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Free Erotic Stories

SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "Property".


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You pick me up. I have on my house coat and heals on and my hair in a French braid as you ordered. When we are in the car you collar and cuff me. You have me open my coat so you can enjoy your property on the drive. You stroke and pet me for some of the drive. Then instruct me to insert my bullet. You vary speeds. Laughing at me squirming. My nipples are rock hard now for you to pinch and flick.

We finally arrive. You let me walk to the house. When inside I am so happy that there is very thick carpeting and wait patiently to be told to kneel for you. You hook my leash then and start to take me around to meet your Dom friends. I can feel how happy you are that I being a proper sub for you. Crawling behind you then putting my ass up for you to stroke and my face down on the floor. I see that you have taken food from a servant slave and I come up as your table while you relax with your other Doms.

One of the Doms is congratulating you on how well you are doing training me. You tell him to inspect me. I move in front of you and he stands behind me. He grips my ass hard but I only look at you. He slides 2 fingers into my wet cunt then into my asshole. I smile knowing I will only cum for you. He pulls my head back by my tail telling you he will buy me for a few hours with your permission. You tell him it's an option for another night and tap your leg for me to come back to you. I comeback and when in position again you stroke my ass and give me random vibrations.

The slave girl brings me my food and drink in two bowls on a small table. You pet me while I eat. You want to go watch slaves being corrected and lead me to a pet room. You whisper in my ears that I can play with the other bitches until you return. I find another brunet and start to enjoy her nipples and then roll on my back so she can eat my wet pussy until you return. You smile. Remind me not to cum and go to join in helping the others.

I watch as you help a Dom by harshly fucking his subs face. Gagging her. Torchering her nipples. Then lift her onto one cock as you fuck her ass brutally hard. She is begging her Doms forgiveness for taking a cock without permission. When you have both covered her in cum her Dom wraps her in a towel and takes her in his lap.

You come back to me and I am enjoying a wet pussy. You tug my leash and I follow you to a show room. There are chairs circled around a square padded table with hooks. You fist hook me to the ceiling hook and begin flogging me. Turning the vibrator up more. My thighs are wet now. You tie my tits and lick and suck my nipples while you continue to work me. I can see how hard you are. I lov being used by you. Your kisses and gropes then the bite of the flogger. I am dripping. The room has filled in with voyers now. Cheering you on. You put me on my back and anchor me down to the table. My thighs are spread wide for you. My arms are out to the sides and my head falls back over the edge. I am open wide and ready for your enjoyment. You come over and a beg for your cock to be in my mouth. You tease me. Rubbing it all over my face. Holding my in place by my tail. Finally you give in and I relax while you fuck me deep into my throat.

Then I feel woman's mouths on each of my nipples. The are lapping at them, suckin and biting. I suck you in deeper. They are amazing. Then I feel the bite of the flogger. Someone's is working over my thighs and spread pussy. I am squirming and dripping wet. I can feel how much you are enjoying your bitch being used. I am moaning and screaming while you fuck me. I see heals on each side of you and know you have slaves on your nipples now and you will cum for me soon. Within minutes I am swallowing your first load of the night.

You slide out of my mouth and go to relax with the slaves stocking your cock. The others are still working on me. Another cock is in my face. I hear your command to satisfy him. I suck him In my mouth and he hungrily fucks my throat. He pulls put and cums on my face then starts to fuck my Mouth again till he's hard. I hear him ask what holes are open tonight and hear you lol that your bitch looks very open from where you are.

He moves around and decides to take your asshole first. He pushes his cock in slow so that you can hear my moan as he fills me. He makes sure I can feel his full length before he starts to fuck me harder. I feel a slave untie my tits for him and he grabs hold of them hard and then starts to ride me harder. The slave kisses me and tells me you said no cuming on is dick. My head is pulled back and I get another cock to take my attention away from my stretched ass. He finishes and then other takes over my pussy. Flogging my tits while he rides me. A slaves wipes my face with a wet towel and then you are whispering in my ear how much your going to enjoy being next.

You pull my Head down and fill my mouth when i feel a third then fourth cock take me. I am begging and pleading to cum for you. The group along with you are saying I haven't worked enough yet. I then get untied and flipped over a Dom female spreads her legs and I get to eat her and fill her with my heads while I feel you working me with the flogger. I am dripping down my legs when I finally make her cum in my face. You pull my tail back and I can feel you getting ready to mount me. I am begging to cum so much I am crying. You lean you body against my aching body and I am on fire. My juice is flowing down to my ankles. You are kissing my neck and scratching my sides so I can feel the flogger all over again when you finally fill my ass. You burry deep telling me not yet over and over. You are fucking me so slowly. you lean off to one side and gran ahold of my ass then begin rapid hard smacks telling me to cum for you. My cum is instant. You have wrapped your hand over my cunt and now have a hand full of my juice that you are rubbing all over my tits. I fuck you while i continue to cum for you. When I can't move anymore other Doms come and stretch me over the table so you can finish.

I cant speak, think or move. You curl me up in your lap. Petting me. Telling me how well your property behaved. You have the slaves clean me and bring me food and drink. I curl up at your feet while we relax and watch the next pet get used for her master.

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