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Morgan and Ben had talked about a threesome for months. Ben had been thinking about it a lot longer than that. It had started when he read a story about a couple that had tried a threesome, and that had really turned him on. Morgan, his wife, was just as receptive to the idea, perhaps more so than Ben. From the beginning of the fantasy she had been a real surprise to him. Needless to say they were off to a fast start, the direction obvious.

The whole idea was very hot for both of them. Every time they had sex they talked about it and they talked about doing a threesome. If they weren't having sex, it would become a precursor to it quickly enough. Hot sex, serious sex, hard sex, deep thrusting powerful sweating sex. They would both imagine anothers man's cock, deep in Morgan's hot pussy. Morgan loved the game, and it drove Ben crazy when she pretended to be doing some guy. She role-played being fucked and would whisper things to Ben.

"Oh, Ben... Oh god... he's fucking me, Ben.... He is so big inside me... He's cumming, Ben, cumming inside me... What can I do? He feels so big... so wonderful... Ohhhhh...!!!!"

They were hooked.

After weeks of their cooing, cumming, sucking and fucking, they decided to act on their fantasy. They became totally proactive in the search for the "right" man. It had not been hard to convince Morgan to try it in the first place, so now the two of them became more enthusiastic every day as the fantasy progressed toward reality. Because they were both excited and pleased with the entire fantasy, they worked with equal shared enthusiasm. In a very short time they had worked out a reasonable, workable plan.

First they had placed a carefully worded ad in a local "underground" newspaper. They thought they would get some responses, but what they got instead was a flood of mail; actually over two hundred hundred letters. Of that number, they received a few dozen acceptable responses, all with the basic information they had requested, namely age (30 to 40), married, (to prevent complications), a recent picture, and a telephone number.

Mo and Ben really did have a great time for several nights just going through the letters and culling the stack down to a manageable number of eight or ten. They opened the letters in the nude. Mo with her irresistible erect nipples, and Ben with what was beginning to seem like a permanent hard-on, lying together on the floor in front of their fireplace. Fantasizing together, they would fuck relentlessly, looking at pictures and talking about what they would do in a threesome. Ben's need was simple. He just wanted to see Mo with a big cock in her mouth.

It wasn't long before they had picked out a man to meet for drinks. They called him and he was as thrilled as they were. He was the special call that would "get Mo laid". The fellow agreed to meet them for a "no commitment... nothing is going to happen," drink.

Mo was 29 and Ben was 42. Ben was just an average guy. Mo, however, was not an average woman. She was an exceptionally pretty woman with soft blue eyes, shoulder-length, naturally curly blond hair, light blemish free skin, a narrow waist, wide hips and a great, round, firm ass. She was a small woman at 5'2" and a light 123 pounds. Her great smile and gorgeous tits were just the whipped cream and cherry on top of an extraordinary, exquisite desert.

On the big night they were, as you might guess, very nervous. They both tingled with excitement. Ben helped Morgan pick out her dress, a strapless black cocktail dress with a mini shirt - "bait" they called it joking. She didn't wear a bra or panties but did wear a garter belt and nylons. With a thin set of pearls and black three-inch heels, she was set to go. As they dressed they nervously joked. Ben went over the few simple code words, with Mo. They would use them if it was necessary to leave, make excuses, or just find a polite way out.

Finally ready they left for the up scale hotel bar only three miles from their home. Morgan looked especially great and the idea of the very erotic errand was more than just a turn on. Ben had the beginning of what would be a four-hour erection. It had been such a turn-on for him he just couldn't believe it was happening. For Morgan it was much easier. If she liked the guy, she'd fuck him. If not, she wouldn't. But it was more exciting for her too than she would admit.

When they got to the lounge they easily spotted their friend, Ean. His picture didn't do him justice; he was a very handsome man. Tall and closer to Mo's age than Ben's, and about 170 lbs. Ean had black wavy hair, medium complexion, twinkling brown eyes, and a movie actor smile. Mo squeezed her legs together as she got an instant twitch in her pussy.

They sat close together in a round, corner booth; sitting together on the thickly padded, curved bench gave them a feeling of intimacy. They talked for several minutes before they got around to what had brought them together.

When eventually the conversation turned to sex, tensions actually eased and they began to have a more relaxed personal exchange. Ean lightly held Morgan's hand while they talked. She obviously enjoyed talking to him and, as Ben learned later, under the darkened table the fingertips of his other hand moved slowly, endlessly, up and down her nylon-covered thigh, moving under her skirt and playing with the garter snaps on her nylons.

Ean's fingers, as light as feathers, had Mo in a constant low simmer and she wished they had planned on going home that first night. Although he wasn't aware of the under the table play, Ben was excited to see his wife and their new friend getting along so well. He did notice Mo run her middle finger back and forth over Ean's palm, not realizing that she was keeping pace, keeping in rhythm, so to speak, with Ean's fingers on her inner thigh.

As pre-planned, Ben left for the men's room leaving Mo and Ean alone to talk for a while. When Ben returned, Ean was gentleman enough to excuse himself for a few minutes. As soon as he left Ben asked a simple question.

"Well ???" And got a simple answer.

"Oh Yes...Yes, Yes ! God, yes!" Her hand dropped into Ben's lap, quickly finding his hard-on.

"I see you liked him too," Mo smiled with a sparkle in her eye, "Christ Ben, he can't keep his hand off me. I think he would fuck me under the table if I let him." She could have added but didn't, that she would fuck him under the table if he asked.

When Ean returned they told him, "We would like to make a date with you for next weekend. Do you feel the same way?"

"Yes," Ean said with a huge smile, "I would like that very much." They all started to relax further with the idea of Ean joining them established. Later Ben paid their ticket and the three left laughing and joking, Ean was being the perfect gentleman.

Ean walked with them to their car that was parked in a dark corner of the lot. As they approached it ,Mo tugged on Ben's sleeve, bent in close and said, "Baby, Ean wants to kiss me good night... a real good night kiss, not a peck on the cheek. If you don't mind..." She gave Ben an impish grin. She had felt her pussy get even wetter when Ean had whispered the question to her.

"No," Ben had told her not trying to hide the pleasure in his voice, "I don't mind at all, Baby." He felt a new warmth in his erection. "Take your time, honey. I'll watch you in the rear view mirror."

With that, and a squeeze of her hand, Ben watched Mo and Ean walk to the rear, passenger side of the car where they could stand in the shadows of a huge tree, but were quite visible to Ben. Climbing into the driver's seat he put the keys in the ignition so he could use the electronic lever adjustment for the passenger side, rear view mirror.


Mo felt the electricity crackling and sparking in her blood as she took Ean's hand and walked into the shadows. They embraced, their tongues entwining immediately, their open mouths forced together in urgent shared need. She could feel his hard cock through his pants, it felt incredible sexy. She wished they had time to really fuck. That would come the next week.


Smiling and fascinated Ben watched the lovemaking in the mirror. "God damn, it's hot," he thought, squeezing his cock. They had gone at it immediately, kissing, feeling and groping. Ben watched Ean's hand as he lifted Mo's skirt digging his fingers into the skin of her bare ass cheeks. Then he had explored her ass more slowly, smoothly stroking, moving his hand up and down, squeezing her, rubbing her, feeling her.


Mo wanted it all at once, his mouth, his hands, his fat cock. She felt the cool air hit her ass when he lifted her skirt, then his hands ... warm, strong hands. They dug into her, then touched her again like feathers moving across her skin. She moaned appreciation into his mouth.


Ben's cock felt so "fucking good," he murmured to himself. He was dangerously close to cumming off watching them.

"My wife is getting felt up big time in the parking lot at the fucking Hilton lounge," he said out loud, "by a stranger... amazing ... and I'm watching... watching and loving it."

A few minutes later the same hands moved up to her tits while they continued to kiss. She wasn't wearing a bra so they both could thoroughly enjoy the probing. Ben watched Ean's hand grope and squeeze his wife's tits, his fingers pinching at her nipples. Ean's hand went smoothly to her back and unzipped her top. Mo wiggled to free her own tits, immediately his hands cupped her bare tits, his fingers found her erect hard nipples.


Mo was sizzling with erotic passion. She loved the way Ean felt, smelled, and tasted. His hands were everywhere...thank God. She felt him unzip the top of her dress and the tight fabric around her full tits loosen. She shook her tits loose to give him free reign. He immediately began to squeeze, pull and twist her nipples. How she loved it. She ran her hands down to his crotch and unzipped his fly. Quickly she had him untangled. His thick, stiff cock brought out of his pants. Her hands tingled as she rubbed his massive rod.


Mo's hands were just as busy as Ean's it seemed, although Ben couldn't really see Ean's crotch very well the way they were standing. She clearly had her hands between the two of them in the area of his cock. Ben by then had his cock out jacking off slowly. He really loved the show; it was without contest the most exciting, thrilling thing he had ever witnessed. They went on for several minutes, groping touching and rubbing each other. That was when Ben, momentarily distracted by headlights at the other end of the lot, missed something.


Mo lifted her skirt to be able to rub Ean's cock on her belly. It was so hot and hard she wondered if she would ever be able to satisfy him. Would it fit? Then he stopped kissing her long enough to whisper to her.

"Would you like to be my sex slave, Morgan? To let me do anything I choose to do to you?"

Her answer came in a husky sex-laden whisper, "Yes, I would love to be a sex slave to you and this big cock, Ean," Mo further moaned acceptance.

"Do you want to be my slut...real life sex slut and be my whore?" Ean was speaking more firmly now, harder. More demanding. "You and your husband together? Will he do it? Answer me true and quickly. And call me Master, Mo."

"Yes, um.... Master. I want to be your sex slut and Ben would like to be involved. I'm sure he will be willing."

"Fine, slut. Then get down on your knees, whore, and suck your new master's cock. When I'm finished I'll just walk away and call you next week. Remember, you're my slut. Your cunt belongs to me now! You can fuck your husband tonight, but not again until I see you. For now get your slut mouth on my cock and do a good job or I may never call you again. On your knees, bitch!"


He had taken his eyes off the two performers for only a second or so, and when he looked back at the hot couple he was for a moment confused by what he saw... or rather didn't see. Ben's wife had disappeared.

Using the small mirror lever like a racecar driver Ben searched for his wife resisting the urge to turn around and look. A big smile broke out across his face when he found Mo, on her knees with Ean's cock in her mouth. She looked just like a five-dollar hooker. Ben couldn't believe his wife was giving Ean an expert blowjob in the parking lot of the Hilton hotel. But he loved her for it.

With Ean's hands on her head, she was sliding his dick quickly in and out of her mouth. Ben knew what Ean was feeling and knew he was getting a great BJ. He could almost feel Mo's mouth going over his own cock, her teasing tongue, and her tight lips. Mo was truly a fantastic cocksucker. Ben smiled thinking that many more men would get to know that from now on.

After a minute they were clearly into it totally. Ean, his eyes closed, was looking up, face fucking Mo with his fingers woven into her hair. He had no thought of letting go until he was done. Mo was deep-throating him now accepting his long cock into her throat while one hand cupped his balls, the other disappearing between her own legs.


"What an incredible night this had turned out to be," Mo thought even while Ean's cock slid into and out of her mouth. Being this man's sex slave was something she had never dreamed of, but it excited and thrilled her. She had learned to deep-throat Ben and his big cock, but Ean's was bigger still. She loved the taste of his sweat and piss she had gotten from his cock when she started to suck. The thick, hard man meat, with veins that stood out on the sides, slid in and out of her tight lips. Her only regret was that Ben wasn't in back of her, fucking her at the same time. Then she felt him grasp her hair and push his cock deeper into her throat.

"Tighten your lips, you fucking slut," was all that Ean had said before she felt his cock push into her and throb as the gush of silver-gray cream flowed into her mouth.


As Ben watched Ean, he could see the tension building in the man. He would climax soon Ben knew. He could see he was ready to cum. Ean's fingers still laced in her hair, Ean was throwing his hips like a pile driver driving his cock deep into her throat, then let go with his stream, filling Mo's throat and mouth with his hot salty cum. Mo swallowed as much as she could, she always did. Then she finished him off lapping his cock and balls clean. Mo slowly lapped her fingers clean and wiped her own face. Some of his cum had evidently slid out of her mouth and she had caught some of it with her hands.

Finished and evidently satisfied, judging by his big smile and the twinkling in his gorgeous brown eyes, Ean relaxed and withdrew his soft cock from Mo's mouth. He carefully wiped and dried his soft manhood with her blond curls, put his dick back in his pants and walked away without so much as a "good night." Still kneeling, Mo used her fingers to clean his cum off her face and then sucked her fingers clean. She loved his taste.


A few minutes later she was next to her husband in the front seat of their car. Ean had left. She seemed almost dazed but with a big smile. She was a happy girl. With cum splattered on her dress, on her chin and on her cheeks, she was an erotic sight to behold. She didn't say anything but pulled Ben's face to her and gave him a big wet spermy kiss. Her tongue quickly went into his mouth and he could taste Ean's cum. Mo pushed his hands away from his cock and began jacking him; it was the most erotic kiss he had ever had.

"Let's get out of here", Mo said "I need to be hard-fucked badly, lover. And boy do I have a story to tell you."

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