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RV Camping Part 3

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When I woke I could smell breakfast being made. I had a piss hardon so I went to take a leak I saw Jill cooking in an T shirt showing her sweet ass which made want to grab her and throw her on the couch and have sex with her right then but I had a job to do first. When I was done I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her taking a tit in each I kissed her neck and told her how much I loved her. Just then my cell phone when off it was Kim she asked if I had any cream left over for her coffee with a little laugh. I told her sure but that she had better hurry before Jill got it. Jill looked at me funny so I told her what Kim asked and she just smiled. By then there was a knock on the door I was still naked so I went to the back to put on some boxers. Jill open the door and there was Kim in her robe she had her coffee cup in her hand we all laughed. Kim asked Jill if she could borrow some of my cream Jill said yes but that might need a replacement from Dave to which Kim told her well he’s in the shower right now so if you hurry you might catch him when he gets out. Breakfast was almost done so Kim and I told her we would finish getting it ready while she went and retrieved Dave. As soon as Jill left Kim had my boxers down and my cock in her mouth now this girl could give one awesome blowjob and I came right away I said well I hope that’s what you needed to start your morning. Jill got up kissed me then turned to finish cooking as she was standing there I pulled off her robe and put my arms around and squeezed her huge tits my god I could barely get my hands around them after a few minutes of that she was pushing back against my soft cock. I slide my hands down her stomach until I could feel her pussy. I slide a finger in and she was wet so I added a second then third. With my other hand I rubbed her love button which sent her into an orgasm she spun around and kissed me.

Over at the other coach. Jill had just put on a pair of tiny panties under her T shirt when she left to go help Dave. When she got over there Dave was still in the shower so she had an idea the anal beads were laying on the counter along with the lube. She took off the panties got the lube and covered the beads then slowly inserted them they were the type that got larger as they got closer to the end she could feel them filling her more and more she like the feel. Once she had them all the way in she put the panties back on and walk to the shower to tell Dave to hurry up that’s when she saw him through the door stroking himself. She yelled at him not to waste that to save it for her. Dave jumped hitting the wall and door she just laughed. Dave said he would be right there. Jill went in the bedroom and laid on the bed face down. Dave dried off and came to find her. He climbed up on top of her sliding the T shirt up over her head. She could feel his hard cock against her butt and now his hands were around her playing with her nipples. He asked where Kim was and she told him getting her morning cream from me. Dave kissed her neck which makes her squirm. Dave Slide down her back until he was at her butt he hooked his fingers into each side of the panties and as he slide them down he saw the string from the beads he knew that this was going to be fun. After removing the panties her spread her legs and just stared at her tight pucker hole with the string coming out of it. He kissed his way up one leg then down the other. Jill was moaning lightly when Dave licked up her butt crack. Dave told Jill to roll over so they could both enjoy some cream. Jill told him that she didn’t bring any coffee and he just laughed and told her she wouldn’t be needed it. Dave climbed on the bed next to her. He spread her legs wrapping them under his arms pulling her wide open as he leaded in to start his attract on her she reached over and started to stroke him. He started by kissing and licking the insides of her thighs. Next he pulled her lips open and found her little cum button. As he licked it Jill was going crazy pumping against his face already starting to cum. That when Dave took his hand and pulled on the string. This was a feeling that Jill had never felt before and she loved it so much she would cum a bit. Dave watched as her pucker asshole would stretch outward until the bead popped then it would go back to normal. Each time Dave pulled a bead out she would grasp and cum. Jill reached over and pulled Dave on top of her this was just right for her to take Dave’s cock in her mouth. Jill was cumming almost not stop. Dave knew that there was only one bead left now and could feel he was close. Dave put 2 fingers in her he could feel the bead just sitting there popped out he turned his fingers and found her G spot he could tell she was ready so he rubbed her G spot hard and pulled out the last bead at the same time. Jill cum so hard that she squirted which sent Dave over the top cumming in her mouth she just went limp under him. Dave climbed off her and laid down beside her as she came down from what had just happened. Jill turned and kiss him he could taste his cum on her lips. Jill told him that when he pulled each of the beads out she thought she was going to pass out because the feeling was so intense. Dave told her wait until you have you first anal.

Jill said that they should get over to our coach and eat before it got cold. She put her clothes back on and Dave put on a pair of sweat pants and sweet shirt. When Dave and Jill got there Kim and I had everything on the table and ready to eat. As we sat down I asked if anyone want coffee Kim popped up and said we don’t have any cream right now but soon hopefully we all laughed. We talked as we ate about what had happened so far and Kim asked what we thought. Jill said that at first she was sure about seeing me with someone else or even her being with some else but that she really was enjoy it so far I said me too. Kim told us about how they started playing with Jim and Kate it was kind of the same thing happened they had went with Jim and Kate in the RV’s and Kate made the first move similar to what Kim had done. It was much really easy to convince Dave because he wanted to get a chance to be with Kate. Kim told us that they all were going to a RV park on the river that was clothing optional next month if we wanted to go with them. We told her we would love to but need to see if the grandparents could watch the kids again. Kim said that the fun thing is that you can just watch or join in it was all ok. It was already 9am and we had to be out by 11am. Kim said you that she still owed me my prize from last night. We all looked at each other with huge smiles. Kim told us that she had thought about it last night and if we wanted I could decide if we wanted to try a four way something none of us had ever seen or tried. I said sure I was game. She said for us to fold out the bed in the living room and to be sure all the windows re closed because it could get loud. Kim took over giving orders she told us all to get naked which happen in the blink of an eye. Next she told Dave to lie on his back I the middle of the bed. Kim climbed up on to his face and told him to get her wet. Kim told Jill to suck Dave and get him good and hard. Kim got off Dave she went and got some lube from her robe pocket. She then told Jill to lube me up really good. Jill climbed up over Dave and lower herself down inch by inch his hard pole. Once she was buried on him she rode him for a couple of strokes then leaned forward and told Jill to pour some lube on her ass and work it into her hole. I noticed that her hole didn’t seem as small as Jill’s. Jill worked a finger into Kim’s hole as she did Jill told her work a second one in. Kim took a couple more strokes just to keep Dave good and hard. Kim asked Jill if she had me good and lubed to which Jill said yes. Kim told me to get behind her and to slowly put my cock in. I put the tip against her and she kind of just relaxed and the head popped in her ring. She told me to go slow until I was all the way in. I inched my way in a little at a time I could feel Dave’s cock through the tiny membrane between Kim’ vagina and her rectum. When I was all the way in Dave and I started to work together what an awesome feeling you could feel Kim’s pussy contracting around both of us. Her ass was so tight that I knew I wouldn’t last long. Kim was pumping back against us with all she had trying to be sure she got all of us. Kim then told Jill to come around in front of her and as she did Kim leaned back raising her off Dave enough for Jill to sit on Dave face. Jill lower herself down on to Dave’s mouth facing Kim. By really trying Kim could get to Jill’s tits and suck her nipples. This was the four way I guess. All I knew was I could feel the pressure in my balls coming straight up my cock. Kim could feel me swell and knew any second I would be filling her ass with cum. Dave had Jill ready to blow too along with himself. Kim asked Dave fi he was close and he told her yes she told him to go ahead because she could feel me ready too. I could feel Dave start to swell and knew I needed to hold off just a bit longer. Jill was bouncing up and down on Dave’s face I knew by the look on her face she was there also. Kim bit Jill’s nipple which sent her over the edge and she came almost drowning poor Dave that sent Dave off and he was pumping Kim full so I let go filling Kim’s ass. It was crazy feeling Dave pump his cum in her at the same time I was. I pulled out with a pop. It was crazing looking into Kim’s wide open hole. Kim got up off Dave and Jill came climbing atop him putting him in her mouth licking him clean he was still hard so Kim asked him if he had anything left for Jill who hadn’t got fucked yet. Jill said that it was ok because she was still a little sore from last night after he had stretched her out. Jill told Kim to lay down that she wanted to taste of us dripping from both her holes. Jill got between Kim’s spread wide open legs and feasted on all cum licking her from front to back. When Jill had enough we all said that it was time for us to come back to the real world and get ready to leave.

Well folks you will have to read Part 4 to find out what happens on our next trip.

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