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Our Other Life

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To look at us you wouldn’t think it but we like a spicy sex life. We both have responsible jobs and are what you call upstanding pillars of the community. We are in are mid forties Sue is a trim blond who works out regularly and for her age is in very good shape, she’s 5’7” 130# 34B dishwater blonde with hazel eyes. She always dresses well but not the cutting edge of fashion. We have lived in our home in a great neighborhood for ten years and have an active social life.

It all started about the time we moved into the house we were slow in meeting new neighbors and our sex life had fallen into a routine. In the past Sue had encouraged me to dominate her and I had enjoyed it. It was all very mild some tie up with her being very submissive, we introduced toys, role playing and her dressing sexy and going out with nothing underneath. As we explored our dominant and submissive sides we found that we loved it. Sue would get so turned on by our play that she would sometimes climax as we played before I touched her pussy. A shaved pussy has always turned me on so one time I tied her to the bed and shaved her and she got so excited that her juices ran out of her. The next time I did it I got so into it that I pulled her legs over her head so I could get every hair down there. She has enjoyed being shaved and hairless that she has had Brazilian waxes and laser treatments to keep it that way. I have bought toys one being a remote control vibrating egg that we use when I want to keep her excited and we take it out for a walk stimulating her in public and watching her try to control herself. Dressing her in a very short skirt and not allowing her to wear panties or bra and try to keep herself covered as we go about in public. She has nice firm breasts and great nipples that stand very erect when she is the least bit excited and the show her excitement. When we get back to the house we are so excited we can hardly wait to get our clothes off. She is soaking wet and dripping down her thighs.

We found that each new thing excited us more and we were on the lookout for new things. I looked on the internet for discussion group, chat rooms and information on how to turn up our new life. I found a lot about genital piercing and when I showed Sue the picture we agreed on a nice little hoop for her clit hood. We picked a local tattoo and piercing place that a friend of hers told her about and we found a lot of positive client comments on line. She was so excited that she was shaking when she was on the piercing table with her feet in the stirrups. As Frank was getting ready to do her piercing he has to check her to be sure what we want is right for her physiological makeup and to be sure he doesn’t pierce a blood vessel or something. She was so wet and excited that he had to wipe her pussy with a towel to keep it dry enough to do his work. The actual piercing caused her to jump and have a huge climax. She has been very sensitive ever since, while the sensitivity has decreased somewhat we both agree it’s the best thing we’ve ever done. She was always looking to me to suggest new things, as I was the “Dom”. So I spent time on line and got to talk with some very knowledgeable people. Some were into pain and that wasn’t what Sue and I wanted, but eventually I met Dave and we talked and he offered suggestions and insight and I learned a lot.

Dave and I talked on line and then on the phone and then met in person, he told me all about he and his wife’s interests and they were very close to ours. Dave told me about their experiences and he told me about their group that had get together to share the good times and explore new adventures. After several dinners with Dave and his friend and their playmates we started to attend their parties both in the city and at Dave’s lake place in Wisconsin. His house is on a lake in southern Wisconsin about due to the thick forest you can hardly see the lake from his place. There is a huge pool behind the house in an opening in the trees and the house is Northwood’s looking with six bedrooms and a large great room in the center with a huge fireplace and a bar. We’ve been there on numerous weekends over the last couple of years for some of the greatest times ever.

We have several parties at the Lake House and as the day approaches we build up a great anticipation for the weekend. Early in the week as Sue thinks about what’s coming she gets sexy and horny and becomes very submissive so I play to that. I start with telling her to dress in that little black dress and nothing else so I can have access to her. If I’m sitting in my chair I will summon her to me and she will stand by my chair with her legs apart and I slide my hand up her legs stroking them and then to her pussy lips. I play with them gently, usually I continue to read, watch TV or whatever I’m doing and play with her. I can feel her wetness and she squirms the more I play. She gets wetter and wetter and cannot stand still and when I get her to the edge I stop and tell her she’s not allowed to touch herself. She also has a very sensitive butt so I will have her get the butt plug and the lube then have her lay over the back of the couch so her sweet butt is up in the air. I check her pussy and as is the case most of the time she’s wet with anticipation. I squirt a glob of lube on her puckered hole and smear it around and she does her dance. I put some on the plug and trace it around, then center it on the opening and gently push. I back it off then in a little and then out. In no time she wiggling and trying to push back so it will be in her. I then slowly add more pressure and he butt opens to accept it and eventually it slides in and her hole closes around it nice and snug. With the plug firmly in her butt I have her stand up and model it for me. I then have her keep it in place as she sits on the couch or runs to the store, which could be hours before I allow her to remove it.

As the weekend approaches I select her clothing, or the lack of it for the weekend. She doesn’t pack any undergarments or a bikini, but does pack some very sheer gowns and some short dresses and lots of toys and lube. I then have her strip and stand in front of me so I can see if she is ready for our trip. I check her manicure and pedicure and then I check her pussy for any hair, I check back to front and top to bottom and if we find any we take care of the then and there. So she wears a sundress with tiny shoulder straps that is very form fitting around her breast and torso. Her nipples poke out of the very thin fabric so there’s no doubt she’s excited. The skirt is very full and flares out from her waist but as the wind blows against it or as she moves you can see her body beneath.

The group at the Lake house includes four other Dom sub couples, three are a Dom male and sub female and the other is a Dom Female with a sub male. When we get out of the car Sue comes to me so I can adjust her dress. I pull the straps off her shoulders, and then I pull the top down so her breasts are exposed. I then pull the skirt up in the front and tie it with the ribbons that were sewn in for that purpose so her pussy is in full view and can be accessed. Then the same is done in the back so her cute butt is on display for everyone, the side still hang down so her legs ass and pussy are framed for view. As we enter we are greeted by all the others and exchange pleasantries. All the other subs are also displayed one in a sheer nightgown; one in thigh high hose and a bra that is only an outline of a bra and the third was basically nude. The “boy toy” as we call him was naked except for a tiny thong that didn’t do much to conceal his hard on. She also keeps him hairless from his ears down.

After we had lunch and drinks we started what Fred call the warm-up with the Sybian. I had Sue get on first as I chose the medium single insert, I played with her clit and in no time she was wet so I had her talk off her dress and straddle the Sybian and as she lowered herself Fred started the vibrations. As the vibrations intensified she started he rocking on the machine, then he started the rotation of the insert and Sue was on her way. All nine of us were seated around Sue as she closed her eyes and lost herself in the feelings that the machine delivered. She rocked and lifted her hips up and down left and right and all around. As her hips raised up I could see her wetness on the top of the Sybian and I could tell it was flowing out of her. In no time a moan came out of her mouth and she had a nice deep climax as she ground her pussy onto the machine. Fred turned up the intensity of the vibration and the speed on the wiggle and it was no time until Sue was lost again and then for a third time. Her body was glistening with sweat and we could see she was weak from the shuttering climax and he turned down the intensity until the machine was silent, then two of the subbies went at her side to help her off and onto the floor. She lay on the carpet breathing heavy and legs open for all to see her complete satisfaction.

Each of the girls took their turn on the machine and each had a similar reaction and conclusion. Sue got into the act as she as one of them was riding the machine and Sue started caressing her all over pinching her nipples and running her hand down her belly and slipping a finger between her pussy lips and teasing her clit. The sub had such a strong climax that she all but passed out. Sue and the other girl held her up as she shuddered to a huge orgasm and slumped into a limp rag doll as she lost it. The female Dom had her boy in a state of excitement and he kept trying to touch himself and she would smack his ass. One of the Dooms decided it was time so he put his sub over the back of the couch and entered her from behind. He pounded into her as she at first seemed to grimace in pain but as he continued to pump her the look on her face changed to one of total pleasure as he finally deposited a huge load in her. As he finished hi final thrust and withdrew from her the female Dom said leave her there he’ll clean her up. She then looked at the “boy toy” and waved a finger at him to go get to work. The sub never moved she was bent over the back of the couch her head on the seat cushion her ass high in the air and her legs apart and her dripping pussy exposed. The toy dropped to his knees and started to work licking her clean as she started to moan all over again.

That’s how our first afternoon at the lake house ended.

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