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Owned Part. 1

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Marie was an owned woman. Seeing her you’d never know it but it was a fact. She was 37 years old and not exceptional looking in any way. Most would call her plain. Not homely but not pretty. She was 5’6” tall. Slightly pudgy at 145 pounds. She had 34C breasts that sagged a little but still were fairly firm. She had short brown hair. She was the type of woman that you forgot as soon as you saw her.

Her husband was the typical rich busy executive. Gone on business about half the month, distant when he was home. She had lots of money and lots of time. So she began volunteering at the local library. Helping out a couple days a week. That was where she met Rich. He had come intelligent but like her was plain looking and acting, in fact most would call him a nerd. They began talking and he made her laugh and smile more than she had in years. Finally one afternoon he asked her to dinner. She justified it in her mind as being just dinner between friends. Subconsciously she wanted more to happen. So after dinner when Rich drove her home she asked him in for a drink. One thing led to another and they became lovers.

Her lovemaking had been limited to vanilla sex with the occasional blowjob and her husband going down on her on rare occasion. With Rich it was intense but not real creative. They would move into various positions and Rich got her off with his tongue but that was about it. For her it was more about someone caring about her. They got together a few times a month when her husband was out of town. Most times at her house but once or twice at Rich’s. Rich had made it clear that he was not after a relationship or her leaving her husband and she really did not want to leave him anyway. Rich was not well off and she had become very used to that lifestyle. So it became a relationship of sex and friendship and that was it. Then one day that all changed.

Rich had asked her to go down on him. She was not big on oral sex but had obliged him for a little while. She could tell he was getting close to coming so she stopped and sat up. He asked her why she stopped and she told him so he could finish in her. He said no I want to cum in your mouth. Her husband had done that once when they were first married. She didn’t know how to tell when a guy was going to cum but she learned real quick. After her husband shot in her mouth she had nearly thrown up and refused to ever do it again. She told Rich that it was off limits. He said no he wanted to cum in her mouth and she was going to swallow it. She started to back away and said no way. He stood up and grabbed her and pushed her back on the floor. He sat on her chest and pinned her arms down with his legs. She fought him but he as much stronger. She tried screaming but the house was over a mile from anyone so that was useless. He grabbed her head with one hand and pulled her up to his cock. She tried to keep her mouth closed but he forced his cock in her mouth. As he fucked her face he reached back and played with her clit. Despite her fear and the force he was using she was extremely turned on. She couldn’t understand why being treated this way was turning her on. He continued to play with her pussy and grabbed one of her hands and told her to jerk his cock as she licked the head. She jerked him faster and faster, being scared and ashamed and turned on all at the same time. All at once he stiffened and began to shoot into her mouth. She tried to pull away but his legs kept her head from turning. As the cum went down her throat she felt herself begin to orgasm. It seemed like it went on and on. Rich was finished and she still spasmed. Finally she relaxed. The taste of cum was on her tongue and she gagged some but still somehow felt more satisfied then she ever remember.

Rich sat back and looked at her. She asked him why he did that to her and he said because he wanted to cum in her mouth and it was her job to satisfy him. He said besides what are you complaining about? You loved it. She couldn’t argue with that point. She had loved the orgasm. Her body still felt on edge because of it being so intense.

After she got home and thought about she decided she could not stand to be with Rich anymore, The next time he called she told him it was over. He kind of laughed and said, "no it is not close to over". She yes it is I am not going to see you again. He said meet me for dinner and we can talk it over. She wasn’t going to change her mind but thought ok one meal won’t hurt. She agreed to meet him the next evening. As they sat down to dinner she said this is not going to do any good. I won’t meet you again. He said I think you will. I will tell your husband all about you and I. Marie knew her husband thought she was a prude (truthfully she was a bit) so she said he won’t believe you so tell him. He laughed and said I won’t just tell him I’ll show him. He pulled an envelope out of his pocket and laid it on the table. When Marie opened it up she about fell out of her chair. There in full color was she with his cock in her mouth. There was another picture of her on her hands and knees with him fucking her from behind. Her face was closed in bliss, tits swaying underneath with her nipples hard as rocks. She knew she was in trouble. “How did you get these” “Why would you do this to me?” She didn’t know what to do. She liked her lifestyle. The fact that she didn’t have to work the nice clothes and home. If her husband saw these he would leave her in a second. Even worse he would tell everyone why and her name would be mud in that town.

She looked at Rich “what do you want from me?”

He said, “I want just what we’ve had. Only more. When I want sex you will give it to me. What I want you will give it to me. Whatever I tell you to do you will do it.”

Marie said “please don’t do this to me.”

Rich said, “You proved yesterday how much it turns you on. You’ll love it. And besides you’ll get to keep right on living the rich lifestyle you love so well.”

Finally Marie said, “ok whatever you want. Just please don’t show those pictures to my husband.”

Rich smiled and said, “I knew you’d agree. When is your husband due back in town?”

“Tomorrow”, said Marie.

“Ok the next time he goes out of town you will contact me and we will set-up your first meeting as my slave”, Rich said.

Marie flinched at that word but he was right, there was something about it that turned her on.

Marie was scared to death about her new situation. Scared not only about her husband finding out, since Rich had threatened to do that, but also about what Rich might do to her or make her do. He’d already orally r*ped her. He’d called her his slave. Even though she was scared she was also turned on. Every time she thought about it she got wet. To make it worse the anticipation was killing her. Her husband was in town for almost two weeks before leaving on business again. Her imagination was not too vivid but she still had thought of so many things Rich might do to her.

When she found out when her husband was leaving she called Rich and they decided on a night. As the time drew near she became more and more apprehensive. Finally she got to Rich’s house. Her legs were shaking as she knocked on the door. Rich met her and kissed her as she came in.

He said, “Well let’s lay it all on the table to start with. You don’t want your husband finding out about us. Therefore you will be my slave. You will do what I want, when I want and to whom I want.”

That last part made her heart jump. “What do you mean to whom you want”, she said.

“Just that”, said Rich, “I have friends who may at times want to sample you. Since you are my property you will oblige them.”

“I don’t think I can do that”, she said.

“Don’t forget about the pictures”, he said. She hadn’t so she said “ok whatever you want”.

“That’s another thing”, he said, “from now on you will call me master whenever you are speaking to me. You will not speak unless you have been given permission. I will not tell your husband as long as you follow the rules. Do you understand all of this?”

“Yes I do”, she said. “Yes what?” He said. “Yes master”, she said.

“Ok”, he said, “go into the bedroom and there are clothes laid out for you. Take off your clothes and go into the bathroom. I want you to shave all of your hair. Every bit of it. Then put on the clothes and come out here.”

She followed his instructions. She found a razor and shaving cream in the tub. She proceeded to shave her pubic hair. She’d not been bald down there since she was 10 or 11 years old. It felt very odd. In the bedroom she found a leather bra with holes cut out for her nipples and a corset. There was also leather crotchless panties and 5” heels. After putting these on she found the most humiliating thing, a dog collar and leash. When she finally had everything on she returned to Rich.

He looked at her and said, “That is nice. You look like a regular slut now. Are you ready to serve your master now?”

In a small voice she said, “Yes master.”

He grabbed the leash and pulled her towards a door she had never seen opened. As it opened she saw stairs leading down to the basement. As they descended she could not believe what she saw. The entire floor was carpeted in a short very plush carpet. Along one wall were full length mirrors covering the entire wall. Another wall had racks and cabinets with things she had only heard about. Straps and belts. Dildos of all shapes and sizes. Shelves with oils. Paddles and whips and canes. Another wall was covered in padded leather. Protruding from it at various heights were manacles and hooks. In one corner was some sort of swing hanging about waist high. The last wall had a couple of couches and small end tables. Finally in various places across the floor were padded tables. These each looked to have hooks on them and were of a odd height and very narrow. It was lit in odd lighting and finally it hit her. This was a dungeon, a fully fitted sex dungeon. To make it even worse, especially for her situation, mounted in two corners were large TV screens. But they were not playing movies or TV shows. They were playing the video being recorded by three video cameras spread around the room. He would have everything that happened on tape.

She hesitated a bit and Rich pulled harder on the leash. Her legs began to shake and her heart was beating even faster. Yet even with all that she had a feeling of thrill. She could feel herself also getting excited. Rich led her to one of the tables and ordered her to kneel in front of him. He walked over to a shelf and picked up a paddle. When he came back to her he told her to take his pants off. She undressed him and as she pulled his pants down his cock sprang out and hit her in the face. He told her to suck him and as she took him in her mouth she felt herself get wetter.

After a few minutes he told her to stand up and face the table. She did and he slapped her on the ass with the paddle and told her to walk up to it. She yelped and started to move but he slapped her ass again.

He said, “Every time you yelp or make cry you will be spanked.”

He pushed her up against the table and bent down and strapped her ankles to the bottom of the table. The legs were padded leather as was the tabletop. He shoved her down onto the table and attached her arms over her head to the other legs. He then unhooked parts of the table and as he did she felt her legs and arms move away from the table and the middle raise up. When it finished she was laying across the table with her head over one edge and her arms attached above. Her back was arched and her ass was sticking out. He legs were slightly behind her. She was completely at Rich’s mercy and he ass and pussy were totally exposed.

Rich proceeded to slap her several times on the ass. The first time or two she let out a yell and he slapped her harder each time. Finally he ass became a little numb and she quit making noise. He then stopped and he could hear him walking around. When he came back he told her that since she was his slave her entire body was his to do with as he pleased. She felt something warm and slippery on her ass and then felt his hands and fingers. His fingers worked the lube around her asshole. She immediately tensed up and began to beg him not to do anything to her ass. All of a sudden she felt a sharp crack on her ass.

“ I told you to keep quiet”, he said. “Your ass is mine if I want it.”

She still pleaded with him, “Master I’ve never had anything there. It will hurt to much.”

He smacked he ass again. “Then you will have to learn to like pain or else learn to relax.”

He continued to kneed her ass and work the lube into her ever so slightly. At the same time she felt something against her pussy. As he rubbed what must have been a dildo up and down her pussy lips he rubbed her asshole with his finger. Slowly she felt the dildo begin to enter her. His finger slid in her ass at the same time. It hurt a little but not that bad. He began working the dildo in and out and moving his finger in her ass at the same rhythm. She was already excited and she began to hum against the dildo enjoying the feeling. He then stopped she felt his finger pull out and then his cock press against her. With the dildo deep inside of her she felt a vibration begin. The dildo had a vibrator inside and she was about to go over the edge. He moved it in and out slightly and the vibration was building her to a climax. As she neared the edge she felt his cock begin to push into her virgin asshole. There was some pain but the vibrator over rode that. As she began her climax and started to stiffen Rich shoved his cock in her ass to the hilt. The pain hit her hard but at the same time the vibrator was making her clit scream in pleasure.

Her orgasm hit and kept going. Rich began to fuck her ass deeply, pulling nearly all the way out with each stroke. As he did he would pull the dildo back and then back in. She was being double fucked and each time Rich pushed in her orgasm got stronger. It was like waves ebbing and flowing for what seemed like forever. Finally it began to subside. Rich continued to fuck her ass harder and harder. All of a sudden she felt him pull the dildo and then his cock out of her. As she lay there with her head hanging down in exhaustion, she felt his hands raise her head. He pushed his cock into her mouth. She started to pull away, his cock had just been in her ass. But he held her head and fucked her mouth. She had no choice but to relax and let him take her mouth. He fucked her mouth in fast strokes and very quickly she felt him tense up. She felt his cum shoot into her throat gagging her. Rich must have been saving up because it seemed like it lasted forever. She was choking some and gagging but could do nothing but swallow as fast as she could.

Finally he pulled out of her and walked over and sat down. She still could not move and felt such humiliation at the way he had used her and the way she was still exposed. She tasted his cum in her mouth and could feel some on her lips and face.

Rich finally said, “so slut how do you like being my slave”.

She wasn’t sure how to answer. It had felt good and hurt also. It was the most intense orgasm she had ever had but she also felt like such a whore. Finally she said what she thought he wanted to hear, “I like it master”.

Rich smiled and said, “You are such a slut I knew you would”.

He came over and unhooked her legs and arms and helped her stand up. He rubbed her face and told her she was a good slave. Much like a person would talk to a good pet dog.

He said, “ Well that is enough for the first time. You may go upstairs and clean up and get back into your other clothes.”

As she walked upstairs she heard him say something that scared her to death. He said, “I don’t want you used up for my friends next time”.

… be continued.

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