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Having travelled up from London to Blackpool where she had been promised a night of lust, providing she came dressed as a maid. Penny left the train at North Station and walked outside into the gathering dusk. She had expected to be met, but there was no-one waiting for her. In fact there was just one solitary taxi standing forlorn outside the station. The taxi driver shouted across "You Penny".

Thankful that at least it didn't look as though her journey was going to be wasted she answered in the affirmative.

The taxi driver leered at her as he loaded her tiny little case into the back of the taxi, and she was aware that her coat did little to cover the fishnet stockings and black high-heeled shoes she had been instructed to wear, and she wished that she had worn something other than the short summer coat, now so woefully hiding the shiny black of her maids uniform against the translucent white of her 'see through'

blouse. She silently shrugged her shoulders, she had been in many a party more exposed than this, but somehow she knew this was different, the Taxi driver was ogling her like she was a paid whore, his tongue sliding round and round his lips as if they were very dry indeed, and the bulge in his trousers was unmistakable.

"In you get Darlin' " he mouthed, and as she entered the taxi she felt his hand slide up the back of her leg, taken aback by this show of familiarity she spun round "What the Fuck!" was all she could get out before the taxi driver pushed her headlong into the back of the old 'Bomber'. Flat on the floor she looked up to see him sitting on the seat watching her. "What is going on!" she spat. "Darlin' I am going to read you my instructions. So listen carefully" The taxi driver drawled.

In a daze Penny listened as the man read the crumpled piece of paper clasped in his hand. As each sentence was read Penny felt herself wondering if perhaps it had been a mistake to travel all this way, just in the hope of finding some new master that could bring some new sexual excitement to her jaded life, as she listened though what the man was saying began to excite her, it had obviously been well thought out, and before arriving at her final destination she was to dominated by not just the taxi driver, but others in fact the taxi driver slowly spelled out five people that Penny would meet before she ever got near to the expected destination.

Suddenly she realised the taxi driver had finished speaking, and she looked up he hadn't moved. "Did you get all of that?" he asked. She nodded glumly, but asked if he would repeat the final couple of sentences as they didn't seem to make any sense at all. The Taxi driver began to read again. "IF the bitch you have picked up from the train station does not perform any of the tasks as outlined in this document, you are to leave her naked on Dock Road Fleetwood just as the Russian Trawler Men return from their night on the town, and if she really wants to be the centre of attention lets see how she likes those Bastards when they are 'tanked' up on British beer. If by any chance she feels it might be fun you may inform her about the last girl the Russians got hold of, and why not even the local scrubbers go down Dock Road tonight." The taxi driver stopped reading and leered at Penny. "Want to know what happened to her Girlie?" he said with a menacing tone of voice.

Penny slowly nodded her head.

"Well", he said "She was one of the local scrubbers, well known for having a cunt as hard and Iron, and willing to do anything for a tenner, but after the Russians got hold of her that all changed.

It didn't make much press because she was small fry and the Russians have powerful friends, but they took her on board one of their ships, and she was fucked solid for two days, without any rest. They shafted her every way it is possible and even some I'm not sure are. One of the Russians was drunk one night and explained how six men had stuffed their cocks into her all at one time. Two up her ass, two in her cunt, and two in her mouth. The tears in her cunt and Ass took nearly three months to heal after they had finished, and one of the bastards had missed her gullet and forced his cock into her windpipe, shattering her vocal chords, as well as leaving his spunk lodged in her lungs.

They have patched her up physically, but her mind has gone and now she is an inmate at the local 'loony' bin. It is said that every night she cries hysterically for eight hours as she remembers the number of men that raped and abused her. She can't talk now just make garbled sounds, but if she sees a man she collapses like a heap of jelly on the floor, and shirts herself in fear."

Penny finally realised that whatever she had let herself in for with her wish for new experiences was a one way road, whatever had been planned for her was going to take place, despite her wish to be dominated and abused by numbers of men and women it was always in the understanding that there would be an escape route, but this time the only escape would be a fate even worse that the one so far outlined for her

Penny looked at the taxi driver now leering openly at the swell of her breasts, and resignedly requested that he read the sentences relating to his involvement, again as she remember they had been little more than indications of the people she would have to meet, with notes that each would give her specific instructions as it became their turn to use her body.

The taxi driver took an envelope from his pocket a with a flourish opened it and withdrew the slip of paper inside. A grin covered his face a he read the first few sentences, and then he started to chuckle. Penny was intrigued, and irritated by his failure to read the note to her. how could she do as she was bidden unless he told her what was to happen, his chuckle turned into uproarious laughter as he reached the bottom of the page, and without a single further word he handed the not to Penny. This is what she read.

As I do not wish your uniform to become soiled before you are able to fulfil your duties as a maid you will strip of for Roy, making sure it is a sensual as you can in a taxi cab, and whilst Roy drives you to your next destination you will sit naked in the front of his cab and give him a blowjob. Providing you have managed to make Roy cum using just your mouth he will provide you with a garment suitable for the next leg of your journey. During this short journey Roy may play with your breasts and nipples, but is not to touch either your Cunt or Ass.

He is well aware of the punishment if he should disobey so please don't get overexcited and try to tempt him. Penny looked at Roy "you mean I've to strip of here in front of the train station?"

"That's right baby he crooned, unzipping his cock and letting it dangle from the front of his trousers. Penny was thankful that at least it wasn't a monster, but appeared to be of normal dimensions, but I suggest you do a good job of the strip because it is only a few minutes to the next destination and if you haven't made me Cum the alternative clothes are quite suitable for Dock road."

Penny, not noted for being thick, understood the threat and kneeling on the floor of the taxi began to wriggle and squirm as seductively as she could whilst she carefully removed first her short coat, and then the crisp white 'pinny' before slowly lifting the shimmering black maids outfit up over her head. As the outfit began to slide over her face she felt Roy's hands moulding themselves to the white blouse teasing her nipples through the flimsy fabric. Carefully, as she was sure it would be expected later she folded the dress so that it wouldn't crease, and started to unbutton the sheer blouse. Roy's lips were glistening from the way his tongue kept running round and round, and Penny responded by licking her own lips and pouting a kiss towards the lecherous old man. As the blouse was removed his hands once again found their way to her breasts, and Penny realised from the reaction of his cock that this part of her anatomy had been chosen, because Roy freaked out over breasts. His cock had already jerked to attention and wavering vertically upwards from his trousers, and she could see the glistening purple tip of his glans poking through the pinkness of his distended foreskin. Quickly so as not to lose his attention she slipped of her white silk pants as he closed his eyes in concentration as he tweaked her growing nipples.

Frightened that her would tear her silk bra she quickly unclasped it and let if all away from tits. Now Roy could see her breast and her nipples already growing he went into raptures about them his lecherous mouth enfolding first one and then the other. his teeth nibbling them as he sucked first nearly all of one breast and then the other into his mouth. his tongue was beginning to have the desired effect Penny's own body was beginning to respond, but she realised suddenly that she was forgetting she had to suck his cock off before they reached the next stop so she gently rocked backward until he could no longer fasten his mouth to her teats. "Come on you sexy Bastard she crooned let's get this show on the road, and whilst we drive you can squeeze my nipples, and every time we stop at traffic lights I'll let you suck one whilst I watch the lights. Roy eyes glazed from lust rapidly opened the door and ushered Penny from the back to the front of the taxi. It was only when a passing youth wolf whistled that Penny remembered she was completely naked, but Roy just snarled at the youth and he went quickly on his way, no doubt to try and convince his drinking buddies what he had just witnessed. Ensconced in the front of the taxi Penny lost no time in placing Roy's free hand back on her breast as she lowered her mouth towards his waiting cock. The staining length of gristle was jerking slowly until she enfolded it in her mouth. Her tongue licking the underside of the shaft, and her billowing cheeks swallowing the entire length of his throbbing cock.

The bomber's motor sprang into life and Penny felt the taxi move away from the station, concentrating on Roy's cock she was unaware of where they were going until Roy croaked "Traffic Lights, I want to suck your titty." Penny surfaced to find they were in a line of traffic threading its way through the illuminations. The flickering lights illuminating her bare torso, not that much could be seen Roy's slavering mouth had once more fastened upon her left nipple. It felt like he was trying to swallow her breast completely, and as the suction increased Penny could feel the nipple swelling, and as his rough tongue began to lick madly at it she felt her own cunt begin to respond, dripping love juice down onto the seat of the taxi. Suddenly hooting horns reminded her and Roy that they were sat at traffic lights, and he jerked upright with a snarl, and called her a "Stupid Bitch", but his hand was still glued to her breast, twisting her nipple first one way then the other as he accelerated away. Penny immediately dropped back into his lap her mouth enfolding his cock once more, avidly she sucked at it as fast as she could, aware that soon the journey would be over and she had to make him cum before they reached the end.

Roy's breaths were little more than gasps now his hips thrust away from the seat, as he tried to force more and more of his cock into her throat, when she felt his cock throb and jerk wildly in her mouth and just as the Taxi pulled across to the kerb, spurt after spurt of salty spunk jetted into the back of Penny's mouth. She savoured the taste as she swallowed every drop then sat up and smiled at Roy, who was sitting gasping for breath from the powerful orgasm that had just rocked his tired old body. "fuck me lady," he croaked "That was the best head I've ever had I wish I didn't have to leave you here, but I don't want to be the plaything for the fleet either". Reaching forward into his glove compartment he said "These are the clothes you must wear, and you must give this envelope to a woman called Gina. Through that door over there." He indicated a bright red door set into the wall opposite.

Penny unwrapped the parcel, inside were a matching pair of white cotton, briefs and bra like schoolgirls wear, a white cotton blouse and a short navy gym slip as well as white ankle socks and a pair of Black pumps. Roy watched, gently wanking his cock as Penny slowly dressed herself, as she pulled up the knickers and fastened the too tight bra across her swollen tits Roy groaned and squirted another series of cum jets all over his trousers. Penny finished dressing, and just before leaving the taxi she leant over and wiped a couple of gobs of Spunk from Roy's trousers held it up so that he could watch her seductively suck it of her fingers rolling it round her mouth with her tongue and then opening her mouth and letting him watch it slide down her throat. As she left the taxi to cross the road she could see the old pervert frantically wanking himself to another orgasm, or at least trying to. Penny laughed quietly to herself as she imagined the fucking any girl drunk enough to be propositioned would get tonight from the Old man.

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