you!? She yelled at me as the two men blocked my view from her. Yes, I will feel sorry for you. I turn around to prepare the chair, when I heard one of the guys groan in pain and I hear the sound of skin hitting skin. I turned around and saw Michelle making a sprint towards the dungeon?s exit. I then look at the two guards and one of them was doubled over and the other had his hands to his face.

?After her, you idiots!? The guard with his hands to his face ran after her, while the other guard trailed slowly behind. She?ll pay for that. I guess my plans will have to change slightly. I head over to one corner of the room and grab an old sawhorse that was placed there. I brought it to the center of the room and dr*ped a towel over it. I then went over to one wall where I have all of my ropes sorted and hung by size and length and I grabbed one of the wider leather belts and a couple of assorted lengths of rope. I then deposited them on the floor next to the sawhorse.

By this time I could here Michelle yelling at the top of her lungs as she was dragged back down the stairs. I?m glad they caught up with her. She will be sorry for her little burst of freedom. There was only one more pressing thing that was needed at this moment. I walked over to one of the many tables I had set up and I grabbed a bottle of liquid that I opened up and poured a little bit into a washcloth.

?Let me go! You will all pay for this! Let me go!? The two guards had her by the arms and had carried her between them down the steps and towards me. I walked over to Michelle, and then behind her. I grabbed a handful of her hair and jerked her head back forcefully, which elicited a cry of pain from Michelle. I pulled her head back until she could see my eyes and put the washcloth over her mouth and nose. She was trying to say something, but her words were muffled. I tilted my head forward until I could whisper in her ear. ?You?ll be sorry for what you just did. I promise you.? I watched her eyes go from defiant, to looking somewhat scared. It didn?t take long until she was fighting not to lose consciousness, but it was inevitable. Soon her eyes closed and she went lax in the guards? hands.

?Both of you quickly undress her and lay her face down on this sawhorse. We don?t have much time before she wakes up.? In no time at all, they had her undressed and laying face down on the horse. I took the wide leather strap and secured her torso to the horse. I then tied her hands behind her back and then crossed her ankles and tied them together. I then brought her body up into a hog tie and connected her wrist and ankle bonds. I made sure that she was pulled back to the point that she would be uncomfortable, but not be unbearable for a long period of time.

By this time, a quiet moan escaped from her. I walked over to a cart and pulled it over to her. I chose a ball gag and the blindfold that was used on her before. I placed the blindfold on her eyes and then attached a rope to the back of the blindfold. I then arched her head back to the point that it exposed her chest and breasts rather nicely and then tied that string to her big toes, which kept her head back and out of the way. Then I waited.

As she slowly gained consciousness, I waited for the point were she started to realize her surroundings and remember where she was at. At that point, I slipped the ball gag into her mouth and whispered into her ear, ?Hello, Michelle. I hope you?re comfortable, because you?re going to be like this for a long time.?

She moaned something incomprehensible through the gag and tried to struggle as I secured the gag. I then stood back and watched as she struggled with her bondage. She didn?t struggle much from side to side because one, for fear of falling off, and two, the wide band and the way she was positioned on the horse almost made it impossible to rock back and forth. She did try to struggle forwards and backwards, but she couldn?t move her head or feet without moving one or the other. And the way I had her tied, there wasn?t much room to wiggle. She still struggled for a good ten to fifteen minutes before she tired herself out and was still.

?I could have told you that there was no use to struggling. But I had so much fun watching you try.? I took a real good look at her naked body for the first time. She was not bone thin, but I wouldn?t call her heavy set. She was curvy. And her breasts were a good size too. A good size for a nice breast harness, that is. I walked over and gently touched her butt, which in turn released a whole new fit of struggling and moaning from her. I waited until she was done again, and slowly started to graze my hand up and down her back.

I could feel her body shudder under my hands, but she no longer protested. ?Good. You?re already starting to learn.? I reached over to the cart and took a pair of nipple clamps off of it. I then moved my hand to her breast. Her breasts were positioned on either side of the sawhorse and I gently cupped her breast in my hand. She quickly jerked her body and pulled her breast out of my hand. I then grabbed both of her breasts and squeezed them hard, enough that it caused a moan of pain from her.

?The sooner you realize that there is nothing you can do to me and that I can do whatever I want to you, the better off you?ll be. You are completely helpless and at my mercy.? I then threw her breasts out of my hands and gently started to stroke her nipples. They slowly responded to my touch and became hard. I licked my fingers and then started to slightly twist them in my fingers.

I could tell that Michelle was trying to fight the stimulation that her body was responding to. I took off the cart a bottle of compressed air and released some of the air over the tips of the nipple clamps, making the clamp part very cold. I then put the nipple clamps on her breasts. She started to struggle, but I simply grabbed one breast at a time and positioned the clamps. The moan that sounded from Michelle told me that if she didn?t have the gag in her mouth, she would be cursing me. I smiled. Good. You?ll offer me a challenge. Most women just give up to their fate too easy. I think I?m going to enjoy myself. I slowly tightened the nipple clamps until she started to moan in pain. Then I stopped. No sense wearing them out. We have a whole night ahead of us.

Now, what should I do? I have all night and the next day with her. No one will miss her until the day after next. I thought about just leaving her like that for about an hour or two, by then she should be pretty wore down mentally and physically. I need to give her something so she doesn?t fall asleep. I tightened the nipple clamps a little more, just to make sure that they wouldn?t fall off. Michelle moaned slightly. I then took a small weight from the cart and attached it to the dangling nipple clamp chain. The extra weight pulled her breasts down nicely.

Michelle started to whine. ?I wouldn?t whine if I were you. That is the smallest amount of weight I can put on your nipples. Keep whining and I?ll be inclined to add to it.? Michelle became quiet. I stood back and looked at my work. She looked nice. I noticed that she still moved around too much. I?ll have to tighten her up a bit. I don?t want her moving around too much for my next addition.

I went over and untied the rope at her blindfold. Keeping pressure on it so she wouldn?t jerk it out of my hands, I pulled her head back into a tighter hogtie and quickly secured it again. ?There, that?s better. Don?t you think?? She didn?t answer me. I grabbed the rope again and pulled her back more until her ear was next to my mouth. She cried out and started to moan again. I whispered into her ear. ?It would be in your best interest to answer me whenever I ask you a question and to do whatever I say. I?ll ask you again. Is that better for you?? She spit out a smartass ?no? around her gag. I shook my head.

?You know, I think you?re right. I need to add a few more things.? I noticed that she had started to drool from the ball gag. ?Look at you. You can?t even control yourself. You?re drooling all over the place.? She again tried to say some smartass comment. Just keep thinking that I?ll let you get away with all this. Don?t worry. It will catch up with you.

I grabbed from my cart a pair of earplugs. She tried to wiggle out of my way, but I just pinched her ears tighter until I had the earplugs put into her ears. Now I know she can?t hear me unless I?m right up beside her. I stood back and just watched her for a few minutes, letting her get adjusted to the earplugs. I then walked up to her and touched her cheek. She about jumped out of her skin. I just smiled. I then waited a few more minutes and then touched her butt. She again jumped. She?s can?t anticipate my moves anymore, now that she can?t even hear me walk around.

I grabbed another small weight from the cart and added it to her nipple clamp chain. She moaned again. This time I thought she tried to say no. I frowned. That?s somewhat disappointing. I hoped that she would be able to take more than that, just to defy me. Oh well, we?ll just have to see.

I took some of her drool off of her chest with my finger and put it on her nipples. I?m sure these things are starting to get sore. Good. I gently blew on her nipples to chill the water. I then reached over for the last thing I would do to her in this position. I grabbed a little metal vibrator and a roll of duck tape. I set the duck tape aside for now and I turned the vibrator on. Michelle didn?t move. I know she can?t hear this. Boy, won?t she be in for a surprise. I set the vibrator to its lowest setting and gently touched it to her nipple chain.

I watched Michelle?s back arch a little more, trying to avoid the vibrator. The vibrator made the nipple chain vibrate, in turn vibrating her nipples. I kept it on for a few seconds, than removed it. You could see her visibly relax. I then touched the vibrator directly on one of her nipples. She stiffened back up again and a small moan escaped from around the ball gag.

I bent over and said into her ear, ?Do you like that, Michelle?? I asked her. She tried to shake her head no, but she managed to say it. ?Why not? Not pleasing enough for you? All right, but you said it. Don?t complain with what I do next.?

I grabbed a couple of clothespins from my cart and two little pieces of string and moved down to her crotch. I attached the clothespins to each of her labia, then I used the strings to open her up by attaching the strings to the clothespins, then to her big toes. That opens her up nicely.

I could hear her start to moan. I reached down and gently stroked her clit. My hand came back wet. ?Oh, what?s this?? I bent over to talk to her. ?You must like what I am doing to you.? She spit out a no around the gag. ?But your body is telling me something different. You ARE a little whore, aren?t you? Well, I?ll give you something that you should really like.?

I took the vibrator again and touched it to a string that was attached to the clothespins. She moaned again, but I could tell that it wasn?t a good moan. I then took the vibrator and ran it across her vagina and her clit. Now, that was a good moan. ?Do you like that?? She didn?t answer me, but she did start to wiggle around in her bonds again. What, does she think she can get out of it now, like anything has changed?

?I?m sorry, Michelle. But nothing has changed. You still can?t get out.? I then turned the vibrator up to its highest setting and touched the vibrator to her clit again. This time, I left it there for a couple of seconds. Her whole body started to shudder and she kept trying to move away from it. I held her butt down with my other hand to keep her from moving. She kept moaning, but they became louder and more often. She kept saying no. I took the vibrator off her clit and I could visibly see her collapse in relief. I turned off the vibrator and walked up to her face. I then took out the ball gag. She was breathing heavy.

?I think you liked that. You know, this is very amusing to watch. I can tell that your body likes the vibrator. And I can also tell that you can?t control it and it makes you mad. How does it feel to be helpless? How does it feel to have your body react to something that is out of your control? How does it feel to have me control your body like that and there is nothing you can do about it?? She spoke to me in a shaky voice. ?You leave me alone, you son of a bitch.?

?Well, I?m sorry dear, but I just can?t do that. I want to get paid, you know?? I grabbed the duck tape and traced my hand down her back to her thigh. I then took the vibrator, which was turned off, and stuck it back on her clit. ?Leave me alone!? She yelled at me. I just ignored her. I took a piece of duck tape and secured the other end of the vibrator to the saw horse. I taped it well so it wouldn?t move. Michelle rocked her body forward so the vibrator wouldn?t touch her. I moved back up to her face.

?I don?t care if you move. You can?t stay rocked forward forever. And when you finally get tired and can?t hold it anymore, your little friend will be waiting for you. Is there anything you want to say to me before I leave??

?You?re going to leave me like this?? She asked.

?Only for a little while. I?m going to let you enjoy yourself, by yourself. I?ll be back in say, an hour or two.?

She started to cuss me, but I just grabbed the ball gag and forced it back into her mouth. I made sure to make it extra tight. She started to wiggle and kick in her bonds; the whole time trying not to touch the inactive vibrator. I just stood back and watched. When she wore herself out and her body came back onto the vibrator, I turned it back on to its highest setting. She immediately shot back forward away from it, but she didn?t stay away from it very long.

I sat down in a chair and watched her move back and forth for about 10 minutes. Each time the vibrator touched her clit, she moaned and jerked back away. When she got tired and couldn?t pull back right away again, she would try to take it. Her breathing would get heavy, but she would try not to moan. But I could tell that her body liked the stimulation of the vibrator. As hard as she tried to fight it, her body wouldn?t let her.

I stood up and walked over to her. Her body was drenched in sweat and she was shuddering. When she pulled away again, I grabbed her butt and pinned her to the sawhorse. She tried to pull away, but couldn?t. I held her there as she started to moan louder and breathe harder. I could feel her body building towards something. Her moans started to get louder and she kept saying ?no? and ?stop? through her gag. I waited to almost her breaking point before I shut off the vibrator. She literally crashed. Her moans became that of frustration. I just smiled. She has a lot to learn from me.

If she didn?t hate me before, she sure does now. ?Did you like that, Michelle?? I asked her. No answer. Oh well. I?ll let it slide this time. ?Enjoy yourself. I?ll be back in a while.? I told her. I left the vibrator where it was, but I didn?t turn it back on. I made sure that her bonds were still tight from where she had been moving a lot, and then I turned and left the room.

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