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Opening the closet I decided on my black lace top thigh highs, garter, and strapless bra. I had decided that I did not want to wear panties tonight. Now that the perfect FUCK ME lingerie was on I had to decide on my skirt and top. I chose my purple button down top and mid-thigh skirt. My shoes would have to be my FUCK ME boots in order to complete the whole FUCK ME ensemble that I had going on.

Promptly at six o?clock I heard a car horn and looked out to see Hayleigh sitting in a Camaro with its top down. She must have had a similar idea because she too was to die for and had FUCK ME written all over her outfit. This made me believe that we were not going somewhere that only served food.

Seven minutes later we arrived at a place called Atmosphere. She told me while we were getting out of the car, ?Raven if you have not noticed already this club has everything including a full-service wait staff, stage with band, and bar.? The first thought running through my head was that she really knows where to go in this town and that I should probably stick by her side when I go out so she can show me all the places. I just know there have to be more hot places.

We walked inside and sat down at a corner booth to grab a bite. We both ordered and chatted while waiting for our food. She asked me where I was originally from because she could tell that I did not grow up in Newport. I told her everything that I could think that she would possibly want to know and everything else I kept quiet about. After eating we decided to move over near the stage to sit at a small table. We wanted to be able to hear the band and be close to the bar. We did not have to worry about walking to the bar to get our drinks because waiters and waitresses would come to your table when you were with your drink to find out if you wanted another.

The band started playing and I was really into the music. Hayleigh and I had gotten up and danced together for non-slow songs. When we had gotten back to the table our waitress came up to me and sat a drink down in front of me. ?I didn?t order a drink,? I told her. She looked at me and said, ?I know the gentleman at the bar wanted it brought over to you. He asked what you were drinking.?

I turned to the bar to see who she was talking about and there on the stool was a man that just took my breath away. He was only half sitting on the stool. From the lights at the bar he looked tall, muscular, and mysterious from across the room. Shoulder length brown hair and what looked like hazel eyes. I waved in his direction thanking him for the drink while sipping it slowly.

As the night wore on another man was checking out Hayleigh. She danced with him a little here and there. Hayleigh looked at me an hour later and said, ?Raven, do you remember how to get back to your cottage?? I was glad at that moment that I paid attention to the streets she had taken to get here. ?Do you mind? I think I am going to get very lucky here.? I told her that it was fine with me. ?Here?s the keys to my car, I?ll pick it up tomorrow at the cottage.? So, there was I was on my own for the night.

I will admit that I was a bit depressed because at that moment I was really hot for her. Since Hayleigh had decided to leave with the guy that she met all I wanted to do was get in her car and head back to my cottage. I walked up to the bar and paid my tab and headed out the door to the car. I was new in town and wanted to get to the car in a hurry because I was unsure of the neighborhood. The car was parked in the alley around the corner from Atmosphere.

I am not more than ten feet from the car when from behind me I hear, ?Hands on the wall and don?t turn around.? The voice was definitely not female. I want to take my chances and see who said this. I slowly start to turn around and he says, ?I told you not to turn around.? Suddenly I find myself with my back to him and my chest against the wall. He held my hands above my head by the wrists with one of his hands. With his other hand a loose fist grabs the length of my hair. He gave my hair a playful tug. His breath was hot on my neck.

I wasn?t sure what his plans were with me. I didn?t understand why my pussy was tingling at what he was doing. Maybe because I was previously horny from dancing with Hayleigh or this was really turning me on. I couldn?t distinguish so I figured it had to be a combination of both. He turned me around to face him still holding my wrists. I tried to look up since was taller than me. ?Don?t look at me, close your eyes.?

His free hand tugged at my blouse and the buttons popped off falling to the ground. I could feel my breasts heaving with every breath I took. My nipples were growing hard, poking through my bra from the cool night air. His lips grazed my neck and found that spot that drives me wild. My blood was boiling with excitement.

Grasping the hook on the front of my bra he sprung my tits free of restraint. Sliding his hand down my thigh to the hem of my skirt and slowly lifting it to reveal heat my thighs. Softly he guided his hand to my throbbing pussy discovering that I was not wearing panties. He grazed my pulsing clit with his finger before thrusting it deep inside me. Quickly removing his finger when he discovered that I was about to explode.

The pulsing in my clit continues as my oncoming orgasm is abruptly halted. ?Not yet,? he says to me while suckling the finger he just had deep inside me just to get a taste of my juices. He releases my wrists when I whisper, ?More.?

He looks at me sternly, ?Don?t speak!? Both of his hands cup my tits softly and grazing my nipples with his finger tips to tweak my nipples. His head lowering to move to my chest and I can feel him using his teeth to nibble while caressing the other.

My breath becomes rapid and I can feel my pussy getting wet again. He knows what he is doing and how to bring me to the edge of no return and then stop to keep me from actually going over. Adrenaline rushing through my veins and he guides my hand to his waist. I unbutton and unzip your jeans. I do as he wants with quick motions sliding his jeans over that tight ass just enough to expose the opening on his silk boxers. I unbutton the boxers to slip my hand inside.

I reach inside to find he is already growing hard with excitement. I spring free his throbbing cock to find a tiny drop of pre-cum. I use my finger to wipe it off and then lick my finger so I can get a taste. I gently stroke his cock in my hands and he becomes harder. He releases my tits and I slowly drop to my knees.

I lick the length of his throbbing shaft with the tip of my tongue and then wrap my moist lips around the head. While increasing the suction on his cock I strengthen my hold on the base of his cock and use my thumb to caress the underside. I can?t help but touch myself while doing this and realizing how bad I want him deep inside my dripping wet pussy. I want to feel him sliding his cock back and forth bringing me to ecstasy. I want him to slowly build me to the peak of an orgasm.

I look at him and plead with my eyes. ?Stand up,? he says to me. I do as he says and he guides me to the trunk of Hayleigh?s car. With his right hand on his throbbing cock he asks me, ?Do you want me to stick my cock into your throbbing wet hole?? I turn my head to look at him and say, ?Yes, please right now. I can?t take it anymore. I want you now!?

?Bend over and put your hands on the trunk,? he says to me and I do it willingly. He grabbed my left hips and used his right hand to guide his cock into my wet pussy. He reaches around my waist and down to my clit. He gently massages my clit while fucking me. I moan and say, ?Fuck Me Harder!? He does as I wish and thrusts harder. In and out of my pussy and I can feel the tip of an orgasm. ?Don?t stop. I want you to fill my hole with your cum.? Quickening has he thrusts my orgasm starts peaking and I can?t help but moan loader. In the back of my mind hoping that no one else heard me.

We move together in unison, I can?t take any more. I hear him whisper, ?I can?t hold back!? At that moment we both explode. I swear that I could see fireworks behind my eyelids. We stand there with his cock inside me waiting for our heart rates to slow a bit. He slips out of me, tucks he cock back inside his boxes and fixes his jeans. I straighten my skirt and blouse.

I turn around hoping that he hasn?t walked away just yet. He takes off his hat and says to me, ?Hello my name is Brad.?

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