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Reeled In By New Master

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She was told to dress sexy tonight. She complied as any good slave girl would do. She looked beautiful. When we go out she is required to wear clothing that can be adjusted throughout the night. I enjoy buttoning and unbuttoning her clothing as the mood strikes me. Tonight she was in a beautiful white blouse; a very thin bra appeared underneath that left little if nothing to the imagination. She had on her long chain which hung down the front of her blouse, a short black skirt, no panties, and pantyhose that was attached by garters. She is required to keep her pussy shaved at all times and to keep it accessible to me or whoever I choose when we go out. She was ready for her night out but we certainly didn?t know what lied ahead.

I dropped her off at the local watering hole knowing that there would be plenty of guys in tonight. The area has recently filled up with roughnecks who work in the oil fields. You know the kind of guys?work hard and play hard. I told her to go in and start flirting with this rowdy crowd. I told her I would come back and see how things were going in about 30 minutes.

When I walked in I didn?t see her at first but as I continued to walk inside I saw her sitting next to a very large, clean cut guy. He was standing close to her and she had her hand rubbing his thighs. His arm was around her and they were closely engaged in conversation. I could tell by her body language that she was a little uncomfortable but he had the situation well under control along with her. I watched as he kissed her on the back of her neck and I saw her body react, watched her shift around on her stool and I knew that her pussy was getting wet from his behavior. He looked down at her, smiled and ran his hand under her hair, grabbed it from underneath and pulled her head back slightly. She melted; I knew at this point that she would do whatever he wanted. Her pussy would be soaking wet by now, her nipples hard and her heart racing. This guy knew what he was doing and she was captivated by his actions. He whispered in her ear, she nodded her head and rose from her bar stool. She went to the bathroom and returned in just a couple of minutes. I watched as she walked toward me, her breasts were obviously no longer restrained by her bra as she followed the orders of her new Master. Her bra was in her hand showing the entire bar that she was no longer wearing it. She walked up to me, handed me the bra, smiled, and walked over to her new Master. He looked at me and smiled. It was that, ?I know what you guys are up to and I am going to do what I want with this bitch tonight ?, kind of smile. She wrapped her arms around his neck, perched up on her tippy toes and kissed him full on the mouth. Tonight she belonged to him and she was showing me that she did. He wrapped his muscular arms around her, pulled her in close and kissed her with the force you would expect of a big man who was obviously in control. They got up and walked toward an empty booth. He motioned for me to join them. She slid into the booth with him next to her. Her skirt was bunched up around her waist and her pussy was fully exposed to him. His hand had moved to her pussy before I got there. He was working her clit with his fingers as I sat down. She had her head thrown back and was pushing against his fingers. She was acting like a total slut who couldn?t get enough. He told me to sit down and listen. He looked me in the eyes and his gaze burned straight through me. He told me, ?tonight she belongs to me, and she will do whatever I want her to?. ?She told me that she is your slave but tonight she is my slave?. It was obvious by her movement in the booth and her low audible moans that she had fully surrendered to him. ?I have no problem with that Mister, however wherever she goes I go as well?. He looked at me with those steel, cold eyes and said, ?Maybe I don?t want you along?. ?What are you going to do if I say No?. He smiled with that smile that dares any man to take action. ?Mister, there is very little I can do about it if you decide that you don?t want me around. You are much larger than I am and you have a bar full of friends?. ?We play together and there is no need to make a scene, I would appreciate it if you allowed me to tag along?. He laughed and said, ?We?ll see, now go away and sit down?. ?I need to have this little slut attend to my cock?. He motioned me away and I got up without saying a word. I noticed that his cock was already out of his pants and she had her fingers wrapped around it. It was a good sized cock I estimated around 7 or 8 inches and a couple of inches in girth. I knew that she would be enjoying that cock tonight. As I looked back his hand was in her hair and she was being pushed down toward his cock. His cock disappeared between her lips as it was pushed into her mouth, his head fell back and I knew just what kind of pleasure he was enjoying. She is a talented cocksucker who doesn?t stop until the job is finished. The booth was not hidden or in a dark corner, it was out in the open and it didn?t take long for his buddies to notice what was going on. Soon she was being cheered on by several men to finish him, her head moved faster and faster up and down his cock at the encouragement of the others. Soon his hand held her head tight on his cock and it was obvious that his cum was pulsating into her mouth. She swallowed, and swallowed until his cock stopped pumping. She continued to suck his cock until he released her head. As she sat up you could see his cum glistening on her lips. Everyone cheered and she was thoroughly embarrassed by what had just happened. The bartender brought them over two beers and smiled at the slave. She smiled in a nervous way like she knew what the slave would be in for later tonight. Little did the slave know that the bartender had been involved with this man last weekend and had a very good idea what was going to happen. Some part of her was jealous, but another part of her was glad that she wouldn?t have to be involved with his games tonight. The couple continued to kiss and play in the booth keeping the attention of the crowd and the bartender.

About an hour later this large man stood up and looked me in the eye and flashed that devilish smile that he has. He helped her out of the booth and she looked quite disheveled. Her blouse was unbuttoned below her breasts, her chain hung between those wonderful tits. She started to button the blouse up, his hand stopped hers and he told her, ?Everyone already knows what kind of slut you are so just leave it?. ?You aren?t fooling anyone and they deserve to get a good look at those wonderful tits of yours?. At that he looked at me and motioned his head toward the door. He walked through the crowd, with her following, and me trailing out last. The entire bar watched us as we left and were obviously enjoying the looks of his disheveled slave. As I followed them out of the bar my cock ached from being so hard. I was curious to see where this night would lead us. I followed them around to the side of the bar. He opened the door to his truck, and she slid in. ?Follow me?, he told me. I ran to my car and followed them out of town. After about an hour of driving we pulled into a remote mountain cabin that he had rented for the weekend.

When she got out of his truck she was completely naked except for the chain around her neck. He grabbed the chain and led her into the cabin. He waved for me to join them. ?You have trained this little slut very well?, he told me. ?I had her naked before we were out of town and made her masturbate for me the whole way?. I must have had a look on my face because he then told me, ?Oh no, she was not allowed to cum?. I looked at her and the expression on her face told me that he was telling the truth. The scene I was looking at, her chain in his hand with him controlling her movements was hot as hell. He told her to kneel at his feet and she complied. ?You can watch but do not interfere tonight?, he told me. ?No problem?, I replied. ?As long as she is not injured, there is no blood, scat or piss?. ?He laughed and said, ?No problem?. With that he gave the chain connected to his slave girls neck a yank towards him. He stood up and told her to undress him. She complied by reaching up and unbuttoning his pants. His cock jumped out at her as she pulled his underwear off. He removed his shirt, looked down at her. ?Suck it bitch, suck my cock again?. His cock once again disappeared into her mouth. His hand wrapped up in her hair. She sucked him for about ten minutes before he pulled her off. ?Stand up?, he told her. ?To the bed? he ordered. She quietly complied. He reared back and brought his hand down across her exposed ass. She jumped and yelped. ?When I give you an order bitch you will answer me as Yes Master? he exclaimed to her. She knew that she fucked up and deserved her ass to be slapped. ?Yes Master?, she replied meekly while bowing her head. She was completely controlled by this stranger and she could do nothing but comply.

He had her lie face down on the bed. Her hands were tied behind her back. ?Bitch it is time you learned to better respect your Master? he once again exclaimed. With that he took a bag out from under the bed, unzipped it and pulled out a long, black crop. You could hear it swish through the air as he tested it. Her body tensed up as she had a good idea of what was about to happen. ?Every time my crop lands on your body you will thank me for sharing my leather with you by saying, Thank You Master?. ?Do you understand slut? he said firmly. ?Yes Master?, she responded. She jumped as she felt the crop come down on her ass, and she jumped as it came down a second, third and fourth time. After each hit you could her say, ?Thank You Master?. She continued to thank him until about 30 swats had been administered. She could feel the sting on her ass. He pulled her up from the bed, spun her around, and looked at her. ?Do we understand each other now?, he asked sternly. ?Yes Master?, was her only response. ?Good!? he replied.

He stood her under the main beam of the cabin. Her hands still tied behind her back. Out of his bag he pulled out more rope. He looped it over the main beam, tied it off and then untied her hands. He stretched her arms over her head, retied them and then looped the overhead rope around her tied wrists. When he was done she had her arms stretched over her head and her legs were firmly stretched out from the spreader bar that was attached to her ankles. She had a worried look on her face not knowing what this stranger had planned for her. His fingers reached down to test her pussy. ?She is fucking soaked dude?she loves this shit? he said to me. I stood up and walked over and tested her myself. I smiled at her. ?He is right slave?you do love this shit?. I plunged three fingers into her, pulled them out and held them to her mouth. She knew from past experience she was expected to suck her juices from my fingers and she complied this time as well. ?She loves her own taste?, I told him. He laughed and said, ?It is good that she enjoys it because she is going to taste more than just herself tonight!? About that time I heard a commotion outside and saw several trucks pulling up. I smiled at him and said, ?I would say your right about that?. Her eyes widened when the door burst open and people started filing into the cabin.

Nobody noticed her at first but a few seconds after entering people started commenting about how they thought he was finished with this bitch or that her old man must have taken her home. Her new Master smiled at his friends and told them, ?Naw, this one has a lot left in her and it would be a shame to waste it?. He asked the crowd, ?Hey where?s Mindy at?. ?She is coming up now? yelled someone. ?Oh good, I know that she will enjoy this little slut tonight?. The crowd roared their agreement. I wasn?t sure who Mindy was but his previous comments made more sense to me now. When Mindy walked into the cabin the men pushed her to the middle of the room. She tried to swat them away but there were too many. She couldn?t figure out what they were doing until she came face-to-face with the slave girl who was strung up from the rafters. Mindy smiled and let out a loud laugh. Now she understood what the guys were doing. All the guys on the crew knew that Mindy enjoyed the company of other women as much if not more than she did that of the guys on the crew. The new Master asked Mindy if she would like to take her turn with this little slut. ?For me? she responded sarcastically ?Hell yes? Mindy yelled. ?She is hot as hell and I was totally jealous of you back at the bar?. ?I didn?t expect to see her here tonight. What a great surprise?. With that he handed Mindy the crop that was in his hand and she began circling her prey. She stepped in front of the slave girl, used the crop under the slaves chin to raise her head so that their eyes could meet. ?You are mine now you little slut?! Having already learned her place the slave girl responded, ?Yes Mistress?. ?Yes Mistress, oh this one is well trained? exclaimed Mindy or Mistress Mindy as it would be now. The crowd cheered Mindy on. She really didn?t need any cheering as her pussy was soaking wet just thinking about what she was going to do to this hot piece of ass. ?How long do we get to keep her? asked Mindy. ?It?s Friday night and I have the cabin rented until Monday? the new Master told her. ?You have to love Labor Day weekend? Mindy chuckled. Mindy knew that she would get plenty of relief from this little whore before the end of this weekend.


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