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Our new toy

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At the start of a last summer the wife and I had just bought our new dream home,nice area,not much traffic a cool little spot to relax. Well Lisa my hot ass wife did her thing inside a womens touch you know and I had the yard. It was a beautiful saturday morning and I took care of the front yard first 20 min just enough to break a sweat and down a couple of cold Bud's. As I started to the back yard I heard a voice call out.. Excuse me hello there!

The sound of the next door neighbor on her back deck her voice went almost to my spine, what could this women possible want.... Her constant rattle of Hi I'am Susie but everyone calls me Sue you can call me Sue. My mind was 1,000 miles away as I listened to her go on and on, what seemed like forever she got around to why she flaged me down. I was hoping you could help me she said I have a light bulb that blew way up high and me being so scared of heights;; You want me to change your bulb for you Sue I asked? Would you mind she asked? No problem let me tell the wife be right back. Walking inside I told Lisa the lady next door name sue wanted a bulb changed,she said whatever she had shopping to do! After a kiss goodbye I headed next door. Sue had a ladder set up poking fun at her I said let me guess that one way up there? She replied yes laughing a bit then she said would you like a drink I was just making me one? A cold bud if you have one.

As I was heading up the ladder I felt the cold can on my thigh it made me jump and I almost fell!! Becareful she said I have a lot of things around here that need tending too I would'nt want you to get hurt. Right then I knew what this middle aged women wanted and needed. I came down of the ladder slowly looking her dead in her eyes and said Look Sue Susie what ever you want to be called I'am married and gonna stay that way got it? So cut the shit.

Then I notice that the harsher I talked to her the more turned on she became, her nipples grew as I spoke to her, her eyes grew wide and filled with lust.

Oh no you misunderstood me she said I ....fuck that I yelled! your just a lonely cunt who need to be taught some manners,her beathing now was heavy and you could smell her cunt getting hot. I sat down at her kitchen table and snapped my fingers get over here she stood in front of me and I pushed her to her knees. Grabing her by her short red hair I told her Listen I've dealt with cunt's like you all my life,dead husband,divored,left you some cash and a suitcase full of sex toys, I bet you have'nt been fuck proper in years? She started to speak!! Shut the fuck up I barked. Now if my wife and I decide to play we call all the shots Got it? What ever we say you do. And do you know how I know your going to do it? Because your cunt is so wet right now I can feel the heat from it. She moaned as I roughly grabbed her crotch she purred and said yes what ever you want i'll do anything. Good I replied now stand up and strip lets have a look at you. She stood and lifted her sundress over her head her tits where store bought but a nice job 38d with stiff hard nipples that I pinched as the were exposed her knees went weak, her body was tan but showed it's age,turn around show me your ass I told her, as she did I smacked it hard leaving a my hand print and a very large red mark,Sue bit her lip and smiled.

Oh you like it rough I asked ? Standing up I grabbed her by her hair pulling her head back,leaning in close to her ear and in a forceful wisper I told her to get on her kitcken table on her back andd to hang her head over the end she was going to suck my cock. Sue was now on her table licking her lips I toyed with her!! You want this cock don't you? reaching for it she purred yes please let me suck it. Pull it out I ordered her she unzipped my fly and pulled out a 7inch fat cock. It's so big so cooed wrapping her lips around it sucking it hard and fast.

I pulled it out of her mouth and she begged for it back Please let me suck your cock I want your hot cum all over me I want to taste it. Pinching her nipples hard I told her to shut the fuck up and I will decide if and when she suck my cock. Looking down between her legs a small puddle of cunt juice had formed on her table. I smacked her pussy mound hard a Sue came yelling out loudly, her body shaking with lust. My cock was leaking precum and I teased her with it smacking her face and rubbing it across her lips,teasing her with it.

I told Her you are going to be mine and my wife's slave to use anytime,anywhere,for anything got it? She nodded her head in yes. I grabbed her off the table throwing her face down across her love seat shoving my cock into her dripping wet cunt listening to her yell and beg for more Fuck me hard she begged Harder deeper she cried out.

That was my signal I pulled out of her wet box! Lick my cock clean get your stink of my you nasty cunt, she licked and sucked me until I pushed her away. The look of lust and unfullfillment was all over her face her breathing was heavy, her cunt dripping,her nipples swollen.

Grabbing her hair and pulling her head back I asked her once agian your my to do as I please right? Anything you want,anytime,anyplace. Good i said dinner will be at 7:00 don't be late. As she lie there naked I looked at her and laughed and said if you touch your cunt and get yourself off in anyway the deals off understand? I want you horny and without panties or bra tonight. Sue replied with a wicked sexy smile yes I understand.

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